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Suitable Stories for the Discerning Adult

Suitable Stories for the Discerning Adult

By Brigid Mahony
A selection of stories for your delight and entertainment.
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I Scream, You Scream
When Kevin Marshall, top ice-cream salesman in Seasidle Bay, is kidnapped by some men in sharp Italian suits, will he be given an offer he can't refuse?
April 24, 2021
Get to the Point
Something's afoot at the Marks & Spencer changing rooms...
April 10, 2021
We Suffer to Be Beautiful
Despite her mum's advice, Isabel goes and gets her ears pierced. She reckons she's old enough but is mum right after all?
April 03, 2021
A Cold Day in Hell
Hades' job is threatened when new kid Satan arrives in Hell. But is looking after the damned really the job for him?
March 07, 2021
Y Una Foto De Su Gato Tambien
Jenny’s holiday is ruined when her bag is stolen, but will her cat help her solve the mystery?
March 07, 2021
My Stale Bread Brings All the Ducks to the Pond
When Maggie takes her daughter Katie to feed the ducks, she is threatened by an uber yummy mummy, until Mother Nature intervenes...
February 21, 2021
The Martyrdom of St Valentine
When the wife of the deacon approaches Father Kevin with some surprising news, he advises her as best he can. Would a dog save her marriage? Or is everything not as it seems?
February 14, 2021
Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
Two worthy opponents face each other in the chess tournament - but is chess really the thing on their minds?
February 06, 2021
Part 3 of 3 - Going Through the Motions
As Mother Nature takes her course on Banjo, will Sarah have a happy ending? Banjo #3
January 30, 2021
Part 2 of 3 - Flores Para Las Muertas
Banjo is settled in his new Kent home. But when Sarah's boyfriend does the unexpected, Banjo's helpfulness leads to trouble. Banjo #2
January 30, 2021
Part 1 of 3 - One Day Away From Retirement
Banjo is nearly eight, and therefore heading towards retirement. But is it really what he wants? Banjo #1
January 30, 2021
The Jubilee Line
Richard Grady, policeman extraordinaire, goes dating, and explains his job. Someone is hacking off hair on the Jubilee line! Can he catch them, before it's too late?
January 23, 2021
A Fairy Merry Christmas
The Christmas tree fairy works her magic on an unusual domestic scene.
December 25, 2020
Letters to Lapland
Year 2 at St Mary’s have written letters to father Christmas. But, as their teacher confidently asserts, you won’t find anything personal in them…
December 18, 2020
A Cracking Joke
William's Christmas cracker joke is ruined by his nan, who decides to explain the 'facts of life'.
December 11, 2020
What A Performance
An actress tries for the role of Mary in the amateur dramatic production of Nativity... but would she be better suited as an angel?
December 04, 2020
Redemption On The Rocks
Gordon Everett’s life is transformed when he discovers God.
November 27, 2020
Late To The Party
Mr Braithwaite moves to a new care home and brings his lovely records with him.
November 20, 2020
Having Nun Of It
Naughty schoolgirl Zuzanna finds herself singing for survival against her headmistress, Sister Veronica.
November 13, 2020
Dad drops a bombshell... or three... during his wedding speech.
November 06, 2020
Pauline, a hotel manager from Essex, battles with the ultimate bridezilla, Belinda. 
October 30, 2020