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Real Things Living

Real Things Living

By Brigitte Cutshall
Resilience. This is what you need to adapt to change and move forward in life. Real Things Living focuses on resilience and connection with others. Connection leads to ideas, to solutions, and to overall better health.

Brigitte Cutshall's experiences motivated her to focus on what's important and inspire others. She's the founder of Gemini Media and a health advocate. She knows what it means to go from survivor to thriver just like many others. Between beating cancer twice with her intentional approach to health, she was diagnosed with a rare primary brain tumor called an acoustic neuroma.
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Finding a Way to Live with Jill Henning

Real Things Living

Finding a Way to Live with Jill Henning

Real Things Living

Expecting the Good - Introduction Part 2
It was recommended to share my book, Expecting the Good, through reading each chapter out loud. Challenge accepted. :) Here is Part 2 of the Introduction section, which focuses on: What an Intrapreneur is Why You Should take Responsibility of Who You Choose to Be What a Silent Leader is This book is a tribute to my stepfather, Jean-Luc Nash, a badass with a big heart. He was a West Point graduate, Special Forces Officer, Army Ranger, 82nd Airborne Commander, and Defense Attaché. What people like Jean-Luc Nash do is essential to protecting our country. This allows people like you and me to create, write, pursue our interests - whatever they are - and have the opportunity to make something of ourselves. Jean-Luc made a positive impact by being a great role model for our country, his community, and his family. He inspired many to improve themselves, not be afraid to try new things, explore, and have the courage to do what is right at any given moment. Link to watch the video:
June 26, 2022
Expecting the Good - Introduction
It was recommended to share my book, Expecting the Good, through reading each chapter out loud. Challenge accepted. :)   This book is a tribute to my stepfather, Jean-Luc Nash, a badass with a big heart. He was a West Point graduate, Special Forces Officer, Army Ranger, 82nd Airborne Commander, and Defense Attaché.  What people like Jean-Luc Nash do is essential to protecting our country. This allows people like you and me to create, write, pursue our interests - whatever they are - and have the opportunity to make something of ourselves.  Jean-Luc made a positive impact by being a great role model for our country, his community, and his family. He inspired many to improve themselves, not be afraid to try new things, explore, and have the courage to do what is right at any given moment. Link to watch the video:
June 16, 2022
Delivering Value for Others with Brad Johnson
"Music can speak with a way words cannot." Music is one of the ways many people find comfort. Brad always had a passion for music and writing. He has a calm demeanor, is a drummer, and loves to play hard rock and metal music. He is in the process of writing a non-fiction book series to serve other writers and build an independent career. Learn more about him at Bradley Johnson Productions, his music Second Wind, and his writing on Medium.
June 10, 2022
Health Matters for Everyone
Another great conversation about health.  Fungai Ndemera describes herself as "a woman who wears a lot of hats."  Fungai is a successful tech entrepreneur and lives in the U.K.  She wants to tackle health inequality and is on a mission to make health accessible for everyone through digital transformation, based on her research regarding social determinants of health. Learn more about her at Connect with her on LinkedIn too. 
May 31, 2022
Doing Work That Matters to You
Found this audio created a few years ago and re-sharing. Thought it could provide value to you.  Brigitte Cutshall shares her three general guidelines you can follow to help do the work that matters to you. This will help identify and determine your core values.  #measurewhatmatters #guidelines #values Leave a comment and you'll get a response. It would be an honor to connect with you. 1. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel 2. Check out my website at 3. You can connect on Instagram and LinkedIn 
April 24, 2022
How to think about Self-Care with Stacy Fehlinger
Keeping it simple helps you develop and create a lifestyle habit that's best for you. The best takeaway from my conversation with Stacy Fehlinger is this: do something small every single day that brings you joy.  After losing 65 pounds about 20 years ago, other women were inspired by Stacy's accomplishment and wanted to know how she did it. This inspired her to leave the corporate world, become a health coach 6 years ago, and now provides a program called L.E.A.N. for Life. Learn more about her at Watch the video clip shared on YouTube -
April 14, 2022
Transition from Writing Professor to Pro Writer with Kent Sanders
We all know that having a plan to reach a goal will help you succeed. Kent Sanders shares his barometer for success on this episode. Some people think that Kent just randomly quit his job as a Writing Professor to become a Pro Writer. No. He actually put together a strategic plan and it took almost five years to make that transition.  He was a Pastor prior to being a Writing Professor and misses the working routine at the College sometimes ... but definitely is grateful to be able to make more money while still helping others.  Kent also hosts The Daily Writer Podcast. You can connect with him at
March 11, 2022
You Are Not Your Audience with Ernie Verdugo
What's the biggest mistake that people do with YouTube growth?  Ernesto (aka Ernie) shares how his YouTube channel grew after learning from his mistakes and developing a 3-step process for success. Ernesto uploads incredibly useful content to his YouTube Channel, Speak Internationally, on a weekly basis.  He is an Award Winning Speaker and Virtual Communications Expert.  You can connect with him at Better Call Ernie.
March 02, 2022
Building Hopefulness with Fabrice Guerrier
Fabrice is the founder of Syllble with the goal to create change through words and storytelling. Syllble is a science fiction and fantasy production company for writers and creatives. He recently moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to envision his purpose. That purpose became a mission to build hopefulness, a work of healing. Participating in the altMBA gave him permission to create, the importance to push out of your comfort zone and embrace change.  You can learn more about him at Fabrice Guerrier and Syllble. 
February 21, 2022
How you can be more mindful
The Art of Mindfulness in today's world is about developing the right habits for you. Because you are your habits. In this episode, I share an example of being in the moment and 6 ways you can implement mindfulness to each day. Here is link to my original blog post about this topic - You Are Your Habits.
February 18, 2022
Book to Screenwriting Adaptation Journey
It takes a lot of courage to write and share your content via book. What about adapting that book into a screenplay?  I'm sharing the journey about this process with my book "Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart." Here is link with Hannah Cranfill as a guest on the Real Things Living podcast - about our experience creating a short film together: The "Adaptations" short film backstory.
February 02, 2022
Turn your book into an online course...?
This episode provides advice for authors on how to create an online course idea from your book.  Brigitte uses her book (Quality Book Formula) that's listed on KDP as an example.  This book was written to help you understand the steps between a book idea and selling it.  Link for course Business of Books idea on the Maven platform:
January 16, 2022
Quality Book Formula is here
My latest book is Quality Book Formula: Professionally Publish Your Book for Excellence.  It's common for us to take our knowledge for granted, and I was encouraged to write about this topic based on feedback from other authors since I have over two decades experience in the print and publishing industry. Link to watch video:
January 06, 2022
Your adversity can be an advantage with Zachary Green
Zachary Green is the definition of courage and learned to embrace the chaos from his U.S. Marine Corps and firefighter experiences. Integrity is important to him. The title of his best-selling book is "Warrior Entrepreneur: Lessons from the Battlefield to the Boardroom." The warrior principles learned can be translated into any career or business. Those principles can be summarized as teamwork, purpose, confidence, adaptability, tenacity, serenity, and morals.  Learn more about him at  
December 14, 2021
Get up and live with Chuck & Hannah Keels
Chuck and Hannah Keels share their unique and remarkable relationship. They are both Stage 4 cancer survivors; met and fell in love, got married on January 1, 2020, and founded Living Hope Cancer Foundation.  They each wrote their own book prior to meeting; and co-authored Get Up and Live to inspire others to have a positive mindset. The focus is to encourage others to live with a hope bigger than life.  Their 5 Pillars of life include: (1) prayer, (2) love, (3) juicing, (4) essential oils, and (5) move the body. Learn more and their YouTube channel
December 02, 2021
Discipline means no excuses with Matt Ode
Matt Ode truly is a miracle.  At the age of 24, he was diagnosed with Stage 3C Testicular Cancer. Matt experienced major complications during treatment and near death experiences such as a two-week coma after complicated surgery, kidney and liver failure, and a heart attack.   Matt shares his captivating journey and the lessons that were learned along the way. His story is an inspiring example of resilience...from Survivor to Superhero.  Learn more about Matt at
November 19, 2021
Financial Health with John Grace
We tend to think of finance and math as a 4-letter word. It's not and we should change that perspective. The focus for John Grace is working with essential workers to help them better understand their financial health. The main goal is to do everything he can to help take the mystery out of money management. He is also the author of Making Finance Make Sense: Striving to Win.   "The relationship with your financial planners should be one built on trust, you should know they have your best interest at heart."  John Grace has been in the financial industry since 1979 and is the Founder and President of Investors Management Corp.  You can connect with him at 
October 27, 2021
Healing Hearts with Lesleigh Tolin
Lesleigh Jolin was drawn to the Grief Recovery Method program based on her own painful and personal losses throughout her life. That program was the "last healing measure she tried to heal her own heart, and the first that actually worked for her well-being."  She is now certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist and offers an 8-week program to individual adults. She also collaborates with the Dream Foundation of Santa Barbara to turn dying dreams into lasting memories for her patients and families. Lesleigh has 27 years in the healing arts and a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. Her purpose in life is to heal hearts. Learn more about her at
October 08, 2021
The Piano Phase Project with Anna and Monika
I love what these two pianists are doing, Anna Szałucka and Monika Mašanauskaitė. They both live in Europe and I'm honored to be a part of the journey to share their story. Anna and Monika started touring together in 2021 and created a documentary about what was learned. Their mindset is to change the perception of classical music, focusing on connecting with the audience, and to emphasize "let's be in the moment together." Music is so calming and that is needed these days.   The YouTube channel where the documentary will be shared is Piano Deck. 
September 24, 2021
Be comfortable being uncomfortable with Joel Cohen
In 2016, Joel Cohen had 6 figures in student loan debt and a job with no opportunity to be promoted. He had to find a way to provide for his family.  "My WHY was clear to pay down student loan debt and provide for my family."  The Morning Miracle book, by Hal Elrod, had a positive impact on him too. He learned to definitely appreciate what you  have. Joel's perspective now is focusing on the long-term and helps others who have hit a brick wall in their field.  You can connect with Joel on LinkedIn -
September 13, 2021
Financial Health Mindset with Chris Bystriansky
Yep. Chris Bystriansky understands the importance of financial health for his family. From the moment he became a father, he wanted to make a difference and knew his children needed to learn how to manage money. That perspective inspired him to write his first book, Renting from my 6-Year-Old. The goal is to share examples and lessons learned to inspire other families to have a similar mindset. This is the first of many books to come! Chris left the corporate world after experiencing burn-out and was definitely ready for change. He wanted more freedom and more control of his life. The 3 major takeaways that Chris learned:  (1) getting professional help - you can't do everything alone; (2) setting and then accomplishing some goals; and (3) surround yourself with successful people in the area you want to be successful in.  Connect and learn more about Chris at 
August 23, 2021
Why Values Matter with Emily Elrod
Emily Elrod is the founder of Workzbe. (Her son came up with that name!) Her goal is to help teams develop accountability, connection, and results through a WISE environment.   * W stands for Work Well  * I stands for Work Intelligently * S stands for Work Safely * E stands for Work Empowered Emily is very passionate about helping others with a focus on energy management, intrinsic motivation, and integrity. She has a background in physiology, is a nerd about humans, and the podcast host of "Unapologetically Bold."
August 16, 2021
Focus on what you can do with Lisa Caprelli
Lisa Caprelli has an inspiring background and is a great example of using creativity to help others.  "The best part of my work is connecting with children to create connection, harmony, and happiness combined with story, art and song that focus on social aspects like friendship, kindness, and love." She is the author of 16 books and creator of "Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do" show now on Amazon TV/Prime. She first wrote the Unicorn Jazz book series about 2 years ago and launched into a show to reach children in a Sesame Street type with kid talent, singers and education. The idea to create the show was during the 2020 pandemic.  Lisa has a 26-year background in marketing and branding, and decided to use her skills by helping kids smile, believe and create! Learn more about the Unicorn Jazz project - The Thing I Do show - and connect on Instagram -
June 30, 2021
Create a Life You Love with Annie Fonte
Annie M. Fonte comes from a humble background. Raised on the plains of Northeastern Colorado, she started out as a dirt farmer, kicked up some dust as an athlete, and got gritty in the business world. She has over two decades of successful entrepreneurial experience and received her MBA from Harvard in between. An all around badass. Annie is the author of "Keep Your Ass in the Saddle: How a Farm, Fire, and Failure Led Me to Freedom". She's also the founder of Meet Me at the Barn, which is a self-mastery personal development program to help others discover how to be true to yourself. It's okay to be different. Learn more at
June 14, 2021
Affirmations help build confidence with Nancy Torres
Saying affirmations as a habit is a foundation to help build confidence, which also strengthens resilience.  What an honor it was to speak with debut author Nancy Torres. Her dual-language learning children’s book, Say It With Me, teaches children the power of saying positive affirmations and words of love to both themselves and others. She is a New York City second grade teacher and mother of a bilingual family. You can tell Nancy has a love for nurturing little minds.  This book is a powerful way to help children improve their communication skills, gain confidence and bond with adults. And at the same time it brings to light some beautiful messages that adults really need to remind themselves of in 2021.  Learn more about her at I Am Nancy Torres and check out Wheat Penny Press.
June 02, 2021
Write Your First Story with Heather Morrison
After Heather Morrison's job was eliminated last Fall, she decided to start a business, the Memory Keepers Society. The goal is to help people capture their experience of living through the pandemic as an example, with photos and narrative as well. Her upcoming workshops will bring together many people to do this work in a community format. Everyone has a story and a voice. Main takeaways: (1) Everything is a story; (2) Capture it before it's gone; and (3) Have a positive creative process. Heather is an award-winning short film writer-director, teacher, and coach who records her life in photos and writing.  Learn more at Write Your First Story Now. 
May 27, 2021
Practical ways to reduce tension in your household
Many families across the country are dealing with extra tension and stress as they self-isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Know that you’re not alone. It’s important to address any issues that are causing tension so that you can promote healthy relationships with one another and thrive in these strange times.   Here is a summary of 5 practical ways: (1) Encourage more exercise; (2) Get Support; (3)  Prioritize communication; (4) Head outdoors; (5) Structure your workday   Content was developed through Derek Goodman -  Link to blog post:
May 21, 2021
Being present with Milena Regos
What does success look like? Milena Regos learned it's really about being present and reconnecting with your values. Milena, founder of the Unhustle Movement is a rebel entrepreneur, ex award-winning marketer, certified human potential coach and podcast host is on a mission to inspire 100 million people from all over the world to ditch the hustle culture mentality, leading to burnout and begin a new way of living and working. The Unhustle Framework: "I believe that rest, play, being present and focusing on our well-being is a good way to help us deal with stress, overwhelm and burnout, but can also push our creativity and productivity to put us in optimal performance. So, we need to unhustle to move forward. I believe that hard work matters but hustling is stupid." Learn more about Milena at
May 12, 2021
The power of choice with Larry Indiviglia
Larry is a Life & Business Coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind. He recently published a book, "126 Days, 11 Minutes: Our Love Story." It shares the beautiful love story of meeting Gayle while she was dealing with end-of-life cancer. During their brief time together, he wrote in a journal daily about their four-month journey with optimism and hope that will make you laugh and cry as he remains steadfast at Gayle’s side during her fierce battle with Stage-IV cancer. It is an authentic tribute to a fabulous woman who appreciated photography and had a fervor for the Argentine Tango. She chose to embrace life to its fullest and love to its freest with Larry, her “forever” man.  The depth of their relationship was unexpected, and provided unconditional love through courage and creativity. A quote from Larry: "Help your loved one to embrace life as much possible by looking for opportunities and activities that give them joy and hope. By being a loyal companion with your loved one as they travel down this path, you will make a difference in the quality of the journey: physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually." Have some tissues handy.  You can find the book on Amazon and connect with him on Linkedin -
May 06, 2021
A solution to finding your possibility with Rose Berry
"Social Anxiety can create a powerful and painful paradox of wanting to be seen but not wanting to be seen."  Rose Berry dealt with depression for five years. Her depression diminished when she got to the root cause ... a doctor explained that she was actually dealing with social anxiety. This was an enlightening moment and decided to use her new-found courage to help others dealing with the same issues.  Rose has combined her life experience of mental health challenges and professional training to be a life coach, with a focus on social anxiety. Her support helps you access what makes you courageous and brave.  Learn more at 
April 28, 2021
Unleashing the innovator with Saleema Vellani
"Great ideas happen when you're emotionally charged. It helps with creativity to solve problems." Saleema Vellani was misplaced after graduating college, living in another country, and had to figure out what to do. After introspection, she learned that she wanted to be of service in some way to help others.  Saleema Vellani is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, adjunct professor, and the author of Innovation Starts With I. For over 12 years, Saleema has led 100+ international organizations, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies to their next stage of growth and innovation. Saleema is the Founder and CEO of Ripple Impact, which is an accelerator and community that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and platforms. She also consults as an innovation strategist to the World Bank, teaches Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins University and is a frequent guest lecturer at business schools. Learn more about Saleema at
April 20, 2021
Shining a light on opportunity with Honorée Corder
Honorée Corder has inspired and motivated many authors based on her extensive and personal experiences. Writing a book requires a lot of effort and resilience. Writing a book will help you stand out from your peers because being an author shows that you are committed and establishes authority.  And writing a book is an opportunity and worthwhile investment using the right strategy.  Honorée is an executive and strategic book coach, TEDx speaker, and author of more than 50 books including You Must Write a Book. Honorée passionately coaches aspiring non-fiction authors to publish their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income. Find out more at
April 13, 2021
Owning your life with Andy Storch
Andy Storch is a Talent Development Consultant, Coach, Author and people connector. Andy is effective in helping others because of his authenticity and perspective. He was diagnosed at the end of 2020 with testicular cancer that spread to his neck, and has been sharing that cancer journey with others.   He is very passionate about helping people fulfill their own potential and decided to write a book. The book, Own Your Career Own Your Life, is designed to help corporate employees stop drifting and take control of their future. Andy is also the host of two podcasts, including The Talent Development Hot Seat and Andy Storch Show. Most importantly, Andy is a husband, father, and friend who is on a mission to get the absolute most out of life and inspire others to do the same. Connect with him on LinkedIn - or Instagram @andy_storch
April 06, 2021
When Mommy has a Boo-Boo with Marci Greenberg Cox
Marci Greenberg Cox is a full-time realtor turned author. Her first book is, "Mommy Has a Boo-Boo: Explaining Breast Cancer to Children."   In 2018 she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She was inspired by her very young daughters to write about and explain why mommy has a boo-boo (cancer), and even though she might look different, she's still the same person. All of this was done while undergoing an aggressive treatment that included a double mastectomy without reconstruction surgery, chemotherapy that resulted in complete hair loss, and everything else related to the cancer.  Marci's goal was to stay positive for her daughters. Cancer warriors with children have a similar experience...their children become beacons of hope.  She also has published journals such as "Mommy Has a Boo-Boo, Now What?", "The Breast Cancer GPS", and "Courage, Hope and Strength: Breast Cancer Journal for Women." You can learn more about Marci at
March 26, 2021
Taking ownership with Jennifer Garrett
"Remember that each day is a gift." That statement stood out in the conversation with Jen Garrett.  Jen is a Leadership Expert and Branding Architect, and shifted from the corporate space to being an entrepreneur in November 2019, right before Covid. The death of her father in 2019 was also part of the decision.  Her leadership expertise is valuable for those who struggle from leaving a structured environment to the "regular world" like professional athletes and those in the military. She helps others discover what skills they have to be used in another environment and to take ownership of their life.  Jen is also the author of "Move the Ball", host of Move the Ball Podcast, and an Army Lawyer. Learn more about her at
March 19, 2021
The power of music therapy with Christopher Booth
Christopher Booth produced his first album, "Journeys", in 2001 and that coincided with the 9/11 tragedies. Because of the calm and soothing nature of the album, he was invited on local TV and radio to play his music. He had tremendous success on a local level and learned that he was not a fan of being in the spotlight but loved writing music.  Fast forward 20 years. Christopher and his partner had a baby girl in 2020. Part of the inspiration for doing the 2nd album, "A Reflection of Time", was for his daughter, Winter Skye. However, COVID shifted a bit of his direction with it. For one, he decided to add the photography and poetry himself. It adds a soothing and more ethereal feeling from his perspective.  This is very much a personal album. He wrote it in a way that, hopefully, many people can relate to as well. Especially the poetry aspect. Christopher wants to have an impact on those who have mental health challenges. COVID has obviously brought new challenges to peoples lives who normally wouldn’t be classified as having mental health issues. That is where he feels his music really reaches, especially now. Christopher's YouTube channel is By, Christopher. You can also connect with him on Instagram @awakenmusicproductions.
March 10, 2021
How to create a writer's mindset with Terry Stafford
Award-winning author, Terry Stafford, devotes himself to sharing stories of music and hope for those who long for the good ol’ days. Having entered writing in the second half of life, he now uses his project management background to help creatives transform from scatter-brained writers to prolific storytellers while helping leaders use story to succeed.  Terry is a former NASA project manager turned novelist and writing coach. Learn more about him at
March 04, 2021
Action is the antidote to fear with Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor's personal journey started with being a girl who lacked confidence, didn't think she was good enough. She went on to being a successful athlete in her teens, then attained a 4-year degree as a teacher. The teaching experiences led her to be a confidence coach because she recognized the students yearned for more guidance in life.  As a coach, Kate focuses on helping you become a confident woman and create the future you want. One of the things she targets is long-lasting tenacity. Her best is advice is to be authentic, be you.  She also is the podcast host of The Confident Reality. Learn more and connect with Kate on Instagram
February 24, 2021
The journey of a community builder with Paul Jun
Paul Jun has always put a lot of effort into learning new things. He discovered over the years that when you commit to something, you also can learn from each experience. Paul thrives going through the creativity process because of his desire to help others learn and gain new skills. His strength is being a community builder.  He is a writer, photographer, and creative strategist. Learn more about Paul at
February 15, 2021
Seeing things with clarity with Ozlem Ozkan
Ozlem Ozkan is grateful for her education and experiences. Yet having limiting beliefs were holding her back. She now recognizes that wisdom - seeing things with clarity - is what she gained during all her travels, work, living abroad, spending time alone, and interacting with various people from different layers of society.  She embraces her energy to learn, create, evolve, and contribute to the world.  She lives in Amsterdam and is the author of "The Student" and the podcast host of "Bridging.  Learn more about her at
February 09, 2021
Turning challenges into opportunities with JJ Birden
We've all experienced tough challenges in life. Imagine being told your entire life that you’re too small! You’re not big enough! It would be best if you tried something else. Being considered an underdog didn't stop JJ Birden and he gives a lot of credit to his coaches and mentors for their support.  JJ Birden's experience as a former NFL player for 9 years definitely provides inspiration for others. He's now a professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur and best selling author. JJ shares the principles and strategies he uses in life to help you perform at a higher level, no matter your circumstance.  His first book is "When Opportunity Knocks" and is developing another book based on his F.A.S.C.O. concept. (Failures, Adversity, Setups, Challenges, Obstacles) Learn more about him at
February 01, 2021
It's okay to embrace the messy with Jenny Dilts
What can we do to make our vulnerability and imperfections our superpowers? Jenny Dilts can lead the way.  Jenny is a Grieving Coach and provides some much needed support when dealing with traumatic events. She can help you rebuild your life with gratitude and love.   In 2017, Jenny had the experience of sitting with a friend days after the sudden death of her friend's husband. Sharing that sacred space with her friend was a cathartic moment for Jenny.  She found her purpose.  The more Jenny has embraced this work, the more passionate she has become as a support person and travel buddy in this journey of life.  Learn more about Jenny at Grieving Coach. 
January 22, 2021
Simple ways to spark inspiration
Inspiration is about enthusiasm. It’s the excitement of your mind or emotion to a high level of feeling or activity.  A lot of people use the word inspiration and motivation interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things. Inspiration is about sparking your energy when you’re going to do something. To me, inspiration is a way to wake your mind up. There are a lot of different things that inspire me, so I narrowed it down to my top three. 
January 19, 2021
On Being Hopeful with Pamela Stephens
Writing is a passion for Pamela Stephens and has a blog to share thoughts and experiences. This journey helps her learn more about herself, helps attain goals and dreams.  When people ask what she does, her answer is "I'm in the business of making friends."  Pamela joined the Hope Writers community several years ago to help with motivation and to demystify writing. She learned there is the "art of writing" and the "business of publishing." Writing can be overwhelming without the right support; you can easily become discouraged too. Being part of a community of other writers has provided not only motivation, but inspiration as well. And we both agree that writing can be therapeutic.  Learn more about Pamela at HelloPamelaJo and more about the Hope Writers community. 
January 07, 2021
Helping others change for the better with Savi Barrowes
Savi Barrowes is a great example of someone with a lot of tenacity, not just a high level of resilience.  (My nickname for her is Savvy.)  She went from starting her life as a 15-year-old girl with no life prospects, to getting her MBA at MIT, holding multiple executive roles with global responsibilities and led initiatives that have been featured at The White House level. Now she helps turn people into high performers and help them develop the skills to get recognized by senior leadership, become confident and be seen as the expert and authority in their role and to FINALLY get the career they have always dreamed about. Savi is the creator of "The 5 Secrets To Becoming A High Performer Bootcamp" and the host of "The Dream Big and Live Free Podcast", where she interviews executives, entrepreneurs and disruptors about how they overcame their life challenges to go on and live their dreams.  Contact Savi on LinkedIn here  or apply to her Bootcamp here
December 14, 2020
Reframing being positive with Dr. Mike Rucker
Dr. Mike Rucker focuses on positive psychology and recommends creating moments of fun.  Creating fun is being positive and a mental habit that we can develop. Being "fun" can also help build resilience and connections with others.  That statement of "resilience and connections with others" is the foundation of the Real Things Living podcast. He provides great insight in this episode on how to reframe a situation. Mike is the Chief Digital Officer for Active Wellness. In 2016, he was named a Top 50 health influencer and, that same year, completed a Ph.D. in organizational psychology focusing on effective wellness strategies. Dr. Rucker's upcoming book "The Fun Habit", is a book offering a practical reframing of positive psychology arguing that we should cultivate fun to bring a greater sense of happiness and joy to our lives, is set to release in 2021. Learn more about him at 
December 04, 2020
You attract what you focus on with Jacob Roig
"A problem tells me I'm growing."  That statement is simple and to the point; and it helps you choose how to think and show up everyday.  Jacob Roig is a Business and Mindset Coach. He learned to do the impossible, like creating a multi-million-dollar business, walking 36 feet on burning coals, and breaking bricks with his bare hands. Jacob learned all of success was 80% mindset, 20% everything else and an unwavering commitment to seeing things through. He learned it was all a matter of cultivating the proper mindset.  He's mastered overcoming fears and limitations all of his life, and now specializes in helping others conquer the things holding them back from success. All of his years doing the impossible taught Jacob something special. He knows that there is a great opportunity hidden in every person, every challenge, whether it is turning around a failing business, overcoming sales fears, or walking through fire. Learn more at
November 19, 2020
Pause, Breathe and Reflect with Michael O'Brien
"Wait to Worry, Live in the Present. It's time to Pause, Breathe, and Reflect." Michael O'Brien reminds us what's important in life from his near-death experience after being hit by a car while he was riding his bike.  Michael learned a lot about himself healing from that accident; is grateful to still be alive and has vowed to inspire others.  Remember to make time each day to pause, breathe, and reflect on the moment. You have control over your response to life each day.  Michael is the Chief Shift Officer at Peloton Executive Coaching. As a coach, speaker, and best-selling author, he helps leaders become more aware, resilient, and prevents a bad moment from turning into a bad day. He has shared his personal transformational Last Bad Day story and leadership advice on the TEDx stage, with Fortune 500 companies, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Real Simple, ABC, and NBC.  Learn more at
November 10, 2020
Adding stoicism into modern life with William Farraiolo
Why is understanding stoicism important? It's a philosophy designed to make you more resilient and to know yourself better.  Stoicism can help you develop self-control to overcome destructive emotions. This leads to being more attentive with your surroundings and more rational with your reactions. William Farraiolo lives and breathes this philosophy. William received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma in 1997. Since then, he has been teaching philosophy as a Professor at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA.  He is the author of seven books as of this podcast episode. Five titles were released in 2020 - with the first book for 2020 being "A Life Worth Living" (released in January 2020) and the most recent being "The Exile at Home" (released October 26, 2020). Learn more about William and his books here:
November 03, 2020
Connecting keeps us resilient with Angie Gallagher
My favorite takeaway is when Angie Gallagher compares resilience to having a competitive edge, which is a motivating factor that can get you out of a rut. Angie shares her story of feeling like an outcast where she grew up because she's half Asian and was raised by a single mother. She learned to embrace being different and understood what she was capable of. Don't let words bring you down, be true to yourself and keep creating who you are. She also learned that connecting with others strengthens resilience. We have to be resilient together.   Angie has a Masters in Fine Arts, was a luxury photographer, and is now in a sales and business development role helping others solve problems. Her thesis in college was about living between races, how you're connected to your heritage and how that affects your perspective.  Learn more about Angie on LinkedIn. 
October 26, 2020
We need some inspiration with Grace Charrier
"Mental resilience is key."  It's not easy dealing with any type of cancer diagnosis, and Grace Charrier was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in April 2016.  That was 4 years ago as of this writing. She has used this time to inspire others and became active with patient advocacy through love and wanting to help others.  She also recently published a book about her experience, Impossicant: Quirky Inspirational Tales from a Cancer Survivor.  Grace is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Patient Leader Advocate, Fight Cancer Global Project Leader, and host of Cancer Convos Podcast on YouTube. The objective of her podcast is to provide much-needed information for patients, survivors, and caregivers....and of course some inspiration!
October 15, 2020
#BeTheChange with Anthony Russo
This was a great opportunity to speak with entrepreneur, Anthony Russo, the founder of Double Down Strategy and #BeTheChange. His goal is to help create a world of positivity with a message of self responsibility.  Anthony points out the best way we can help others is to use your talents to empower others.  He's creating systems for empowerment through partnerships with two other charities, Regular Hero and Streetlights Unity Movement. A lot of the motivation was derived from growing up poor with a father who was a compulsive gambler.  Anthony is also an Emcee, Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker. His positive energy definitely shows, and is well-known for his versatility and adaptability.  Learn more at Double Down Strategy. 
October 07, 2020
Heal by contributing with Mary Guillermin
Mary Guillermin has made a lot of contributions over the years to help others. She is an advocate for mental health with the goal to dispel the myth around it. She shares her personal journey around mental health issues and decided on a natural healing approach with no medications. Her calmness definitely shines through the conversation and is an inspiring role model. One of her projects is a play that she wrote and performed in...what she calls the "One Woman Show"'s about dealing with manic depression. Mary is also the Director of Communications at the Pellin Institute and they are offering bi-weekly Zoom Forums for support during the Covid pandemic. This has been received very well and people have been surprised that a Zoom call can make them feel better. "An online call is not a substitute for in-person support but is a way that creates a space where you connect with others."  Mary is also the founder of the Femininity Project, another creative endeavor.  And she's in the process of co-writing a book about her late husband, "John Guillermin: The Man, The Myth, The Movies."  The book is expected to be released in December 2020.  (John was a movie director of over 40 feature films in Hollywood.)
October 04, 2020
Be Yourself with Katrine Horn
Katrine Horn is a Life Coach based in Touslouse, France and her focus is to help women get out of their comfort zone through self-acceptance. We all tend to ignore ourselves while taking care of others. That is normal, unfortunately.  Self-worth comes from focusing on who you are, not what you do.  "Create a library of joyful moments you can access." This can help you feel more calm during a stressful time. This is just one of the tips she provided and I love the simplicity of it.  Katrine's warm personality definitely comes through the conversation.  She previously shared her story at a TedX event in France titled, "Who do you think you are?" Learn more at
September 28, 2020
Integrate nature for your health with Paul Sewell
Paul Sewell, Founder of the non-profit Seven Wells, shares his crazy and amazing journey of the past year. The hardships he and his family dealt with put what they valued front and center, which was their health and to have authority over yourself.  It started with his son being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, then extreme mold was discovered in their Atlanta condo from a roof leak, to having to move multiple times during the beginning of Covid. They literally had to start from scratch after throwing away just about everything due to mold contamination. Paul and his wife's faith helped them deal with all include running the non-profit remotely. He's thankful to have the ability to do that online.  Learn more about Paul at
September 21, 2020
Give yourself some grace with Kristin Herr
It's not realistic to think you won't have any stress in life.  You need to give yourself some grace - some time - to figure things out and deal with changes.   Kristin Herr is a Life Coach and her mission is help women overcome their limiting beliefs.  "You work hard. You love hard. You give hard. You do everything with passion and ferocity. Except, you forget one thing. You forget that sometimes you have to work on your own self in order to achieve the greatness you are meant to achieve." She personally dealt with an abusive relationship in the past, left it and overcame that. Her mother died from cancer around the same time. These  experiences made her realize that she was focusing on negative self-beliefs, it was holding her back, and she changed her mindset. Now she focuses on helping other women overcome self-doubt and to believe in themselves again.  Learn more about Kristin at
September 16, 2020
Having confidence and clarity with Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson is the founder of Johnson Consulting Services, a professional speaker and the Chief Reality Officer for clients. She is very generous with her time, knowledge, sense of humor, and mentors others on a regular basis. Lack of confidence holds many people back. Being uncertain of yourself is normal and it just takes time to learn your way through situations.  Jill points out that just wishing for something to happen isn't a strategy or tactic. You have to put in effort, do the disciplined work, and be open to continually learn...especially from others. Having clarity of who you really are is also important. What if there was a way to help build your confidence? Jill's most recent book is "Compounding your Confidence" with the purpose of providing a career confidence blueprint through clarity. You can learn more about Jill at Johnson Consulting Services. 
September 08, 2020
Focusing on the right perspective with Matt Tanner
"Which kind of fear are you comfortable with?" This is the question Matt Tanner brings up in his conversation with Brigitte.  Matt is the founder of Same Page HR, which is an HR Consulting firm in Atlanta. He started Same Page after he was laid off in March. This was the beginning of shelter-in-place for our county in Georgia.   Matt is a trusted people-person, provides great advice and claims he is "a weirdo that loves HR."  Brigitte and Matt met as classmates (cohorts) during Seth Godin's altMBA-1, the inaugural class in 2015.  They both learned a lot about how to "just put it out there", to adapt, and to keep trying. Everyone's "normal" playlist seems to be out the window right now with the current pandemic and the effect on businesses.  We all have some fear - doubting ourselves - and that also is normal.  Matt reminds us that "fear" is different for everyone and the questions you ask yourself depends on your perspective. If you are self-employed (a business owner), you often think, "do I have enough clients to keep me in business?"  Or if you are an employee, your perspective is, "will I get laid off?" You can learn more about Matt's endeavor here -
August 25, 2020
Making a difference by informing others with George Schnitzer
Brigitte and George Schnitzer have worked on many book projects together over the years. She convinced George to share his perspective of the current state of publishing industry in 2020, which is constantly changing due to tech.   George understands that you need to adapt to survive in an ever-changing industry. PPA (Premium Press America) has realized steady growth using that mindset and has released more than 150 gift/souvenir, mass-market, trade and private label titles. PPA now creates niche-marketed titles for a variety of specialty outlets.   One of the most popular book projects George has been involved with is,  "I can't save you, but will Die Trying: the American Fire Culture" - written from a firefighter's perspective.    George is the co-founder and publisher of Premium Press America based in Nashville.  The company was established 30+ years ago as a full-service promotion and marketing agency, Specialty Promotions. The company quickly built a reputation for implementing non-traditional book promotion and marketing programs. A dozen projects achieved a #1 ranking on the New York Times Best Sellers list.   You can contact George at
August 19, 2020
The "Adaptations" short film backstory with Hannah Cranfill
What do you do when you have stay-at-home orders during a pandemic? Adapt where you can. Brigitte and Hannah Cranfill decided to sign up for an online screenwriting class in April 2020 through the Atlanta Film Society. This is where they met  - virtually - along with another student, Esha. Hannah suggested to write a short-film and submit it to a "locals only" screening.  Esha and Brigitte didn't hesitate. The theme of the short-film screening for 2020 is called "So Bad, It's Good." As a team, they co-wrote, produced, and directed a short-film...literally at home and updated each other weekly through Zoom calls. The short-film created is called "Adaptations", was produced in less than 6 weeks, and t was unexpectedly selected for screening in Atlanta.  It's amazing what you can accomplish working creatively with others. It was definitely a "So Bad, It's Good" situation.  The in-person screening was a drive-in at the Plaza Theatre's parking lot in July.  We're still waiting to find out from the Atlanta Film Society when the virtual screening will happen, so others can participate, view and vote.  FYI - The next online screenwriting class is in October with Kathy Berardi as the instructor. 
August 14, 2020
An uncommon journey with Shirley Raines
Dr. Shirley Raines is known for being personable, powerful, and prepared. Her first role out of college was as a preschool teacher and that path eventually  took her to the role of President Emeritus of the University of Memphis for 12 years. She is also the first woman university president.  Shirley provides a lot of inspiration for others based on her uncommon journey of being raised on a farm to being president of a university. This is because she was determined to make a difference in the community. She leads others to develop their strengths, build productive partnerships, and seize opportunities.   She has written 18 books...15 books for teachers, 2 for children, and 1 for leaders. The most recent book being, "An Uncommon Journey:  Leadership Lessons from a preschool teacher who became a university president."    Learn more about her at:
August 03, 2020
Driving your resilience with Jesse Iwuji
Jesse Iwuji wanted to be a race car driver when he was a young boy and made that dream a reality.  Jesse attributes the military training he received to help him be more focused.  (Jesse has a lot of energy too.)  He also provides some great advice for youth regarding resilience. Jesse is an American stock car racing driver and officer in the United States Navy Reserve. He played football for the Naval Academy, is an entrepreneur, and currently competes in the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series in the No. 34 for Reaume Brothers Racing.  You can learn more at Jesse Iwuji Racing.
August 03, 2020
The power of possibilities with Fran Biderman-Gross
Fran Biderman-Gross is the CEO & Founder of Advantages, a creative agency that specializes in branding and marketing. She is also the co-author of "How to Lead a values-based services firms: 3 Keys to unlock Purpose and Profit."   Positivity is one of Fran's top core strengths and chooses to look at the glass as "half full."  Having a positive outlook leads to another core value and that is being open to possibilities. Dealing with a lot of loss in life has allowed her to view the world in a way to make it better. We all need to adapt and re-imagine our future to help create a new normal going forward based on this unexpected pandemic experience. Learn more about Fran's book:  Learn more about Fran's company:
July 15, 2020
Being Cathartic with Mark Simon and why he wrote his latest book
Mark Simon is known as the Godfather of Storyboarding. He is an author of multiple books and on this podcast episode, he shares the story behind his most recent book, "Attacked! Bullied: Surviving Terror and Finding Justice."  This memoir is based on when Mark was bullied by a gang in high school, and the gang proceeded to attack his family too.  Mark's story is also about how he became the first person in the country to use a new law holding parents responsible for the violent actions of their kids in a court of law.  Unfortunately, bullying is a common thing and Mark provides great insight and advice on how to handle it. Writing this book took several attempts over the years (at least a dozen times) and Mark found the process very cathartic for him.  It provided a psychological relief of being open about this traumatic experience.  He is a stronger person because of it.  Mark's vivid written descriptions make you feel you are feel the emotions.   You can buy the book on Amazon in digital format or in print.  Learn more about Mark at
July 09, 2020
In it Together with Julie McFarland
The current pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. It has fundamentally disrupted our personal and professional lives; and it definitely took business owners by surprise and created additional challenges for them. Brigitte speaks with Julie McFarland on what Julie's team has put in place to keep employees and customers safe.   Julie is the President and CEO of McNaughton & Gunn, a privately-owned book manufacturer in Michigan. Adapting to something new, almost daily, can be a challenge and stressful. Julie's resilience has been boosted with daily exercise, including yoga, to help keep calm. There has been a lot of information to take in and review on what the best approach should be.  Each State, each industry, and each business has different challenges. The biggest takeaway is that we need to be empathetic to others and work together to adapt successfully.  You can learn more about McNaughton & Gunn here.  Please subscribe to the Real Things Living podcast. 
May 28, 2020
Remember to breathe
Self-care is important with what's happening now because of the Covid-19 issue. Brigitte has been studying yoga more because of the overall benefits; and she gets a little yogi with her explanation of pranayama, which promotes deep and slower breathing.  Not only does this help relax you, it  strengthens your lungs and diaphragm too - both are important aspects for your overall health. 
April 21, 2020
Social Distancing thoughts with Brigitte Cutshall
Brigitte wanted to share her thoughts about social distancing during Covid-19  A lot has happened globally since her last blog post, Resilience is your middle name. Many places are being quarantined for example. Social distancing sounds so much better than being quarantined.  Take this time, if you can, and focus on a hobby or personal development or how you can help others. This was recorded before the State of Georgia 'shelter-in-place' directive.  
April 08, 2020
Being mindful approach with Alisha Carlson
Alisha Carlson grew up in a tumultuous environment and told herself that she was going to be different with her kids. Alisha's resilience empowered her to make changes when needed and focus on what's important to her.  She empowers others now and is a non-diet lifestyle coach with an approach to be mindful of your intuition.  Learn more at
March 11, 2020
Building better habits with Jesse Todisco
One of the biggest lessons in life that Jesse Todisco learned is your environment affects your habits, good and bad.  Changing his environment helped him become a better person. (We shared a lot of laughs in this episode.) Jesse grew up in the Boston area and witnessed his father's heroin addiction. That was his "normal" and Jesse was selling drugs at one point, even though he knew it wasn't the right thing to do.  Jesse joined the military after high school and that changed his life; that new environment helped build better habits.  He also understands the importance of self-care, which helps drive resilience. As an entrepreneur, Jesse innately wants to help others. Jesse has a wisdom of wealth and is the founder of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners.  He and his wife also founded a non-profit, Alanna's Angels.
February 06, 2020
The connection of adaptability and resilience with Ido Singer
Ido Singer is on a mission to inspire others.  His confidence was boosted after learning to play basketball at a young age in Israel. It wasn't easy for him at first but through a lot of hard work, he eventually played basketball at the professional level.  Resilience and learning to adapt to different situations paid off, and Ido's passion for sports led him to be a coach that focuses on creating a positive culture.   Ido is currently the Assistant Basketball Women's Coach at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and the host of One Last Thought Podcast.  The podcast keeps things simple - the episodes are 10 minutes or less - and focuses on bite-sized pieces of wisdom and life-changing advice from guests. He and his wife have 3 young children, twin girls who are 5 and a 2-year-old son.  As a parent and the need to travel with the team, helping to raise a family can be difficult and challenging sometimes, but Ido is truly grateful for his wife's support. You can learn more at or listen here. 
January 23, 2020
Fulfilling personal principles with Evan Knox
Life is constantly changing and Evan Knox understands the importance of learning.  Learning new things is what keeps you agile, flexible and strong. He also understands that resilience goes hand-in-hand with running a business and trying to balance life at home with family. Evan is the founder of Caffeine Marketing and has been an entrepreneur since he was 12; always doing something in some shape or form. Having a business is part of fulfilling his principles and personal mission statement.  His father and grandfather are important role models for him as both were business owners.  Evan's father passed away 3 years ago and that was very difficult to overcome. Evan makes time each day to focus on self-care (proper sleep, nutrition, exercise) so he's not exhausted. He recently started doing jujitsu, which starts at 6am in the morning. This type of workout helps frame his mindset the rest of the day...allowing him to "shoot out emails at a whole new level of confidence" at work.  You can learn more at Evan Knox. 
January 14, 2020
Being friends with your illness with Deva Joy
Gratitude is a huge byproduct of dealing with a health issue. And Deva Joy's picture should be placed next to the definition of resilience.  She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a young teen and this limited her physical ability. Instead of being negative about the situation, Deva decided to focus on what she could move and not what she couldn't move. She also chose the perspective of looking at her illness as a relationship, like a marriage. You're going to be together for a long time.   Deva Joy is an author and a psychotherapist for over 30 years. She has some great resources you should check out at Healing Heart Communications.
December 22, 2019
Problems are Opportunities with Tami Green
Tami Green is a Life Coach with a focus on helping others get unstuck to include those with a mental health issue. She developed the "Brilliance Code," a method that you can apply to any problem.  The Brilliance Code can be summarized as PIRF (Problem, Inspiration, Resources, Future). Following this "code" allows you to re-frame a situation to make a better decision.  We focused a lot on the word "hope"; which is self-explanatory, right?  I also love that Tami highlighted that the word "brilliant" has a double meaning ... meaning you are bright and this brightness shines a light on what's important.  You can learn more about Tami and connect with her at 
November 14, 2019
Keeping your dogs healthy with Dee-Marie
It's rare to find someone that isn't a dog fan and dogs are one positive thing we have in common with others.  As a big dog lover myself, I'm grateful Dee-Marie found find time to be a guest on the Real Things Living podcast.  Dee went from being a pilot, to a realtor, to an entrepreneur.  She is now the co-founder and CEO of Yogi-Dog, a human grade yogurt for dogs.   Her business partner is Mike Basal...a yogurt maker for 30 years who operates his own yogurt plant. Together they created a treat that is the first of its kind. The creators behind Yogi-Dog have always considered dogs as part of the family, deserving the highest quality and healthiest foods.  Their company is based in Pennsylvania and working on expanding to all states.
September 26, 2019
Celebration of Life with Susan Ducharme Hoben
Susan wrote an inspiring memoir about the celebration of life and love titled, "Dying Well: Our Journey of Love and Loss."  Most memoirs recount the grief and pain of their loss.  Susan's book is so much's a love story about her husband, Bruce; and this story can help others understand what's most important when saying goodbye.  "Quality over quantity" was the biggest takeaway for Brigitte, the host of Real Things Living.  Susan's mantra in life is simple:  "May I see with tolerance; May I speak with compassion; May I live with gratitude."  Best advice ever. Be sure to check out -
September 12, 2019
Rewriting the Story with Loretta Breuning, PhD
"You are responsible for your own brain."  Brigitte has a great conversation with Loretta Breuning, PhD and dive into how brain chemicals affect your health and how "the brain learns from rewards." It's important to have confidence in your own strength and how to invest your time the right way.  Loretta's recent book "Habits of a Happy Brain" can help you get motivated.   Also check out this site for more info -  
August 16, 2019
Helping others see the Light with Gary Roe
Gary Roe is such an inspiration. He is a grief counselor, pastor, and definitely a strong story teller. He truly understands the importance of resilience and has experienced grief multiple times first-hand. Gary shares what his life was like before the age of 17 - sexual abuse, suicide of a friend, death of his father at 15 are just a few. Those experiences helped define his purpose in life ... and that is to help people. He'll start with where you are, help you recover, heal and grow.  Gary is the father of 7 children (all adopted), the author of multiple books, and his most recent project is the Suicide Prevention Project. Check out his highly recommended website at
June 27, 2019
Foreword for "Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart"
Keith M. Huber, Lieutenant General, US Army (retired) was very generous in writing the foreword for the book "Expecting the Good" - which is a tribute to Jean-Luc Nash, a badass who had a big heart.  Both were West Point classmates (class of 1975); they went through Special Forces training together and remained in touch for decades.  Keith emphasizes the importance of doing what's right in any situation, no matter the circumstances. "Have the courage and conviction to accept the consequences."  Keith speaks on leadership and ethics on a regular basis.  (By the way, Keith is a badass too.)
June 10, 2019
My Last Bad Day with Michael O'Brien
A great discussion with Brigitte Cutshall and Michael O'Brien about how his near-death experience (after being hit head-on by an SUV while riding his bike) changed his perspective to live a more purposeful life.   They also discuss the "value of Freedom" and how we tend to put too many conditions on happiness.  Michael is President and Founder of Peloton Coaching and Consulting and is the author of SHIFT. Creating Better Tomorrows: Winning at Work and in Life.  
May 08, 2019
Finding a Way to Live with Jill Henning
 Jill Henning was given 12 months to live after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that spread to her lungs. That diagnosis was 18 months ago and she's extremely thankful to be part of a clinical trial which will last another 6 months.  She's an example of someone who adapted to a major life-changing event using her inner strength and found a way to move forward.   Jill is a powerful voice with a lot of passion.  Her motivation is to be the voice for those who don't have a voice, and her advocacy for continued cancer research is laying the groundwork for others. Brigitte met Jill Henning at the Georgia State Capital through ACS CAN (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network).   Learn more about CAN (Cancer Action Network) at    
April 25, 2019
Relationships and being mindful
Relationships are not perfect and can be messy at times. Being mindful plays a big part because there are many benefits for your relationships and overall health. The quality of our life is directly related to our thoughts. Being mindful helps develop your ability to love and live a more meaningful life. 
April 15, 2019
A cathartic moment in life with Michele Downey
Michele is a middle school teacher and a proud parent. Her family had to deal with a major health issue with their daughter, the only granddaughter in the family.  The wonderful support everyone provided her during this crisis was a cathartic experience.  And Michele's a very popular teacher - "a rock star without the rock star salary" she jokingly references to the low salaries that teachers receive.  Michele was heavily involved in acting and theater as a high school student.  This expressed her natural story-telling ability and that led to her success in the classroom with students, and she is someone they trust in those awkward tween years.  Helping students has become Michele's purpose. 
April 03, 2019
The Power of Fun with Michael Rucker
Dr. Michael Rucker's experiences are a great example of resilience. He used to be a tri-athlete and had to stop running a few years ago due to severe osteoarthritis. His younger brother passed away in that same time-frame. That was difficult to deal with, especially since running helped him manage stress in general.  He now makes time to focus his energy on the power of fun and writing a book about the benefits of it.  If you find joy in something, you will make time for it.
March 25, 2019
Sharing insights about "doing the right thing" with Donna Seebo
Donna Seebo was kind enough to let me share our conversation regarding my recent book, "Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart."  Donna provided great feedback and believes the book I wrote about my stepfather epitomizes the best of the best.   Donna's favorite excerpt from the book was provided by Keith M. Huber (retired Lieutenant General, US Army):  "Making a decision to do the right thing when it's physically dangerous is difficult. Doing the right thing even if you might get fired because someone else is not as honorable as you are, is difficult. Be a good person and do the right thing."
March 22, 2019
Defining the real impact of Alzheimer's with Teresa Valko
It's not a sexy topic but something we should talk about. The impact of Alzheimer's on Teresa Valko's family is an eye-opener for many.  The experience of having to help take care of her mother the past 15 years definitely changed her life.  She is now heavily involved with the Alzheimer's Association and advocates in DC every year, meeting with members of Congress.  Teresa's passion for knitting (her form of creativity) helps her focus on the positive aspect of life.  You can learn more at They envision a world without Alzheimer's Disease.
March 16, 2019
Being Creative on Purpose with Scott Perry
Following a creative endeavor is good for your brain and overall health.   Scott is passionate about that and guides struggling creatives to become thriving artists. Running also helps Scott stay healthy mentally and physically, allows him to be present in the moment. You'll also learn that he likes to run around the local cemetery as a reminder that life is short, and you should contribute to life while you still can. :) 
February 27, 2019
Musings with Harry Shaw (aka Hard Core Harry)
Harry is a former paratrooper and disabled veteran who was severely injured in the Grenada invasion (October 1983).  Despite losing both of his legs, his attitude of gratitude about life empowers him to stay active and enjoy it.  He understands the depths of desperation and despair and loss.  His perspective allows him to see what's possible. There are so many opportunities!  Harry is a great writer and philosopher as well.
February 22, 2019
Gratitude changes your attitude
Introduction to the Real Things Living podcast. Gratitude changes your attitude
February 19, 2019