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brewCHURCH podcast

brewCHURCH podcast

brewCHURCH is a progressive faith community located in Kansas City, MO committed to authenticity, inclusivity, asking the difficult questions, and embracing abundant life. The hope is to connect with people all over the faith spectrum, but especially with those who are deconstructing, have been hurt by church, or who are simply looking for a new expression of it.
Repairing Relationships: Forgive and Let Go (w/ guest Shaniece Wise)
In this episode, Shaniece Wise talks about the concept of forgiveness, and deconstructs the idea of "forgive and forget" to offer up a new way of practicing forgiveness that is healthy.  If you'd like to support this podcast, click the link below:
September 29, 2022
Repairing Relationships part 1: The Interior Work
This podcast begins a four part series on what to do in those times when relationships fall apart. And how to pick up the pieces. The first episode begins with some focus on the interior work that we can do in those times. And as a bonus it's a reframing of the practices of "confession" and "repentance".  If you'd like to support this podcast, click the link below:
September 22, 2022
Bonus Episode: Why the Bible with guest Richard Beatty
In this episode, Richard compares the Bible to a coconut. And we wrestle with the question, what would reading the Bible feel like if we set aside the question of eternity? If you'd like to support this podcast, click the link below:
September 07, 2022
Why the Bible? Have you ever heard of Midrash? (w/ Josh Wise, Leanne Wasleski, and Danica Harris)
You are in for a treat with this episode. A wonderful dialogue between 3 people ensued. It brings the feels, and some helpful lessons as well!  To support this content, click the link below:
August 31, 2022
Bonus Episode: Why the Bible with guest Becca Boren
In this episode, Becca and Fabian dialogue around literary analysis of the bible, and how that can be helpful when diving in. Also they chat a bit about how the bible has been used to exclude or hurt people who are lgbtq. 
August 24, 2022
Why the Bible? How did we get here?
How did we even get here? With the Bible. With our understanding of God. This episode scratches the surface, but gives some insight into a way to read the text and the progress it seems to show. 
August 24, 2022
Why the Bible? Wisdom, she's timeless
One of the labels that's given to the Bible is "wisdom text". And it's this idea that the purpose of the text isn't a straightforward reading and direct application, rather that the point of the text is to wrestle with it, challenge it, disagree, bring it into conversation with others, understanding that it's in that process that you might learn some really helpful wisdom! Hopefully this is a helpful tool to approach the Bible knowing you can still bring your questions, concerns, and even hurt, and to see the helpful parts of it, even behind all the non-helpful ones.
August 17, 2022
Bonus Episode: Why the Bible with guest Mike Saou
As a part of the Why the Bible series of conversations, we'll be having some bonus episodes for people to share their experience with the Bible and how that's changed over the course of their life. In this episode, Mike shares his experience of the Bible becoming "generative"! Hope it's helpful for your journey!
August 13, 2022
Why the Bible? Storytelling and Storytellers
This is part of a series where we are dialoguing around the question, why the Bible? Because for many the Bible is a crucial text, for others it's useless, or even harmful. And yet it's full of good parts, even in the midst of the ugly. It's a library full of stories, told by storytellers, trying to process and understand the sacred, what it means to be human, and how to live a fulfilling life. So what does the nature of storytelling tell us about how we might approach the Bible?
August 11, 2022
Going Off Script (w/ Amy O'Hare)
Many of us are handed scripts for what a "good life" should look like. But what happens when things don't go as planned. What do we do with that? Hopefully this content allows you to reflect on your own life and gives you some tools to navigate whatever it may bring. 
August 03, 2022
Deconstructing: Hope
In this episode we dive into the idea of hope. At various times in our lives we find ourselves somewhere between despair, and optimistic hope. Hope can sometimes seem like the easy fix to a complex thing. And in that sense, it's not so helpful. But hope can also be crucial for life. May this conversation give you some things to think about, that are helpful on your journey of life.  
July 27, 2022
Orthopraxy vs. Orthodoxy
There seems to be a relationship, or even a tension, between two things: belief and practice. We see this relationship play out in the Christian tradition, but it's not just relegated to that. Because even if we aren't a part of any religious tradition, we all are shaped by beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Hopefully this content helps you navigate how those two things play out in your life, so you can live an authentic life. 
July 20, 2022
The Sacred
Many of us at some point may have been given very clear ideas of what is sacred, and what is secular. And that dichotomy may have been helpful for us, especially in the beginning of our journeys, so that we could know what to look for and what to be inspired by. But at some point it may have ceased to be as helpful. In this conversation we analyze some more helpful ways to understand the sacred that may just change how we live our everyday lives!
July 14, 2022
Spiritual Practices (w/ guest Josh Wise)
In this episode, Fabian and Josh discuss how their spiritual practices have changed throughout their faith journeys. At times, spiritual practices can feel forced or rigid. At their best, they help us become integrated, whole, at peace, and joyful. Through this conversation, hopefully you gain some tools to incorporate some spiritual practices into your life that are helpful for you.
July 03, 2022
Atonement Theories: "The Invitation to Live Today"
Continuing the series on deconstructing, in this episode we dive into the various ways that the death and resurrection of Jesus has been talked about, and the invitation that it might offer to us. If you've ever felt uncomfortable with the idea that God needed to punish someone for sin, there are alternative ways to think about it that don't make God punitive, and that are much more life-giving than the angry punishing God version. Hopefully those other ways help you gain some insight and wisdom that is helpful for your journey!
July 01, 2022
Deconstructing: What's the Deal with the Sin thing? (w/ guest Joseph Howell)
In this episode we have some bonus content, a conversation with guest Joseph Howell to begin, and then the recording for the Sunday gathering at brewCHURCH. The conversation centers around the whole concept of sin, how that has taken shape, how it's harmed, and asking if there's anything redeemable or helpful about the concept. The hope is that this content gives you the tools to brew your own life-giving spirituality!
June 22, 2022
Deconstructing: The Whole Part About Gathering
For many, church has been a place of healing, growth, and meaning making. For others, it's been a place that has harmed, or caused shame, or excluded. What is the point of the gathering in the modern day? Maybe this reframing of the whole thing can give us a newfound hope for the gathering. 
June 16, 2022
Angry Black Woman
In this episode, we get to hear our dear friend Katja Jones share authentically what's been going on in her life. Sometimes church is the place where we feel like we have to hide our most authentic selves, put on a front, so that we can fit into the norms. But a faith community should be the complete opposite of that, it should be a place where people can be their most authentic selves, to be honest with others who will walk with them. The hope is this episode either lights a spark in you, or allows you to be more aware and self-compassionate with whatever emotions you're navigating. 
June 08, 2022
Deconstructing: Women in Christianity
Depending on the community you grew up in, you may have had different ideas about men and women. For some, you grew up with an egalitarian perspective. For others, a complementarian perspective. But in general we live in a patriarchal society, and the church is patriarchal. Which can lead to certain voices, especially the voices of women, to become marginalized and for women to be denied opportunities. What if there's a whole other way to think about it? And what if we can use the very same text that is used to marginalize women, to tell a different story?
June 01, 2022
Deconstructing: Prayer
For many people, prayer has become an anxiety-ridden practice. At some point along the way someone may have told you you weren’t praying enough, or the “right” way and it has turned the entire process into one that leaves you more on-edge than at peace. In this episode, you are invited to think about prayer in a different way. Maybe a way that is more life-giving, ancient, and cross-cultural. Hope it brings you something useful or new ideas!
May 26, 2022
Deconstructing: Bible
The Bible is daunting for some people. It's full of violence and contradictions. It might seem ancient and outdated. And yet it contains deep wisdom, meaning-making narratives that inspire and challenge. And even deep truths that humans have discovered and tried to pass on. In this episode, as a part of our series of unpacking and deconstructing big topics in the Christian faith, Josh Wise talks a bit about his journey through understanding how to engage the Bible. 
May 18, 2022
At some point in our lives we might have been conditioned to think that questions are always supposed to have answers. We might have been robbed of curiosity. Or we may have been taught that life is mostly black and white. In spirituality, we may even have been taught that questions, doubting, or skepticism are all wrong. But what if questions and doubt are part of what it means to be human, and may even lead us to a more authentic life?
May 11, 2022