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Brighter Stories

Brighter Stories

By Victory Mission
Brighter Stories is a podcast about eliminating poverty and empowering people by giving them the tools they need to build independent lives that they love. We’ll tackle a variety of topics such as trauma informed care, outreach, paternalism, and more. We’ll also hear testimonies from Graduates of the Restoration Program, Victory Mission’s long-term discipleship program that transforms lives through a “wholistic” approach.
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Transformed by God: Restoration Graduate Testimony with Chris Pollard

Brighter Stories

Transformed by God: Restoration Graduate Testimony with Chris Pollard
Today we’re talking with Chris Pollard, a recent graduate from Victory Mission’s Restoration Program. Chris started getting in trouble at a young age. He grew up feeling insecure, searching for a place where he would be accepted. He found himself hanging around people who ran the streets and he did whatever he could to fit in with the group. Soon it became part of who he was. He spent the majority of his teenage and adult years in prison. Eventually he realized he was in too deep. He was stranded in Kansas City, hiding from people who wished him harm. For the first time in his life, his mom was scared of him. That’s when Chris knew he needed to change. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Victory Mission on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: @victorymission Instagram: @victory.mission
September 15, 2022
Coming Alongside: Outreach That Actually Helps with Bobby Mitchell
People all across the country are hurting. They’re experiencing homelessness, mental health crises, and addiction. We want to help, but how can we do that while still empowering that person towards an independent life? I sat down with Bobby Mitchell, Victory Mission’s Men’s Shelter Chaplain, to talk about outreach. Bobby also leads Victory’s Street Outreach Team where he regularly interacts with people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues, and addiction. Bobby himself used to be in homelessness and addiction, which brings him unique insight as he serves Victory Mission’s unsheltered neighbors. Join us as we discuss Bobby’s experience in outreach and share some practical tips for serving in your own community. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resources: Victory Mission's Outreach Rip Card - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Victory Mission on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: @victorymission Instagram: @victory.mission
September 01, 2022
Met by Jesus: Restoration Graduate Testimony with Jon Griffin
Jon’s drinking habit escalated gradually. It started as just going out on weekends, having fun with old friends, and maybe having a drink every once in a while. Then having a little bit more. Then it was binge drinking on the weekends, but not during the week. Eventually Jon’s drinking escalated into a daily habit. He was miserable: sunk down spiritually and mentally. But now Jon is a graduate of Victory’s Restoration Program. He’s walked through the rebuilding process and is now reaping the benefits of a restored life.  Hear Jon’s testimony of how he went from daily medicating with alcohol to living free through Jesus Christ. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Victory Mission on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: @victorymission Instagram: @victory.mission
August 18, 2022
Providing Dignity and Compassion: Trauma Informed Care with Kevin Stratton, LPC
What does it mean to be trauma informed? I had the chance to sit down with Victory Mission’s Licensed Professional Counselor Kevin Stratton to talk about just that. Kevin counsels men who come to Victory from addiction, homelessness, or incarceration, and he’s seen around 400 men in the last four years. Of those 400 men, about 70% of them deal with trauma of some kind. In this episode, Kevin talks about how to provide dignity and empower individuals while being respectful of their past experiences. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Victory Mission on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: @victorymission Instagram: @victory.mission
August 04, 2022
Living in Total Freedom: Restoration Graduate Testimony with Dave Saville
I sat down with Restoration Graduate David Saville (or “Cadillac Saville” as he’s known to his friends) to talk about what his life was like before the Restoration Program and how God showed up to change things. Dave spent 30 years in addiction and now He’s living in total freedom through Christ.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Victory Mission on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: @victorymission Instagram: @victory.mission
July 14, 2022
Dependence, Paternalism, and Our Response to Poverty with James Whitford
We’ve all noticed the man or woman standing at the busy intersection holding up a cardboard sign. Or perhaps we have a neighbor, friend, or family member who's stuck in the grips of poverty. Have you found yourself challenged with the big questions about how you can really be helpful? We want to see our communities thrive, but how can we get there? Those are the questions we hope to answer during our first episode. I'm talking with James Whitford, the Executive Director of Watered Gardens Rescue Mission and founder of the True Charity Initiative. During my conversation with James, we discuss challenging topics like learned helplessness, the five steps to paternalism, and how creating a dependency on charity hurts the whole community.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Victory Mission on Facebook and Instagram:  Facebook: @victorymission Instagram: @victory.mission
June 22, 2022