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After Orange Slices

After Orange Slices

By Bridget Case
Former NFL Cheerleader and current journalist Bridget Case breaks down “real life” outside the game and sucker punches athlete stereotypes mid-interview. Sports figures join the show each week with juicy tell all tales from on and off the field. Pro and NCAA athletes talk life after the game and current sports news.
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A Mental Health Pandemic: Athletes Suffer in Silence, with Marcus Alston
Marcus Alston is a College Football Player and Founder/CEO of Alston for Athletes. Marcus led Saint Francis to their first conference championship as a Division I program and is a first-generation college graduate. While playing ball, Marcus was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and didn’t have the support system he needed to succeed. Marcus founded Alston for Athletes in 2019 with one major goal: for no student-athlete to endure what he’d been through alone. He built a team of motivated individuals to help spread the message of promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Learn more about Aston for Athletes and find mental health resources at Support our Black Community: George Floyd Memorial Fund: Gianna Floyd Fund: People’s City Council Freedom Fund: Campaign Zero: #VoteQuadrant: LINKS/RESOURCES @AfterOrangeslices @TurboTalkPod Listen to Turbo Talk Turbo Talk Live on Twitch Bridget Case on Twitch
June 8, 2020
The Athlete Transition is Real, with Jonathan Orr
Jonathan Orr is the founder of Athlete Transition Services, a former NFL player and college star at the University of Wisconsin. When Jonathan left football, he struggled jumping into his new life after sports. Orr founded ATS to help athletes have a successful and healthy transition into the next phase of life.  Learn more at LINKS/RESOURCES @AfterOrangeslices @TurboTalkPod Listen to Turbo Talk Turbo Talk Live on Twitch Bridget Case on Twitch
June 1, 2020
Life & Show Update
In this episode, Bridget sits down and gets real with the listeners and uncovers why the show hasn't been posting as frequently. Don't panic! She then goes on to let everyone know where they can find her 4-5 days per week! Tune in below: LINKS/RESOURCES @AfterOrangeslices @TurboTalkPod Listen to Turbo Talk Turbo Talk Live on Twitch Bridget Case on Twitch
June 1, 2020
A Guy & A Girl Talk Sports - Ft. Bridget Case of After Orange Slices
Instead of a classic AOS episode, we’re featuring one of our favorite podcasts - A Guy & A Girl Talk Sports. Former Athletes Chad & Stef had Bridget on the show to discuss her journey as an NFL Cheerleader and navigating her career as a sports journalist. Before the interview, these awesome hosts share breaking news around sports returning (1:00-4:52). Follow @ggTalkSports on Instagram & Facebook  Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
May 18, 2020
The Mental Edge, with Performance Coach Shayne McGowan
Shayne McGowan is a certified mental game and performance coach who has trained some of the world’s toughest athletes, in the NFL, NHL, NBA, Professional Boxing and Martial Arts. Shayne joins AOS to discuss the power of our mindset and how much of sports is mental versus physical. Shayne has been featured in Forbes Magazine and is a regular contributor to Train Fitness and USA Today.  Learn more at Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
May 11, 2020
The Squeeze: NFL Schedule Winners & Losers
In this episode of The Squeeze, Bridget recaps the NFL schedule, landing spots for superstars, and looks ahead to much more surrounding this year's NFL season! Follow the show on IG: AfterOrangeSlices
May 8, 2020
Spoiled Milk Moment: How an NFL Player lost everything & rebuilt his empire, with Marques Ogden
Marques Ogden is a former NFL player who found instant success off the field following his retirement. Marques started Kayden Premier Enterprises, a construction company in 2007 which quickly escalated into a multi-million dollar construction firm. But in 2013, one bad business decision would change his life for the worse. It took losing everything for him to find the ultimate path to success. Today, Marques is a keynote speaker, executive coach, and author. Buy "The Success Cycle" on Amazon now.  Visit to learn more. Follow Marques on IG! @MarquesOgden Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
May 4, 2020
Smash the Stereotype with NFL Cheerleader Kayla Bramlett
Kayla Bramlett is a current Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and badass businesswoman. She is the brains and beauty behind Nectar List Media, a digital media company she launched before her professional cheerleading career took off. Now she’s added a clothing line into the mix, and staying busy from home in quarantine. Kayla shares tips and tricks for dancers out there who need to kill it at virtual auditions, how to stay ambitious as an entrepreneur from home, the importance of thriving in the age of social media, and defying stereotypes. Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
April 27, 2020
Band T-Shirts in the Boardroom, with Ally Redig
Ally Redig is the Founder of Athlete’s Relations, an agency aimed at serving pro athletes' personal and professional priorities. Ally talks about how her clients are managing training at home and adapting to a sports-less lifestyle, plus her thoughts on the upcoming virtual NFL Draft and what it’s like being a role model for other women in sports. Follow Ally on IG! @AthleteRelations Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
April 20, 2020
The Squeeze: NBA Host & Retired Kings Dancer Katerina Kountouris talks future of the league
NBA Host, Retired Dancer, and Trainer Katerina Kountouris talks quarantine life, NBA future, and home workouts. Every Thursday Bridget records a live episode on Instagram Live with a special guest. Join the conversation each week! Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
April 17, 2020
How to stay sane during COVID-19
Natasha is a well known mental health professional on a mission to save our society. Natasha is the founder of LACE and TEAM - two organizations that provide therapeutic resources for those in need. Natasha’s work with TEAM allows her to serve athletes struggling with their mental health. Today on the show Natasha and Bridget discuss what it will take to destigmatize mental health chat and how COVID-19 has affected those struggling without in person contact. Plus, tips and tricks for keeping sane at home! Follow Natasha on IG! @Game.Changing.Therapist Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
April 13, 2020
The Squeeze: Will There Be Football? NFL Draft Goes Virtual
Bridget touches on a hypothetical world without football, a completely virtual NFL Draft, and answers your questions from the IG mailbag. Every Thursday Bridget records a live episode on Instagram Live with a special guest. Join the conversation each week! Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
April 10, 2020
Silencing One of the Best Voices in Sports: ESPN Sportscaster Adam Amin from Quarantine
Adam Amin is a play-by-play commentator for ESPN. He joined the worldwide leader in sports at age 24 in 2011, making history as one of the network’s youngest game-callers. Adam is best known as the voice for primetime college football matchups and of course, the Women’s Final Four. Adam and Bridget laugh about how they met 8 years ago thanks to Twitter, and Adam shares his “COVID-19 moment” when basketball was canceled, being quarantined in Chicago, becoming one of the most well-known voices in sports, and calling Andrew Luck’s accidental retirement announcement preseason game - yeah, that awkward one where everyone boo'd. He handled it like a pro. Follow Adam: @adamamin Follow the show on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices Visit for 30% off your full order for a limited time. Discount does not apply to hand sanitizers. 10% off your first purchase with code ORANGES and free shipping over $100.
April 6, 2020
The Squeeze: The PGA post-pandemic, with Golf Channel’s Nikki Bondura
Golf Channel Host Nikki Bondura shares her thoughts on a sportsless world and what the PGA Tour will look like when we return to normalcy. Every Thursday Bridget records a live episode on Instagram Live with a special guest. Join the conversation each week! Follow Nikki! @nikkibgolf Follow the Show!  IG: @afterorangeslices  Twitter: @bridgetcase_
April 4, 2020
Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson have "Daddy Issues"
New Podcast Alert! So good, we had to share it here first. Working fathers and long-time friends take an honest, unfiltered look at what it’s like to be a father, a son and a brother navigating the world today. Buck and Hudson, along with a variety of famous friends, hilariously share personal stories and candid conversations exploring everything from raising kids and parenting to balancing work and home responsibilities to their hobbies, sports, Dad bods, sex, and marriage. Click here to listen to Joe Buck & Oliver Hudson Have Daddy Issues Follow After Orange Slices on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
April 2, 2020
Shift Happens: Former NFL Player & American Ninja Warrior inspires change
Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player and University of Oregon star turned entrepreneur, American Ninja Warrior, author, coach, and motivational speaker. Anthony has been fielding curveballs or “shifts” since his earliest days in foster care up until his darkest moments contemplating death as an adult. Instead of letting the pain control him, Anthony founded Identity Shift. His platform has one focus - to take back control of one's life by closing one's identity gap, reaching one's FULL potential, and Making "Shift" Happen.   Learn more at  Follow along on IG! @AfterOrangeSlices
March 30, 2020
The Squeeze: A Quarantine Pivot and Home Workouts with Victoria Brown
Under Armour Athlete, SoulCycle Instructor and Life Coach Victoria Brown shares tips and tricks for staying healthy at home during COVID-19 and surviving without sports. Every Thursday Bridget records a live episode on Instagram Live with a special guest. Join the conversation each week! Follow Victoria! @victoriabrown Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 27, 2020
Raising the Next Generation of Women in Sports, with Lani Silversides
Lani Silversides is a former D1 Basketball Player and Current High School Coach. Today she inspires the next generation of girls in sport through her Strong Girls United Foundation.  A message from Lani: "Due to the current events around the globe, spring ‘Strong Girls’ nonprofit programs have been put on hold, but that doesn’t stop us! Stay strong and stay connected with our Strong Girls On Demand. All of our content and programming is getting released FREE and online on our website and YouTube. We have weekly Chalk Talks with professionals, olympians, mental skills trainers and more. We have workouts girls can do from their living rooms. College student athletes are releasing some skills and drills each week. And we are hosting “College Game Day” - where every Friday girls will get to know female athletes from a different university and then do a 7-minute workout with them! Join us by subscribing on YouTube, following on social, and please know during this time every follow, like, and share is helping our organization keep doing what we are so passionate about." Watch now on the Strong Girls Youtube Channel: Learn more about Lani at  Learn more about Strong Girls United at  Lani's IG: @lanisilversides Strong Girls United IG: @stronggirlsunited  Facebook:  Purchase Lani’s books on Amazon: A Strong Girls Guide to Being: Exercises and Inspiration for Becoming a Braver, Kinder, Healthier You (ages 8-12 approximately) Unstoppable: A Mental Training Guide for Fueling Performance (13+)  Contact Lani to work with your team or organization at  Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 23, 2020
Coronavirus is killing sports: Live Chat with The Sports Brat
While self-quarantined, we’re excited to bring you a new show format! Every week on Thursdays Bridget will chat live with special guests and listeners on Instagram, and the episode will air on all podcast platforms Friday morning. In the midst of COVID-19 chaos, the sports world is under attack: athletes and coaches testing positive for the virus, seasons getting canceled and suspended, and no way for fans to escape in this state of emergency. Bridget invites Dani aka @thesportsbrat on the first live episode to hopefully lower your anxiety and help us come together through our love of the game. Follow Dani on IG! @thesportsbrat Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 20, 2020
Female Athlete Mission with Natalie Lawrence
Natalie Lawrence created the FAM because as a college soccer player, trying to pursue God in life and sport, she looked everywhere for support and inspiration. It was really hard for her to find a place where she was encouraged and where she could actually relate. Her hope for YOU is that each time you engage in her message, you will be encouraged, inspired, and excited to start conversations with those around you and grow this community of Christian women in sports. Learn more at Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 16, 2020
The Day Sports Stops & Her Sports Story, with Bethany Crouch
It’s official - all major sporting events have been canceled or suspended indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. So what does this mean for the industry? In better news, we welcome to the show Bethany Crouch - former D1 Gymnast and Founder of Her Sports Story. Bethany shares her journey as a gymnast, what it takes to market yourself as a former athlete in the professional world, the importance of empowering female athletes, and so much more. Follow Bethany on IG! @hersportsstory @bethanybcrouch and learn more at Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 13, 2020
Bullies, Brainwashing, and Bucks: NBA Dancer Lauren Herington was worth less than $4.00 an hour
In celebration of International Women’s Month, we welcome Lauren Herington on the podcast. Lauren is a former NBA Dancer for the Milwaukee Bucks and today is an ambassador for equal rights in the workplace. In 2015, Lauren sued the NBA franchise in a class-action suit after claiming she and other dancers were underpaid in violation of federal and state labor and wage laws. In 2017, the dancers came away with a total settlement of a meek $250,000. In hopes to spark change throughout the league and similar industries, Lauren speaks out on her unfair wages of less than $4.00 an hour, being blacklisted from other teams, severe bullying, brainwashing, and unhealthy environments she experienced as a professional dancer. Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 9, 2020
The #AthleteAnd Ambition - Pro Beach Volleyball Player Aaron Wexler finds passion off the court
Aaron Wexler is a Pro Beach Volleyball Player and the Founder/Director of West Coast Volleyball Club. He played indoor for UCLA Men’s Volleyball and served as an assistant coach to the women on their National Championship run in 2011. Aaron shares his most memorable experiences on and off the court, what led him to transition to beach, the importance of making an impact in youth sports, and living out the “more than an athlete” purpose. Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 6, 2020
Networking on a Two-way Street, with USC Tennis Player, Attorney & Athlete’s Touch Founder Kent Seton
Congrats to the Oregon Women’s Basketball Team for winning their third straight regular season conference title! When these student-athletes graduate from college and enter the real world, most of them have a plan - but no real clue on how to take action. Former USC Tennis player Kent Seton is bridging that gap. Today he is one of the biggest Attorneys in Los Angeles and runs Athlete’s Touch, a program aimed to help former athletes network and find success in the business world. Kent’s biggest piece of advice? When it comes to networking, think about what you can offer someone, and not just what they can give you. Mic drop. Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
March 3, 2020
Define the Relationship - Athletes & Food, Conquering Disordered Eating with RD Bonnie Roney
Bonnie Rooney is a Nutritionist and Dietician who trained her whole life as a dancer and cheerleader. After spending many seasons cheering and reaching the collegiate level at Florida State, she discovered the toll that her negative relationship with food took on her sport, her body, and her mental health. Ironically, college was when she developed her best relationship with food. Bonnie opens up about growing up surrounded by women suffering from eating disorders, why she wants to help others find peace and food freedom, and how she built her incredible Instagram brand as an Intuitive Eating activist. Follow Bonnie: @diet.culture.rebel Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 28, 2020
“Sweat with you through all seasons” with Under Armour Athlete and SoulCycle Instructor Victoria Brown
One of my favorite high energy, positive forces joins the show today - welcome Victoria Brown! Victoria is an Under Armour Athlete, SoulCycle Instructor and mindset coach in NYC. Before she clipped in and climbed her way to the top, Victoria took a couple wipeouts. But instead of giving up, she celebrated her setbacks and pushed forward. Today she shares her early journey of going to LA with hopes to make it as a host, how SoulCycle changed her life, why Under Armour selected her as an athlete ambassador, loving her body, and being “tough” as a woman in the fitness industry. Follow Victoria on IG: @victoriabrown Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 24, 2020
Perfect Pitch: Making Yourself Marketable with Publicist Charlotte Silverstein
Charlotte Silverstein is one of the most sought after publicists in Los Angeles, and has been taking the country by storm since the launch of her own firm Lena Rose PR. Charlotte represents athletes, celebrities, authors, influencers, and beyond. Her best and brightest strength? Nailing the pitch. You know when you write an email and you’re not quite sure how to sell your product, your client, or YOURSELF? Charlotte spills her secrets on building your brand, how to work out of bounds, and sticking the landing. Several Lena Rose PR clients have joined the AOS podcast, so it’s only fitting that we have the woman making it all happen here today! Follow on IG @charsilverstein Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 21, 2020
Bonus: Turbo Talk with Robert Turbin & Bridget Case
Bridget is cohosting a new podcast “Turbo Talk” with Seahawks RB and Super Bowl Champion Robert Turbin. On the inaugural episode, they discuss the definition of a sport with retired NFL WR and Super Bowl Champion Ricardo Lockette. Subscribe to Turbo Talk for weekly episodes featuring the most exciting figures in the world of sports! Brought to you by Bleav Podcast Network. Learn more about Rob's Runnin4u Foundation and kids camps here: Connect with Rob! IG: @robertjturbin Twitter: @RobertJTurbin Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 17, 2020
Athletes winning after retirement, with 2x Olympian Myriam Glez
Myriam Glez is a two-time Olympian in synchronized swimming, former CEO of USA Synchronized Swimming and founder of Athletes Soul. She helps athletes successfully transition into life after sports and uses her platform to raise awareness about the challenges of athletic retirement. She participated in 4 Olympic Games for 4 different countries as an athlete (2000 - Team France, 2008 - Team Australia), coach (2012 - Team GB) and team leader (2016 - Team USA). Learn about Athletes Soul at and follow on IG @athletessoul Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 17, 2020
On that Girlboss Grind: Heather Monohan Creates Confidence
The ultimate girl boss joins the show - welcome Heather Monohan! You know Heather best from her "Creating Confidence" podcast, Ted Talks, entrepreneurial spirit, and best selling book "Confidence Creator", but there’s so much more to her beauty. Heather reminds us to never give up. She has risen to the top after losing her corporate job and taking every hard hitting punch that came her way. Today she is the founder of Boss in Heels and she hasn't even peaked yet. In this episode, we talk about what it means to “create confidence” and so much more. Learn more about Heather at Listen to Heather's podcast here.  Buy Heather's book "Confidence Creator" on Amazon here.  Follow Heather: @heathermonahan Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 14, 2020
Super Bowl Special: Miss it or Make it with NFL Kicker Michael Badgley (aka Money Badger)
The Money Badger is in town for Super Bowl LIV and joins the show! Michael Badgley is the starting Kicker for the Los Angeles Chargers, a team often plagued with kicking woes. When Michael stepped in for his 2018 rookie season, he earned the right to his Money Badger title. He is the co-host of the “Mike and Ike Podcast” and shined during Super Bowl week at various business and sports panels/events. In this episode we talk about Michael’s offseason efforts to shape himself into “more than an athlete”, the importance of exploring opportunities off the field, the forecast of the LA Chargers, best career moments, Antonio Gates’ retirement, the birth of “Money Badger” and so much more. Plus, what’s up with Phil? Follow along with Michael on IG: @michaelbadgley Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 10, 2020
Super Bowl Special: Beyond the Brand - Behind the biggest celebrity & athlete partnerships, with LMS Agency Co- Founders Denise Lambertson & Kelli Reyes
In this Super Bowl special episode, Seahawks’ RB Robert Turbin returns to the show as a guest cohost and shares some exciting news. Bridget and Robert are joined by Denise Lambertson and Kelli Reyes - two badass businesswomen who originally met working as Madonna’s executive assistants. Years down the line, they took their experience in entertainment to launch LMS, an influencer and social media agency specializing in brand partnerships with athletes and celebrities. Basically, these women predicted the social media boom and have their eye on what’s coming next. We talk startups and finding a product’s fit, where the influencer industry is headed, and what it takes for an athlete to build a brand off the field. Follow along with our guests today: @robertjturbin, @hold4lms, & @kelli__frazier Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 6, 2020
Survivor or Thriver: Pro Wakeboarder & Minnesota Vikings/ Fox Sports Host Alexa Score
Alexa Score is a professional wakeboarder, TV host, speaker, and cancer survivor. She’s currently a TV personality for the Minnesota Vikings, Fox Sports and The CW Twin Cities. Alexa was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia at age sixteen and has been living with cancer for the past thirteen years. While still being treated with a daily dose of oral chemotherapy her journey is far from over as she continues to battle her disease and its side effects. She inspires others and uses her platform to raise money and awareness for multiple charities including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,, and others. Follow Alexa! @AlexaScore Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 3, 2020
Super Bowl Special: Football is Family - Paving your own Path, with former NFL Cheerleader Alexa Flutie
It’s Super Bowl week, and the legends are roaming about Miami. But one father-daughter football legacy calls Florida home - Alexa and Doug Flutie. Alexa followed in her father’s footsteps as she became an NFL Cheerleader for the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers - two franchises that her father led as a QB during her childhood. But, her talent, grit, and tenacity was never recognized enough because of “who her dad was”. Instead of living under a shadow, Alexa spent her dancing days creating her own legacy and making a name for herself. Now she is a successful college coach while Dad watches from the stands. Alexa is a passionate philanthropist with the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. To donate or find out more, visit Follow Alexa! @alexaflutie Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 1, 2020
Super Bowl Special: Athletes “Tackle What’s Next” during Super Bowl Week
It’s Super Bowl week in Miami, and today’s quick minisode features a round table conversation with former athletes turned entrepreneurs. Malcolm Lemmons is a former pro basketball player, Founder of Players Point Sports and Podcast Host. Darrel Young is a retired NFL athlete who now works in the league as the Manager of Engagement and Player Relations. Jason Fox is a former NFL Lineman and current Founder/CEO of EarBuds - you’ll see Patrick Mahomes repping his brand on the field before the big game this Sunday!  These athletes shared their “life after sports” stories on the “Tackle What’s Next” panel. To learn more about Tackle What’s Next and resources for athletes transitioning into the business world, visit Connect with the guys! IG: @MalcolmLemmons, @DarrelYoung, & @JasonFox70 Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
February 1, 2020
Super Bowl Special: Dolphins Legend Nat Moore
We're here at Super Bowl week kicking things off with an interview from Dolphins legend Nat Moore! Follow along with us all week as we release content live from Super Bowl 54 media week!  Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
January 30, 2020
"Never giving up on God", with Super Bowl Champion Robert Turbin
This episode is dedicated to Kobe Bryant and all of the Orange County families affected by the helicopter crash in Calabasas. Mamba strong. We kick off Super Bowl week right with a Super Bowl Champ, Seattle's own RB Robert Turbin! Rob shares his journey from being drafted by the Seahawks in the 4th Round to hopping around the league, to getting dropped by the Colts while rehabbing an injury, and then sitting out an entire season. Then, he received the best Christmas present imaginable on December 24th - a call to come home and sign with Seattle. In Rob's words: "Never give up on God, he'll never give up on you". Plus... we get a little teaser of what's to come on the Robert J Turbin podcast!  Learn more about Rob's Runnin4u Foundation and kids camps here: Connect with Rob! IG: @robertjturbin Twitter: @RobertJTurbin Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ 
January 27, 2020
Make Fitness Fun Again! With the Alpha Champ
We are Miami bound baby! Super Bowl LIV is just around the corner and Stefan Sillner is here to celebrate the big event.  Stefan is a global business development manager for different fitness brands, especially focusing on innovative fitness and sports products. Today we're talking about the newest innovation in athletics - the Alpha Champ.  The Alpha Champ is a lateral rebound trainer that gives athletes and fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to put the "fun" back into working out. Come see us go to work in Florida at the Super Bowl Fantasy Fitness workout hosted by NFL Hall of Famer & Performance Athlete Coach Isaiah Stanback. Sign up for the event at and learn more about the Alpha Champ at Check out the Alpha Champ on YouTube.  IG: @alpha.champ.lrt  Follow the show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
January 24, 2020
The Dismount Discovery, with Megan Astore
It's about to get real REAL on the podcast today - are you ready to discover your true self? Welcome special guest Megan Astore to the show! Megan is a Certified Health Coach, Blogger, and Founder of "Female Athlete Rising". As a former competitive gymnast, she has made it her mission to inspire other female athletes to free themselves of the pressures they felt under a life of elite athletic competition. And all that B.S. doesn't just disappear when you say goodbye to your lingers, and creates a toxicity that can even manifest in personal relationships. So what's a girl to do? FIGHT. Become that "Female Athlete Rising" out of the ashes, falling in love with the real you. Today we tackle the most taboo topics of abuse, abortion, mental illness, and ready to come out of this episode stronger than EVER. Connect with Megan: IG: @femaleathleterising Follow the show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
January 20, 2020
Your Network is Your Net Worth, with Shakeout's Classye James
New CBA announced for the athletes of the WNBA, congrats ladies! How do you translate your personal brand as an athlete into the workforce? Former D1 Basketball Player Classye James is here to break it all down for ya! Classye is the CEO and Founder of Shakeout LLC. Forced to retire after injury, she now helps fellow athletes navigate the abyss that is life after sports. We talk making rejection your friend, why the word "no" won't kill you, and how the Googles and Facebooks of the world truly select resumes - and why yours won’t get picked. But what can we do about it? Turns out, A LOT. The Shakeout motto: You are more than your sport. Learn more about Shakeout LLC at Connect with Shakeout! IG: @shakeoutllc Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices  /  Twitter: @bridgetcase_
January 17, 2020
Choosing life or the knife: A healthy athlete blueprint, with Dr. Chad Stephens
It's the morning of the College Football National Championship...I'm 100% confident the Tigers win. Get it? ;) Dr. Chad Stephens, Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine Physician, joins the show today! Dr. Stephens is a surgeon, non-invasive treatment specialist, world speaker, and the podcast host of "Dr. Stephens Speaks". He breaks down what sports medicine really means - not only treating professional athletes. His number one priority is putting a patient back into life, not an athlete back on the field. We talk the athlete transition into life after sports, what we know now about CTE, and how to take care of your body without going under the knife. Chad B. Stephens, DO has over 14 years of experience focusing on interventional pain management and sports medicine and serves the communities of Southlake and Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding areas at his state-of-the-art practice, Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine. Learn more at Listen to the "Dr. Stephens Speaks" podcast here. Follow the Show! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
January 13, 2020
Building your Legacy off the field, with Taj Dashaun
What good is an athletic mindset if you're not applying it to something that you actually care about? These wise words from today's guest, Taj Dashaun. Taj is a former college football player at Stony Brook University who now helps fellow athletes "Thrive After Sports". A Coach, speaker, and podcast host, Taj ignites the inner athlete within us all to leave our own unique legacy. Visit his website at to learn more. Connect with Taj! LinkedIn: Instagram: @tajdashaun Listen to the "Thrive After Sports" podcast. Follow the show on Instagram @afterorangeslices and visit our site at
January 10, 2020
"Getting injured saved me mentally," with Texas Volleyball Player & Blogger Blair Westerlund
Blair Westerlund joins the podcast! Blair has survived the highest of pressures as a D1 athlete, but didn't get to leave the court completely on her own terms. After tearing her ACL and undergoing multiple surgeries, the University of Texas Volleyball player had a choice to make: risk it all for the teammates she'd die for or walk away with her head up for the sake of her own mental health. Through decades of dealing with paralyzing anxiety and panic attacks, Blair has learned to love the person she is today because of what she's been through. Today she is a mental health advocate and blogger setting an example for the next generation of athletes under pressure. Blair, Bridget, and Lauren break down the mental health stigma in college sports, dealing with the pressures of social media, and saying yes to medication and therapy. Read Blair's blog at Follow Blair on IG: @blairwesterlund Follow Bridget! IG: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
December 20, 2019
Finding Faith and Purpose: Sports Spectrum Podcast Host & Former ESPN Producer Jason Romano
With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to remind ourselves what the spirit of the season truly means. Jason Romano joins the show today to talk following his purpose in sports ministry. Jason is the host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast, a former producer at ESPN, author, and speaker. Jason had it made working at the mecca of sports, but was called by God to pursue a bigger purpose in life: Sports Spectrum, where faith and sports connect. Bridget and Jason discuss the beginning of social media and the podcasting industry, getting hired at ESPN, and future of Sports Spectrum Podcast. Listen to the Sports Spectrum Podcast and learn more at Follow Bridget! IG: @afterorangeslices  Twitter: @bridgetcase_  Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
December 16, 2019
Baller to Blogger: Redefining the male athlete in the digital age, with Drew Mellon & Molly Hogan
Drew Mellon is your classic D1 college athlete. As a walk-on at the nationally acclaimed University of Arizona basketball team, Drew lived out every kid's dream of suiting up on the world's biggest stage and punching multiple tickets to the NCAA tournament. After the final buzzer of his career, he was without a plan for the first time in his life. Grinding his way through a few boring sales jobs, Drew met his girlfriend Molly. Not only did he meet his dream girl, but he found his saving grace that picked him up when he felt his lowest. Drew and Molly are bloggers/influencers who strive to make our digital world a better place. They post with a purpose - to encourage others to find their own style and promote mental health awareness. On this episode Drew and Molly touch on Drew's transition from the basketball court to the blog, defying influencer stereotypes, and the importance of understanding how apps like Instagram can affect our mental health.  Drew's Blog:  /  IG: @beachbyrds Molly's Blog: /  IG: @trendychickadee Follow Bridget! IG: @afterorangeslices  Twitter: @bridgetcase_  Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
December 13, 2019
"Many ways to get to the cheese", with NFL Agent Sam Leaf Ireifej
CFP Rankings are out! Who is in? And what does that mean for the future of college athletics? NFL Agent Sam Leaf Ireifej joins the show to share his opinion on the future of the NCAA and give us the inside scoop on what it takes to become an agent. Sam is a former NFL Player who represents high profile clients and hot young talent including Malik Reed and Devin Singletary. He is the President of Entourage Management, a sports agency that works with their clients on more than succeeding on the field. To learn more about Entourage Management, visit their website Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices  Twitter: @bridgetcase_  Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
December 10, 2019
Reach out with a Reason: Work In Sports' Brian Clapp is the Networking Guru
Are you on LinkedIn yet? By the end of this episode, YOU WILL BE. Meet the mastermind of professional networking, Brian Clapp. Brian is the Host of the Work in Sports Podcast and VP of Content and Engaged Learning at Work in Sports is a premium job board subscription for the sports industry with over 24,000 active jobs. After 20 years in the industry and stops at CNN/Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports Northwest, Brian has helped build the Work in Sports mogul into what it is today. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn here.  Twitter: @BClappSports Subscribe and learn more about the Work in Sports Podcast and Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by the Quiktract, the best way to create and sign a contract from your phone. Download the free Quiktract App today.
December 6, 2019
Athletes Overcoming Addiction: How a game of catch 37 years ago saved lives, with College Football stars Dan Devaney & Walter Bailey
Dan Devaney and Walter Bailey grew up in Oregon and went on to star as some of the best defensive forces in the Pac-10. Dan is a Duck and Walter is a Husky, but the conference rivalry is the only thing that separates them. Dan was Walter's football hero growing up. One afternoon the two met, picked up a football, and played a game of catch. That was in 1982. Fast forward to 2019, and the two have reunited. One saved the other's life. After years of battling with drugs and alcohol, both men are sober and counselors in the Portland area.  In 2020, they'll launch their Hey Catch foundation to support fellow athletes. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn here. Follow Dan on Twitter: @duck54d  Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices  Twitter: @bridgetcase_  Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
December 2, 2019
The Guide to Intuitive Eating: Crushing eating disorder stereotypes & health barriers with RD Katie Spada
Two toddlers make a quick appearance before introducing the next AOS guest, Katie Spada! Katie is a Dietitian and Nutritionist who is best known for her brand "Fueling Former Athletes". She spent all of her life competing in synchronized swimming and continued her career as a college athlete. As a former athlete herself, Katie has taken her experiences from the pool to create a welcoming space for other athletes finding it difficult to transition out of sports - especially when it comes to food. Katie is all about "intuitive eating" and listening to your body. Bridget and Katie get raw and open up about the realities of autoimmune diseases and tackle athlete eating disorders.  Contact Katie and learn more about her programs at Follow Katie!  Instagram: @fueling.former.athletes Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
November 29, 2019
You're more than a million bucks: vegan fried chicken company serves Shark Tank with a tall order
DISCLAIMER: Bridget is really sick and sounds like a dying turkey. You might not recognize her. But perfect timing because it's almost Turkey Day, and the AOS podcast celebrates with a special guest! Deborah Torres is best known as the woman who went viral for turning down ONE MILLION DOLLARS on ABC's Shark Tank. Crazy or genius? We think BRILLIANT! Deborah fries up the world's most popular vegan fried chicken along with other vegan products that you can find served up at restaurants across the United States. Deborah dishes on fad diets, athlete eating habits, and how to shop healthy. You'll be lickin' your chops by the end of this episode. To get on the delivery waiting list or learn more about Atlas Monroe vegan food products, head to Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
November 25, 2019
Believe in the Power of the Mind: Lessons from missing the Olympics, with 2x National Champion Swimmer Seth Pepper
What do you do when you're one of the best swimmers in the world, racing stroke for stroke with the reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, but you peak between Olympic Games? You harness the power of the mind. 2x National Champion Swimmer Seth Pepper pops in today to take us through his real-life "mental experiment". He didn't start swimming until the age of 14, and within a few years was setting world records at the University of Arizona. Seth discusses his pro career and the panic attacks that paralyzed him then, and how those past experiences transformed him into the successful Mental Performance Coach he is today. Head to to learn more. For a free initial coaching call with Seth Pepper, visit Seth's website or book directly at For a 10% discount on any of Seth's training packages, use Promo Code: BridgetCaseNow Follow Seth! Instagram & Twitter: @sethpepper Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
November 22, 2019
Where do we go after Gold? Olympic Gold Medalist Louise Dobson
Australian Olympic Gold Medalist Louise Dobson joins the show! From leading the Hockeyroos to #1 in the world to missing her own home country Olympic Games in Sydney, Lou knows what it's like to be at the top and deal with the ultimate trials that follow in life. Whether you're an athlete or not, there's something to learn from Lou's journey. A former dual Olympian, Lou now runs her own business and speaks to elite athletes around the world. To connect with Lou and learn about her business, find her on LinkedIn and Instagram @lou_dobson Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
November 18, 2019
Professor Plum in the Rage Room with the Hockey Stick: How an NHL Mascot went viral, with Lauren Capone
What started as a Twitter battle between bird and prey one year ago ended up launching the National Hockey League's first worldwide influencer - Gritty. The Philadelphia Flyers' mascot turned 1 year old in September, and he's been able to gain more followers on social media with his game day pranks and pop culture memes than most digital personalities. Lauren Capone, Philadelphia's Marketing Communications Coordinator and former college gymnast at Temple University, joins the podcast to explain all that went into creating the NHL's most handsome orange poster child. With a new Rage Room and the Gritty Command Center transforming their arena, Lauren discusses what it takes to become a successful sports franchise and what the future looks like for women in sports. Follow Bridget! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract, the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
November 15, 2019
Pt. 2 Take a Chance on Yourself: Turning a Bad Decision into Opportunity with Noah Whittle
Noah Whittle had the chance to play running back at a four year university. But, one wrong decision and that opportunity was gone forever. In a new era where NCAA athletes will be getting paid soon, it's important to remember the ones who have come before them and consequences they've faced. Noah joins Bridget and Lauren on the AOS show to share his recipe on how to make life's lemonade with really sour lemons. Fresh off a pro season in the German Football League, Noah is on the grind to make it back in the States.  Follow the podcast! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract - the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract App today.
November 8, 2019
Pt. 1 Take a Chance on Yourself: From Walmart to the NFL with Jajuan Harley
Once a Walmart employee, Jajuan Harley seized every opportunity that came his way to achieve his dream of playing professional football - even if that meant training on the Walmart treadmills at midnight and sleeping in his car. But what make's a rich man find happiness? Jajuan joins the podcast to teach us what it means to truly be "rich" and live every single moment as a blessing. Now he's putting in all his poker chips to bet on himself - and that's a pretty good bet. Jajuan is an American inspiration who is an NFL Free Agent and currently signed to the IFL. As a motivational speaker and coach, he started his own company M.A.D.E. "Make Adjustments, Delete Excuses." Make that your new mantra, and take a chance on yourself. Learn more about Jajuan's mission: Follow the podcast! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract - the easiest way to create and sign a contract. Download the FREE Quiktract App today.
November 8, 2019
"Decluttering for Dummies" with Organized Jane
We all could use a little less clutter in our lives. Enter Jane Stoller, better known as "Organized Jane". As the world's first "Life-Biz" organizer, she's a pro at helping entrepreneurs, athletes, moms, and helpless souls get their ish together. Whether it's doing a full digital overhaul or simply starting with your bedroom closet, Jane gives you the building blocks to live a happy lifestyle. A former cheerleader and current author, Jane speaks to professionals around the world and shares the secrets to a successful business. Today she pours out her wisdom on the After Orange Slices podcast! Click here to preorder Jane's new book "Decluttering for Dummies" on Amazon. Available in stores November 21st. To learn more about Organized Jane, visit her website Follow Jane! Instagram: @organizedjane  Twitter: @organizedjane  YouTube: Follow Bridget & the podcast! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract - the easiest way to create and sign a contract from your phone. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
November 1, 2019
Writing a Reading Revolution, with MLS Goalkeeper Jeff Attinella
We kick off the show with Bridget's take on the Astros' firing of their outspoken Assistant GM. Will the Nationals sweep Houston to win the World Series? MLS Goalkeeper Jeff Attinella of the Portland Timbers joins the podcast to talk about all of his off the field endeavors he's explored since being sidelined with a season-ending injury. Jeff is also an accomplished children's author and publisher. He founded It Had To Be Told Publishing  and has written four books. Listen to Jeff on his own podcast "From J to Z" that he hosts with Timbers teammate Zarek Valentin. Oh, and he's the most diehard Tampa fan you'll ever meet.  Buy Jeff's books at or on Amazon. Follow Jeff! Instagram: @jeff_attinella1 Twitter: @Jeff_Attinella1 Follow the podcast! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Sponsored by Quiktract - the easiest way to create and sign a contract from your phone. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
October 25, 2019
Choosing a winning mentality, with NY Yankees Mental Conditioning Coach Lauren Johnson
LeBron overshadows the MLB postseason this week as an unofficial diplomat and the Nationals are headed to their first franchise World Series! As the Yankees and Astros battle in the ALCS for a spot in the 2019 World Series, NYY Mental Conditioning Coordinator Lauren Johnson breaks away from gameday action to discuss the importance of a winning mentality on and off the field. Lauren and Bridget discuss strategies athletes use to survive a grueling season and block out all of life's curveballs. Before graduate school and mental coaching at the college level, Lauren played NCAA soccer. Follow the Podcast! Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Follow Lauren Johnson: @laurennicolejohnson Sponsored by Quiktract - the simplest way to create and sign a contract from your phone. Download the FREE Quiktract App here.
October 18, 2019
Special Teams Stud to Artist Extraordinare: Ayele Adika goes all out
Ayele Forde aka Ayele Adika is here to talk life after football! An American born artist based in Portland, Yay has been honing his craft for the past 15 years. His multi-medium images and use of acrylics on clear film is his signature style. Yay developed his passion as a Digital Arts major at the University of Oregon while playing on a championship football team. He now coaches high school football in Portland.  Find Ayele's work and information on upcoming shows at Follow him @ayeleadikaart. Follow @afterorangeslices on Instagram! This episode sponsored by Quiktract - the easiest way to create and sign a contract from your phone. Download the FREE Quiktract App today!
October 11, 2019
When winning is never good enough: Tennis Legend Julie Heldman's fight for survival
Bridget and Lauren debate the good and the wtf of the new Fair Pay to Play Bill that will allow college athletes in California to get paid starting in 2023. (2:41) One of the "Original 9" joins the show today! (26:40) Julie Heldman is a pro tennis pioneer, a fixture in the beginning of women's athletics, an Olympic medalist, an author, and a survivor. Julie pulls back the curtain on what playing in the Virginia Slims' Circuit (now WTP) was like with her mother, Gladys Heldman, at the helm. Gladys founded World Tennis Magazine and is one of the most influential people in the game - but she was Julie's cause of childhood trauma. Abuse and Bipolar Disorder have plagued Julie for years, and now stronger than ever, she shares her story. Purchase Julie's book "Driven: A Daughter's Odyssey" on Amazon here. Sponsored by Quiktract - the simplest way to create and sign a contract on your phone. Download the FREE Quiktract App.
October 4, 2019
He died 3x and lived to tell the tale: TShane Johnson is Superman
First he was left for dead and flatlined three times. Then he was homeless for two years. Now, TShane Johnson is an unbelievable motivational speaker, author, athlete and marine vet.  In part of his fourth "Hike Across America Tour", he set out on a two month hike from Ground Zero to Orlando, Florida - all while carrying a 100-pound backpack. Today, TShane takes a water break on the podcast to share his story and inspire all of us. Help TShane raise funds for military vets in need by supporting the Gary Sinise Foundation here or text “Hike” at 407-449-1384. Sponsored by Quiktract - the easiest way to create and sign a contract on your phone. Download the FREE Quiktract app today.
September 27, 2019
HBO’s “Ballers” Star Donovan Carter: Returning to the Field
TV star Donovan Carter joins the podcast! AKA Vernon Littlefield, a Cowboys Defensive End on HBO’s Hit Show “Ballers”. Donovan tells us how he found acting, and what life was REALLY like when his dreams of playing in the NFL were crushed after a college football career at UCLA. Bridget and Lauren get the inside scoop on what it's like to work with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and all of Donovan's other rockstar cast mates.  Sponsored by Quiktract - the best way to create and sign a contract from your phone. Download from the App store FREE today. Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: bridgetcase_
September 20, 2019
Bonus: Fresh Squeeze on NFL Headaches
Physical Therapist, Author and Concussion Specialist Dr. Mansi Vakil discusses concussion myths, where we are on CTE research in living brains, and why we need more female NFL coaches. Get a copy of her book Concussion and Sports on Amazon. Sponsored by Quiktract - the easy way to sign a contract, right from your phone. Download the free Quiktract app today. Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
September 13, 2019
Concussions: Get Your Head Out of the Game
"When in doubt sit it out"...but what all-star athlete has ever voluntarily sat out of a championship game because he hit his head too hard? What MVP doesn't return to the field because she's got a bit of a headache? Dr. Mansi Vakil joins the podcast to talk about changing the stigma of concussions in sports. From pop warner to pro, the Physical Therapist and Author tells us how we should react in a game time situation, what vague concussion signs we shouldn't ignore, and how little of movement it takes to screw up our brains for life. Scared yet? Don't be. The Doctor is in, and she's got all the answers. Grab her book Concussion and Sports on Amazon. Sponsored by Quiktract - the easy way to sign a contract, right from your phone. Download the free Quiktract app today. Instagram: @afterorangeslices Twitter: @bridgetcase_
September 13, 2019
Becoming your own boss, with Olympic Medalist Holly McPeak
Three-time Beach Volleyball Olympian, 2004 Medalist, and Volleyball Hall of Famer Holly McPeak talks finding a new career (or two, maybe three?) after sports. When she's not covering NCAA games on Pac-12 Network or ESPN, Holly hosts the new "Sports Like a Boss" podcast and runs her own volleyball club in Manhattan Beach. Holly dives deep into walking on at UCLA and leading the Bruins to a NCAA indoor championship, being inducted into the Cal Hall of Fame, why she wouldn't have wanted to compete on the sand in college, and becoming one of the best of all time despite the haters of her 5'7" frame. Former Pac-12 Setter of the Year and Current Pro Lauren Plum joins the conversation on the future of NCAA volleyball and Pac-12 dominance.  Check out Quiktract - the easiest way to draft and sign a contract on your phone. Put the free back in freelance. Download the Quiktract app for FREE today. Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Instagram: @afterorangeslices
September 6, 2019
Bonus: Andrew Luck retires, Gronk and CBD
Between Andrew Luck's surprise retirement and Rob Gronkowski's endorsement of CBD products, Bridget and Lauren tackle the biggest bombs dropped in the NFL this week. Quiktract is the easiest way to draft and sign a contract right on your mobile phone. Put the free back in freelance. Download the Quiktract app for FREE today. Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Instagram: @afterorangeslices
August 31, 2019
From Turf to Tech: Oregon Football, meet Quiktract
Former Oregon Wide Receiver Blake Stanton joins the show to introduce AOS' newest sponsor - Quiktract. Blake is the current EVP and Partner of the tech platform, but don't put him in a box...there's so much more.  Quiktract is the easiest way to draft and sign a contract right on your mobile phone. Put the free back in freelance. Download the Quiktract app for FREE today. Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Instagram: @afterorangeslices
August 30, 2019
Bonus: Fresh Squeeze with Lauren Plum
Part 2 of "Girl Walks into a German Bath Haus..." explores Pro Volleyball player Lauren Plum's experience abroad. If you can't say something nice, then make it funny. Twitter: @bridgetcase_ Instagram: @afterorangeslices
August 25, 2019
Girl walks into a German bath haus... with Lauren Plum
Former Pac-12 Setter of the Year turned Pro, Lauren Plum shares her freeing experience of playing professional volleyball in Germany. Bridget and Lauren reminisce on the good, the bad, and the pink panthers of college athlete life at Oregon.  Relax, shave her stache, and fix that crooked crown. LISTEN TO PART 2 OF THE INTERVIEW ON THE BONUS FRESH SQUEEZE MINISODE! FOLLOW! instagram: @afterorangeslices   twitter: @bridgetcase_
August 23, 2019
Plan B?? How to employ the unemployed with Jeff Eberhart
Sometimes it doesn’t always work out the way we dreamed. Can we get a do over? Executive Director of the Oregon Athlete Foundation Jeff Eberhart helps College and Pro Ducks enter corporate America and learn to swim with society. Bridget talks lying her way into an internship and being a trendy, jobless millennial. They’re crushing athlete stereotypes and defeating depression. Music by White Gold.
August 16, 2019
Bonus: Fresh Squeeze with Shaun Chase
Bridget and Shaun pick apart current sports culture.
August 9, 2019
Confidence, Sexuality, and Identity off the Diamond
In this inaugural episode of AOS, former Oregon Catcher Shaun Chase dishes on post baseball life. Bridget and Shaun discuss coming out, coping with loss, discovering hidden talents, and learning how to dress nice. Music by White Gold.
August 9, 2019