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2AM: "Risks On the Road to Success: New Music, The Plan, and More" Ft. AstroMikey [E154]

Brian's World Live

"Take It To the Moon: What we can learn from the 'Space Race' of Billionaires" [E167/Sea. 6 Finale]
What better way to end Season 6 than on top of the world?  The last two weeks have been historic for mankind. We've seen two billionaires take advantage of the recently privatized industry of space exploration, publicly reaching for the stars. On July 11th, Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson took his Virgin Galactic team into space, making them the first civilians to do so. Then, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos soared to the stars yesterday (July 20th), making his Blue Origin team the second to do so. Elon Musk's SpaceX is expected to launch an all-civilian crew into the cosmos later this year.  For a kid who has always looked up at the stars with wonder, this civilian space race has been a joy to watch. As someone who looks for the deeper story in the moment, it's been inspirational. It's easy to ignore the inspiration because they are filthy rich. You know how people treat the filthy rich. But if we look past the money, we see three guys who are achieving the impossible. We learn a valuable lesson of how determination can take you to the stars. We also learn that getting to the moon is actually bigger than ourselves. 
July 22, 2021
2AM: "Sincerely VO Takes Us From Cincy To ATL and the Lessons In Between" [E166]
The blue light is on! Welcome to another 2AM episode inside Brian's World. Today, we'll travel to Cincinnati to link up with Sincerely VO. He's fresh off of a big release with Hitman Holla and Tee Grizzley entitled "Control Da Room".  I appreciate him and his humility as he wasn't shy about his story. He left his hometown in 2018 for Atlanta in pursuit of his dream. On today's episode, he talked about the fears he felt while making that tough decision and the challenges he faced while living in Atlanta. His story is one of perseverance and determination, things that we could all benefit from hearing.  "I really just had to let it fuel the fire," VO said about struggling in Atlanta. "Well, we here now. I'm not going home empty handed." Hear more of VO's story on Episode 166. 
July 14, 2021
"More Grace For Ourselves" [E165]
It was a great weekend for my family. My brother and my mother both celebrated their birthdays and we did so with miles and miles of love.  Right in the middle of the weekend was a heavy-contemplative, early Sunday morning. I laid in the bed and read an article about an adult missing the freedom and comfort of childhood. More so, the freedom of understanding who they were as a child as opposed to becoming an adult with a foggy sense of being.  The rollercoaster of self-discovery never ends. It kind of feels like the tracks just keep going and some turns still make my stomach weak. Sifting through that article helped me in dealing with those emotions because it focused on something that I don't pay enough attention to: grace for myself. We have a tendency to be tough on ourselves and attach to alternative-pasts, decisions we would make differently if we could go back in time to right our wrongs.  In doing so, we don't make room to appreciate everything that the present has to offer. Let's talk about it on episode 165. 
July 13, 2021
"The Psychology of the 'We're Open' Sign" [E164]
"A body of research has shown that signs are effective in changing behavior in a variety of domains (e.g., road traffic, health behaviors , and environmental protection)," writes Julia Meis in a 2017 study by NIH. Back when Brick & Mortar establishments were more common, a little sign on the front door controlled the entire operation. It simply read, "We're Open" and it would light up if the restaurant, store, or whatever was in fact, open. If the light is off then we wouldn't go in. Unless you were there for criminal activity. Then of course, well that's a different case. (You shouldn't do that -- stop that).  Anyways, we've found ourselves in a new frontier of business where most transactions are done online. According to WP Forms, it's estimated that 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. We may not sell our merchandise or products behind the beautiful glass storefronts anymore. But, we should make sure that we keep part of that tradition alive: the "We're Open" sign.  Just because we've moved business online, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't regulate our hours of business. That way we can work our ways up to being able to handle 24/7 business with proper staffing and products. It's important that we take every step of that process to protect our mental health and the "we're open" sign is a great way to do that.  Find out what drove this conversation on Episode 164. Send your comments and responses to me on Instagram.
July 8, 2021
2AM: "Resiliency, Contagious Optimism, & Friendship with Nipsey Hussle" Ft. June Summers [E163]
It's 2AM baby! The blue light is on. Today's discussion made me a better man. On episode 163, we welcome Atlanta-based and Grammy nominated artist, June Summers. He shares with us his outlook on life and ambition and how his humble beginnings in Rochester, New York, brought him across the country and even onto the Grammy stage. Also, Summers had the privilege of be-friending a hero of the show, Nipsey Hussle. "I love Nipsey, G. It was so much bigger than music," shared Summers. "Ain't nobody give it to me. Like my bro Nipsey used to say, you got to take the steps." On Episode 163, we get a personal view of that friendship with Hussle. Summers' recently released single "GPA" has such a unique story that you'll lean in as he explains it here. Also, you'll be excited to know that it's just the beginning as the artist shares some of the major plans that include Griselda's, Benny the Butcher.
July 2, 2021
"Couples Therapy Season II: 5 More Things I Learned About Marriage" [E162]
Dr. Orna Gulranik is a talented counselor who understands the art of connection. As we discussed on Episode 160, I enjoy watching her speak with her clients; painting her picture of a better reality for these shaken couples.  The Showtime series 'Couples Therapy' launched its second season showcasing the growth of three couples; Matthew and Gianni, Michael and Michal, and Tashira and Dru. "During their conversations, and especially across the weeks and months reflected in the episodes, Michael and Michal, Gianni and Matthew, and Tashira and Dru all go deep: into anxiety, sexual intimacy, parenting, and other issues that surface in their relationships, and also into more disquieting territory, too, such as physical violence, alcoholism, attempted suicide," shares Andy Denhart. Though I didn't finish the second season in time, here are 5 more things the series taught me about marriage.
July 2, 2021
"Behind the Lines of Fatherhood: Teaching emotional fortitude & more" ft. Jay Julien and Miguel Sierra [E161]
Father's Day weekend is one of the brightest in my world. Though I'm not a father, it brings me joy to see so many of friends growing into phenomenal dad's and men of integrity. We have two of those men joining the show today for a detailed look into the world of fatherhood and the decisions that it begs you to make.  Today, we welcome back Jay Julien and Miguel Sierra for our conversation. These two men have been doing phenomenal work with their men's healing group, My Brother's Keeper, and they're no strangers to tough topics. The view of fatherhood has long been clouded by all sorts of unfair commentary of emotionally unavailable fathers but very few have a true idea of what it's like to be a dad. The goal here isn't to address those thoughtless conclusions; the goal of episode 161 is to hear from two fathers about how they assume the responsibilities of fatherhood daily. What are the ups? What are the downs? How does it feel to be a father? All questions that we will answer today.  Please welcome Jay Julien and Miguel Sierra. 
June 18, 2021
"Couples Therapy: 6 Things It Taught Me About Marriage" [E160]
There's no ring on my finger. I have yet to jump the broom but my mind is constantly in motion about the gesture. It's been like that for me since I was a child and it began watching my parents be the bright and loving couple that they are. The older I got, the more interested I became in the inner-workings of marriage. It could look simple on the surface but I'm really starting to understand that it's way bigger than love. Or, maybe I should say it's more than detailed than just loving someone.  My curiosity took me to the "Couples Therapy" series on Amazon Prime Video (actually on Showtime but airing for a limited time on Amazon). I clicked the first episode and ended up watching them all. I came out on the other side with a new understanding and appreciation for marriage. Also, it made me appreciate the therapy industry even more. Hosted by Dr. Orna Guralnik, the show follows multiple couples through their therapy sessions as they fight for their love. Their chaotic and sometimes toxic love provided many lessons for me and I hope that it can do the same for you.  Hit me on Instagram and let me know if you pick up some of these ideals. Here are 6 things that 'Couples Therapy' taught me about marriage. 
June 14, 2021
"How spirituality leads to humility and confidence" ft. Finesse1111 [E159]
He joined us for Episode 137 and now he's back with that same light and spirit. His name is Finesse1111 and our discussion today kind of took a life of its own. It was one that I enjoyed, especially because it highlights one of my favorite parts of the job: building relationships. It was a pleasure to have him back on the show.  We begin with a discussion about how artists struggle with appreciating DJs and how the narrative should change. Then around the 08:00 mark, our discussion shifts to how he feels that it's important to harness spirituality. He says that's at the core of his idea of humility and the light that he carries throughout his life. "Let go of the ego and get you a bag," said the Atlanta artist during a discussion on humility. It's just one of my favorite parts of this episode.  Listen in and then hit me on Instagram to tell me how you're digesting it. Also, connect with Finesse1111 on his Instagram as well and stream his upcoming single 'PrayRoll' which drops on Friday. 
June 10, 2021
2AM: "Countdown to 'Ziggie FR': New music, family life, migos, and more" [E158]
Good conversation, right here. Best way possible to end our week of episodes. Let's travel back to Atlanta to link up with Ziggie FR just before the release of his self-titled album on June 7th.  He introduced an entirely new perspective to the conversation of music's power. As bad as I want to share it all right here, I think it's better if you just hear it for yourself. It was also great to hear how he leads his family and enjoys having a wife and kids. His goal is to take them into a future of generational wealth and satisfy his passion for music in the process. "I went upstairs to my wife. Told her I had been planning on it for two months," Ziggie recalled during the interview while speaking about the importance of communication in his household, and how he asked his wife about beginning a music career.  Also, catch an interesting story about the early stages of the Migos and how it relates to Ziggie FR. It's the weekend so this episode is without edits. Straight talk, no chaser.  Pre-order Ziggie FR. Hear 'No Ops'
June 5, 2021
2AM: "International Hoops to International Stages: The Story of Old Man Marco" ft. St. James Jr. [E157]
Let's travel to the east side of Indianapolis to link up with a traveling star on the rise. During my two years in Indy, he was someone who was quite the friend. I've learned a lot from spending time with him and I'm truly proud of his journey, which recently brought him to an expanded creative universe.  The guy who was easily one of the best basketball players I've ever seen play, has answered the call of the creative world and continues to tell his story through his art. I found it intriguing to hear the parallels between his sports background and life outside of the arena. He even shares with me about how he's learned to face adversity through sports. "Anytime I face adversity in life, I always think back to basketball," he shared during the interview. Those ideals have helped propel him into becoming St. James Jr. The musician, artist, model, writer, and more.  On this 2AM episode, you'll hear about facing vulnerability in art and the idea of harnessing your own world, creating your own success. Then, tap into his latest single, 'Old Man Marco' and catch a vibe with St. James Jr. 
June 4, 2021
"Embracing the New NBA: How To Digest Evolution" ft. Baseline Extended [E156]
I've been the old man in the room whenever the discussion about the "new" NBA arises. After spending the last few weeks with my eyes glued to the TV screen, I've decided that I want to learn how to embrace the new rules of the association. Also, I can't help but wonder what the new understanding will bring in terms of learning how to embrace changes that we face in life. As the Japanese author Kakuzo Okakaura shares, "the art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings." In that same breath, I wonder if not embracing change handicaps growth in our lives.  Undoubtedly, there are parallels between the sports world and the real world. We're going to explore the parallels of embracing evolution because it certainly is inevitable. We're joined by two NBA analysts and hosts of the "Baseline Extended" podcast, Thurston Alexander and Jinesh Patel. Let's get their take on how the NBA has evolved and then talk about how it can teach us how to embrace evolution within our own lives.   As always, shoot me a DM on Instagram and let me know what you think about today's episode.
June 3, 2021
"5 Things I Learned From My Trip To Jamaica" [E155]
It happened. My freshly-pressed passport received its first stamp after spending a beautiful weekend in Jamaica. The trip was for a best friend's wedding. Congratulations to Rick & Kelsey for their union. If you're a regular around here then I'm sure you've heard me mention Rick's name quite often.  While it's always a treat to celebrate love, it was also great celebrating God's architecture, which Jamaica showed off. The beautiful mountain-side sung to me every morning as I started my day. The waves crashed against the shore, a passionate kiss from mother nature. It was literally breathtaking to experience what the Jamaican environment had to offer and I learned a lot during my time on the island.  Here are 5 things that I learned on my trip to Jamaica on Episode 155. Article Links: If you're looking for the articles mentioned on the show, see below. Healthline's discussion on work addictions: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more.  Island Spot's discussion on Jamaica's healthy cuisine.  Stalk me on Instagram.
June 2, 2021
2AM: "Risks On the Road to Success: New Music, The Plan, and More" Ft. AstroMikey [E154]
He's somewhat of a Nomad. Though he's from Virginia, he has traveled the country to connect the dots of his budding career. His name is AstroMikey and we had the pleasure of speaking about his journey in music and the risks he's taken along the way. Like so many of us, he's had to take a step back and realize how important it is to lay out a plan for success. "Maybe you need to plan s*** out," he shared during our interview while recanting a conversation with himself.  As a "Showman of the Hustle", you can expect his work-ethic to precede him. It was a pleasure to hear how his story unfolded. The risks that he has taken continue to pay off for the young father who maintains that we cannot be scared to leap. "Take a risk and see where it goes," says Astro. "You've got a lot of life to live so it's ok to make a few mistakes."  Dive into Episode 154 and meet the Nomad, AstroMikey. Get a preview of his upcoming 7-track EP and get timelines for new releases from his AstroCollective. 
May 24, 2021
2AM- "Dreams To Reality: The Arcadia Story (New Music, Scammers, Fatherhood and More)" ft. A1 Da Dawg [E153]
The blue light is on. It's time for another 2AM episode. This time, let's catch a flight down to Arcadia, Louisiana to link up with A1 Da Dawg. He's preparing for the release of his Mid-June EP Dreams 2 Reality and he stops by to bring us into his world. Not many make it from his hometown, but he's primed for the journey to success. "You've got to be willing to go all in. If you ain't willing to go all in, it's not gonna happen," says A1 while describing his drive. To create generational wealth is his goal and he believes wholeheartedly that it'll happen this year. Tap into the latest story of the climb of the artist. You may find some words of encouragement that'll inspire you. Or, maybe his grit will be contagious. 
May 22, 2021
"My 5 Islands of Time Management: Uni-Tasking Tips" [E152]
Today, we'll uncover the cons of multi-tasking and explore added organization to our days to promote uni-tasking. According to researcher David Meyers, we only achieve about 40% of possible success when we multi-task. Let's take a look at the 'executive functions' of the brain and learn how they can become strained by consistent multi-tasking. To help curb my habit of multi-tasking, I've been using the idea of these 5 Islands of Time Management:  Island 1 - Love (Familial, Romantic, Platonic). Island 2 - The 4-Hour Primetime. Island 3 - The Guilty Pleasure. Island 4 - The Money. Island 5 - The Cast Away. BW News Hip Hop superstar, J Cole announces his next album. The Dreamville CEO and artist will release The Fall Off on May 14th 2021.  NFL Superstar D.K. Metcalf will audition for the Olympics this weekend. He will participate in the USATF Golden Games and Olympic Trials' 100-meter dash.  CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies to begin walk-in appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations. This comes after it was reported that they have wasted over 128,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses.
May 6, 2021
"Mind Your Rumors: Exploring the Dangers of Conspiracy Theories" [E151]
Our world is filled with misguided approaches to unwarranted emotions. I think that conspiracy theories are simply that. Some are the reflection of America's dark history or the poor reputation of a particular organization. Others are white lies painted by an internet troll. No matter the outward appearance, conspiracy theories are the domino effect of fear at its core. A fear of some sort.  Today, let's explore these thoughts on episode 151. If we don't get a grip on the conspiracy theories, all can be lost.  Brian's World News Joe Biden announces removal of U.S Troops from Afghanistan.  DMX's dark secret.
April 15, 2021
"A Conversation on Manhood w/ Jay Julien: Male-Male Platonic Intimacy, Men's Healing Groups, and More." [E150]
On today's episode, we welcome back Jay Julien, co-Founder of the men's group My Brother's Keeper. We explore a different side of manhood. One that strengthens the axis between manhood and emotion. The world around us is painted with many colors but traditionally, manhood has been limited to black & white. For centuries, it has created men who are out of touch with what they are feeling, often times searching for themselves in the mirror. As men, we have a tendency to lose ourselves in the stoic expectations of manhood. Jay offers the idea that "real men" are authentically them and true to their journey. Whatever that looks like for them. "My understanding of manliness is a man who is courageous enough to follow his path; his purpose," Julien shared during the interview. Let's dive into the conversation and discuss the need to heal our brothers of their trauma. We'll also discover the domino effect of how it can change our culture. For the better, might I add. Along with his friend and brother, Miguel, he co-founded My Brother's Keeper to strengthen this conversation. We'll learn how the group plans to face today's issues surrounding manhood and their vision for the future. News & Notes:  "Wisdom, Loneliness, & Intestinal Fortitude" - A recent study reveals a tie between the gut and the mind. "Biden's Ambitious Vaccine Plan" - President Biden announces April 19th deadline for vaccine availability. 
April 8, 2021
The Science of Mental Health: Exploring Psychiatric Medicines with Dr. Osuala [E149]
On today's episode, let's take a dive into the world of mental health. It's a discussion that is beginning to enter more circles, a trend that must continue to save lives. Part of that discussion involves the exploration of mental health medications and how they play a role in healing for some. "What are the side effects? What do they mean? How do I know?" These are all questions that we explore with someone who has played a key role in my mental health journey.  His name is Dr. Theodore Osuala. "Dr. Osuala graduated from the University of Port Harcourt College of Health Sciences in 1989. He works in Lanham, MD and 4 other locations and specializes in Neurology, Psychology and Psychiatry. Dr. Osuala is affiliated with Washington Adventist Hospital and Prince George's Hospital Center," says Web MD.  He joins us today for a discussion on psychiatric medications and various mental health topics. 
March 20, 2021
The Beautiful Thing About Not Having Time For Others [E148]
I've been playing catch-up with the lives of some friends. When I moved away from home in 2014, I became disconnected from a lot of people. We moved back to the East Coast in 2017 and I've been chasing old friends and moments since then, a pursuit that has been exhausting and unrewarding. I began to feel guilty for facing the reality that I simply do not have the time to continue those pursuits and must allow the past to be the past. Here's an investigative look on how to shed that guilt you may feel for carrying your busy schedule. It happens. Press play and let's dive in. 
March 4, 2021
"The Quicksand Theory: A Marriage To Silence" [E147]
Season 6 of the podcast kicks off with a look into the idea of silence. Embrace stillness helps us to remain balanced. It also helps us when facing storms. On today's episode, we'll explore how silence helps us before, during, and after the storms we face. 
February 22, 2021
Freestyle Friday: "To & Fro" [E146]
Happy Freestyle Friday! Getting in the rhythm of these. It's honestly been helpful in terms of keeping me consistent so, happy Friday! Today we'll dive into a term that is widely used in our culture, "to & fro". I never really stopped to actually define the phrase. I had just always created my own definition and ran with that.  According to, it's a derivative of "toing and froing". It means back and forth movement or constant movement. Applied to our daily lives, we've been toing and froing for quite some time now. As long as we're walking this earth, we'll be doing it for a while. Here's why I say we shouldn't be shy about it and really embrace the chaos.
February 12, 2021
Freestyle Friday: "The Cost of Being Petty" [E145]
It's Freestyle Friday! Today's episode is without show note and completely from the heart. It's about being "petty" and how costly it can be to our lives. Because of our flesh and ego, we sometimes allow the little things to deter us big prizes in love, friendship, employment, purpose and more.  Let's take a few moments to explore the "Arena of Petty" and how it affects our lives. Ciao.
February 5, 2021
"A Necessary Conversation On Investing: Tips & More" Feat. Star B. Melancon [E144]
Financially illiteracy plagues 53% of Americans, according to OPP Loans. Even more families are struggling during the pandemic as unemployment numbers rise and businesses continue to close. Within the black community, we've been plagued with financial anxiety for centuries but people like Star B. Melancon are poised to help combat the financial disconnect.  She's the founder of the financial strategy firm for women, SHEbuildingHER, and she joins us for episode 144 to share some necessary insight on investing. Through this conversation we get familiar with some key tactics and skills to help us invest our money confidently and watch it grow for generations to come. We also get familiar with her story and how she became a voice for financial literacy. 
January 23, 2021
"Toxic Positivity & the 'Pain' of Always Knowing What To Say" [E143]
Let's take a dive into the topic of toxic positivity and the negative effects it has on us. Clinical psychologist Dr. Jaime Zuckerman shared with Health Line, "toxic positivity is the assumption, either by one's self or others, that despite a person's emotional pain or difficult situation, they should only have a positive mindset." It's something that the more I study it, the more apologetic I become. Sometimes, I may have been toxically positive and for that I apologize. Now, I'm working to flee from those "good vibes only" ideals and learn to really tap into what people need to hear. Sometimes what we need to hear is short-term destructive but long-term positive. Sounds a bit convoluted, I'm aware. Just hit play and we can rap about it. 
January 19, 2021
2AM: Diving Into Self-Discovery, Re-Invention, and the "Here To Stay" EP with Eddie Ray
The blue light is on. Today's episode takes us to the West Coast to link up up with Eddie Ray. He's an artist who spent his younger years moving around the country, collecting experiences to share through music. It's a conversation that is sure to help shape up your 2021. Eddie's focus on inspiring others is one that is not only a powerful way to shift the culture, it's what he feels is his purpose. "Inspiring the world, you know? Changing the world, you know? I feel like that's what my purpose is, you know. Just to make an impact on the world," Ray shared with Brian James on this New Year's episode. We also get to hear a little about Eddie's career in the military and how the initial moments post-service were some of the most important of his life. He talks about how he had to gather himself after leaving the military. "Getting out of the military, I had to re-invent myself. Had to really find myself," Ray shares. "I had my up days, down days, and days where I just [felt] stuck." The West Coast artist maintains that he wants to push people to find themselves also. "We all grow up and we all get told all these things. A lot of that stuff ain't really true and I just want people to be able to be themselves because anything is possible," Ray shares. His recent EP Here To Stay is one that he feels can help lead people to that self-discovery.  Please welcome, Eddie Ray.
January 1, 2021
The Windows To The Soul: A Look Into the Benefits of Eye Contact [E142]
Today's episode takes a look into the windows of the soul; the eyes.  I've developed a knack for using eye contact to maintain steady conversation with others. It seems as if the more aware I become of maintaining good eye contact, the more aware of myself I am. I also found that I remember more from the conversation and I'm able to deliver my personality in a confident and firm way. I feel true to me when I can look you in your eyes.  Let's take a look on Episode 142. Also, let's look at 7 ways that eye contact makes us powerful, courtesy of Business Insider.
December 28, 2020
Her Dedication To Helping Others Heal (ft. Briana DeNeal-Findley) [E141]
It's my pleasure to welcome to the show, a good friend of mine from my college days. She's birthed a therapy practice and her work has already helped clients of all creeds find their light. Today, let's link up with Briana DeNeal-Findley, CEO of the Bee Network. Let's chat about her journey through her pain to help others through theirs. We also get tips and words of wisdom to make this difficult time for many, a little bit warmer.  "As people, we don't need 'cookie-cutter' help," DeNeal-Findley shared when asked about the importance of creating trust between her and her clients. "To be able to have real human connections with people, to build rapport, allows for people to truly give you parts of them that need healing." She stresses the importance of finding a therapist that you can truly connect with. Having had troubles of her own, she knows that we all need the absolute best experience when seeking therapy. DeNeal-Findley lost her mother to cancer in 2019, just months after she had started her new practice. She shared how important it was for her in that moment to step away from the practice and do some healing of her own. I'm excited for her to share her story with the family and look forward to the commentary afterward. People like Briana truly make the world the better place. Share thoughts on today's episode at Also, connect with the Instagram: @BriansWorldLive. 
December 24, 2020
"A Look Into Good Posture and How It Can Brighten Our Lives" [E140]
I've had my mind focused on improving my posture. I can feel myself slouching and immediately want to switch up how I'm sitting. Even worse, I could feel myself slouching when I walk, hiding from something. It's just anxiety. Different species, though. Now that I'm focusing on it, I could feel the difference.  Here's what I've gathered. 
December 16, 2020
2AM: Talking Artist Mental Health and New Album, "God Happened" With JUS10
On today's episode, we're joined by Prince George's County, MD artist Jus10.  He's preparing for the 2021 release of his next album God Happened. We have an in-depth discussion about how the album came together and what he expects from its release. We also talked about recent comments from Teyana Taylor about how the artist grind relates to mental health concerns within the industry. "At this point, I can’t let this kill me. Granted, to my fans, I think that, you know — and I can see how my message can come across but at the same time — I feel like it’s a tiny bit selfish to say, ‘What about your fans? Do it for your fans.’ Baby, I gotta do it for my mental health. I have to do it for my emotional health. I have to do it for my kids so I can stay alive for my kids,” Taylor shared on her Instagram live.  Hear the commentary and discussion inside.
December 10, 2020
2AM: Talking "Discipline" and the Big December "Drop" with Central Valley's JC $anchez
The blue light is on. Today, we chop it up with Central Valley, CA artist JC $anchez about how his discipline has helped guide him through an unusual year for us all. He's preparing to drop some new music and stopped by "2AM" to talk about it.
December 8, 2020
"Understanding the Flex of Becoming Pure, Raw, and Versatile" ft. Kool Focus [E139]
Pure, raw, and versatile.  Those are three words our next guest uses to describe himself. They’re also three words that can elevate our life beyond the stars. Let’s take a trip to Lansing, Michigan and meet Kool Focus or, 'KF1'. Our conversation about how he’s found solace in purity, honesty, and versatility is one that could push you to where you want to be. He’s a father, a hard working man, and someone with a past like the rest of us. His latest project Everyday Problems just hit streaming platforms and now, he’s here to tell his story. Family, meet Kool Focus.
December 4, 2020
2AM: "The Grit of 6 Mile" Talking Purpose, Passion, and Hard Work With Fokie Dope [E138]
It was a pleasure to be joined on this episode by rapper, Fokie Dope. He's an artist from 6 Mile in Detroit, a place that I have never experienced on my own. He grew up in an environment that many don't make it out of. No matter how difficult the task, Fokie used that tough environment to fuel the rest of his journey. Now, he's on the east coast with a passion for music and art. That passion intersects with the story of his past and has helped him to accomplish many goals on this journey. I hope you can tap into this episode and get some golden words on passion, perseverance, purpose, and hard work.  
December 2, 2020
"This Is About Sacrifices" ft. Finesse 1111 [E137]
It was great to have rising artist Finesse 1111 on the show to talk sacrifices. He made quite a few on his journey towards the industry and there's one in particular we discuss here. The sacrifice he made for his recent single, "My Level" with R&B singer Carl Thomas, taught him a few lessons. Hear the full episode inside.  
November 28, 2020
"To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required" [E136]
Heavy plates and long days. It's the life of a warrior. I'd even take it a step further and throw in the lonely nights and constant pressure. Sometimes it feels like it's too much to handle but then you realize, "to whom much is given, much is required". This is the life we prayed for and these are things we've asked for, "to whom much is given, much is required". The job you wanted, the house you wanted, the marriage you wanted, the opportunities you wanted. All of those things come with a price tag and if we are going to pray for success then we must assume the responsibilities that it comes with. Keep knocking at the door and always come back for more!  Love! Happy Turkey Day. 
November 26, 2020
I.AM.TRU.STARR Talks Fatherhood, the Pandemic, and 'Viva' [E135]
Closing out the week on the show, Rochester artist I.AM.TRU.STARR takes on a journey; his journey. He's a young father from Western New York currently residing in Las Vegas. To get prepared for the interview, I started to fall into his world of appreciation for art. His keen eye to detail and the progression of emotion will quickly grab your attention. A conversation with 'TRU' feels exactly that, "true". His authenticity shines just as bright as his voice. It was a joy to have him on the show this week. I've been wondering how other creatives were dealing with the pressures of our world today. Some days the clouds affect me and according to TRU, I'm not alone in that thinking process. He points out what's missing the most during the pandemic: human connection. "I can't see people's smile. That level of human connection is gone," TRU shared when asked about wearing masks during the pandemic. He described his current town of Vegas as somewhere that hasn't been strict against the virus. It really is quite the change that society has been pushed into. Even for me, it's hard to create and bring certain things to life because my mind is so cloudy. TRU believes that shouldn't stop the creative mind from creating. "Whether its music of film, do what you got to do. Write that next script. Figure it out because we're 'gonna get through this," the Vegas artist shared. Get the full episode inside. 
November 20, 2020
"Closures & Intersections" [E134]
I can't tell you how much I wish we could back but the only way to go is forward. Seeking closure at various (and busy) intersections in our lives are what allow us to move forward with an acceptance of what's in the rear view. In other words, learning to find closure helps open other doors.  Here's how finding closure with my job in Indianapolis is helping open doors for other jobs elsewhere. @BrianJamesLive (Twitter)
November 17, 2020
"The Crux of Resentment" ft. Jordan Peterson [E133]
One of my favorite brains to hear talk is Dr. Jordan Peterson. Thanks to the advancements of technology, I've been able to study some of his teachings even from thousands of miles away.  In regards to his theories on resentment, I am starting to understand the word a bit more. I'm also beginning to understand how it relates to my life. Here is 'The Crux of Resentment'. @BrianJamesLive (Twitter)
November 9, 2020
"Muting the Noise: Matthew McConaughey Talks the Zone" [E132]
We're surrounded by noise. Static that clouds the atmosphere around us. It also prevents us from getting into "The Zone". Hollywood superstar Matthew McConaughey talked about getting into the zone with Lewis Howes on The School of Greatness Podcast. I loved his view and approach to focusing on the goal and locking in on it.  Give it a listen and send me a tweet. I'm on Twitter 24/7 at @BrianJamesLive. 
October 31, 2020
"No Perfect Candidate" ft. Jessie Karangu [E131]
America is faced with another "pivotal" election. To be honest, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to keep tabs on the candidates on the ballot. With the internet in the position it is now, we've been introduced to the bad side of just about every candidate you'll see on your ballot. There is no perfect candidate and the homie Jessie Karangu stops by to tell why.  @BriansWorldLive (IG) @JMKTVShow (IG)
October 28, 2020
"InstaCocaine: Battling Social Media Addiction" [E130]
It's weird to have limited success with something but be addicted to it. The more I investigate the symptoms of social media addiction, I'm starting to think that I've got a bit of a problem. It hurts so good. Sometimes it feels like a game that I struggle with but won't give up on. Let's dive into the symptoms of social media addiction and see.  If you're struggling with the same thing or have been, hit me on Instagram. Let me know how you've dealt with it.  @BriansWorldLive
October 27, 2020
"Embracing New Beginnings: Welcome to Twitch" [E129]
I finally did it. I've jumped to Twitch and I've been enjoying myself. Yo, please get on Twitch if you're not on there yet. Whatever you like to do, I'm pretty sure someone is doing a show about it on there. If not, well then buy a camera and start it! Anyway, it's a new beginning for me but the true lesson is about embracing "new beginnings". Here's more about that.  @BriansWorldLive (IG)
October 20, 2020
Drive-In: "What the BW Family Is Watching For Halloween" [E128]
Halloween is here. Well, just about. We kicked off the spooky season by sharing some favorite Halloween films. Dive in and see what we're watching in BW.  @BriansWorldLive [IG]
October 17, 2020
The Haunting of Fake It 'Til You Make It" [E127]
When I was promoting The Man Who Didn't Stop Running, I never cherished the journey. I was more concerned about the image as opposed to sharing a story. Looking back, those moments cost me some success.  Choose honesty first.  [Hit me on Instagram @BriansWorldLive]
October 12, 2020
"Play By Your Own Rules" [E126]
Play by your own rules! The corporate standard and "American Dream" are relative. I won't say rules are meant to be broken but a lot of times they're not 'one size fits all'. At least that's what it seems like. For me personally, the industry standard has been what has been stressing me out. But then I started playing by my rules.  @BriansWorldLive (Instagram) 
September 23, 2020
"Ain't No Need In Apologizing For Our Purpose" [E125]
Affirmations, baby. Been having to remind myself that I belong in this moment, especially the moments that I've worked hard to achieve. Man, we should not be acting like we are apologetic for our purpose! Click play when you're ready because I'm hype and could type a whole book in this description. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter)
September 9, 2020
"I Tried Seafood For the First Time, Here's What I Learned" [E124]
It happened. I officially tried seafood for the first time. After lying to myself about being allergic to it, I gave it a try and it's a risk that I'm thankful I took. I wonder what risks you could take in your life? Maybe you can feel the same rush that I felt after eating that Salmon.  @BriansWorldLive (Instagram/Twitter)
September 2, 2020
"There's Power In 'Birds of a Feather' Flocking Together" [E123]
It's crazy how a conversation can spark so much intrigue in our minds. I called my Aunt to thank her for my birthday card and we had a conversation about 'birds' that inspired this episode. Nature is quite the teacher. @BriansWorldLive [IG/Twitter]
August 26, 2020
"Understanding the Value of Being Understood" [E122]
Coming into another year of life and I can't stop thinking about the value of being understood. I took it for granted for so long. Follow the ones who understand you or, at least the ones who try. There's joy in those moments. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter/FB)
August 19, 2020
"4 Hours of Power: Summer Reading List 2020" [E121]
My summer reading list is short but powerful. It's led by my favorite book, The One Thing. Here's how the book changed my life. Also, here's some small details about the other books. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter)
August 11, 2020
Summer 2020 Movie List [E120]
My summer 2020 movie list is live. Have you seen any of these hits? Here are the movies that I've been watching. I've also got 5 of my favorites and the literal worst movie I've ever seen. No tux. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter/FB)
August 7, 2020
"Facts, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" [E119]
We're like a bread basket floating upstream in a hurricane. That's not a solid base to stand on at all, but we continue to get weak for the headlines. Here's some inside information to help us get stronger against this storm. (@BriansWorldLive) IG/Twitter/FaceBook
August 3, 2020
"People Make the World Go 'Round: God's Puzzle" [E118]
People do make the world go around. We're apart of a bigger picture; a puzzle. We all have roles to play and we all should be thankful for each of those roles. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter/FB)
July 27, 2020
"A Parable About Judging Others" [E117]
I have an unshakeable story from my teenage years of one my most judgmental moments. Fast forward nearly 13 and I became what I judged. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter)
July 21, 2020
"Nah, 2020 is NOT cancelled" [E116]
Social media has been flooded with the idea that this year's darkness means that we will never see the sun again. I just cannot subscribe to that idea. Hear what I mean on episode 116. @BriansWorldLive (IG/Twitter)
July 15, 2020
"The World Is On Fire: 4 Ways I've Been Fighting the Flames" [E114]
I don't have to describe the flames, you have felt the burns from this turbulent year. Here are 4 ways that I have been fighting to stay tough through tough times. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
June 5, 2020
"There's a Video Game For Everybody" [E113]
Eureka! I've got another theory! This time it's about video games and how I believe that gaming can improve real-life decision making. It's a new theory though. By new I mean I don't have any research except for LeBron James' habit of gaming to learn new NBA techniques. He's no encyclopedia but he is King James. So... that's got to count for something. Hit me on IG, @BrianWorldLive. Do you have a favorite game?
April 29, 2020
"It's Ok To IDK!" [E112]
Nope, it's not a typo. It's literally "ok" to "idk". We take on so much responsibility by trying to have the answers for everyone around us. What about if we learn to say "I don't know"? @BriansWorldLive [IG/Twitter]
April 21, 2020
"Put Your Mask On First" [E111]
Flight attendants tell us all the time, "put your mask on before trying to help someone else." While it's a situation that most of us wish to avoid it does make you think, "how important is it for me to take care of myself before trying to help others?" I have a bad habit of helping everyone else out and doing their tasks better than I do my own. Might be time to make a change... Both of us. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
April 15, 2020
"The Eyeball Test" [E110]
Been learning a lot about myself lately. The result of that heightened self-understanding is being able to "eye-ball" certain situations and people and knowing that it's best for me to keep my distance. I know that was a lot but try to digest it on this episode. Love! Hit me at @BriansWorldLive on IG.
April 7, 2020
"Drippin' in Lazy Sauce" [E109]
The quarantine has my discipline dripping in lazy sauce. Like, I've been so behind. Just dragging everywhere and feeling a few steps behind the 8 ball. But, what about if it's not laziness? What about if it's something else a little more specific that's blocking our productivity? Let's talk. [@BriansWorldLive/IG]
April 3, 2020
"Stimulus Check & More" [E108]
Americans will be receiving up to $1,200 for coronavirus relief. We talk to residents about the money and the effects of the virus on the working world. *SAN Episode, late upload.* @BriansWorldLive
March 30, 2020
"Everybody's Going Live! Dope." [E107]
I've been enjoying seeing everyone go live on Instagram! Apparently, so do others. Sad that it happened this way but I've been loving the light that social media has been sharing. @BriansWorldLive (Instagram)
March 24, 2020
"Sunday at Nine: Airline Bail Out & More" [E106]
Small banter about the airline industry bailout. It should happen but not before helping American citizens. Also, other headlines. This is Sunday at Nine.
March 23, 2020
"Ghost Town America is Healthy" [E105]
The world has adapted a 'new norm' and America has become a ghost town. Stores are full but the shelves are empty. The streets that are usually packed with people are now completely barren. We've been asked not to leave the house unless it's an emergency. But, I think that the new norm is healthy for our future. 'Ghost Town America' reminds us of what's really important in our lives. Let's talk. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
March 17, 2020
"Running From It Will Not Save You"[E104]
Salutations! To whom it may concern, running from your calling will not save you from your calling. In fact, the faster we run from it, the more damage we cause to ourselves along the way. We can get more accomplished by simply embracing the calling and pledging ourselves to becoming the best versions of ourselves. -I'm exhausted from running from my purpose. That's how this episode kind of just rolled off the tongue. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
March 11, 2020
"Supportive Spouses Lead To Success" [E103]
There's an article from CNBC that's floating around the internet. The headline reads, " these psychologists say that the secret to your success is who you marry." I've seen the 2018 article on Facebook a ton of times including 22 times over the last 3 weeks. So, I figured it's time to talk about it. Share your thoughts with me at @BriansWorldLive (IG)
March 5, 2020
"Take Our Favorite Artists Off Of Social Media" [E102]
I've been wondering, do we put unnecessary pressures on our favorite artists? They feel like they have to keep our attention gripped with every "shocking" thing they do. What about if we stopped pushing them to do everything but music? (@BriansWorldLive) [IG]
February 28, 2020
"Mixlab: AJ Showtime" [E101]
Stepping inside the Mixlab this week is AJ Showtime from Baltimore, MD. The veteran DJ dominates the technical side of DJ'n while giving his audience a heavy dose of Baltimore flavor. We talk about his growth as a DJ, the artform itself, state of the industry, and the sound of Baltimore. @AJShowtime (IG) x @BriansWorldLive (IG)
February 25, 2020
"100" [E100]
We made it to episode 100! God is good. Let's review the last 100 episodes and use that to be better people for the next 100. This episode is about being humbled. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
February 24, 2020
"Take the Leap: I Almost Didn't Take the Buffalo Job" [E99]
The story behind my tenure in Buffalo is interesting. It's one of my favorite to recant because it almost didn't happen. Thanks to a little push from some good people around me, I took a leap of faith. It turned out to be the best year of my life. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
February 17, 2020
"Lacking Humility Is the Only Toxic Trait" [E98]
Let's talk about this whole "toxic" thing again. I've been thinking about it and to be honest, the only toxic trait is the lack of humility. Let me explain. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
February 11, 2020
"The Dark Truth About Streaming" [E97]
Not to be the "old guy" in the room, but has streaming crippled our artistic integrity? Do our entertainers abuse the benefits of "shock value"? Let's talk about it on Episode 97. @BriansWorldLive [IG]
February 6, 2020
"The Nucleus Theory" [E96]
Two weeks ago I went to Dallas to visit my best friend, Fred. We had quite the time in the Lone Star state where the food is literally a gift from God. The mental food was equally filling as being in Texas taught me a valuable lesson. We are NOT the products of our worlds around us rather we ARE the worlds around us. I found "The Nucleus Theory". @BriansWorldLive
February 4, 2020
"My Mamba" [E95]
It was a day that unified cultures through tragedy. We will never forget the day that we lost NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant. By looking at his short life, we can learn valuable lessons about leadership, focus, drive, passion, and resilience. Here's my story about 'My Mamba' and what Kobe meant to me. *Caller audio courtesy of WERQ-92Q Jams Baltimore* @BriansWorldLive (IG)
January 28, 2020
"A Toxic Episode: What is Toxic?" [E94] ft. Cam Quotes and Destiny
A bit of nostalgia for me. Got my family from the Absolutely Dope Podcast to join in for today's episode. We talk all about toxic behavior and whether the term is misused in our cultures. @BriansWorldLive @yes_im_des @campfromtheport
January 24, 2020
"The Killer Inside: Aaron Hernandez" [E93]
One of the big trends from this weekend is Netflix's special, "The Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez". I saw it. Made me uncomfortable and here's why. @BriansWorldLive [IG]
January 20, 2020
"How To Get Married" [E92] ft. Porkchop
Let's talk to Porkchop about marriage. Him and his wife got married after a week. They're deep deep deep in love today and getting there taught them a few lessons. These are his lessons.
January 15, 2020
"Top music moments, "You" S2 Review, and the Ravens" Ep.91 (S4) ft. JUS10 & Dirty Rice
Happy Season 4! Also, happy Quarter 1 kick off! Let's tap into episode 91 of the podcast. I brought my little brother, JUS10, and my guy Dirty Rice along for the journey. Let's talk your favorite music moments, You Season 2 review, and of course the Baltimore Ravens. @BriansWorldLive (IG) and Please, let me know what you think about the new site and season of the show. We're just going to keep counting from EP.91 now instead of restarting. Never made sense tbh but growth is cute. Guests: @DirtyRice90, @UncleJus10
January 13, 2020
"Bombs Over Iran (B.O.I.)" [S3Finale/E35]
We'll end season 3 with coverage of the Iranian bombing. There was hashtag (actually a few) that started based on the bombing. I didn't find the comedy in the moment but was open to hear other people's views. Come to find out, the jokes actually reveal how scared and painful a moment this is for the United States of America. @BriansWorldLive (IG) SEASON 4 STARTS MONDAY 1/13! I'm EXCITED!
January 6, 2020
"More Than Music: A Response To Juicy J" [S3E33]
Happy New Year! Juicy J is going into the new year meditating on his responsibility to pay attention to the lyrics he writes. Over the weekend, he issued an apology to fans for the many drug references in his music. This caused me to re-introduce my belief that there is more to music than entertainment. Let's talk about it and ride the phone lines. @BriansWorldLive (Instagram)
January 2, 2020
"The Holidazed Episode" [S3E32]
Happy Holidays to you and yours! Pour up the cider and kick back for the Brian's World Holidazed Episode. I open talking about my affection for the holiday season. Then we head to the phones to take some calls about relationship tips for new couples. Finally, we talk Lisa Clampitt's list for 3 ways to get the most out of the holiday season. (@briansworldlive) [IG]
December 24, 2019
"Your Voice Within the Noise" [S3E31]
We live in a noisy and dysfunctional world. We've never lost our voices, we just have to fight to hear them again. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
December 16, 2019
"Intent" [S3E30]
Hope you have been enjoying my growth. It may be a step at a time but growth is growth. Been fighting some emotional distress and how it has clouded my judgement and decision-making. That cloudiness is something I've categorized as the lack of intent. Let's chat about it. Also talk Kamala Harris, JuiceWRLD, and Impeachment.
December 10, 2019
"The Overdue Thank You" [S3E29]
Spent a great holiday weekend with my family in North Carolina. We had a few conversations about their careers and how they have been serving communities for decades. It got me to think about how we owe our service men and women a well overdue 'Thank You'. @BriansWorldLive
December 3, 2019
"The Pump Fake, 64K Missing Black Girls, Kim K Covers Up" [E28]
Episode 28 is a riot! No but really, I enjoyed getting this off my chest. I've been dealing with a lot in my personal life in recent weeks and my decision-making has suffered greatly. Here's how I'm dealing. Also, small discussion on the 64,000 Black Girls missing across the country, Thanksgiving, and Kim Kardashian covering up her sexiness. @BriansWorldLive (Instagram)
November 25, 2019
"My Cadillac" [S3E27] (HUMBLED SERIES 1)
Welp, I think this conversation is long overdue. Some pretty honest rhetoric about the day my Cadillac got repossessed and what that did to me. I'm sorry, what that did FOR me. This kicks off the HUMBLED series. Enjoy. @BRIANSWORLDLIVE [IG]
November 19, 2019
"The Black Kid at Salisbury University" [S3E26]
I enjoyed my collegiate career at Salisbury University but it does have it's fair share of diversity issues. Nearly two weeks ago, a terrorist-charged message was written on a wall in a popular campus building. The message was a threat towards the African American students on campus, threatening a "Sandy Hook" type of fate. Scary shit. Hear more inside. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
November 12, 2019
"I F***ing Hate Excuses" [E3S25
We fall short sometimes, but most of the time we just have to go a little harder. In going harder, build that fence up around your reality and don't allow your self to fall victim to excuses. @briansworldlive (IG)
November 6, 2019
"A Dissertation of Kanye West" ft. Dirty Rice [S3E24]
We are the Kanye' generation. We were there when he got his Roc-A-Fella chain and there when he lost his mother. Through the ups and the downs, we, as fans, would love to know what's happening with Ye'. I sit down with a good friend of mine, Dirty Rice, and talk about the evolution of Kanye'. @DirtyRice90, @BriansWorldLive
October 29, 2019
"The Truth About Leadership" [S3E23]
Spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about the makings of solid leadership. I used to focus heavily on the service level of leadership but upon diving into the stories behind some leaders, I realized there was more. It's about more than being in charge. @BriansWorldLive (IG)
October 29, 2019
"It's Better To Be Naked Than To Be Stripped" [S3E22]
I know, it sounds a little crazy. Oh well, it's better to be naked than be stripped. The stripping is embarrassing, especially when you didn't need the extra stuff anyway. @BriansWorldLive
October 22, 2019
"Let The Top Back On Ya' Success" [S3E21]
I'm super excited about where we could go on this journey to success! So many possibilities for growth and achievement on this road, but don't suffocate your success by not letting the top back! Get some air and some breathing room! @BriansWorldLive (IG)
October 14, 2019
"Homeless In Baltimore" ft. Porkchop [S3E20]
Hanging out with us inside Brian's World is radio host and Baltimore legend, Porkchop. We talk everything from crab mentality, his homeless nights in Baltimore, the pain of the city, and more. @BriansWorldLive [Instagram]
October 10, 2019
"Separating Yourself From Your Success" [S3E19]
Over the weekend, I'd been posting on social about something that has been weighing on my mind the last few days: the need to separate ourselves from our successes. Our achievements, while they decorate our walls and our names are on the plaques, the entire community can be inspired by your victories. It's bigger than us, it's about the entire world. @BriansWorldLive (Instagram)
October 7, 2019
"The Voice of Reason" [S3E18] (Series Finale)
We have reached the finale! The end of the "Voices In My Head" series introduces you to the boss of your body, meet the voice of the reason. This voice has the ability to balance you and your actions in between every extreme. It's good enough for the good voice and bad enough for the bad voice! @BriansWorldLive (Instagram)
October 3, 2019
"The Good Voice In Your Head" [S3E17]
Alright, moving right along with the "Voices In Your Head" series and I can't wait for you to join the conversation about the "Good Voice In Your Head". Believe it or not, that voice can pose more problems for us than the bad voice. Hit play and dive in! @BriansWorldLive [IG]
September 30, 2019
"More About the Bad Voice" [S3E16]
The conversation had to continue because there was one key point about the bad voice I had to remind about: don't let the bad voice lead the conversation! Wait, is that voice already leading the conversation? Answering some of these questions may help you. @BriansWorldLive (IG) @BrianCXVI (Twitter/IG)
September 23, 2019
"The Watchtower Episode" [S3E15]
Yay! The day is finally here! My book "Deja's Watchtower" is available and as always, there is a lesson in my journey to this point. Writing this book is the first thing that I did without playing god. In a lot of things I've done (events, shows, etc), I've seeked to rig the score a bit and try to create the outcome. I never let anything grow organically. Well, that was the past. Let's talk about today and what we can do to let things just flow. @BriansWorldLive [IG]
September 16, 2019
"Shots: The Passion Shot" [S3E14]
Don't bring your wallet or purse, drinks are on me! Today, my bartender is pouring some shots of passion for our souls. Care to partake? @BrianCXVI [IG/Twitter/FB] @BriansWorldLive [Show IG]
September 13, 2019
"The Bad Voice In Your Head" [S3E13]
A few episodes ago we talked about getting to know the voices in your head. In this episode, let's focus on the bad voice. @BrianCXVI [Twitter/Instagram/Facebook]
September 9, 2019
"Frugal vs. Cheap" [S3E12]
Saving money is my new thing! In fact, I thought it was my hobby all my life but apparently in trying to save money, I actually was spending more. Being cheap is so much more expensive than being frugal. Let's talk about it! @BrianCXVI [Twitter/Instagram/Facebook]
September 3, 2019
"#Project2020: Non-Partisan and Flawed" Ft. Jessie Karangu [S3E11]
We have a very important year coming up. The 2020 election could either help or hinder our futures. This is Project 2020! Today's chat is with News correspondent, Jessie Karangu. This episode was recorded Sunday August 25th of 2019 and published August 27th.
August 27, 2019
"Outer-Body Experiences For Dummies" [S3E10]
I've been having weird outer-body experiences where I can see myself making (or not making) decisions. It's like I can watch myself and offer myself some advice. It's weird! But, it's helpful. Having this second voice or second set of eyes has helped my decision-making. Let's chat about it. Also, in the Big 3 I want to talk Andrew Luck, Aaliyah, and 92Q. Hit me on Twitter/IG/Facebook: @BrianCXVI Website: BRIANCXVI.COM
August 26, 2019
"How I'm Driven By Storms" [S3E9]
The perfect cap to a busy day! Super excited I got to share some intimate details about how I face storms in my life. I haven't seen or experienced much compared to some people that I know but the storms that have risen in my life have driven me. Here's what I do in the storms to help continue to see the sun! Let me know what you think. IG/Twitter/FB: @BrianCXVI
August 19, 2019
"Relativity of Time" ft. Jay Julien [S3E8]
Man, the clock is so much simpler than we were taught! It's not about what time it is, it's about what season we're in! Also, featuring Jay Julien who stops by to talk about CTZNSHP, a new show coming to CTZNSIX this fall. He also talks about purpose and the importance of understanding your purpose!
August 14, 2019
"F*****G Organic!" [S3E8]
I got the new Madden for my birthday and I can't stop playing. What's really dope though is that this game actually taught me something else about life. Hear the advice in Episode 8!
August 12, 2019
"Self Knowledge Is Gold" [S3E7]
I had one of the busiest weekends of my life this past weekend but I couldn't stop thinking about this: it's of utmost importance to know ourselves. Then we must win the war against our environment and remain ourselves in every arena. Let's talk about it on SE37, Self Knowledge is Gold. IG/Twitter: @BrianCXVI EMail: CXVI@BrianCXVI.COM Show IG: @BriansWorldLive
August 5, 2019
"F*****g Momentum" [S3E6]
Life is about F*****g momentum! I'm learning to get in gear and keep pushing into the next gear. Non-stop! I've been able to tap into "big mo" over the last few weeks, here's how I did it and what it's done for me. Send me your comments at @BrianCXVI on IG /Twitter or
July 29, 2019
"Baltimore Responds To Donald Trump's Degrading Tweets" [S3E5]
Over the weekend, President Trump took to Twitter to shame the city of Baltimore in an attempt to call out the leadership of Rep. Elijah Cummings. He stated that the city is "infested" and that he doesn't see how a human can live there. He also says that Baltimore is in far worse condition than the Mexican border. On the air, I had a ton of callers call in to share their views. Let me know what you think about the discussion. Was Trump out of line? Or, are we all overreacting? Drop a comment below.
July 29, 2019
"I was wrong about To-Do lists. They ARE Essential." [S3E5]
Last season I was going on and on about how overrated To-Do lists were. I WAS WRONG. Completely wrong! In order to be successful, we owe it to ourselves to segment the big goal down to little goals to help us not skip a single step along the way! Hear more inside. Have a blessed week! Big 3: ASAP Rocky Update, NBA2K20 Playlist, and East Coast Heatwave.
July 22, 2019
"How Writing Saved My Life" [S3E4]
It's crazy how life works! The dominoes fall from the very beginning of our lineage and those genes carry on to us today. For me that gene was writing! My parents are writers! We all have things that can help us get our thoughts together and purge the clouds in our lives. If not, just find something that does! Writing saved my life and here's the story.
July 15, 2019
S3E3 "I ALMOST DIDN'T WRITE THIS BOOK" [The Power of Fighting the Resistance]
Just keep swimming! There will great resistance on your journey but you have to keep swimming against the current! It'll make you stronger. @briancxvi @briansworldlive
July 8, 2019
S3E2 Ft. Michael Ealy: 'Re-Inventing Yourself" #TBT
Happy July 4th! Oh, and throwback Thursday! I want to get more consistent with the Throwback Thursday interviews and I couldn't wait to share this one with you. Let's flashback to 2016 when I was living in Indianapolis. Award winning actor and heartthrob Michael Ealy called in to Brian's World to talk about his new film that had recently released. He also offered some key advice about being consistent and having longevity in your career! Do you like the #TBT Interviews? Would you like if we got more consistent with them?
July 4, 2019
S3E1: "Construction Zones"
Happy to be back in the podcast world! Here's the first episode from Season 3! I've been falling in love with construction sites and the process of building something beautiful. Let's chat about that!
July 1, 2019
Got the chance to sit with "Leave Me Alone" rapper, Flipp Dinero, over the weekend. Not only were the vibes supreme, but we got the chance to talk about the power of music. Dive in! @BrianCXVI (Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) @FlippDinero (Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
January 28, 2019
I've been thinking about this the whole government shut down and couldn't wait to do this episode. Trust no one! We are in the captain of our ships, we cannot trust managers and government officials to provide for us. BUILD YOUR HUSTLE NOW! @briancxvi (Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
January 28, 2019
I hate how we get trolled just to get our attention. Your attention is the most valuable thing you can offer and big companies and celebrities abuse that. Can we tackle 'troll culture'?
January 21, 2019
And now, 'The Dirty Jays Theory'! This is an ideology that I adopted in Buffalo, NY after realizing that I was spending thousands of dollars on new shoes. We waste money trying to impress people who we won't even know next year. Temporary highs, man. Gives me the jitters just thinking about it.
January 14, 2019
It's so taxing to think about trying to make the same mistakes that some of our role models make. I know for me, I found myself comparing my mistakes to theirs and beginning to believe that I had to make the same mistakes. In fact, we have our own lives and stories of success. @briancxvi (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
January 7, 2019
Let's end the year with probably the best lesson I've learned so far. Crazy how you can go through the entire year and get the best understanding on the very last weekend of the year. Either way, I'm blessed to make it to this point and want to share this revelation with you. Get busy by hitting play! GO, HIT PLAY! @briancxvi (IG, Twitter, FB)
December 31, 2018
Merry Holidays! One of my favorite interviews of ALL TIME! Let's journey back to 2013 for an interview with a good friend of mine, Alex Elle. She talked heavy about remaining inspired and faithful in our passions for the world. I feel like this happened just yesterday as her words STILL have a strong grip on my life. You've got to dive into this! Be inspired! @alex_elle [IG] @_alexelle [Twitter] @briancxvi [IG/Twitter]
December 27, 2018
I had a double epiphany this weekend about this whole "brand building" thing. It's so irritating and has really watered life's moments down. I hate feeling like everyone is trying to sell me something. Brah, just be human. You should hear this episode, you've been warned.
December 24, 2018
If someone asks you about what we do on the podcast, just send them this link. Here's a recap of the #SZN2 we've had so far. Thanks for being along for the ride!
December 24, 2018
Been looking forward to this episode for a while! "Generational curse" is a term that has been thrown around everywhere but yo, IT'S REAL! There's science behind it! It's called Epigenetic Modification and you should really listen to this episode because what you may decide today can kill your great grandchildren one day(why sugar coat it, right? Let's just be honest). Clips courtesy of ECommerse Affiliate Association & Dr. Tim Jennings M.D
December 17, 2018
Been DYING to do this show. I wanted to explain what I meant about how believing in yourself isn't just about the big goals. In fact, the big goals can be a distraction. Issabout the baby steps it takes to get there. This episode features Jaylon Smith, Linebacker of the Dallas Cowboys. Clip courtesy of ESPN.
December 13, 2018
Nope, not about penis size. This is about the size of our egos. There is so much power in understanding that our goals and visions are bigger than us. Be of SERVICE, not self. Click play and dive in!
December 10, 2018
Yo! STOP IGNORING THE PROCESS! It's like the biggest disservice to ourselves and our visions when we ignore the process. Get into the beautiful feeling (process) of creating and carrying a child. Think about how proud those parents are. Be like that! The process of our success is beautiful! At least from I've learned so far.
December 3, 2018
It's Thursday and I can't stop thinking about the advice that my girl Ta'Rhonda Jones gave us about never giving up. You're going to like the way this one tastes and if you don't, then good because you probably needed to hear it. Understand that we are going to struggle before we shine, that's life. Pay the dues, buss them suds, work like hell and let's reach our destiny! Jones is an actress and artist on Empire, currently in its fifth season (Wooooo Go girl! So proud, mama!) Thanks Rhonda! Thank you to Radio One and HOT 96.3 in Indianapolis. This episode is dedicated to a dear friend from Buffalo who also gave me similar advice. Rest In Power "Black Doug".
November 29, 2018
I had a powerful Thanksgiving weekend, my Uncle dropped crazy gems on me. All I've been thinking about is his advice. It can help us all...
November 26, 2018
Yeah, you won the lottery. You taking care of your earnings? Let's talk about it on today's episode. Happy Turkey week and thank you to the CTZNS.
November 19, 2018
Had a great weekend in Baltimore, MD for the BE Expo by Radio One. I was asked to moderate a panel on Black Mental Health and although I'm still blown I didn't get video, I did grab the audio. Now, it is bootleg audio so I apologize for that but you should be able to make out a good portion of the clips. If you have any comments, get into it. I'd love to hear your views on the topic for real.
November 13, 2018
My computer crashed a couple times this weekend but we still here! And we have to do something about these ants, for real. NO! Put your phone down, no exterminator needed. We can handle this one ourselves. Click play.
November 12, 2018
Let's start Season 2 by talking about how I almost didn't make it back to the East Coast because I got super sick. The pilot was all like "I don't know if I can let you fly, bro." Anxiety, man. But, what caused the anxiety is something that I could do better with. Something we all could do better with, for real.
November 5, 2018
Ep. 32 - "Better Branding w/ Brand With Drew" (Season 1 Finale)
All good things come to an end. It's been a long season but it has been non-stop encouragement and the season finale ends on the same inspirational note. Episode 32 is an intimate conversation with international branding guru, Brand With Drew, about developing your brand. Don't give up! Just hit play and let us walk you through the details that will help you develop your brand. *Season 2 will begin May 28th.
May 14, 2018
Ep. 31 - "8 Ball"
Wass' good! All of the pool balls are important to win the game but the 8 ball is the most important. Find out why inside.
May 7, 2018
Ep. 30 - "3 Underrated Financial Tips For Millennials w/ Jarin Penn"
Another Monday, another podcast episode! This time we're focusing on improving your pockets. My financial coach, Jarin Penn wants to give you 3 underrated financial tips for millennials.
April 30, 2018
Ep. 29 - "The Bad Side of Pride"
Episode 29 is as real as you can imagine. Family, let's talk about the bad side of pride. It's dangerous and smart but we can outsmart it.
April 23, 2018
Ep. 28 - 'The Good Side of Pride' (Part 1 of 2)
Happy New Week! Welcome to Monday, don't miss out on any opportunities this week. Especially this opportunity to learn (with me) about the two-headed monster of Pride. Let's start this week with the good side of pride. If we can learn to navigate this, we might be on to something.
April 16, 2018
Ep.27 - "Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed"
Greetings! Monday is here and so is a new week, you ready? I wanted to share with you some revelations I've stumbled upon about asking questions. We handicap ourselves by not learning to communicate our questions with leaders, coworkers, and employees. Intro -01:40 Topic A (Why we struggle with asking questions) -09:26 Topic B (Why it's important to ask questions) - 19:30 Topic C (How to ask more questions) - 28:03
April 9, 2018
Ep.26 - "You Don't Have To Hide"
Episode 26 is in rotation, we just need your ears and soul on this one! I've finally realized how I have been hiding my entire life. I want you to know that you can come out of hiding with me too: Intro -03:18 Don't Hide Yourself [A] - 15:10 Don't Hide Your Smile [B] -25:07 Don't Hide Your Love [C] -35:28
April 2, 2018
Ep. 25 - "The Emotional Episode"
Happy Monday Afternoon! Let's talk about the all-too-dangerous emotions. These temporary fragments of life can make very permanent decisions. It's dangerous. Intro - 02:51 Topic A (emotions are time consuming)- 11:18 Topic B (emotions destroy finances & business)- 24:16 Topic C (emotions don't hold themselves accountable)-41:13
March 26, 2018
Ep. 24 - "The Apology Episode: The Reminder"
The Madness has been happening wayyyy before March and it continues today with another episode of the Brian's World Podcast! Thank you to The CTZNS for allowing this to happen. This week's episode might make you cry so be ready. It's real and it's about our success.
March 19, 2018
The Jordan Episode - "Your Word Is Your Bond"
What's Shpoppin'? Episode 23 dives into the beautiful world of honoring your word. People trust you and you trust you a lot more when you follow through with your word. Intro - "Word is bond" (4:00) Topic A - "People Will Trust You More" (10:00) Topic B - "You Can Speak Things Into Existence" (25:28) Topic C - "You Trust You More" (33:07) Enjoy!
March 12, 2018
Ep. 22 - "Burning The Candle At Both Ends (The Gorilla Episode)"
Well, it's been a dramatic day and it started with a dramatic morning. But, the lesson is that we must begin to focus on our mental and physical and not work our lives into the grave. No structure and no topics, just honesty. Love you and thank you for supporting me and my team!
March 5, 2018
Ep. 21- "You Are Not Your Heroes"
I've struggled with this for so long and finally started to gain clarity. We are not our heroes! We have different lives and shouldn't expect to live the same lives of our role models. Let's dive into episode 21: Intro - "You are not your heroes." [00:33] Topic A - "We all have different circumstances." [12:39] Topic B - "Your life will be different from your heroes." [25:39] Topic C - "Don't ignore your life's story." [37:34]
February 26, 2018
BONUS EPISODE: Morning Affirmations (XX)
Good Morning! To help celebrate Episode XX, enjoy this bonus episode which is a peak into my morning routine: Affirmations. Thank you for all of the support! Enjoy!
February 20, 2018
Ep. XX - "Death By Disorganization"
Cheers! Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend or if you didn't have the privilege to be off work, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Happy Monday EVENING! It's a wind-down episode about something super important that we continue to ignore: Organization. We forget how important it truly is to be organized. Let's talk more inside: Intro "Death by Disorganization" - 00:34 Topic A "Disorganization Kills Us" - 13:44 Topic B "Too Many Tabs Open" - 23:20 Topic C "Let's Schedule Better!" - 28:39
February 20, 2018
Ep. 19 - "Fashion Killa: Dress Your Best Life Now"
Good Morning! A bit of a lighthearted topic this week; the power of fashion. I became one of those 'all work, no play' type of people who lost sight of the value of fashion. I forgot how powerful a fresh pair of clothes feel. I forgot how important confidence was to a good day.... Check out Episode 19 as I start to recall some of those lessons: Intro: Fashion Killa - 00: 45 "Find Your Better" [A] - 06:58 "Feeling Confidence Is Best" [B] - 16:00 "The Art of Fashion" [C] - 23:09
February 12, 2018
Ep. 18 - "Misguided Misconceptions About People"
Salud! Understanding people and situations has got to be the most underrated quality of life. We miss the mark so often as we are quick to judge others and situations as "good" or "bad". Imagine how much better we could be to each other if we learned to listen and understand their world instead judging everything as "good" or "bad". Let's dive in: Intro -02:07 Topic A - Fall In Love With Understanding(08:49) Topic B - Understanding Leads To Positivity (17:31) Topic C -We Mustn't Be So Quick To Say "Good" or "Bad" (22:50)
February 5, 2018
Ep.17 - "Gratitude & Latitude"
Happy Monday! Hope all is well with you and yours, I wanted to talk about gratitude! Becoming truly gracious for the world around can open up new avenues and endeavors in life. Let's dive in: Main Topic: (2:40) Gratitude Affects Latitude Topic A: (09:28)Everything Tastes Better When You Understand Its Value Topic B:(17:40) You Can Lose Everything Topic C: (24:06) Gratitude Really Changes People... A Happier Life is in Gratitude! Love, Ciao!
January 29, 2018
Ep. 16 - "Millennials In The Workforce: Gov't Shutdown"
Good Morning! Happy Monday! There's been so much uproar about the workforce in light of the current (and historic) government shut down, I wanted to encourage my peers on their jobs to continue to striving for greater! Let's dive into Episode 16: Intro: Millennials In The Workforce (1:09) Big 3 [a]: I've Been There Before (9:14) Big 3 [b]: Gov't Shut Down is a Wake Up Call (20:56) Big 3 [c]: Be Encouraged On the J.O.B (36:51) Praying for all of you and your success. Remember, the power is within you.
January 22, 2018
Ep.15 - "What That Mouf Do?"
Happy MLK Day! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for changing the world and fighting for black freedom. Welcome to Episode 15th of the Brian's World Podcast! I wanted to ask you, what that mouf do? Complain and limit your life? Or, does your mouf build you, and everyone around you, up? Big 3 [A] : A building mouth? (09:26) Big 3 [B]: A destroying mouth? (14:22) Big 3 [C]: A limiting mouth? (24:03)
January 15, 2018
Ep.14 - "Your Heroes Screw Up, Too."
I'm just a big kid, that's all. I still love TV heroes like Batman and Superman. Guys (and girls) who save the world by day and battle their own demons in the process. Don't worry, I name drop, too. Warm Up : Introduction (02:00) Big 3 [A] : Batman Wanted to Understand the World (07:36) Big 3 [B] : Spiderman Needed To Be Humbled (14:26) Big 3 [C] : Superman Wanted To Be Accepted (20:08)
January 8, 2018
Ep.13 - "Have Tunnel Vision In 2018"
Salutations! The first full episode of the New Year is here and it's enough juice to last you through the entire year: Tunnel Vision In 2018 Big 3 (A): Tunnel Vision In Health [16:34] Big 3 (B): Tunnel Vision In Relationships [28:00] Big 3 (C): Tunnel Vision In Your Career [36:39] This is your year!
January 2, 2018
The New Year Interlude
Happy 2018! Just wanted to wish you and yours a happy new year and remind you to keep the faith. Believe in what is in store for your life in 2018 even if it's tough to fathom.
January 1, 2018
Ep.12 - "The Christmas Hangover"
Well! Happy Christmas Hangover to you and your family. I hope that you enjoy this day with the ones who matter most and get out to the malls, making memories to take into 2018. I appreciate you so much! I hope you enjoy this episode, it's one that full of vocal op-eds that hopefully touch your soul: Warm Up: The Christmas Hangover (1:48) [a] Big 3: Be Careful About Bragging (8:22) [b] Big 3: Beware Of Living By The 'Meme' (22:03) [c] Big 3: The Truth About Fashion (33:58) See you next week, family.
December 26, 2017
The Christmas Interlude
Merry Christmas! Just wanted to wish you and your family a happy holidays! New episode ready to go for tomorrow and this one is going to talk to you. Thank you so much for the support thus far, it truly warms my heart to be able to call you family. BJ
December 25, 2017
Ep. 11 - "Why Are You Afraid To Drive?" feat. Blachaz3
Better late than never(never late is better), Episode 11 is up and ready to go! I go over a few results of my peace challenge in response to two e-mails I received. I also talk about the importance of learning how to drive instead of just being along for the ride and I want to introduce you to the dark side of love. Then, my lovely sister Blachaze comes through and helps you save hundreds this holiday season. Tune in and turn up! Warm-Up: Peace Challenge Results (3:19) A: Why You Have To Learn How To Drive (8:36) B: The Dark Side Of Love (17:23) C: Meet My Boo, Squid. (24:10) Bonus: Blachaz3's Thriftmas! (33:11) Happy Holidays, Much Love!
December 18, 2017
Ep.X - "The Necessary Self Checks"
We're counting down the days til Christmas, Happy Holidays! Coming off of that big week of 3 episodes, I'm super excited to share episode X with you! Let's talk about setting a 'peace challenge' for your week, helping you reach your goals. I also talk about the shady business of bragging philanthropy and the fear that is crippling (well, has crippled) my life! Oy! Instagram (@itsbriansworld) Twitter (@itsbriansworld) FB (@briancxvi) Web (
December 11, 2017
Ep.9 - "Dating The Wrong Person Can Be A Road Block" feat. Ash Jai
Welp, the 'Big Week' is over! But we end it out on a good note with Episode 9. Let's talk about what could happen when you date the 'wrong' person! I have a tendency to talk from the male perspective (for obvious reasons) so I had to pull my lovely girlfriend, Ash Jai, in for a discussion! Check it out! @itbsriansworld (Instagram/Twitter) *FB
December 7, 2017
Ep.8 - "We Have To Live On Purpose"
HEY! You thought I was playing but no, it's real: Happy BIG WEEK!! I promised three episodes and here is episode two and it's all about living on purpose. Did you know that enthusiasm is the gateway to so many things in life? The best way to express yourself is on purpose, find more inside. *I'm sorry I thought this was epsiode 7*
December 5, 2017
Ep.7 - "Broke and Lonely For The Holidays"
The first episode of one of my favorite months, December! Welcome back to Brian's World for Episode 7. Kicking off the big week with more life and more love. Don't forget! Another episode tomorrow! Warm Up- 3:29 (Embrace the Holidays!) Big 3 A-7:28 (Broke For The Holidays) Big 3 B-13: 12 (Go For The Win & Take The Risk) Big 3 C-22:54 (God Saves Us From People, Too) James Report-32:33 (Matt Lauer But What About Donald?)
December 4, 2017
Ep.6 - 'Take Time To Heal'
The Monday after Thanksgiving! Good day to you and yours, thanks for joining me on another episode of the podcast. Here's what's litty for today: The Warm Up: We Have To Learn To Forgive (3:00) Big 3 A: Take Your Time To Heal (7:05) Big 3 B: The New Way For Millennials To Travel For Cheap (18:32) Big 3 C: Do It For the Life and NOT the Likes (26:22) The James Report: (40:52)
November 27, 2017
Ep.5 - 'Leading Your Life'
Another fun and loving episode presented by The CTZNS, Episode 5 is one that helps to organize all of the folders in our lives.
November 20, 2017
Ep. 4 - "This Might be Too Much"
Welcome to another episode of the Brian's Word podcast presented by the CTZNS! Episode 4 takes a journey into some self-reflection, dive if you've got the gear: :55 - "The Warm Up : Prepare For Things That Are Important To You" 9:05 - "The Big 3: Are Your Wounds Creating More Wounds?" 17:00 - "The Big 3: Hustling vs. Empowering" 24:18 - "The Big 3: PR Problems Exist Because Of Real Problems" 34:27 - "The James Report: 'Veteran's Day" Ciao'
November 13, 2017
Ep. 3 - "No Divorce or Custody Battles, Cool?" feat. Ricksthatguy
Happy Monday! Even happier Monday when it's a short week! The life of a late-20s black man is on full display as Ricksthatguy stops by the show to share his views on the Big 3 Topics. We talk everything from avoiding divorces and custody battles, correlations between slavery and the NFL and finally, the stigma of depression in the black community. :33 - Opening remarks/AFSP shoutout 5:42 - Big 3 Topic A (No Custody Battles or Divorce) 30:23 - Big 3 Topic B (The NFL Is Slavery) 48:05 - Big 3 Topic C (Depression In The Black Community) 1:01 - The James Report (Gun Laws Shocker) @itsbriansworld
November 6, 2017
Ep.2 - 'Soulgumbo'
Soulgumbo is my favorite dish. One spoonful is packed with a little bit of everything and the spice can wake you up: 3:37 - Take Care Of Yourself First 16:15 - Topic A / "I'm Sorry, NBA." 25:00 - Topic B / "The TRUE Dangers Of the Black Woman" 34:18 - Topic C / "The Sweet Spot In Relationships" 45:40 - The James Report : US v. North Korea
October 30, 2017
Ep. 1 - 'Cluttered Life, Messy Dreams' Ft. Freeway Rick Ross
Welcome to the Brian's World Podcast! With 10 years of major market broadcast experience, Brian James.... uses none of it. Fmr. kingpin and millionaire Freeway Rick Ross joins the show to talk his new book 'The Untold Autobiography' and a lot of other good s***(No really, this conversation sounds like Rafiki & Simba). Dive! How To Go Spirit Diving : (:43 - 15:57) What I've Learned About Egos: (15:57 - 25:28) The 'One' Does Exist: (25:28 - 34:47) There Ain't A Video Game For the NBA: (35:50 - 42:55) The James Report: Welfare Gone: (45:00 - 50:03) Freeway Rick Ross Shares Secrets: (50:10 - 1:09:00)
October 23, 2017