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Breaking Through Glass Ceilings With Brian H.

Breaking Through Glass Ceilings With Brian H.

By Brian Waters
Stories of those who have overcame adversity throughout their careers as well as uncomfortable conversations about trending topics.
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Sexual Harassment in Journalism

Breaking Through Glass Ceilings With Brian H.

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones (Featuring Andrew Golden)
With both of his parents being doctors, Andrew Golden decided that he wanted to go another route and pursue a career in sports journalism. While in college, he had a stop at Johns Hopkins Medicine as an intern in the Media Relations department. Here he learned how to step out of his comfort zone. Since then, he has excelled in sports writing. Being passionate about telling the stories of race and gender, he has found a way to incorporate these stories in sports. Andrew Golden recently graduated from Northwestern University and is currently interning at the Washington Post. He shares his journey which includes being at the Nationals stadium the night a shooting occurred outside of the stadium and how social media helped him relay the story. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
July 23, 2021
Uncomfortable Conversations: Stephen A Smith Disrespects Shohei Ohtani and the Nigerian Basketball Team
Uncomfortable Conversations: Stephen A Smith Disrespects Shohei Ohtani with his comments about him needing a translator. Smith's comments on First Take represent the same ideologies that American has held onto for years which prevents real change. Brian H. Waters discusses why this is problematic.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
July 13, 2021
ESPN's Black Screening is Undefeated (Featuring Omar Powell)
Omar Powell, a social media expert spent 7 years of his career at ESPN. During his time there he has produced 5 hours of television per day, produce social media content, field produced, worked on the Humanitarian Awards all while only being a Content Associate. To say he was overlooked would be an understatement. He shares the highs and lows from his time there, creating his own lane and how it is set him up for success in his position now.  Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora Symphony of Balloons Hope Again Counseling Services
July 9, 2021
Uncomfortable Conversations: Who's Phony Who' s Fake? Rachel Nichols Is That You?
Uncomfortable Conversations: Who's Phony Who's Fake? Rachel Nichols is that you? On this episode, Brian H. Waters discusses white privilege, fake allyship and those laughing at Black Lives Matter and the Me Too Movement. Rachel Nichols has been recently under scrutiny for her comments made by Maria Taylor while in the NBA Bubble a year ago. Brian H. Waters answers why Black people have been upset and more!  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
July 6, 2021
Sha'carri Richardson Suspended from the Olympics featuring Chain Wayne
Sha'carri Richardson Suspended from the Olympics featuring Chain Wayne Me and my cousin Chain Wayne discuss the outdated policy of the Olympics. We also discussed Bill Cosby being released from Prison, King Von, Lil Durk and more! Subscribe to his show Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
July 3, 2021
Uncomfortable Conversations: I Stand with Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka has decided to pull out of the French Open after being told she would be fined for not speaking to the media immediately after matches. As someone who has studied and loves the business of journalism, I stand with her. It's time to have a real conversation about professional athletes, who are human beings, mental health as well as their beef with the "media." In a day and age where more Black people are studying the craft, it's time to address why there are not enough Black media members who can relate to the athletes of today. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
June 1, 2021
Uncomfortable Conversations: Sports Debate Show Narratives are Costing Athletes Money
Kwame Brown's recent rants at Matt Barnes, Stephen A. Jackson, Stephen A Smith, and Charlamagne Tha God have solidified everything I have been saying for years! These sports debate shows are creating narratives that are costing athletes money in the long run. And these hosts are beating down Black athletes on a regular basis. In this episode of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings with Uncomfortable Conversations, I speak on this and why these shows are toxic.   Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
May 21, 2021
Hitting 3-Pointers, Grabbing Rebound and Blocking Haters (Featuring Bella Bruce)
Bella is one of the most underrated basketball players in the DMV area. This Nova Venom 17U team captain has everything a coach is looking for in a player. She is aggressive on the offensive end while being unselfish and always giving 100% at all times. She has the good court vision and ball-handling skills. Bella’s also a good shooter. She always has a positive attitude and is very coachable.  Bella’s combination of strength, versatility, and athleticism is what separates her from many players. She can score, rebound and is a very versatile defender. Her presence on the court is very impactful.  Podcast is brought to you by Baxter Blue   Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google Pandora
May 10, 2021
Uncomfortable Conversations: Everyone Has Lost Their Minds
Everyone Has Lost Their Minds! As George Floyd's murderer was convicted and Black America celebrated for somewhat feeling like we mattered, we learned that a teenager by the name of Ma'Khia Bryant was killed by a white police officer after being shot 4 times in the chest. I have had enough of online rhetoric and people telling me this was justified. Here is my rant on why there needs to be police reform and more.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  IHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
April 22, 2021
Walking Away from Your Dream for the Pursuit of Happiness (Featuring Jake Del Mauro)
Jake Del Mauro had a dream of being a journalist ever since he was in elementary school. After College he landed job at CBS Westwood One, MLB Network, HBO Sports and the World Wide Leader, ESPN. After his time at ESPN, he decided it was time to retire from the media business altogether and pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. He comes on this episode of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings to discuss the his career, the importance of mental health and so much more.  This show is presented by Baxter Blue Glasses Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
April 16, 2021
Don't Call it a Comeback (Featuring Carmel Victor)
Carmel Victor is a Lifestyle Host and Associate Producer at Studio 701. Just a week into the job, this has allowed her to appreciate her journey. She comes on and shares how she has been able to bounce back after being let go from two jobs in West Virginia, including losing a job during the pandemic, turning down a job. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
April 9, 2021
Tula Talks Temptation Island (Featuring Lauren "Tula" Poindexter)
SHOW LESSLauren "Tula" Poindexter stars on Season 3 of USA Network's Temptation Island. She comes on and shares her experience including who she had her eye on, who she bonded with and more. She also discusses her career and how she took a leap of faith when she decided to leave the government to run her own business, becoming Miss Louisana United States 2018 and more.​    Visit   Subscribe to my podcast,  Breaking Through Glass Ceiling W/ Brian H.   Apple:​   Spotify​   iHeart Radio​   Google​   Anchor​
April 6, 2021
Blessings During the Pandemic (Featuring Victoria Bragg)
The pandemic has no-doubt changed a lot of lives. But some like Victoria Bragg has been able to find blessings during this time landing and thriving at her job in Columbia, Missouri. She comes on and shares changing her major from radio to television, attending an HBCU, being an inspiration on television to young men and women who look like her and more. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
April 2, 2021
Highlighting Small Businesses with a Purpose (Featuring Chanel Stitt)
One of my mentees, Chanel Stitt is a bonafide journalist. Recently she graduated from the University of Michigan -Dearborn and landed a job right at her home paper, the Detroit Free Press. She joins me this week to share how she has been able to make a name for herself highlighting small businesses in the area.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
March 26, 2021
Evolving in Wrestling and Media (Featuring Patricia Rogers)
Patricia Rogers is an avid wrestling fan who co-created the podcast, Those Wrestling Girls. Unlike many other wrestling podcasters, Patricia has over ten years of experience in the media business ranging from marketing, social media management, creative writing and more. She and her co-host Krista B's podcast has been the premiere podcast for women's wrestling. She comes on to share how she got started, balancing working in the media and podcasting, and of course she shares some of her wrestling stories. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
March 19, 2021
She Knows Sports, Podcasting, Writing, and So Much More! (Featuring Terrika Foster-Brasby)
Terrika Foster-Brasby wears many hats! She is a multimedia journalist, podcast producer, and on-air host. This week, she comes on to share her story including how working at TGI Friday's would lead to her becoming a prominent voice in the sports industry. She also discusses getting educated at an HBCU, how ESPN Around the Rim started, working on the Undefeated Podcast titled "The Plug," writing articles for the New York Times and more! Apple:       Spotify       Anchor  iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
March 12, 2021
Basketball, Wrestling, and Music; Oh My! (Featuring Britt Waters)
Britt Waters, one of the most relatable people who you can meet (and my newfound cousin) is a multi-talented radio host, broadcast journalist, and pro-wrestling commentator joins me this week on Breaking Glass Ceilings to share her journey in the media business. She discusses getting a big break from Russ Parr, being on Sirus XM Radio doing a countdown show for everyone, working as the Washington Mystics and Wizards in-game hosts, being selected for the NBA All-Star game, getting a championship ring with the Mystics, of course, her love for professional wrestling and so much more. Follow her on Instagram @ItsBrittWaters Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
March 5, 2021
My God Is Undefeated (Featuring Stephen-Michael Thompson Jr.)
Stephen-Michael Thompson Jr. says with conviction, his God is undefeated. This week he shares his very transparent story of graduating from Morgan State University, balancing internships in Journalism and IT, and creating his brand which led to the start of his business, SZN Media. Apple:       Spotify      Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
February 26, 2021
Using Writing to Put Baltimore on the Map (Featuring Taylor "Doc" Walker)
Taylor "Doc" Walker, a Baltimore native is putting on for her city by showcasing artist and independent media personalities. The owner of stops by Breaking Through Glass Ceilings to discuss the love for her city, why it is important for her to showcase the community in a positive light, and more! Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
February 19, 2021
A Black Athlete Who Punts (Featuring Marquette King)
Marquette King is one of few Black punters to ever play in the NFL. Not only did he punt, but he also celebrated every good move with a signature dance. King began his football career as a wide receiver but converted to punting when his scholarship was being threatened. We discuss his career and how he has inspired the next generation of Black punters. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
February 16, 2021
Making It to New York City (Featuring Chris Williamson)
Chris Williamson, a graduate of Syracuse University has made his mark in New York City as a sports anchor in SNY. After basketball was not in the cards for his career, he shifted his focus to being a sports journalist. Chris also shares the importance of mentorship and how they helped him get to where he is today. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
February 12, 2021
Everything I Want, I Go Get (Featuring Chelsea Johnson)
There is power in the tongue. Chelsea Johnson is living her dream. She said she would become Miss Morgan, an intern at ESPN, get a job in local news, and get a job on air. She has done all that and she's nowhere near finished. Chelsea comes on to share her career journey which includes giving up her crown to intern at ESPN, sitting in rooms with presidents to advocate for HBCUs, working at top news stations at home, and learning how to adjust during the pandemic. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
February 5, 2021
Millennial Media Mavens Show: Super Bowl LV Predictions
Millennial Media Mavens Show Super Bowl LV Predictions. Ashley Baker, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, Renee P. Washington, Brian Waters, and Brandon Williams discuss Super Bowl  LV.  Tom Brady leads The Tampa Buccaneers against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Who wins? Tune in as we give our predictions.
February 3, 2021
Uncomfortable Conversations: American Needs to Respect Black Women
America Needs to Respect Black Women! Recently, Chad Wheeler beat his girlfriend within an inch of her life, but there was no coverage until social media put pressure on everyone. Think that's bad, recently a couple of cops pepper-sprayed a NINE-YEAR-OLD girl while she in their custody. Where is the respect? Brian H. Waters asks the simple question, America, what did Black women do to you??? Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
February 2, 2021
Reporting During the Pandemic (Featuring Sydney Simone)
There is no doubt that COVID-19 has altered our lives. Sydney Simone, early in her career, had to make the adjustment of working during this pandemic. She comes on to discuss how she made that adjustment. She also shares how made a transition from covering sports while in college and at her internships to now covering hard news, building her brand since day one, and how she creates a safe space for minorities in media on Clubhouse. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
January 29, 2021
Life After Wrestling (Featuring Nico Sozio)
Nico Sozio grew up a professional wrestling fan. While in college he attended a show at Combat Zone Wrestling and decided to pursue a career inside the ring. After obtaining his degree in digital design, he continued wrestling weekly. He comes on to discuss his life as a wrestler, the highs and lows including winning his first championship and winning the world championship at CZW. After retiring in the ring, he picked up podcasting, hosting Struggling with Sozio where he and his guest discuss overcoming some of the troubling times in their lives.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
January 22, 2021
Covid-19 is Not Dead, So Stop Rushing Kids Back to School
There is a lot of discussion in Baltimore City to reopen schools. However, COVID-19 is still running wild. Why are they trying to sacrifice these babies, these teachers and other personnel? Brian H. Waters discusses why he believes that we should a little longer before sending kids back to school.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor    iHeart Radio       Google       Pandora
January 17, 2021
Life After Pro Basketball (Featuring Daniel Artest)
Daniel Artest joins me to kick off season 3. He comes on to discuss his basketball career which includes traveling overseas to China. After basketball, Artest created the Daniel Artest Podcast, where he and his guest can have a conversation about the game of basketball without all the hot takes. As the younger brother of Ron Artest, now known as Metta Standiford-Artest, he takes us back to the night the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship and how he trolled Ray Allen's mom after his brother hit the shot heard around the world. Artest opens up about how he felt about the infamous Malice in the Palace and the narrative about his brother. This is an episode you will not want to miss. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     Heart Radio       Google        Pandora
January 15, 2021
Thank You Doc's Castle
Thank You Doc's Castle! Taylor Doc Walker featured Breaking Through Glass Ceilings on her website as one of the top 8 Baltimore Independent Media to Watch for Artist News in 2021. Honored is an understatement. Here is my public thank you and make sure you read the website: Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
January 13, 2021
Millennial Media Mavens 2020 in Review: A Look Back at Sports and Culture.
Brandon Williams, Ashley Baker, Renee Washington,  Kelsey Nicole Nelson and Brian H. Waters come together to pick up where they left off in July. They discuss events such as the NBA & WNBA Bubbles, the WNBA and NBA taking a pause after Jacob Blake was shot multiple times by the police, LeBron James leading the Lakers back to the championship, the Dodgers winning the World Series, the NFL and NCAA returning with and all the COVID-19 protocols, the historic 2020 election and more.
December 28, 2020
Listening to God While Pursuing Your Dreams (Featuring Ashlee Banks)
Ashlee Banks is the Executive Producer for the Roland Martin Show and a graduate of Morgan State University. She comes on to share her journey which includes working at RT America and she shares how her obedience to God led her to turn down an opportunity of a lifetime. She also discusses her she has managed to maintain her mental health while covering many social justice movements and so much more. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
December 18, 2020
Black Women Joining Forces to Change the Landscape of Sports (Featuring Celia Newman and Christian Ross-Francis)
Christian Ross-Francis and Celia Newman are co-CEOs of UpNext Sports Consultant Firm. They come on to share how their love of sports led them to work in the business, serving athletes, and the challenges they have overcome in 2020. Follow Up Next Sports Consulting on Instagram.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       oogle        Pandora
December 11, 2020
Leading The Evolution of Science Communications (Featuring Dr. Vanessa McMains)
Dr. Vanessa McMains is a Senior Media Representative at John Hopkins Medicine. In 10 years she has seen the evolution of Science Communications and been apart of so many breakthroughs and milestones including working with a Nobel Prize Laureate. She comes on and shares her story on how she went from being a lab scientist to educating the world about it. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
December 4, 2020
New Friends are Connections (Featuring John Jervay Jr.)
John Jervay is a news editor and a podcaster. Prior to this, he worked at ESPN producing digital content, and Complex News. He comes on to discuss his journey which includes choosing Hampton University, landing a job at ESPN, working the NBA Finals, putting the sneaker culture on the map, and being a Black news editor during this climate. Follow John on Twitter at @JohnJervay  Check him out on the Black Opinions Matters Podcast.  Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
November 27, 2020
The Underdog Helping the Underdog (Featuring Jamal Brown)
Jamal Brown prides himself on being an underdog who helps other underdogs. He comes on this week to discuss his journey in media, switching his major in college, joining NABJ, and starting his own podcast. Follow him on Twitter Apple:       Spotify       Anchor    iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
November 20, 2020
A Shutdown Sucks, So Wear Your Masks
A Shutdown sucks, but it may be necessary! Dr. Anthony Fauci and former President, Barack Obama have chimed in on how the COVID-19 has been mishandled and why it is important for people to wear their masks. I discuss my thoughts and how it is cringeworthy when I see people in large gatherings together with no masks especially after knowing people affected by this virus. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
November 16, 2020
Writing a Guide for Young Black America (Featuring Albert Phillips Jr.)
Born, raised, and educated in Baltimore, Albert Phillips Jr. has always had a passion of empower youth empowerment. He recently wrote the book titled, 'Y'all Hiring" to help young people pursuing their first job. We share stories as both of us attended Baltimore City Community College, Morgan State University, and our first trip to the National Association of Black Journalists. He also discusses earning his Masters at Johns Hopkins University.  Follow Albert on Instagram  Click here to purchase the book Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
November 13, 2020
Something in the Water When it Comes to PG Football Too (Featuring Devon Ashby)
Devon Ashby recently wrote the book, PG vs MoCo, A Memoir on Football outside of the Nation's Captial. He talks about how the recent documentary that featured Kevin Durant and many of the NBA stars that are from Prince George's County Maryland inspired him to write the book that will shed light on the NFL stars from the area. He also discusses his trip to the Dominican Republic where he got a deeper lesson on the game of baseball, being apart of the Morgan State University award-winning NABJ chapter, his close relationship with his grandfather, and more. Click here to purchase the book Follow Devon on Twitter Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
November 6, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations: We Must Vote
We just days away from the most important election of our lifetime. John Jervay Jr. and I were recording for a future episode of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings, however, the conversation we were having was crucial that we needed to share this now. We must vote! John explains how he will be working the polls to ensure everyone will have a fair shot.  Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
October 31, 2020
Making Her Girl Dad Proud (Featuring Jaycie Schenone)
Jaycie Schenone and I met when she interviewed me for the Galvanize "Who, Not Do Series." Now we flip the switch and comes on Breaking Through Glass Ceilings to discuss her story. She shares how her relationship with dad has influenced her love of sports, landing an internship at ESPN which would lead to a job and working on award-winning "Last Dance Documentary." Follow Jaycie on Instagram  Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
October 30, 2020
All Dreams Aren't Good Dreams (Featuring Alexandria Gibilisco)
Alexandria Gibilisco was a video editor and master control operator at ESPN for almost 8 years. She discusses growing up in Baltimore, graduating from Morgan State University and landing a job at ESPN fresh out of college. She shares how she almost missed out on their opportunity "due to her mouth." She also shares how she met her husband and how they got married in New York City live on television. Follow Alex on Twitter  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
October 23, 2020
Creating a College for Athletes to Get a Second Chance (Featuring Reggie Calhoun Jr.)
Reggie Calhoun Jr, a former athlete himself, has dedicated his life to motivating others to reach their full potential. He shares his story on how he became a consultant after college, and ultimately creating his own school, the RPA College, an esteemed private post-secondary prep institution.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
October 18, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations Is It Fair to Cancel Ice Cube
Ice Cube has been taking a lot of HEAT because it was revealed that he spoke with the President of the United States, Donald Trump's team about his Contract for Black America. He recently went on CNN to clarify what really happened. So now I am asking you, is it fair to cancel him after this? Let me know what you think. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
October 18, 2020
Nova Vemon Basketball Team: Nikita Morris, Kaya Squirewell, and Taylor Pierce
Three members of the  NOVA Vemon AAU basketball team join me to discuss their career, playing ball during the pandemic, and how Basketball is more than a sport for them, it's a sisterhood. Kaya Squirewell is tough and physical on the wing as well as the post, can finish in traffic, and plays hard on both ends. She’s a fierce competitor with a high basketball IQ. Off the bounce, she is a handful and a great decision-maker. She’s a blue-collar, old-school leader who can do just about everything. Her nicknames are KD and Baby LeBron Nikita Morris is a lightning-fast baller who is extremely athletic and great in transition. Tough on-ball defender, great rebounder, very physical, can finish in traffic, and a hard worker on both ends with a high motor and plenty of endurance. Her nickname is Flash. Taylor Pierce is an extremely hard worker who always gives 100% in everything she does. She’s also one of the best teammates I’ve seen and always supports her sisters. She never takes a play off. Last year, she improved by leaps and bounds and was an animal by the end of the season - always going for the rebound and getting shots in.  Her nicknames are The Goat, The Enforcer, The Technician Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
October 13, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations: Stop Letting Debates Shows Cause You to Hate LeBron James
We live in a world where everyone wants to have an opinion. They want to build up their favorites, even if it is at the expense of tearing down another. LeBron James has been the topic of so many debate shows and everyone always wants to point out something that he has not done or cannot do. People spend so much time hating on him and a lot of this is fueled by debate shows. As LeBron said, he wants his respect. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
October 13, 2020
Los Angeles Lakers are 2019 2020 NBA Champions
The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2019-2020 NBA Champions.  It wasn't a televised decision, it wasn't a letter on a sports magazine, instead, it was a simple tweet from Klutch Sports announcing LeBron James signing with the Lakers. And now we are here. They are champions of the world. Visit   Subscribe to Breaking Through Glass Ceiling W/ Brian H.   Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
October 12, 2020
Covering the Media Capital of the World (Featuring Erika Fernandez)
Erika Fernandez is a sports journalist, podcaster, and social media specialist. The New York native stops by to discuss her career journey, being blessed to work in the media capital of the world, and shares how she has overcome some of the struggles women in the sports industry deal with. As a die-hard Mets fan, she shares how she became a fan and her reactions to their two World Series appearances during that time. Follow her on Twitter @CurlsandSports Subscribe to the Curls and Sports Podcast Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
October 11, 2020
From Sports PR to Sports Journalism (Featuring Carita Parks)
Carita Parks is simply a Communications expert. From public speaking to reporting, to public relations, she can and has done it all. She comes on to discuss how she has been able to juggle many hats in the media business as well as having her own business. Follow her on Twitter @CaritaCParks. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
October 4, 2020
NBA Finals: Lakers vs Heat Preview
The Millennial Media Mavens Ashley Baker,  Kelsey Nicole Nelson, Renee P. Washington, Brandon A. Williams, and Brian H. Waters discuss the NBA Finals. Who do you have winning, the Lakers or the Heat? Will LeBron James earn his 4th ring, or will Jimmy Butler spoil the part? Join us for this conversation.    Visit   Subscribe to my podcast,   Breaking Through Glass Ceiling W/ Brian H.   Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
September 29, 2020
The Process of Becoming an NBA Agent (Featuring Anthony Johnson)
Ant the Agent, is a certified NBA agent with the Renaissance Sports Group comes on to discuss his career, the process of becoming a sports agent and the importance of helping players build their brand. Anthony, a star running back at Baltimore City College high school discusses the importance of connecting with athletes and more. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora 
September 27, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations: Men, Stop Disrespecting Women in Sports
Whether it is fans, colleagues, or even managers, women are disrespected in sports way too much. Just a week ago, Maria Taylor started the week with criticism on how she dressed and ended the week with criticisms of her NBA All Team votes. Jason Whitlock recently attempted to discredit Katie Nolan's career path by saying she only got this far in her career due to her looks. Enough is enough! Men, we must stop disrespecting women in sports. They belong here, they have earned it! Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
September 23, 2020
The Hometown Hero (Featuring Kyle J. Andrews)
Kyle Andrews grew up as an avid reader of the Baltimore Sun and now he covers high school sports in his hometown. He comes on this week to discuss his journey which includes blogging, freelancing, podcasting, covering his favorite teams, overcoming Hodgkin's Disease while at his dream job. Follow him on Twitter @KyleJAndrewsJ_ Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
September 20, 2020
Living Her Purpose by Motivating You (Featuring Patricia Barnes)
Patricia Barnes began her career in health care in the nutrition department. While putting herself through nursing school, she worked as an Administrative Assistant and got a closer look at what would become her future career. Today, in addition to the ten years of nursing experience she is a motivational speaker. As the owner of the GoPatty Brand, she encourages everyone to work to achieve their dreams.  Check out here website here Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
September 13, 2020
Black NFL Agents That Care About Their Players (Featuring Michael De Sane and Ryan Williams-Jenkins
Founders of Divine Sports and Entertainment, Michael De Sane and Ryan Williams-Jenkins come on to discuss their upcoming virtual launch party, why they decided to represent NFL players, and the importance of caring while doing so. We also talked about Black athletes becoming pioneers by attending HBCUs. Follow @DivineSportsEnt on Twitter.  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
September 8, 2020
Creating My Own Lane (Featuring Keisha Swafford)
Keisha Swafford stays on the grind creating content on YouTube on her channel, Ballin' with Keisha. She comes on to discuss creating her content, battling depression and gives key advice to others who may be dealing with the same thing.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
September 6, 2020
The Justice Duo Comic Book Series (Featuring Joel Gamble and Tavon Mason)
The lack of representation in the Black community is something that is often discussed. Joel Gamble and Tavon Mason, two former NFL players are working on a comic book with a Black superhero. They come on to discuss growing up in Baltimore, their vision, and what we can expect. To support this project, visit their Kickstarter   Follow Joel on Twitter @NFLTE82  Follow Tavon on Twitter @tmason18 Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
September 3, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations A History Lesson In Sports Activism
At 78 years old, Lorenzo Coleman has witnessed so many iconic moments in not only sports history, but U.S. history. My self-adopted grandfather joins me to discuss how the WNBA and NBA players decided to boycott their games after the recent shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha Wisconsin police and the death of two protestors by a white supremacist. He also shares where he was when found out about the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, we discuss the legacy of the late Chadwick Boseman who played the roles of Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, James Brown, and how he gave the Black community a superhero with Black Panther. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
September 1, 2020
Making Science Go Viral (Featuring Chanapa Tantibanchachai)
I call her the GIF queen! Chanapa Tantibanchachai has found a niche that makes important science stories go viral. We worked together for three years on the Johns Hopkins Media Relations team. She comes on to share her story which includes packing up her things and leaving Arizona to come to Baltimore, leaving one office to another office and the challenges that included, and more. Follow her on Twitter @Chanapa_T Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 30, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations: Being a Black Man in America
Being a Black Man in America is something that is a challenge every day. The latest incident included Jacob Blake being shot by the police seven times in the back. Not one police officer has been arrested. In 2020, racism is alive and well. Mike Patton joins as we discuss what is like Black in America and how we are dealing with the repercussions of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey, and so many more.  #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMenInAmerica Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 27, 2020
Understanding Athletes From Their Point of View (Featuring Erika Marmolejo)
Erika Marmolejo is an athlete who traded in her gear to work in sports. Beginning her career on the production side, she worked at Fox Sports, ESPN, and for the Sacramento Kings in their Digital Media Department. She would then move into the administrative side working as the assistant to the Oakland Raiders general manager. Now she has moved to the midwest first working with the Chicago Bulls and now the Chicago Bears in the Player Development department. She comes on the podcast to discuss her passion in working with players and preparing them for life after football and more. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 23, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations: University of North Carolina's Clusterfuck Featuring Jazmine Bunch
The University of North Carolina went viral when their student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel's headline read "UNC has A Clusterfuck on their Hands." The reason, more than 130 students tested positive for COVID-19 after students returned to campus for the Fall Semester. Jazmine Bunch, a journalism student entering her senior year joins this episode of Uncomfortable Conversations to discuss this and how she feels the University has yet again failed her as a Black student.  Subscribe to her YouTube Channel. Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google      Pandora
August 18, 2020
Changes Happen But the Game Stays the Same (Featuring Quincy Young)
Quincy Young grew up loving the game of basketball. While attending Morehouse College, he worked for Turner Sports as a logger for NBA TV. After graduation, he moved to Bristol, CT where he became a production assistant at ESPN. After leaving ESPN, he joined Bleacher followed by CNN Sports, MLB and now he is with USA Today Sports. He comes on to discuss strictly working from behind the scenes to now producing content and being on-air talent. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 16, 2020
Uncomfortable Conversations: Shut Down College Football
It's not a popular opinion but I believe college football needs to shut down this fall. Players are unpaid-student athletes, so how in the world can they be considered essential? Million of people make millions of dollars off of these players, but these players are risking their lives. On this episode I discuss this and why players should sit down this fall due to COVID-19. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 13, 2020
I Am My Sisters KeepHer (Featuring Shanell Starling)
Shanell Starling is a graduate of Morgan State University and now is a content associate producer at ESPN. In addition, she is the host of the podcast, From the Sidelines with Shanell Starling. She has also spearheaded a women's support group for other women in journalism.  Follow her on Twitter @TheCocoShanell. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 9, 2020
Hello 34, It's My Shaq Year (Brian H. Waters' birthday Special)
Happy Birthday to me! Hello, 34. As I get excited for my Shaq year, my year of domination, I look back at year 33. My Kareem year. From beginning the year at NABJ, returning to the sports sidelines,  returning to my home church, Christian Memorial Church, winning another social media award, traveling, losing Kobe, COVID-19, the racial pandemic, being an ally in the speaking out movement and so much more! 
August 7, 2020
Building Wealth Through Media (Featuring Kenny Barrett)
Kenny Barrett is an entrepreneur whose focus is to build wealth. He comes on to discuss the transition from basketball to business and the BLUEShift Podcast. B.L.U.E (Believe Love Understand & Educate) Download the BLUE Shift Podcast here: Follow him on Twitter @K3nny_barr3tt Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
August 2, 2020
Season 2 of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings!
Breaking Through Glass Ceilings Returns for Season 2. As I continue to share the breakthrough stories of my friends, I will also add a few bonus episodes sharing my thoughts on trending topics and important issues as well as sports.  8/2: Kenny Barrett 8/9: Shanell Starling 8/16: Quincy Young 8/23: Erika Marmolejo   Subscribe now and catch up! Apple:      Spotify
July 23, 2020
Black NFL Quarterbacks: The Fab Five All-Stars
 The 2019 NFL season was deemed the year of the Black Quarterback. The Fab Five All-Stars (Ashley Baker, Brandon Williams, Brian H. Waters, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, and Renee Washington) discuss Patrick Mahomes winning the Super Bowl, Lamar Jackson winning the unanimous MVP and the respect Black quarterbacks are now taking!  Visit   Subscribe to my podcast,  Breaking Through Glass Ceiling W/ Brian H.   Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
July 15, 2020
Remembering Kobe Bryant
January 26, 2020 day we will never forget. The Fab Five All-Stars (Ashley Baker, Brandon Williams, Brian H. Waters, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, and Renee Washington) take time to reflect on the life of the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant and what he meant on and off the court. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
July 12, 2020
COVID-19 Puts Sports on Hold
COVID-19 has put the sports world on hold, and now as things star to open up, the NBA will look to resume their season in a bubble in Orlando Flordia. The Fab Five All-Stars (Ashley Baker, Brandon Williams, Brian H. Waters, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, and Renee Washington) discuss whether or not this a good idea.  Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
July 4, 2020
The Racial Pandemic in 2020 - Featuring the Fab Five All-Stars
Black lives are constantly pushed to the back burner. If a Black man gets killed by the police, the police walk, and the family is left without justice. In May, the death of George Floyd sparked a global outrage that led to protests around the world. On this episode, The Fab Five All-Stars (Ashley Baker, Brandon Williams, Brian H. Waters, Kelsey Nicole Nelson and Renee Washington) discuss these recent events and how to move forward as Blacks continue to fight for equality. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
July 3, 2020
Sexual Harassment in Journalism
In an industry we love, Black women continue to remain unprotected. Recently a few Black journalists who are women revealed that they have been sexually harassed throughout their career. As we look back at the first half of 2020 The Fab Five All-Stars (Ashley Baker, Brandon Williams, Brian H. Waters, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, and Renee Washington) discuss women speaking out and what can men do to help stop sexual harassment in the workplace. Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
July 3, 2020
Keeping it 100 While Giving Back (Featuring Cassius Flemming)
Cassius Flemming is an associate producer for Spotify. Prior to Spotify, he worked as a Content Associate at ESPN and an Associate Producer at CBS. He comes on to discuss his career and the importance of staying true to yourself and listening to your mentors and why it is important to help the next one along the way.  Visit   Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
June 28, 2020
Locked in on Sports Radio (Featuring Norman Locke)
Norman Locke is an on-air personality for ESPN 1420AM in Lafayette, Lousiana. He shares his experience including how he switched from being a Microbiology major to a broadcast journalism major, being on the field as LSU won the National Championship, and more! Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora
June 21, 2020
Everything Real About Working in Sports (Featuring DeVry Smothers)
DeVry Smothers is someone who I worked closely with during my time at ESPN. He is also the host of the Everything Real Podcast where he shares his opinion on sports, movies, technologies, and more. He discusses going from a small school, Northwestern State University in Lousiana to producing great content for the World Wide Leader in sports. You Can check out the Everything Real Podcast here Apple: Spotify Anchor iHeart Radio Google Pandora
June 14, 2020
Faith Without Works is Dead (Featuring Tony Betton Jr.)
Tony Betton Jr. is a journalist, but he is God's child first. Every day of the week he hosts a daily devotion on Instagram Live that allows viewers to start the day off with the word of God. He is an anchor, reporter, and producer at ABC21 WPTA News in Fort Wayne Indiana. Tony comes on to discuss his career, putting his alma mater, Georgia State University on the map, and most importantly how good God has been to him. Follow him on social media @TonyBettonJrTV Tune in to his daily devotions on his Instagram.  Apple:     Spotify     Anchor   iHeart Radio     Google      Pandora
June 7, 2020
An Ordinary Son Sharing The Extrordinary Lessons from his Ordinary Dad (Featuring Carlos J. Avent)
Carlos J. Avent holds many titles. Businessman, mentor, educator, but his most important one is dad. One of the reasons he is such a great dad is due to the fact that he had a great dad. Recently he wrote the book, 10 Extraordinary Lessons from an Ordinary Dad. He comes on this week to discuss the book, why it was important that he wrote it and so much more. Follow him on Twitter: @TheCarlosJames Purchase the Book on Amazon here  Apple:       Spotify       Anchor     iHeart Radio       Google        Pandora 
May 31, 2020
Sharing a Story People Can Relate to Though Music (Featuring Heather Harvin)
Heather Harvin is an R&B singer who recently dropped a title, Dang Bae which can be found on all streaming platforms. She comes on to discuss her career as well as how she maintains her faith in God and remains a disciple even though she is not singing gospel music. Follow her on Instagram  Download her music on Spotify  Download her music on Apple  Subscribe to the podcast Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
May 24, 2020
Using Journalism to Educate Parents About the School System (Featuring Kenya Hunter)
Kenya Hunter is the first-ever African American reporter at Rome News. I recently caught up with her as she just moved to Richmond, Virginia where she is now an education reporter at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. She comes on to discuss the important roles education reporters play. Follow her on Twitter Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
May 17, 2020
Stepping Outside of Derrick Rose's Shadow (Featuring Joshua A. Vinson)
Joshua A. Vinson got his first taste of journalism as a writer for the youngest Derrick Rose's website. After Rose was traded from Josh's hometown of Chicago, he would make a name for himself as NBA and NFL reporter. He comes on to discuss this and eventually landed his job as a reporter and why it was important for him to take the job even though it was not a sports position. Follow Josh on Twitter 
May 10, 2020
Feedback is a Gift (Featuring Taylor C. Shaw)
Taylor Shaw is an adjunct professor at Shaw University and a Certified Social Media Specialist in the health care industry. She comes on to this episode of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings to discuss her career and why it is important for her to give back. Follow her on Twitter.  Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
May 3, 2020
Doing The Job You Hired Me For (Featuring Brittany Leigh)
Brittany Leigh is no doubt one of the biggest inspirations in my career. She creating some game changing strategies for  Sandler Training and Johns Hopkins Medicine. That has led her to her current role as the Brand Market Manager at Downtown Locker Room. In addition to these roles, she has created her brand, HipHopCleopatra. She discusses this as well as her free Instagram Live series, Digital Marketing Live and so much more! Follow her on Twitter  Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
April 26, 2020
Bringing Journalism to E-Sports (Featuring Jourdan Kerl)
Most journalism students want to pursue a career in sports, entertainment or news. However, Jourdan Kerl took a different route. Growing up as an avid gamer, she decided to pursue a career in e-sports journalism. She comes on to discuss what it is like covering video games tournaments and e-sports league and of course we talk Playstation and XBOX. Subscribe to her YouTube channel. Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
April 19, 2020
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Working in Public Relations (Featuring Ashley Mil)
Ashley Mil is someone who helped me first hand achieve a healthier lifestyle. She comes on the show to discuss her love and passion for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance while working a 9 to 5.  She is also a public relations professional and she opens up about leaving her corporate job to work in the fitness world full time and going back to a 9-5 a year later. Follow her on Instagram Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
April 12, 2020
Being Who You Are, But Keeping It Cute (Featuring Jhas Williams)
Jhas Williams is a radio and television personality who is very vocal about her love and trust in Jesus Christ. She discusses the balance of being her self, even when someone is trying to destroy her. Also in a time where the media is not always trusted, or you unsure of what sources are accurate, Jhas explains how she relies on the ultimate source to do her job right. She discusses going to acting school and how that has helped her with her career and so much more!  Follow Jhas on Twitter   Apple:     Spotify     iHeart Radio     Google     Anchor   Pandora
April 5, 2020
You Don't Have to Be an Artist to Be in the Music Business (Featuring Khaaliq Crowder)
Khaaliq Crowder comes to discuss his love for music and pop culture. Many people believe that in order to be in the music business, you have to be an artist, well Khaaliq is here to let you know that there are other ways to get involved. He also tells what it was like interning at Sway in the Morning, working with different artists and he provides some valuable advice for those attending NABJ/NAHJ. Follow him on Twitter  Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor  Pandora
March 29, 2020
Keep Your Options Open and Learn to Be the Jack of All Trades (Featuring Benjamin McKnight III)
Benjamin McKnight is currently a Communications Analyst with Vox Optima. Before joining Vox Optima, like many college graduates, Ben dealt with post-graduation depression. He discusses this, how he balanced being in JROTC and being a journalism student and so much more. Follow Benjamin on Twitter Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor
March 22, 2020
Your Favorite Mentor's Mentor (Featuring Michael Lyle)
Michael Lyle has been a mentor to a lot of young journalist in the company. He joins Brian H. Waters on this edition of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings to discuss how he got started in the business, getting a Masters degree in journalism and why he is so passionate about being a mentor to the next generation! Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor
March 15, 2020
It Wasn't The Viral Reel, It Was God's Favor (Featuring David Schiele)
In November 2018, David Schiele posted his reel on Twitter and it went viral. Even Good Morning America and The Today Show covered it. David says this was because of God's favor. He discusses when he first fell in love with journalism, implementing pro wrestling in his newscast and more! Follow David on Twitter  Subscribe to the podcast Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor
March 9, 2020
Being the Voice of Your Community Behind the Scenes (Featuring Tramon Lucas)
Tramon Lucas is a Digital Editor at WBAL-TV in his hometown of Baltimore. Born and raised in Charm City, he comes on to share how he made a name for himself at Morgan State University, including being apart of the National Association Of Black Journalist Student Chapter of the Year. He also discusses interning at the Associated Press and what it is like to work at WBAL. Follow him on Twitter  Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor
March 2, 2020
The Dream Comes True When You Make Your Own Opportunities (Featuring Mallik Obee)
Maliik Obee a beat writer for the XFL's D.C. Defenders comes on to discuss the importance of creating your opportunities while you are on the path of achieving your dreams. Maliik is a graduate of Morgan State University who has had stops at Fox Sports and HBCU Gameday. He shares a story of covering the NFL combine without a press pass, but being a fan. Maliik drops a lot of life hacks in this episode! Apple:    Spotify    iHeart Radio    Google    Anchor
February 24, 2020
The Power of Social Media (Featuring D'Ante Smith)
In the past decade, social media has become more than just a place to stay in contact with your family, it has become a career. D'Ante Smith who began his career as a reporter comes on to discuss how he went from reporter to a production assistant to a social media editor. D'Ante discusses how he impressed executives at ESPN by going viral on Snapchat and how they led to him becoming the social media editor for the XFL.. Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
February 17, 2020
Media Family You Are Not Alone (Featuring Danielle J. Martin)
Danielle J. Martin of WBIW comes on to discuss the importance of staying true to yourself while telling the story. She also shares how she landed her MMJ position before the NABJ Convention in 2019, her experience speaking on a panel at the convention, lunch with Taylor Rooks and covering the Kansas City Chiefs historic run to the Super Bowl and give valuable advice to anyone who is looking to get into the business or who is in the business. Follow her on Twitter  Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
February 10, 2020
Quartet Is The Soul (Bonus Episode Featuring Deyontay Riddick)
Deyontay Riddick, the lead singer of Deyontay and Nu Direction, joins Breaking Through Glass Ceilings W/ Brian H. to discuss their brand new album, Sing Praises. Deyontay discusses how he got into gospel quartet, why he loves it so much and why he chose it over contemporary gospel music. He also discusses the upcoming All-White Affair for their Album Release on February 16, 2020. Follow Nu Direction on Instagram  Download Sing Praises Here:   Spotify  Apple  CD Baby  Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
February 5, 2020
Million Views on a Reel (Featuring Brianna Dahlquist)
Brianna Dahlquist took a risk that paid off. She posted her broadcast demo reel on Twitter and received more than 2 million views and it ultimately led her to a job in Fort Wayne Indiana. She discusses her journey which includes getting right back into school after getting pregnant her sophomore year in college, an appearance on her favorite daytime talk show. Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
February 3, 2020
Special Dedication To Kobe Bryant
I sit here writing this description trying to find the right words. This episode, I reflect on my favorite NBA player, Kobe Bryant. I never cried over someone I never met in person the way I did about his death. He would tell all of us to wipe the tears and get back to work. So of course in this episode, I had to discuss what I deemed his Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling moment. Let me know if you agree. To honor him, I did this special episode to discuss what he meant to me. I invite you to listen and share with me what he meant to you. Kobe would want us to have that mamba mentality and be the best at whatever we choose to do. That is what I plan to do. #Forever824 Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
January 29, 2020
Making Yourself Apart of the Community (Featuring Jade Jackson)
For every young journalist, it can be tough moving into a new environment where you do not know anyone, yet you are required to deliver the news. Jade Jackson discusses the importance of making yourself a part of that community in order to make your job easier. She also discusses being chosen to be apart of the Fox News MMR program, the blessing and curses of social media as well her brand, Main Source Media. Follow her on Twitter @IamJadeJackson Apple:   Spotify   iHeart Radio   Google   Anchor
January 27, 2020
Keeping The Interview Real (Featuring Jael Rucker)
Jael Rucker has found a way to draw an audience by being herself and creating her own content. She discusses how she went to a new  high school and created her own sports show just two weeks after enrolling. She also discusses the irony of becoming a reporter for Georgia State after being denied admission for undergrad and more! Follow her on Twitter @RuckerJael Subscribe to the show on all platforms Apple:  Spotify  iHeart Radio  Google
January 20, 2020
A Mom Making It In Media (Featuring Ashley Baker)
Ashley Baker, a proud mom of two is eager to prove to the world that children are motivation, not a hindrance. She stop by to talk about what made her decide that it was never too late to chase her dream of being in sports. Ashley discusses her time working with Brian H. Waters at Fox Sports 1340AM covering the Wizards, Redskins, Orioles, and Nationals, a memorable moment with Steph Curry, joining Nuts and Bolts Sports as a social media producer, and creating her own podcast, About Nothing But Sports. Follow her on Twitter @AshleyBaker_21 Apple: Spotify iHeart Radio Google
January 13, 2020
Exchanging the Cleats for the Microphone (Featuring Renee P. Washington)
Renee Washington is an All-American soccer player who had many offers to play professionally, but she decided to pursue a journalism career. She stops by to discuss making that switch, working on the sideline for ESPN, Fox Sports, hosting her show Beyond The Headlines and more.  Follow her on Twitter @ReneePWash  Apple: Spotify iHeart Radio Google
January 6, 2020
Putting Bowie State's NABJ On The Map (Featuring Brandon Williams)
Brandon Williams has not graduated from college yet, but that still has not stopped him from creating a legacy at Bowie State University. He discusses why it is important for him to train the next generation while he is still in college, as well as landing an internship from NBCUniversal while at the National Association of Black Journalist Convention in Detriot, and his ESPN visit that created the brotherhood with Brian H. Waters. Follow him on Twitter @BWillMedia Apple: Spotify iHeart Radio Google
December 30, 2019
Being the Voice of D.C. while Gaining National Respect (Featuring Kelsey Nicole Nelson)
The host of Listen In With KNN and Fox Sports reporter, Kelsey Nicole Nelson discusses how she got into Broadcast Journalism, how the National Association Of Black Journalist Short Course changed her life, working at Fox Sports 1340am, and how she earned the respect of LaVar Ball during the height of the Big Baller Brand. Follow on Twitter @TheRealKNelson. Subscribe to the show on all platforms: Apple: Spotify Google IHeart Radio
December 23, 2019
From The Storeroom to the Boardroom
Welcome to the 1st episode of Breaking Through Glass Ceilings W/ Brian H. Waters. In this episode, I discuss my journey to my current position at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Prior to becoming an award-winning Communications Specialists, I worked in the Nutrition Storeroom while putting myself through Baltimore City Community College. I share some horror stories including cleaning bathrooms and the loading dock, calling on the union as well as some very high points in my career which includes traveling all over the country to live-tweet medical meetings with the best teammates and managers in the world. Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to the podcast on the following platforms Apple: Spotify Google
December 16, 2019
BWaters Productions Enters the Podcast Game, Sharing The Journeys of Successful
In life, we all know where we want to get to, but sometimes there are expectations set for us and the opposition does not want to see us succeed. Everyone has a story and sometimes listening to someone who has traveled a similar path can help you along the way. On the 100th episode of the Wrestling Wrealm’s podcast, Break It Down W/ Brian H., host Brian H. Waters will announce the launch of his brand new podcast titled Breaking Through Glass Ceilings. This podcast will be the first podcast produced by BWaters Productions where guests will come on and discuss their journey to success and how they broke through glass ceilings to get to where they are. Brian H. Waters is the owner and CEO of BWaters Productions and one of the co-founders of the Wrestling Wrealm. For both companies he has edited and produced various video and audio projects including Break It Down W/ Brian H. “I am excited to not only share my story but also share the stories of many successful people from various professional fields,” says Brian H. Waters. The pilot episode will be Waters discussing his journey from the Johns Hopkins Nutrition Storeroom to ESPN to Johns Hopkins Media Relations. Following the pilot episode, episode 2 will feature Kelsey Nicole Nelson, host of Listen In With KNN. and episode 3 will feature Brandon Williams, the student representative of the National Association of Black Journalists’ Sports Task Force. Subscribe on the following platforms: Apple: Spotify Google
December 8, 2019