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The Leadership Playground

The Leadership Playground

By Brian D. Roth
Have you ever balanced on a seesaw with someone who weighed differently? It is difficult, but it is possible. That is true for leadership and management. They are different but equally essential ideas that, when balanced, will grow the impact of individuals and organizations. In this podcast, Brian Roth discusses the balancing act required of anyone that desires to lead better, whether at home, church, school, business, or government. Brian’s humor makes this podcast not only informative but also entertaining.
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05 Positional Leadership Is the Starting Line
Position is the first rung on the Climbing Down Leadership model. In this episode we will discuss positional leadership and how to move from position to permission
August 05, 2020
04 Climbing Down Leadership Model
Climbing up is our conditioning. That conditioning convinces us that if up is good, down must be wrong. As a leader, we should desire to climb towards those we lead, not away from them. Leadership is something we can always improve, but we need to look down for that improvement. 
June 22, 2020
03 Thinking Drives Behavior
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We struggle with that answer the same way we struggle with what comes first, thinking, or behavior? Or, does thinking drive behavior or behavior drive thinking. We will explore this in this episode.
May 27, 2020
02 Organizational Health
Is your organization healthy? Are you balancing your leadership and management.  This episode will provide some practical insights into organizational health and how balancing leadership and management is like medicine to a sick organization.
May 19, 2020
01 Leadership Playground Introduction
Brian Roth will introduce you to the leadership playground, a podcast that will be fun, informative, and help unlock your leadership potential.
May 04, 2020