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Storytime with Bright Hawk!

Storytime with Bright Hawk!

By Bright Hawk
Long time storyteller, Bright Hawk, offers fun relatable inspiring stories both fiction and non-fiction. Also, storytelling tips are offered throughout the episodes. Connecting through storytelling. "Together we make better stories"
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Irish Storytime!
Bright Hawk brings her Irish Ancestry to this LIVE STREAM  that's suitable for ALL AGES! Adult's and children alike will have a great time on this LIVE storytime! Join us Live on Thursday March 17th 2022 @4pm PT - 5pm MT - 6pm CT - 7pm ET for this Gender INCLUSIVE Storytime with a modern twist to Irish Lore and the magickal sound of the Handpan instrument! Bright Hawk's Storytelling is great fun for the child in all of us! Connect with Bright Hawk at
March 18, 2022
The Listener - A Story Telling with Bright Hawk
Bright Hawk offers the story "The Listener" that helps us understand why purpose is important and how EVERYONE has a part to play in our community. This story implies that the main character lives without freedom of movement like walking and running, a story intended to include everyone!  This story is from the book "Stories from the New Age" by Arlene Williams You can learn more about Bright Hawk at
June 19, 2021
Citizen Diplomacy - Changing the world on person at a time!
Bright Hawk brings her music and masterful storytelling skills forward in the telling of her trip to the Caucus Mountains in the southern Soviet Union on an American delegation mountain climbing expedition.  US - USSR youth initiative & Colorado Outward Bound brought a group together to climb the highest mountain in Europe. Tune in for this inspiring and real story about world peace.  Learn more about Bright Hawk and listen to other episodes at Audio Engineer: Hollis Taylor Music by Bright Hawk & Gary Stadler
May 06, 2021
Jamakanda! Has Big Ears! - Storyteller's Connection Ep. 7
Bright Hawk shares one her first stories, Jamakanda! Enjoy this story and the wisdom within it along with some tips on how to tell your own traditional folk tales with your own flavor!  Enjoy Bright Hawk's storytelling? She also has a book and is available for private or public events. Find out more at Please follow, comment and share this podcast - A free way to support this artist! 
April 18, 2021
A Modern Irish Folktale - Episode 6
One of Bright Hawk's fictional creations supported with her handpan music and Irish accent. Enjoy this modern version of the Irish Folktale and get some tips on how to form your own fictional story.  Learn more about Bright Hawk
April 01, 2021
Ubuntu - Deeper Lessons from this Story!
There are so many lessons that can come through Ubuntu! Bright Hawk not only brings forth the story but also discusses cultural appropriation, and how to avoid doing that in your stories!! Harvest stories from this musical telling of this amazing story, both the traditional "Ubuntu" story well known among the storytelling community and Bright Hawk's real African Ubuntu experience in the Kalahari Desert. Listen to Bright Hawk's telling of Ubuntu and revisit the wisdom in this story. Then listen on for Bright Hawk's tips on being sure your story is not appropriating a culture, which is a very sensitive issue in today's modern world.  Learn More at Please subscribe and also you can find this podcast on Bright Hawk's Youtube Channel.
March 17, 2021
Death & Dying - A Story!
Bright Hawk shares her experience with death and shares tips on how to tell stories that carry a message, that teach a way of thinking, or inspires people to see a new perspective. Offering tips to help you build your special story, change the world with your story!  You can receive private coaching at Music with the piano is with Gary Stadler Other Music in the story "Theresas Lullabye" and "Daddy's Delight" - If you want to purchase these songs from Bright Hawk, in order to support her personally please be sure to purchase this album from her website. (if you purchase it anywhere else it does NOT support Bright Hawk directly) Sacred Side Project Album – Featuring Bright Hawk, Jason Cohen, Eric Freeman, Chris Baum
February 26, 2021
The Union of Opposites (Episode 3 - Storyteller's Connection)
Bright Hawk shares her extraordinary romantic tale of two that seemed like opposites come together in this romantic love story of finding the great love. Celebrating the union of Bright Hawk with her non-binary partner, Hollis Taylor. Enjoy a heart warming love story and the soothing music of Bright Hawk with Gary Stadler.  Bright Hawk also offers tips and guidance on the structure of your story and how to approach assembling an engaging story that inspires and transforms.  Thank you for subscribing! It's free!  Music is by Bright Hawk and Gary Stadler Audio Engineer: Hollis Taylor  Learn more at
February 16, 2021
Storyteller's Connection Episode 2: Sharing our Scars
Bright Hawk shares one of her favorite stories about transformation. Bright Hawk offers wisdom with sharing our scars and wounds, how when we overcome something or heal an old wound that scar could actually be beautiful. With wisdom about turning lead into gold this storyteller's connection is fully of wisdom and handpan music! Music is by Bright Hawk and Gary Stadler Learn more at
February 09, 2021
Storyteller's Connection Episode 1
Welcome to Storyteller's Connection. Bright Hawk answers the call to storytelling! She tells the story of her journey with storytelling and offers a tip for forming your story. Enjoy this episode and many more to come!  Thank you for sharing this podcast with others, commenting and offering feedback as well as offering reviews! Thank you for being part of Storyteller's Connection! You can register for the live event or order Bright Hawk's book at
January 29, 2021
Storyteller's Connection Introduction
Welcome to Storyteller's Connection!  This is the introduction of what we intend for Storyteller's Connection. We hope you resonate with this message and if you do we encourage you to also join us for the LIVE Storyteller's Connection where we can hear your story, too! Thank you for listening to Storyteller's Connection - Together We make Better Stories!
January 29, 2021