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The Work Well Podcast

The Work Well Podcast

By Brian Crooke
The World Health Organisation has identified the workplace as a priority area for health promotion. Why then, does the word “work” have such a negative and unhealthy connotation for so many? We spend so much of our adult lives “at work”, why should it be in a role or in a place that doesn’t support our health and wellbeing?

Join Brian Crooke on The Work Well Podcast as he interviews workplace wellbeing thought leaders to discuss how employers, employees and entrepreneurs can lead the way by creating and sustaining the healthy, safe and well workplaces of the future.
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Improving Digital Workplace Wellbeing - Chris Flack

The Work Well Podcast

Understanding Wellbeing as an Enabler of Business Success with Sharon O’Connor
Today on The Work Well Podcast, we welcome Sharon O’Connor, Global Wellbeing Lead at Novartis. Sharon is an amazing example of an intentionally non-linear career path that has enabled her to work in different fields and industries, collecting insights on how wellbeing strategies work within each of these fields. Sharon has worked in communications in the US, she was the Campaign Director for the 20x20 campaign, a movement promoting women and girls in sport, and she was in the first cohort of graduates from the Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness at Tangent, Trinity College Dublin. Besides her job as wellbeing lead, Sharon is also a certificated yoga instructor, which compliments her interest in exercise and wellbeing in her personal and professional life.
May 19, 2021
The Open Doors Initiative and DEI strategies with Siobhan Sweeney
In this episode, we have the Open Doors Initiative’s Director of Development, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion, Siobhan Sweeney with us to discuss DEI and DEI strategies in the workplace. Siobhan previously worked at AIB as Group Diversity and Inclusion Lead, developing strategies to further the DEI mindset and to break down biases, raise awareness and deliver support initiatives across the group. Siobhan is an award-winning expert in DEI and her work at the Open Doors Initiative has allowed her to help over 90 companies from all sectors to implement strategies and policies to empower diverse teams to perform at their best, fulfilling companies’ statutory equality and diversity requirements. Currently, Siobhan is undertaking an MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour/Psychology at DCU to complement her skills.
May 12, 2021
Policies that Promote Work-life Balance With Lisa Finnegan
In today’s episode of The Work Well Podcast, we welcome recently promoted VP of International HRBP for LinkedIn, Lisa Finnegan. Lisa has worked at LinkedIn for 5 years and has over 17 years of experience in HR within the technology sector in Ireland. In this episode, Lisa shares her thoughts on remote work and wellbeing based on her own experience of working from home over the past year. In addition to her role at LinkedIn, Lisa is also a wellness ambassador and a gym and fitness enthusiast, mom to a golden cockapoo named Bear and a self-proclaimed building project manager and interior design expert having recently renovated her home in the midst of a pandemic. Those details will have to wait for another time. What we discuss in this episode is how to promote well-being in a large company such as LinkedIn in creative and applicable ways that can work for small and large teams.
May 5, 2021
Overcoming Any Addictive Behaviour
Today on the show, we’re delighted to welcome back Brian Pennie. Listeners to the podcast and the Work Well Community members will be familiar with Brian’s story from 15 years of chronic heroin addiction to PhD at Trinity College. For more on that story, you can listen back to Episode 4 of Season 2. We asked Brian back today to speak about a specific area, alcohol, and our relationship with it. As always, Brian had some really powerful advice and real-life experiences to share. There’s so much value in this episode.
April 28, 2021
Developing Inclusive and Decentralised Workplace Wellbeing
Mary works for Permanent TSB and is responsible for Engagement, Wellbeing and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives across the bank, supporting over 2,500 colleagues, who in turn look after 1 million customers. She has had a varied career over the years, from her first job at 12 in the local hardware shop to serving pilgrims in Lough Derg, working in bars, barbershops and Burger King. Once she finally settled down and found her ideal career path, she has worked for Grafton Recruitment, PricewaterhouseCoopers and now in Permanent TSB. In her personal life, Mary is married to Marc and mother to three kids under the age of six. In between juggling her family and working life, she likes to fit in some trips back home to Monaghan – something that has been limited over the past year, but she’s looking forward to getting back to – and eventually giving her elderly mum a long-overdue hug.
April 21, 2021
Retraining Behaviour So That It Works For You And Not Against You
Yvonne has been a highly successful academic and clinician with a strong track record in teaching, training, publishing and presenting for the last 20 years. She has published over 150 scientific articles and book chapters and given over 500 presentations and workshops internationally. She was an Associate Professor in Behaviour Analysis and a Senior Research Fellow at Ghent University before establishing Perspectives Ireland. She is a world leader in behavioural science and has co-developed the Process-based Behaviour Therapy technique (PBBT).
April 14, 2021
An Inclusive Environment That Supports Wellbeing With Hollen Spatz
Hollen is the VP of People and Operations at ClassPass. ClassPass is the world’s largest fitness and wellness network. In her role, Hollen oversees the global HR, recruiting, and internal operations functions. In previous roles at ClassPass, Hollen was responsible for growing and scaling the Customer Experience team. Hollen brings more than 15 years of leadership experience in marketing and customer experience strategy. Hollen and her team are committed to creating the optimal employee experience. No matter where employees are, they make sure working at ClassPass is a consistent experience from the moment someone is potentially looking to work there and until they retire. See the complete article and competition details here
April 7, 2021
Setting zany goals and eliminating self-limiting beliefs
As the world’s leading TV hypnotist, mentalist, and brain hacker Keith Barry has been blazing a trail across the globe for many years. His mind-blowing skills have been showcased in over forty international television shows. Keith also worked as chief mentalist and hypnotist consultant for the blockbuster movies Now You See Me 1 & 2. He has written, produced, and performed many of his live shows over the last 15 years and has sold out venues worldwide. Keith’s TED Talk is in the top twenty-five TED Talks of all time, currently boasting over twenty-five million views.
March 31, 2021
The Keys to a Successful Wellness Programme With Helen Gallagher
Helen is Global Head of HR for Morgan McKinley, a recruitment and talent solutions business. She supports teams across Europe, Canada, India, and 5 Asia PACific offices. Helen and her team have been instrumental in developing a great culture in Morgan McKinley with a solid reputation as a Great Place to Work. Morgan McKinley also holds a platinum status as a Deloitte Best Managed Company and is the only recruitment company in Ireland to have been awarded a silver standard for Diversity and Inclusion from the Irish Centre for Diversity. Morgan McKinley is a company with 700 employees globally and offices across ten countries. Rolling out global wellbeing initiatives is based on flexibility and the feedback of their employees. Helen tells us they never assume to know what people want, but they instead reach out and find out how their employees feel and what their real needs are.
March 24, 2021
Nutrition for performance and wellbeing - With Kate McDaid
Hello and welcome to the latest episode of The Work Well Podcast. Today on the show I’m delighted to welcome Kate McDaid. Kate is a well-established health and performance nutritionist and founder of NutriKate, a Dublin-based nutrition consultancy that specialises in high-performance. Kate works closely with individuals, elite teams and corporations to help them achieve their health and performance goals. She recently appeared in Sport for Business' 30 under 30 list where she was recognised as one of Ireland's emerging business leaders working in the business of sport. This episode is brought to you with thanks to The Fruit People. You will actually hear in this episode Kate mentioning the importance of fruit in our diet. 'The Fruit People are Leading the way in workplace nutrition both in office and remotely!' Check out for more. It’s with thanks to The Fruit People we have a delicious Fresh Fruit & Healthy Snack Pack to give away to one lucky listener to this episode. To find out how to enter go to, find the link to this episode with Kate and you’ll find the competition details at the bottom of the article. Now sit back and enjoy my chat with Kate McDaid.
March 17, 2021
Is your organisation ready for a workplace wellness programme? Interview with Fania Stoney
Fania Stoney is a co-founder and consultant with Healthy Place to Work. Healthy Place to Work takes a holistic view of health in the workplace; they help companies implement a wide-ranging and evidence-based health strategy. Fania works closely with organisations, maintaining collaborative relationships across multiple stakeholders to create healthy workplaces and high performing environments for employees. This involves analysing data, investigating existing programmes, identifying current strengths and opportunities, and embedding new programmes. Healthy Place to Work was founded as a response to a need in the Irish workplace environment. A few years ago, there was a boom in workplace health and wellbeing in Ireland, but many organisations didn’t offer much beyond the usual fruit basket and yoga session. Fania wanted to look deeper, look at the individual within the organisation. How can this individual be supported to flourish at work and beyond?
March 10, 2021
Meditation is much more than the perfect lotus pose - With Dermot Whelan
Dermot Whelan is a radio and TV presenter and a public speaker. He’s a certified master of wisdom and meditation teacher and a stand-up comedian. He’s perhaps best known for co-presenting the hugely popular Dermot & Dave Show on Today FM but he’s had a rich and varied career. Dermot describes his career path as more of “a bizarre trail through a forest”. As a kid, he was interested in the media, but he was passionate about ancient Egypt and Greece, so he went to Trinity College Dublin to study archaeology at third level. He soon discovered archaeology wasn’t precisely as he imagined, and after graduating, he started working as an assistant director for TV and film. He drifted into radio in his late 20s when he discovered the creativity behind it. Stand-up comedy came as a side to his radio job, but it soon evolved more than he expected. The stress and anxiety he felt before comedy shows turned into panic attacks. That was when he realized he needed to make a change and went towards a wellness path. “To be honest, I just needed to find something that would help me manage stress better than a pint of Guinness. So meditation opened that door for me. And I found it was far healthier and way cheaper.”
March 3, 2021
Season 03 - Trailer
We are back with a whole new season of The Work Well Podcast! We have lined up an impressive list of guests for Season 3 to start the year on the right foot and continue our discussions on wellbeing and work. For this season the focus is still very much on wellbeing and work and some of the key themes we’ll be exploring throughout the 12 episodes of this season will be “the future of work”, “work life blend” and how we support our colleagues and ourselves as we work from home, a hub or HQ. For Season 3 I’m delighted to announce we have a brand new partner and they have a very exciting giveaway to go along with every single episode of Season 3. A big welcome to The Fruit People. The Fruit People are leading the way in workplace nutrition both in office and remotely! For this really short episode to introduce the new season and our weekly competition, check out my conversation with Brian Dennis, co-founder of The Fruit People.
February 24, 2021
Workplace wellness initiatives in the public sector
Lynsey Perdisatt is the Director of HR and Change at the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) since 2014. Lynsey is a senior HR professional with over 18 years' experience in HR and organisational development both in the private and public sector. As Director of Human Resources and Change, Lynsey is responsible for the design and delivery of the Human Resources and Change strategy for the HPRA, which has a significant focus on employee wellbeing and engagement. The HPRA were the first public sector organisation to attain the KeepWell Mark and demonstrate their ongoing commitment to wellbeing. A board member of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), Lynsey also is Chair of HIQA's Resource Oversight Committee and Non-Executive Director for the charity One in Four. With the latest challenges in mind, Lynsey is working on ways to support the HPRA staff working from home and also reflecting and planning for what the longer term' future of work' will look like. She is also looking to find a balance personally with two kids, three dogs and working remotely! Want to find out more information about Lynsey Perdisatt's wellbeing programs at HPRA? Reach out to her on LinkedIn. Are you interested in learning more about workplace wellbeing and educating yourself in this area? Head on over to, where I'm launching my online education programmes. You can learn all about my 8-step framework for developing a workplace wellness programme that lasts. If you have any suggestions for future topics you'd like to hear on the show, email me directly,
November 20, 2020
What does the future of work look like for HubSpot?
Kate is HubSpot’s EMEA Culture Manager, managing a Culture Team across European offices in Dublin, Berlin, Paris, and Ghent to create a remarkable remote 1st employee experience. The Culture team is on a mission to inspire people to do their best work, how, when, and where they work best. Kate is also one of HubSpot’s Global ‘Energy Project’ facilitators where each quarter, she helps teach employees how to make the most of their time and energy at home and work. In the last ten years, she has established four successful businesses in property, leisure, childcare, and coworking. Want to find out more about Kate Moran’s initiatives at HubSpot? Follow her on LinkedIn and take a look at Their careers page talks about the different programmes they are running and their diversity and inclusion initiatives. It’s a great, great place for resources and information. Are you interested in learning more about workplace wellbeing and educating yourself in this area? Head on over to, where I'm launching my online education programmes. You can learn all about my 8-step framework for developing a workplace wellness programme that lasts. If you have any suggestions for future topics you'd like to hear on the show, email me directly,
November 13, 2020
Creating a Culture that Encourages Wellbeing at All Levels
Toni has had a varied career in AIB, working mainly in operations areas managing large teams. Now, as Head of People Engagement in Customer Services, one of her critical areas of responsibility is driving the Wellbeing agenda for a diverse multi-location workforce of over 1,000 staff. Toni chairs the AIB Wellbeing Governance council who decide the areas of wellbeing AIB focuses on. Toni is responsible for ensuring that the 120 AIB Wellbeing Advocates are fully aware of all wellbeing initiatives. Want to connect with Toni? Follow her on LinkedIn. Are you interested in learning more about workplace wellbeing and educating yourself in this area? Head on over to, where I'm launching my online education programmes. You can learn all about my 8-step framework for developing a workplace wellness programme that lasts. If you have any suggestions for future topics you'd like to hear on the show, email me directly,
November 6, 2020
Debunking the Myths behind Workplace Wellbeing With Janet Buckley
Janet Buckley is Head of Organisational Development with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC). In this role, she is responsible for all elements of OD, HR, L&D, including wellbeing. She has over 24 years' experience across the civil and public service with additional expertise in the private and charity sectors. She has been in OD roles for the last 16 years, where her passion for workplace wellbeing emerged. As Head of L&D in her previous Civil Service position, she became very interested in making work life more rewarding and fulfilling for her colleagues. During the recession, she realised that it was the perfect time to bring wellbeing front and centre. It was essential, and it was necessary. She set about achieving an ambitious challenge of creating a wellbeing culture in a civil service organisation with a minimal budget. By her own admission, her ambition was for the organisation to be able to stand up and hold their own next to the googles and facebooks. Her passion for wellbeing continued in her current role where she is overseeing the final year of their 3-year strategy (on a budget). The foundations created by the strategy in the first two years has advanced them in responding to Covid-19. With the assistance of the Wellbeing Committee, they have provided ongoing support and engagement initiatives to help people find their way through the pandemic. She joins us today to debunk the myths that wellbeing is expensive and time-consuming and that it's HR's responsibility. Are you interested in learning more about workplace wellbeing and educating yourself in this area? Head on over to, where I'm launching my online education programmes. You can learn all about my 8-step framework for developing a workplace wellness programme that lasts. If you have any suggestions for future topics you'd like to hear on the show, email me directly,
October 30, 2020
The Wake-Up Call the Work Environment Needed - Tracey Carey
Tracey Carey is the Global Benefits Manager at Indeed. Tracey has managed employee benefits for over ten years across different industries. She has been in charge of the benefits strategy, harmonisation projects for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in markets from Canada to Turkey. She joined Indeed in 2019, with a primary focus on the EMEA region. Indeed, was one of the first companies to close all offices globally in response to the COVID19 pandemic. On March 6th Indeed requested that all 10,000 colleagues work from home. Want to connect with Tracey Carey? Follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter. For more information about Indeed, you can go to their LinkedIn page. Are you interested in learning more about workplace wellbeing and educating yourself in this area? Head on over to, where I’m launching my online education programmes. You can learn all about my 8 Step Framework for developing a workplace wellness program that lasts. If you have any suggestions for future topics you’d like to hear on the show, email me directly,
October 23, 2020
Fitbit’s fight against COVID-19 With Clodagh Logue
Clodagh Logue is Vice President of International HR at Fitbit. She leads Human Resources for Fitbit’s growing global business, which includes its EMEA headquarters in Dublin, where she’s based, and also their locations across Europe, Asia Pacific, and China. Clodagh is also responsible for the global people operations function at Fitbit. In today’s episode, we talk about the impact the pandemic has had on how Fitbit operates, and also how Fitbit is promoting activity, health and engagement in today’s remote work environment. Want to get more information about Fitbit’s programmes and upcoming devices? Go to
October 16, 2020
Employee Engagement While Working Remotely With Sheila Greaney
A born-and-bred Galway woman, Sheila Greaney has had a lengthy career working in the engineering space. Her role as Site Engagement Lead for Cisco Systems Galway is all about the 'people experience'. She makes sure that all employees are happy, content, productive and most of all, maintain a healthy work/life balance. At Cisco, giving back to society is seen as equally important and is celebrated as much as their contributions in work itself. Sheila has worked hard on many aspects of the Cisco Culture and helped enormously to get Cisco Ireland to where it is now. Cisco ranked Number 1 in the Great Place to Work for 2016, in the top 3 after that, and is now back in the number one position in 2020. Cisco globally is well known for its 'giving back' culture. Sheila takes pride in running the CSR team at the Galway office. The site has raised over €25K a year on average for the last 12 years for local charities from a working population of fewer than 200 people. One of her most recent projects was setting up an on-site gym for the site, turning what was once an unused data-centre into a daily used space for anyone and everyone on-site to exercise and improve their overall fitness and wellbeing. It has given everyone a huge added benefit of being able to work out at their convenience. Ensuring people are happy and enjoy coming to work is something Sheila takes very seriously.
October 9, 2020
The Impact of Nutrition at the Workplace With Clare Kelly
Clare has been working with Food Choice for over 9 years now, right since its inception. She initially worked as project manager for the Food Choice trial, where she was extensively involved in implementation, data collection, analysis, and expansion of Food Choice. Clare has co-authored many Food Choice publications, and she currently manages the Food Choice team and clients. Clare has a BSc in Nutritional Sciences from UCC, and not one but two Masters. The first is in Environmental Health and Safety Management, and the second is in Public Health. Clare's research interests include public health, nutrition, and diet-related diseases. Want to get more information about Clare and Food Choice? Go to to go through publications, programs, and get in touch with the team.
October 2, 2020
Self-Awareness is the Opposite of Addiction - Brian Pennie
On October 8th, 2013, Brian Pennie experienced his first day clean after 15 years of chronic heroin addiction. Instead of perceiving his addiction as a failure, however, he embraced a second chance at life and decided to study the intricacies of human behaviour. Since then, he’s become a keynote speaker, PhD student, a lecturer in Trinity College and University College Dublin, a life change strategist, a radio presenter, an author and the creator of an online course called “Master Your Self-Talk”.
September 25, 2020
Managing Family Time During Lockdown With Dr. Malie Coyne
As we are all aware by now, working remotely carries a lot of challenges. One of the most topical right now is how our work life has become so intertwined with our personal life as we are forced to transform our homes into a working space. On this episode of the podcast, Dr Malie Coyne discusses how the lockdown has changed the way we relate with our family and how we can manage our working day and home life. Dr. Coyne is a Clinical Psychologist and N.U.I.G. Lecturer with 20 years experience of working therapeutically with children and families. She is very passionate about promoting wellbeing and increasing awareness of mental health issues, which she achieves through her work on the A Lust for Life mental health advisory panel, public speaking and media contributions. Dr. Coyne believes that the solid foundations for emotional and mental wellbeing begin in early childhood and that staying well involves looking after your mind on a daily basis. In this episode, we’ll discuss the most frequent questions parents have during lockdown, how we can manage time with family, how to deal with children’s fears and anxiety, and how the future will look in terms of the balance between working hours and family time.
September 18, 2020
Improving Digital Workplace Wellbeing - Chris Flack
2020 has been the year in which the majority of the workforce transitioned to a remote and digital work environment. We’ve learned how to work remotely with support from all the online tools available to us today. Since this is all so very new to so many people, there are difficulties that some individuals and organisations are struggling to handle. In today’s episode, we’ll address some of those challenges in a conversation with Chris Flack, co-founder of UnPlug, a behaviour change consultancy with a focus on digital wellbeing. Since 2016, UnPlug has worked with over 60 organisations globally to help staff work smarter in the always-on world by improving digital habits and digital culture. Chris comes from a background of 15 years in tech consulting and behaviour change, he has experienced first hand many of the negative impacts of information overload and witnessed how distraction and an always-on culture has changed the lives of many people. We discuss topics such as zoom fatigue, distractions in the workplace, and excessive technology usage to understand how they impact performance and wellbeing, as well as what we can do to avoid the negative impact of these. You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn or visit the UnPlug website
September 11, 2020
Transitioning back to the workplace - Su Carty
Welcome back to The Work Well Podcast, season two is now live and we’re thrilled to share with you the first episode of the season with Su Carty, an international leader in performance. As a speaker consultant and coach, Su works with business owners who are struggling with disconnect and conflict, leaving them with a stress-free united team who own their performance and produce outstanding results. Su began her career as a psychiatric nurse, specialised in child and adolescent mental health. She holds a master's degree in cognitive behavioural therapy. Su was, on another note, the first women's development manager for world rugby. In that role, she led the growth of the women's game globally from 4% of the population to 25%, and in 2018, became the first Irish female Male appointed to the world rugby council. In this episode, we’ll discuss mental health throughout the new transition period that is to come soon from both the individual perspective and the organisation perspective. We’ll dive into what’s to expect regarding the workspaces when we move past the pandemic and a profound reflection to remember from today’s guest Su Carty. You can also watch the full video of our conversation through this link. You can connect with Sue on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit her website
September 4, 2020
Season Two Is Almost Here!
Summer is almost over and we're getting back on track with season two of The Work Well Podcast. Take a listen to this short trailer to know more about what's coming.  Stay tuned!
August 28, 2020
Workplace Wellbeing Ireland - Live at the Irish Aviation Authority
Workplace Wellbeing Ireland is a community of people working to promote health and wellbeing in Irish workplaces. It’s a place to connect, share ideas and best practice, talk about mistakes made, reach out for support and discuss future trends and innovations. In May last year, we brought the community together at the wonderful Irish Aviation Authority conference centre where we discussed “the importance of committed leadership to workplace wellness” with a panel of guests from different industries. We recorded the audio from the event and I’m delighted to share it with you today as an extra special bonus podcast. Our first panelist on the evening was Kate Moran, the Culture Program Manager at HubSpot. Kate believes wellness in tech and at HubSpot is very different from other organisations. Their primary focus is on listening to their employees to figure out what they want while also looking for new ideas and initiatives. Also on the panel was Jennifer Grogan. Jennifer is the Organisational Psychologist for Health, Safety and Wellbeing at the ESB. A famous Irish institution, the ESB has a workforce of over six and a half thousand. As a high-risk industry that handles electricity generation and transmission, ESB takes pride in its history of supporting health and wellbeing. It is a relationship-based organisation, built on the idea of "looking out not just for myself but for each other". Last but by no means least we also welcomed Jim Gavin to the panel. Jim is an Assistant Director with the Irish Aviation Authority. The IAA provides is responsible for all the traffic that crosses over Irish airspace, from hot air balloons to jumbo jets. This amounts to over 2 million flights every year. At the time of this recording and in addition to his role at the IAA, Jim was also the manager of the Dublin Senior Football Team and hoping to guide the Dubs to a historic “5 in a row”*. *Spoiler alert. The Dubs went on to win their 5th All Ireland title in a row in September last year ;-)
July 3, 2020
What is occupational therapy, and how can it help us the workplace? - Peter Connolly
The upcoming team steps challenge “the On Your Feet Challenge” kicks off in mid-July and as well as the benefits of the additional physical activity, the team element of this will no doubt help to increase the informal chat between you and your colleagues so do take part if you can. Full details on the Zone and Staying Connected. Finally, on the topic of mental health and wellbeing, a reminder of a very important resource for all Ervia Employees and their families; the Ervia Employee Assistance Programme. If you are struggling and if you wish to talk confidentially to a professional counsellor, please call 1800 995 955. The EAP covers a full spectrum of issues; from personal & family matters to work and money problems. Again, this is a free and confidential service, available to you and your family members at any time, providing immediate access to fully qualified, accredited counsellors and information specialists. While face to face counselling has been stopped for the time being, VHI have confirmed that Ervia employees will continue to have access to telephone and video counselling 24/7. Listen to the entire podcast here. Go to to learn more about Peter Connolly’s work and feel free to reach out to him by email at or on LinkedIn.
June 19, 2020
An international athlete’s view on physical and mental health during the pandemic - David Gillick
Our work environment has recently gone through a series of changes imposed by the restrictions and isolation period. That is why today on The Work Well Podcast we want to dive deeper into how we can build a healthy work environment during this pandemic and take a look at the essential elements we should include in our daily routines. In this conversation, former professional athlete David Gillick touches on topics such as physical exercise, the balance between work and family life during the pandemic and how to look at this new normal from a healthy perspective. As an international track and field athlete, David dedicated himself to competition and built a life around the athletics season. When it was time to retire from the chase and move on with his life, he struggled with anxiety and stress over not knowing where to go next. David now looks back on that time as his opportunity to explore and understand what he wanted to do. David decided to follow his passion for mental health and physical wellbeing. He is now working with corporate organisations to help them develop wellness programs as well as speaking at several events and webinars focused on physical and mental wellbeing. Reach out to David on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can also find out more about him in the videos here or here.
June 12, 2020
We are all broadcasters of information during this time - Gina London
On today’s episode, our host Brian Crooke talks to Gina London about the importance of communication during these difficult times and about the impact of a consistent and positive leadership communication structure. Gina’s lifelong passion for storytelling led her to a career in journalism. She’s a former correspondent and anchor for CNN and has travelled the world working with organisations and people highlighting issues and campaigns. She was a strategist for the first immunisation awareness campaign in Cambodia and worked with the first women running for parliament in Iraq. She now works with corporate and emerging leaders on storytelling; on the delivery and the construction of purposeful communication.
June 5, 2020
The Legal Perspective on Remote Work and Employers’ Obligations - Catherine O'Flynn
Today on our quest to discover how businesses in Ireland are coping with remote work, we’re talking to Catherine O’Flynn. Catherine is Head of William Fry’s Employment & Benefits Department. She advises on all contentious and non-contentious employment matters with particular expertise on equality issues. Remote work came as a necessity during this time for William Fry and the whole company has been working from their homes since the 13th of March, Catherine tells us. As a professional service law firm, remote work was not extremely popular, but they have been trying it out for a while now, and it has been an option for their employees even before the pandemic. They already had the infrastructure, the IT system and support which was put in place for anyone wanting to work from home.
May 29, 2020
Parenting During a Pandemic - Dr Colman Noctor
The Work Well Podcast focuses on the development of healthy work environments, that is why today we want to take a closer look at the implications this pandemic has brought on our work and family lives. How does working from home impact our family dynamics, and how are our children coping with isolation? We are joined by Dr Colman Noctor, an acting physician at St Patrick's Mental Health Hospital, to discuss the impact of social isolation over our well being and our children's well being. While working in the adolescent unit, Dr Noctor noticed the impact the current restrictions have on his patients. From a mental health perspective, getting involved in activities, exercising, engaging with family and friends, having a structure to a day is very important. And they haven't been able to do much of that during isolation. "We're looking at a physical pandemic at the moment; I think what we might be struggling with after this is a bit of a mental health pandemic in that sense. And I worry about that, to be honest. And the longer this goes on, the tougher it's going to be." Dr Noctor says.
May 22, 2020
Remote work: long term strategy or crisis management solution? - Shauna Moran
On this episode of the Work Well Podcast, Brian Crooke opens the conversation with Shauna Moran, an accredited executive coach and owner of one of the top coaching businesses in Europe 2020. During her time working for a variety of technology and SaaS companies, Shauna started to interact with remote teams and to gain interest in the remote way of working. She then went back to university to study innovation management, where she based all of her research and thesis on remote teams. While studying and researching how remote teams can effectively scale and work together, Shauna also managed to apply this information in her day to day work. She realized people were experiencing the same things she was and needed support. That is how she came to the idea of her now established business, Remote Work. She now focuses on the positive psychology around changing people's mindsets towards remote work and on coaching leaders to be effective long into the future as they continue to scale remotely.
May 15, 2020
Mental health in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic - Donal Scanlan
Today on our mission to make workplaces a positive and healthy space, we are talking to a mental health expert about the effects the current state of events has on our well-being and how we can use this time in isolation to our best advantage. Donal Scanlan works in a mental health hospital in Dublin as a qualified mental health nurse, and he is the manager of Mental Health First Aid Ireland. MHFA is a training and research program that has been using education to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. To date, over 7,500 people in Ireland have joined a growing community of approximately 4 million worldwide trained in Mental Health First Aid. Even if direct delivery of their training has been paused for the moment, Donal says they are very keen on encouraging their communities of instructors, corporate clients, and public community groups to use their skills during this time. The people they train have learned how to have a better conversation about mental health, how to support a person in an empathetic and compassionate way, and how to do so without needing to diagnose, without needing to take over. They can now apply their training to support their family, friends, neighbours and remote colleagues to get through these difficult times.
May 8, 2020
How Habits and Self-Care Influence our Overall Wellbeing - Dr Mark Rowe
Today on the Work Well Podcast, our host, Brian Crooke interviews Dr Mark Rowe, a practicing GP for over 20 years, whose area of expertise is lifestyle medicine. Dr Rowe advocates lifestyle change as the best medicine for burnout prevention and real vitality by incorporating his principles of self-care with his extensive medical experience, he enables lasting positive change in people and their organizations. His work with organizations started unexpectedly when a patient asked him to talk at their company’s annual wellness day. Since then he has completed a one-man show called “A prescription for Happiness”, written a book with the same title, and is regularly hosting workshops with leadership teams in different organizations. Want to connect with Dr Mark Rowe? Reach out to him on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter
May 1, 2020
The Effects of the Global Pandemic on the Employment and Recruitment Sector - Donal O’Donoghue
In this podcast episode, we are looking at the employment and recruitment industry in today’s climate. How are recruitment professionals coping in the midst of the global pandemic?  What type of businesses are seeing a negative impact from this situation and how are they dealing with the uncertainty of the future? Donal O'Donoghue, our guest today, is the Managing Director of Sanderson, a recruitment business that focuses on placing people from graduate level up to a senior level in different organizations in marketing, finance, H.R. procurement, IT, and business change. He is also President of the National Recruitment Federation, the representative body for most of the recruitment companies and employment agencies around the country. Today he is going to share with us his take on the state of the employment market and on the future of this sector. Want to find out more about our guest?  Go to or Want to connect with Donald O’Donoghue? Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn
April 24, 2020
Let's Start a Conversation About Mental Health - Barbara Brennan
Today we are talking about mental health with Barbara Brennan, Programme Coordinator with See Change Ireland, the national stigma reduction partnership. See Change focuses on changing people's attitudes, perception and the whole conversation related to mental health. Their work is informed by people with lived experiences of mental health difficulties, who are best placed to give insight into mental health stigma. Barbara has been promoting mental health awareness and stigma reduction for a decade. She is a public speaker, facilitator and trainer who has a passion to support people, communities and workplaces to challenge their attitudes, and change their culture for a more positive, inclusive and open one. Through her work with See Change, she helps give a voice to people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, brings thought-provoking sessions on mental health to workplaces and sparks a national conversation on reducing stigma. Her desire to bring a message of hope and share the knowledge that people who have struggled with their mental health can and DO recover is at the heart of her work and comes from her own lived experience of overcoming severe and enduring mental illness. Barbara believes strongly in personal responsibility, empowering people to achieve their potential, and that by working together a society free of stigma can be created. Want to learn more about See Change Ireland? Go to or reach out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Want to connect with Barbara Brennan? Email her at
April 22, 2020
How Can Individuals and Organizations Adapt to the Current Challenges - Dr Sarah-Jane Cullinane
The COVID pandemic has changed our daily routines, and it is crucial that we stay focus and productive while we remain in lockdown. Remote work is a new way of working for many people, and it can get hard. Today we are joined by Dr Sarah-Jane Cullinane to speak about what thing we can do to overcome the challenges that come with the lockdown. Dr Cullinane works in the Trinity Business School and has ten years’ experience in teaching and researching the areas of HR, Organisational Behaviour, and well-being at work. She has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour focusing on well-being and job design, and a diploma in teaching mindfulness-based Interventions. She brought her passions together and established her own business, The Place to be, in 2018 to complement her academic work by helping organisations build a culture which fosters and promotes well-being. Sarah-Jane believes that leaders drive well-being in the organisation and act as role models for healthy behaviour, which is why most of her current work involves developing and researching mindfulness-based leadership development programmes which allow leaders to build resilience by developing self-insight and strategies for self-care.
April 20, 2020
Season One: The Lockdown
Join me while I interview experts about how to cope with the challenges that come with living in lockdown. 
April 19, 2020