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Rewriting the Story with Loretta Breuning, PhD

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By Brigitte Cutshall
Real Things Living will encourage and inspire you to be more engaged with life and your health; this podcast focuses on real stories about resilience that empower active lifestyles. The host, Brigitte Cutshall, knows what it means to go from survivor to thriver just like many others. Between beating cancer twice with her intentional approach to health, she then found out she had a rare brain tumor.
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More places to listen

Celebration of Life with Susan Ducharme Hoben
Susan wrote an inspiring memoir about the celebration of life and love titled, "Dying Well: Our Journey of Love and Loss."  Most memoirs recount the grief and pain of their loss.  Susan's book is so much's a love story about her husband, Bruce; and this story can help others understand what's most important when saying goodbye.  "Quality over quantity" was the biggest takeaway for Brigitte, the host of Real Things Living.  Susan's mantra in life is simple:  "May I see with tolerance; May I speak with compassion; May I live with gratitude."  Best advice ever. Be sure to check out -
September 12, 2019
Rewriting the Story with Loretta Breuning, PhD
"You are responsible for your own brain."  Brigitte has a great conversation with Loretta Breuning, PhD and dive into how brain chemicals affect your health and how "the brain learns from rewards." It's important to have confidence in your own strength and how to invest your time the right way.  Loretta's recent book "Habits of a Happy Brain" can help you get motivated.   Also check out this site for more info -  
August 16, 2019
Helping others see the Light with Gary Roe
Gary Roe is such an inspiration. He is a grief counselor, pastor, and definitely a strong story teller. He truly understands the importance of resilience and has experienced grief multiple times first-hand. Gary shares what his life was like before the age of 17 - sexual abuse, suicide of a friend, death of his father at 15 are just a few. Those experiences helped define his purpose in life ... and that is to help people. He'll start with where you are, help you recover, heal and grow.  Gary is the father of 7 children (all adopted), the author of multiple books, and his most recent project is the Suicide Prevention Project. Check out his highly recommended website at
June 27, 2019
Foreword for "Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart"
Keith M. Huber, Lieutenant General, US Army (retired) was very generous in writing the foreword for the book "Expecting the Good" - which is a tribute to Jean-Luc Nash, a badass who had a big heart.  Both were West Point classmates (class of 1975); they went through Special Forces training together and remained in touch for decades.  Keith emphasizes the importance of doing what's right in any situation, no matter the circumstances. "Have the courage and conviction to accept the consequences."  Keith speaks on leadership and ethics on a regular basis.  (By the way, Keith is a badass too.)
June 10, 2019
My Last Bad Day with Michael O'Brien
A great discussion with Brigitte Cutshall and Michael O'Brien about how his near-death experience (after being hit head-on by an SUV while riding his bike) changed his perspective to live a more purposeful life.   They also discuss the "value of Freedom" and how we tend to put too many conditions on happiness.  Michael is President and Founder of Peloton Coaching and Consulting and is the author of SHIFT. Creating Better Tomorrows: Winning at Work and in Life.  
May 8, 2019
Finding a Way to Live with Jill Henning
 Jill Henning was given 12 months to live after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that spread to her lungs. That diagnosis was 18 months ago and she's extremely thankful to be part of a clinical trial which will last another 6 months.  She's an example of someone who adapted to a major life-changing event using her inner strength and found a way to move forward.   Jill is a powerful voice with a lot of passion.  Her motivation is to be the voice for those who don't have a voice, and her advocacy for continued cancer research is laying the groundwork for others. Brigitte met Jill Henning at the Georgia State Capital through ACS CAN (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network).   Learn more about CAN (Cancer Action Network) at    
April 25, 2019
Relationships and being mindful
Relationships are not perfect and can be messy at times. Being mindful plays a big part because there are many benefits for your relationships and overall health. The quality of our life is directly related to our thoughts. Being mindful helps develop your ability to love and live a more meaningful life. 
April 15, 2019
A cathartic moment in life with Michele Downey
Michele is a middle school teacher and a proud parent. Her family had to deal with a major health issue with their daughter, the only granddaughter in the family.  The wonderful support everyone provided her during this crisis was a cathartic experience.  And Michele's a very popular teacher - "a rock star without the rock star salary" she jokingly references to the low salaries that teachers receive.  Michele was heavily involved in acting and theater as a high school student.  This expressed her natural story-telling ability and that led to her success in the classroom with students, and she is someone they trust in those awkward tween years.  Helping students has become Michele's purpose. 
April 3, 2019
The Power of Fun with Michael Rucker
Dr. Michael Rucker's experiences are a great example of resilience. He used to be a tri-athlete and had to stop running a few years ago due to severe osteoarthritis. His younger brother passed away in that same time-frame. That was difficult to deal with, especially since running helped him manage stress in general.  He now makes time to focus his energy on the power of fun and writing a book about the benefits of it.  If you find joy in something, you will make time for it.
March 25, 2019
Sharing insights about "doing the right thing" with Donna Seebo
Donna Seebo was kind enough to let me share our conversation regarding my recent book, "Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart."  Donna provided great feedback and believes the book I wrote about my stepfather epitomizes the best of the best.   Donna's favorite excerpt from the book was provided by Keith M. Huber (retired Lieutenant General, US Army):  "Making a decision to do the right thing when it's physically dangerous is difficult. Doing the right thing even if you might get fired because someone else is not as honorable as you are, is difficult. Be a good person and do the right thing."
March 22, 2019
Defining the real impact of Alzheimer's with Teresa Valko
It's not a sexy topic but something we should talk about. The impact of Alzheimer's on Teresa Valko's family is an eye-opener for many.  The experience of having to help take care of her mother the past 15 years definitely changed her life.  She is now heavily involved with the Alzheimer's Association and advocates in DC every year, meeting with members of Congress.  Teresa's passion for knitting (her form of creativity) helps her focus on the positive aspect of life.  You can learn more at They envision a world without Alzheimer's Disease.
March 16, 2019
Being Creative on Purpose with Scott Perry
Following a creative endeavor is good for your brain and overall health.   Scott is passionate about that and guides struggling creatives to become thriving artists. Running also helps Scott stay healthy mentally and physically, allows him to be present in the moment. You'll also learn that he likes to run around the local cemetery as a reminder that life is short, and you should contribute to life while you still can. :) 
February 27, 2019
Musings with Harry Shaw (aka Hard Core Harry)
Harry is a former paratrooper and disabled veteran who was severely injured in the Grenada invasion (October 1983).  Despite losing both of his legs, his attitude of gratitude about life empowers him to stay active and enjoy it.  He understands the depths of desperation and despair and loss.  His perspective allows him to see what's possible. There are so many opportunities!  Harry is a great writer and philosopher as well.
February 22, 2019
Gratitude changes your attitude
Introduction to the Real Things Living podcast. Gratitude changes your attitude
February 19, 2019
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