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ONE on ONE with Moan Barrow

ONE on ONE with Moan Barrow

By Brian Jones
Interviews with indie music artists from around the globe. Hosted by multi instrumentalist, music producer, and digital marketing guru Brian Jones. Season 2 Starts July 3rd!
Stephanie Heitz Season 1 Episode 15
Talk about an incredibly nice lady who is an amazing Jazz artist!  We had the great pleasure of chatting with the one and only Stephanie Heitz today, and boy did we have fun! This is a must see interview if you love the Jazz genre or if you just want to meet a fantastic Indie Artist!  This will be our only Interview in June before we shut down for vacation, so see you all in July!!!
June 18, 2022
Joe Wilkinson Season 1 Episode 14
Talk about a workhorse in the music industry Joe Wilkinson is doing what it takes to make a solid name for himself in this gigantic world full of talent. Joe shares some of his insights on navigating the industry, and enlightens us on his music and upcoming projects.  Joe is just an unbelievably warm and genuinely amazing human being and we we're obviously super excited to chat with him today. Check this guy out the first chance you get!
June 18, 2022
Nora Sanger Season 1 Episode 12
Multi-talented singer-songwriter Nora Sanger joins us all the way from Hamburg Germany today! Learn all about her many talents from vocal coach to rising Indie Artist. Nora is a super interesting fun guest that we simply must share with the world!  Check out her awesome interview today!
June 18, 2022
Sylvia Lee Season 1 Episode 11
Wow, what a super nice and intelligent artist with an amazing background. From Gospel, Jazz, Pop and more Sylvia Lee is in a lane of her own and her music is truly inspiring.  Learn more about Sylvia Lee today!
June 18, 2022
Melanie Cabral Season 1 Episode 10
Incredibly fun interview today with a definite rising star and a wonderful young artist.  Melanie Cabral stopped by to talk with us about everything going on in her world.  Music, songwriting, recording, and a chat about what's in her future.  Please watch this amazing interview with her today!  She is a total class act!
June 18, 2022
Mann Deep Season 1 Episode 9
All the way from India, my good friend "Man Deep" sits down with us today to share his thoughts and ideas on the music industry and his incredibly interesting story on his rise to the top of the Hip Hop scene.  He is beyond talented, and an absolutely great and wise man.  Fantastic Interview!
June 18, 2022
"GUISE" Season 1 Episode 8
Super entertaining interview with my friends from "GUISE" all the way from Liverpool!  We learn some fun facts about the band Jassy, Michael, and lead singer Louie James, but also talk about our just released compilation song that Moan Barrow co-authored with them called "How Does it Feel" which is out on all streaming platforms now!  Please enjoy this fun episode, and I hope you appreciate as we do what an incredibly wonderful group of talented individuals they all are!
June 18, 2022
Season 2 Show Opener
Season 2 will start on July 3 2022. Season 1 has 15 episodes on YouTube and can be found here:
June 14, 2022