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Brian dot Khoza

Brian dot Khoza

By Brian dot Khoza
I'll put rap songs, monologues, voice notes and other audio dealing with mostly gender dynamics and quality of life issues from my albums and my books.
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#womanlove365 nanny issues
Woman Love can be understanding when nannies become difficult or have difficulties and supporting your wife. It is very rewarding playing with your infant child too. Bottle feeding and diaper changing strengthen your bond with baby too. Woman Love is a movement to appreciate our women and heal our relationship with them. The ways are endless so it Woman Love Daily or #womanlove365 to focus on positivity in the fight against gender abuse. #womanlove365 : 4 songs 4 women, a 4 track rap CD with no profanity/ swearing/ cursing, is available at Other proďucts include: Born Almost Free (in South Africa) book Smiling After Lost Love (Poems from my teens and early twenties) book Player Poetry: Learning To Respect Women rap CD #womanlove365 book is coming
January 8, 2019
#womanlove365 I believe I can help you be happy
Being happy helps you love better. Being happy and proud to be happy.
January 4, 2019
#womanlove365 playing soccer with my son
One way to love a women is to entertain the children everytime you are home to give her a break.
January 3, 2019
Walk Through Phenduka (And She Cries)
In this song I talk about going back to my neighbourhood after graduating from university. I see my neighbourhood as a woman who is suffering. The instrumental composed by the late Zukisa Ndenze aka Zoox inspired the song. It was recorded in Phenduka section by the also late Skholiwe "Skho" Tsukudu in 2004 in his bedroom. I am so thankful for their lives. Blessings to all in my 'hood Imbali Stage 1, Phenduka! R.I.P to so many dead. Strength to all mothers. One love. Woman Love. #Womanlove365
January 1, 2019
Min Vackre Prinsessa (Love is Love) from #womanlove365 (4 songs 4 women)
Song: Min Vackre Prinsessa (Love Is Love) featuring Louie van Wolf Artist: Brian dot Khoza Album: #womanlove365 (4 songs 4 women) Words: Brian dot Khoza Music: Louie van Wolf Available at   This is a song I had written about interracial relationship that was brief and that was appreciated after it ended. The song title means "My Beautiful Princess" in Swedish. The casual nature of this 1999 relationship is emphasized to make a point, and the monologue at the end acknowledges my wife for allowing me to continue my pro-woman work. I love you Krystle. The #womanlove365 message is about appreciating every woman you have ever encountered.  This message will ultimately shift mindsets of the many men who, if not abusive or sexist in some way already, have seeds to being planted by society. If any men are listening to me, I hope they support me and teach more youth about kindness, respect, courtesy and compassion to all. Your ex girlfriend, your one night stand, your ex wife, your ex love interest and any women you have feelings of love or lust for that cross your path have a right to have a bright future after you. After the initial disappointment of what made you break-up, you should find ways to appreciate that experience or person for their contribution to your life story. #womanlove365! Brian dot Khoza @briandotkhoza
December 28, 2018
Preparing for 2019!
Happy 2019. I bring love and peace and a light-hearted approach to tough topics like gender-dynamics. B
December 28, 2018
Good Things (like Winnie & Tata) rap song from Player Poetry: Learning To Respect Women
I'm about appreciating and teaching appreciation of women, and using hip hop is the most effective way. #womanlove365 is the current movement and it is different ways to appreciative way. This is song a thank you to an ex.
December 16, 2018