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By Bridgette Angel Montgomery
THE BRIDGE Podcast is a place where amazing things can happen. At THE BRIDGE, we can discuss all things concerning life. My goal is to provide MY LISTENERS with a space where you can find hope, inspiration, motivation, love, and A BIT of encouragement to help you overcome any circumstance or obstacle that life might throw your way. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and be EMPOWERED...
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You control Your Calm
Sit back, relax, reflect and enjoy.  Take control of: 1. Who you come in contact with 2. What you allow into your mind 3. How you chose to spend your time serving others 4. Nurturing yourself 5. Treating yourself to pleasantrie
June 04, 2020
IChoseMe because IChoseLife ❤
Suicide is real. Its a growing epide.ic, andost people who complete suicide doesnt do it because they want to die, rather they just want the pain to stop. How do we help those who are stuck in their paon find hope? Knowing the signs and being aware is the first step to saving a life. #IChoseMe because #IChoseLife ❤
August 05, 2019
Setting Clear Boundaries: Building A Stress Free Life
Doing what's right, establishing boundaries and setting clear limitations for yourself and your children can only reduce stress in your life, and clear the pathway for you and your family to appreciate and enjoy more of what you have, and that's each other.
May 30, 2019
In the midst of the storm
Only the strong will survive the storm. You will know the strength of what you have after going through the storm
May 14, 2019
Know Your Purpose
Re-center, Re-connect, and Re-focus with yourself. It's essential for personal and professional growth and development
May 06, 2019
Fear will Immobilize you: Activate your Faith and Plunge Forward
Don't let fear keep you stuck.  In order to move forward you have to activate your faith, and believe that whatever you are hoping for is possible.  Let go of fear.  Activate your Faith, and plunge Forward into your destiny. 
May 06, 2019
Understanding Autism
In honor of Autism Awareness month I gave a candid presentation on what Autism is.  I also discussed some myths associated with Autism, and I provide you with facts as it pertains to autism.  I end with some evidence based practices used to treat Autism and interventions known to help people with ASD move on to living productive lives.  I will be speaking from the perspective of my own personal experience and backing it up with what the research says.
April 29, 2019
Don’t Lose Hope: Keep the Faith
Do you have hope? If so, hold on to that. Hope and faith goes hand in hand. Even though you can see it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t believe it, but if you have faith and hold on to the possibility of what can happen, amazing things will begin to begin to happen for you.
April 18, 2019
The Beauty in Paying Bills
Anchor • The Blessing of Paying Bills. It’s a remember of knowing that you have. So when ever you have to write another check to pay your rent/mortgage, car note, utility bills, credit card debt and the like... be blessed. You have the job and the means to get what you need and enjoy what you have. Yes, I chose to call it a blessing
April 08, 2019
IChoseMe and Parenting:
We often forget about ourselves when it comes to our children and meeting their needs. But what we fail to realize that when we don’t care for ourselves in a very special way, we do a dis service to them. Time our for running on fur. Let’s fill up, be our best and give them our best. They will thank you for not later. So now IChoseMe because I will never be a choice again.
March 23, 2019
My 9yr old son attempting to Play Stevie Wonder: Superstition
Josiah is playing Superstitious. He’s self taught and plays by ear. My ASD child can do whatever he put his mind to do. I just wanted to share what I heard him playing while he didn’t even notice I was listening in and recording.
February 20, 2019
Listen Up: Children Need To Be Heard
Latest episode of THE BRIDGE
February 11, 2019
Pay Attention: Sexual Abuse Happens
Latest episode of THE BRIDGE
February 04, 2019
Make time to Check In
Don't forget to take time to check in with others and with yourself. people are hurting and for whatever reason are afraid to reach out. Don't assume we are OK. Ask the questions and check in.
January 28, 2019
Fill in the Gaps
Gun violence is a social issue. It's something that impact us all and we all need to pay attention and be aware. But will creating stricter gun laws, and putting metal detectors in our school really protect our children? I think not. It's a start, but there's so much more work that needs to be done. It's our responsibility as parents, caretakers, educators, law makers, and any other person put in position to care for our youth to pay attention and Fill In The Gaps!
January 21, 2019
Mindset Matters
Latest episode of THE BRIDGE Have you perceive a situation or think about the situations will determine how you navigate through the situation and progress towards achieving your goals. Your mindset matters. If you believe it, you can achieve it!
January 21, 2019
Talking Youth and Technology
Technology is the way of the world. It is how we shop, pay bills, work, date and socialize. for many its that only connection with other people. But when does technology becomes a problem? Take a listen and share you thoughts.
January 14, 2019
Being Present In the Moment
Contentment comes when you are able to understand and appreciate the present moment that you are in.  Worrying keeps us focused on what hasn't happen and robs us of enjoying our present.  Don't look at what has already happened because you can't do anything to change it, so why not enjoy the moment, your present state of being.  Learn to enjoy where you are on the way to where you're going. 
January 07, 2019
Be Grateful In All Things
Sometimes we forget to pay attention to what is, and appreciate the blessings of the moment. Don’t get side track complaining about non essential insignificant things. Nothing is promise To is and life is too short to waste it on being unhappy about what we don’t have. I choose joy, I chose peace! IChoseMe❤️
January 03, 2019
Leaping Into The New Year
Time to let go of the past and look ahead toward your future. Leap into the blessing of tomorrow and be grateful for the mishaps of today. They only strengthen you and made you wiser and better for what’s to come
December 29, 2018
Why Marriages Fail
We have to be responsible for nuturing what we committed to. Marriages take work, they don't build themselves. Put in the work, be considerate of your spouse, love unconditionally and watch what happens.
October 15, 2018
Letting go of Resentment
Resentment is like poison. It hurts you and not them. Let it go and be free to experience the peace of love and joy that you so rightfull deserve.
October 08, 2018
Understanding Grief and Loss
How to you handle losing someone you love or something you're connected too. The grief process can take on many forms. There's no right or wrong way to grieve, the important thing is that you allow yourself to grieve so that you can move through it in a healthy and non destructive way.
October 01, 2018
Obtaining Peace
You are in control of the peace you experience in life. Let go of what you have no control of, and bring peace, joy and love back into your life
September 26, 2018
On Being a Wife: What we dont Say
Being a wife is a beautiful thing, but it takes works. Understand that marriage has a spiritual significance and purpose for making you better. It challenges you in many ways, and if you are able to withstand the journey of coming together as one, your end result will be a beautiful one as a result of Holy matrimony.
August 27, 2018
Why Worry: Tips on how to Stop
Worrying robs us of our peace. It keeps us stuck in the future and feeling stressed about what hasn't even come to past yet. If you want peace, trying implementing these four essential strategies to manage the negative thoughts.
August 20, 2018
The Elevator: Next Level
Dont miss your elevation to the next level because you're complaining about the waiting period. Prepare while you wait so when the elevator arrives you wont miss your ride.
August 15, 2018
Stationed Not Stagnant
Know your place and position. See your purpose in each phase of your life. Know that you have been Stationed and you’re not stagnant. You are needed right where you are. Walk in it...
August 13, 2018
Change is Inevitable: So Adapt to it
When life is not going the way you planned for it to go and there has been a change or a detour, are you able to adapt and go with the flow. Adapting to change will only benefit you in the long wrong. Learn to let go, and go with the flow.
July 30, 2018
On Being Engaged and Engaging
Your presence does not equal being engaged. Get up and do something. Make a difference in the life of the one you love.
July 23, 2018
Live and Love your life as it Is
If you want to be happy, Learn to Live, laugh and love on Purpose. You can do this by changing your attitude, being open minded to other perspectives, and stop comparing yourself to other people. Its your life, live it and love it as it is.
July 16, 2018
A Mirage: The Internet
The world wide web has taken over our live, disconnected us from building and establishing pure relationships, and taught us how to present, an image of who we want to be, instead of going out and creating the life that we were meant to achieve.
July 09, 2018
Transitions are good. It suggest that your moving and adding and taking away things from you life. Each transitions brings about a new change that will only bring you one step closer to your goal and destination in life. Don't stop now, enjoy the transitions because soon you'll get to coast through life and enjoy all that you've done.
July 02, 2018
Lets Talk About Suicide
Suicide is a real social problem. There are many risk factors that one should be aware of so that you can be in tuned with and know how to prevent suicide from ocurring. Nearly 40,000 people die from suicide alone in the United states everywhere. If you or someone you know may be battling with the thought of harming yourself, or committing suicide, please reach out to someone. Help is closer than you can imagine: 1-800-273-TALK
June 12, 2018
What's Your Truth: Spoken Word
Poetry spoken to address unspoken family issues
June 09, 2018
Kevin Hart: Life Lessons
A candid review on Kevin Hart's Biography. His rise to stardom did not come without test, and trials. After reading the book, I've come to gain a different level of respect for Kevin Hart, one in which hardwork, determination and passion paved the way for him.
June 07, 2018
Self Esteem Building
How you view yourself matters. Take time out to care for you, you won't regret it. Follow these 10 simple steps to self esteem building and watch your life change for the better.
June 06, 2018
Learn to Love Yourself
We often expect other people to make us happy. We place unspoken expectations on them, and try to force them to do for us, only what we can do for ourself. Our happiness should not be predicated on what others can say or do for us, rather, what we can do for ourselves. Your Happiness lies in you hand. Learn to love yourself above all else
June 03, 2018
Memories: Of the one you Love
No one knows when their time will be up, so live every moment as it's your last. Take time out to tell those you love, that you love them. Spend time together doing nothing but creating memories. Memories becomes our treasures.
June 02, 2018
Its Your Story To Tell
our hopes and dreams can overwhelm us and pretty Mich cause us to lose hope if we don't have a proper perspective on the delivery process. Its your story: so tell it in your way, no their way!
May 24, 2018
The Vision: It's Your Time
Your vision will catapult you into your destiny. In order to get it out in your head and into reality, you must write the vision and make it plain. It's your time.
May 23, 2018
Its time to make it happen: Today
We all have things we know we need to do but we are afraid to make that move because we don’t know what's on the other side of change. Well I'm here to tell you, there's only greatness waiting on the other side. It’s time to Gear Up and Make it happen, Today!
May 21, 2018
Your Words Matter: Even Your Jokes
Choose your words carefully. You never know who may be listening and rhode life you’re affecting.
May 21, 2018
Gearing Up!
During Prom time and High School Graduation seasons we want to show our children off and commemorate their success, and Trust me I’m all for it. Lets us set the stage, set the tone and Send then out with a Bang: but Let is do it Sensibly...
May 19, 2018
Wrong Thoughts Keeps You Stuck
Latest episode of THE BRIDGE
May 18, 2018
The Bridge
Welcoming listeners to the Bridge Podcast, as the host becomes accustomed to and familiar with the world of podcasting.
May 18, 2018
Love Never Felt So Good
Remember in the old days when love was electric fire. You did everything that you could possibly thing to keep it fresh and new. Now that you have that person what are you going to do to keep their person? Love never felt so good!
May 18, 2018
The Act of Being Intentional
This episode talks about being intentional in you thoughts, actions and deeds. Make it a point to do, what it is that your going to do on purpose, and with a purpose. Make it your goal, to make it happen....Today!
May 17, 2018