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The Bottle Rocket Company: A Podcast by Briston Maroney

The Bottle Rocket Company: A Podcast by Briston Maroney

By Briston Maroney
It's a podcast where I learn about things!! And talk with the amazing people who helped me make my debut album Sunflower!!!
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John Congleton
Welcome to the season finale of Bottle Rocket Company podcast!!! this was so fun and and I sound foolish for even saying that!! This episode features none other than the man himself, John Congleton. John is a producer who has made some incredible albums and helped me make Sunflower. It's such an honor to be along the other names that John has worked with and I hope y'all dig this episode. We have some great southern accents all over this one so strap in for a wild ride!!
October 13, 2021
Dan Wilson
Whats up y'all back again with an ep that I love a lot  This week I had the honor of talking to Dan Wilson who helped me write my song 'Deep Sea Diver' on Sunflower. Dan is an incredible artist as a member of the band Semisonic and has written songs with artists like Adele and The Chicks. We get into a lot of goofy stuff in this episode like Grateful Dead tapestries and non-fatal dinners with aliens, but Dan also gives a ton of great advice on making stuff and staying creatively inspired. I'm so thankful to have gotten to work with him on Deep Sea Diver and so glad he let me ask him a million questions on this podcast!!
September 29, 2021
Steve Ralbovsky
Ah heck yall, this is a real good one This week I had the privilege of talking to Steve Ralbovsky, president and founder of the label that I work with called Canvasback Music. Steve's been doing a&r for a long time and we talk all about making my album Sunflower together, what types of creatives we are both drawn to, and the magical show at Lealand that brought us together all those summers back. Also, my bad y'all, my audio cuts out a couple times in this one, but you can tell what I'm saying using context clues most of the time!! Hope you enjoy it!!
September 15, 2021
Jenny Owen Youngs
What's up yallllllllll Back again with another Bottle Rocket Company pod. This week I talk to the incredible Jenny Owen Youngs who I wrote my song 'Cinnamon' with on Sunflower. We talk about a bunch of stuff including how that song came to be, Jenny's new music and all the pods she hosts, and my love for the music of the one and only Crazy Frog. Jenny is the coolest person ever and I hope you like this ep as much as I liked talking to Jenny!!! Follow Jenny and all her work at @jennyowenyoungs xoxoxoxoox
September 01, 2021
Hudson McNeese
This episode is a hootenanny!! I talk to Hudson McNeese who shot the cover artwork for Sunflower. He's hilarious and super sweet and I love hanging with him. We talk a lot about his process as a photographer and as a creative, but mostly we just goof around for a while. I think you'll like it!! Hudson is @hudderybuttery on IG!!!!
August 18, 2021
Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra)
whats up YALL Welcome back to the Bottle Rocket Company!!! This week, I talk to Andy Hull who is someone I've looked up to for a long time. I have loved Manchester Orchestra for a very long time and we had a blast working on the song Bottle Rocket together. In this ep we talk about the similarities in how we both got started, the weird way that life sometimes turns out different and better than you could expect, and how to get our of your own dang head and just try your best. I hope you like it as much as we do!!!!
August 04, 2021
Joey Brodnax & Drew Bauml
whats up everybody!!  welcome to The Bottle Rocket Company, where we learn things and talk to the people who helped make my debut album Sunflower!! this week we have Joey Brodnax and Drew Bauml on the pod to talk about how they got their start in directing and making visual art and how we all came together in good ole nashville tennessee. I love these fellas so much and hope you do too!!! joey is @joeybrodnax drew is @drew_drew_a_picture
July 21, 2021
The Bottle Rocket Company Trailer!!!
Welcome to The Bottle Rocket Company Podcast!!! This podcast is about learning things and talking to all of the incredible people who helped me make my debut album, Sunflower. We talk to a lot of great people and I hope you like it!!
July 07, 2021