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Buff Nuggets with Brian Buffington

Buff Nuggets with Brian Buffington

By Brian Buffington
Everyone's favorite Educational Technology Wizard, Brian Buffington is bringing his fave "Buff Nuggets" to the podcast nation! You'll hear EDU Tech tips, interviews, new #happymusicforthemasses, and whatever else Brian can throw in the blender. PS: Brian LOVES hearing from his listeners! You can send a short voice message using the link in the show notes.
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20. 3 O'Clock Rock: The Most Amazing After-School Music Program!
Did you know that there’s a place where kids go after school, learn how to play rockin’ instruments, start bands with other kids, write and record original music, and then tour?! Thanks to Billy Ribak, program director at 3 O’Clock Rock After School Music Program in Oakland, CA for giving kids a creative outlet in California and beyond! In this episode, Billy talks about his unique program, how it got started, what it means to kids across the world, and how you can get involved. My hope is that this talk is a springboard for some of my listeners, as they look for creative ways to get students…perhaps adults, making more cool stuff!
December 17, 2021
19. Getting Ridiculous w/ Brooke Buffington about Her New Book "Ridiculousness"
Author, mother, and trusty sidekick to Brian Buffington opens up about some of the most ridiculous parts of her life. Lots of laughs as we learn about an awkward episode at the beach, as well as a local culinary creation that involves glazed donuts and beef. Brooke's debut book, "Ridiculousness" is fresh off the press and ready to be in your arms. You can purchase at one of the links below.  Autographed copies at Purchase on Amazon: Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
October 04, 2021
18. AirTags for Educators, Cruella at the Drive-In Theater, and Future of Buff Nuggets
Just got Apple's new AirTags in the mail and wanted to share some practical...and not to practical uses for educators. Also checked out the new movie, Cruella, at a local Drive-In Theater and wanted to share some thoughts.  Brooke Buffington's New Book, "Ridiculousness" preorder. Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
June 01, 2021
17. Mega Nuggets, Vax, Kids and Social Media, Buff's Sailing, and Oh Canada!
This episode is jam packed with lots of updates and a little story to help parents and educators better understand social media for kids.  Buff Gets Vaxxed Buff Learns to Sail Little Buffs and 8th Grade DJing  International Debut w/ Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey District in Nova Scotia Custom Masks and New "Work Your Quirk" Shirts - Only 50! $15 for US only Upcoming Events Kids and Social Media - a TikTok story Newsletter Signup - Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
April 22, 2021
16. Last Frontier Edition w/ Alaska Teachers, Alana and Brittany
Have you ever had to call your boss to help you walk to school safely, because a moose was in the way? Small chance. Alana Greear and Brittany Taraba, both share the nitty gritty of teaching in rural and remote Alaska. Learn more about them personally, as well as their struggles and innovations. You don't want to miss this show!  Alana Greear - Brittany Taraba - Alana and her fancy microphone Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
February 22, 2021
15. What's Buff Up To in 2021 and The Future of Jobs
Brian gets back to microphone for the first time in 2021 with some timely talk about: 1. Did Buff get the 'Rona? 2. Wait, are you telling me we have to work on snow days? 3. Birthdays and Madden Football 4. "Teacher Flatulence on Zoom" Thoughts 5. What's Coming in 2021 6. The Future of Jobs Report by World Economic Forum Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
February 04, 2021
Mark "Marky Mark" Wilson and The Buffy Bunch Talk About Leading and Inspiring EDUs
Great friend and former National High School Principal of the Year, Mark Wilson is bringing the fire and fun on this episode. Mark is a "EDU Leader Whisperer", coaching and inspiring admins across the globe. See what he has to say about Kia cars, the band Cake, and leading in a pandemic. Sign up for his newsletter and get more of Mark Wilson by visiting his website. Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
October 27, 2020
Going Bananas with Jesse Cole: Standing Out
Jesse Cole brings 110% everywhere he goes, and this episode of Buff Nuggets is no exception! Jesse is the vibrant owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team in Savannah, GA, as well as Fans First Entertainment. In this episode, Jesse let's us know how to better stand out in crowded spaces. He gives some great advice for educators as they inspire students to think outside of the box. There's lots for everyone in this episode!
October 23, 2020
Exploring Entrepreneurship with Josh Brown of Wander North Georgia
I love entrepreneurship and small business, so it was a HUGE treat to have Josh Brown, Co-Owner of Wander North Georgia on the show. Wander North Georgia is a retail outdoor store that is located in beautiful Clayton, GA, as well as online. They do a phenomenal job of social media storytelling and making their business as experiential as possible.  Stop by and let them know that Buff sent ya. Their store is beautiful and there is something for everyone! In this epsiode: This or That (The Outdoors Edition) Retail in 2020 Standing Out in an Amazon World Entrepreneurship in K-12 EDU
September 17, 2020
Rapping with 7th Grade Teacher Michael Duren, AKA C-Roks
Great to have my unofficial twin, Michael Duren on the show. You'll hear about how he uses music to engage and teach, his upcoming album release, and a special "Buff Nugget" exclusive rap. - PREORDER New Album "Toon Town"
September 11, 2020
5 Things I Learned While Starting School in a Pandemic w/ Principal Octavius Mulligan
Super Creative Principal, Good Friend, and Buff Nugget superstar, Octavius Mulligan gives some practical advice on making the most out the new school year! He also mentioned that Joe Montana was better than Dan I may have edited that out. lol You can keep up with Octavius on Twitter.
September 04, 2020
Chatting w/ FlipGrid's Ann Kozma About Shrimp and Student Creativity
If you've ever met Ann Kozma, you've met a sparkplug that can get the party started! It was great to have her on the show.  Topics: 1. Brian Quizzes Ann & Talks About Shrimp 2. New Features in FlipGrid 3. Creative  Uses of FlipGrid Apple Podcasts - Spotify -
August 24, 2020
Buff's State of the Union Speech: Back to School in a Pandemic Edition
Welcome to my August episode! Wanted to encourage all of my educator friends who are teaching during the current Covid-19 pandemic. I even included a nifty little Google App shortcut hack. ;-) -Buff
August 18, 2020
When Should My Child Have a Phone?
Brian gives some practical advice for parents who are considering buying phones for their children.
July 14, 2020
Putting on a Zoom Conference for 200+ People? Brian Shares What He Learned...The Good and Bad
I just helped produce a Zoom Conference for 200+ educational leaders in NE Georgia and want to give you some pointers! This episode covers the following topics with examples from the recent conference. Pre-recording Content Large Meeting Add-On Breakout Rooms Pre Assigned Breakout Rooms The Green Screen Feature is Magical Faces Be Seen? Interactivity - Game, Poll/Word Cloud, Drawing, and Song. Spontaneous is Special
June 15, 2020
Synchronous Learning vs. Why Wasn't This An Email?
As teachers look to next year, they're also asking the question is LIVE really better? Well, it depends. And Brian spills the beans on Synchronous Learning. You'll learn 3 tips to make your live sessions more rad than Tom Selleck's mustache.  Brian's latest songs are on Spotify and Apple Music, including the song "Rufio". You can leave a voice message on my Anchor.FM profile or through the Anchor App. 
May 15, 2020
Teaching During Covid-19: Six Teachers Share Their Experiences
I have six teachers on this week's podcast and they are telling it like it is during Covid-19.  In order: Leah Thomas Ashton Stinespring Tleshia Farrar Becca Thompson Shaunmarie Dotson Jessica Mobley You can leave a voice message on my Anchor.FM profile or through the Anchor App.
April 28, 2020
Streaming School Ceremonies Online w/ Facebook and YouTube Premieres, PLUS New Happy Music For The Masses
I made a 4-part video series to help schools broadcast ceremonies online. Think K graduation, PRE-K, 5th grade, sports awards, etc... Brian Buffington’s Guide to Streaming An Online School Ceremony Brian's latest song, "Stretchy Pants". Brian's song before that, "Poo On My Shoe". You can leave a voice message on my Anchor.FM profile or through the Anchor App.
April 27, 2020
Who is Brian Buffington? w/ Special Guest Bucky Bush
I invited my pal, Bucky Bush to interview me for this special episode. None of the questions were given to me before the show, making it as raw as possible. You'll learn about my work, music, family and love of cheese.   Bucky Bush is the Director of Technology at Northwest Georgia RESA.  You can leave a voice message on my Anchor.FM profile or through the Anchor App.
April 12, 2020
This Isn't The Online Education You Dreamed Of
Welcome to the first episode of "Buff Nuggets"!  In this episode we cover: What is a Buff Nugget? 3 Ways to Make The Most of Your Covid-19 Teaching
April 09, 2020