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Meant to Bloom: I Get To

Meant to Bloom: I Get To

By Brittni Clarkson
They keep telling us to “Enjoy it while they’re young..” But our days are filled with chaos, and stress, and cooking, and endless laundry piles…. Where’s the time to enjoy it? Yeah, that’s what I always thought too. There’s so much I HAVE to do, when do I find time for peace and joy and happiness, I barely have time to sleep… Mama, it’s time for a shift.
You can be a HAPPY MOM - if I can, you can, trust me.
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40: 5 Things That Currently Make My Life Easier

Meant to Bloom: I Get To

44: Where to Start When You're Drowning in Overwhelm & Anxiety
When you’re a mom it seems like the whole weight of the world falls on your shoulders. It can get overwhelming at times - okay, most times, maybe. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Really. Overwhelming isn’t a result of too much to do, it’s actually rooted in not knowing where to start. When you have symptoms of perfectionism that can become paralyzing. I know what it feels like to be drowning in ALL. THE. THINGS. The cooking, the cleaning, the scheduling, the laundry, the dishes, there’s no time for me, no time for love, no time for anything but stress. It’s time to change the narrative. It’s time to take back our damn lives! Mama, you’re in charge. You’re the queen! Links Mentioned Happy Mom Method - course sign ups Mom Mindset Makeover - freebie workbook Read the shownotes here
September 29, 2022
43: One Sneaky Way Comparison is Screwing With Your Happiness
Comparison is a very sneaky trap. It shows up in unexpected ways and can go unnoticed for some time. Sometimes we accidentally judge the mom who seems to have it all figured out, she finds time to brush her hair and wears real jeans and suddenly here we are feeling like less than. We never meant to judge, we never meant to compare, we never meant to let ourselves feel like trash, but here we are. What you need to know is, you don’t know her full story, you can’t possibly know her full story. Parts of her life may be falling apart and she’d trade her time to herself in the morning to get ready for a husband who gave her the time of day if she could. You just don’t know. Comparison is a kind of judgment that just sneaks in. But there’s one great way to recognize it and overcome it. Happy Mom Method
September 27, 2022
42: Stop Making Fear Based Decisions & Start Living Your Abundant Life
I’m the last person you would have expected to be hosting a podcast. I’d operated mostly from a place of fear all my life; fear of disappointing others, fear of being noticed, fear of looking stupid, fear of losing loved ones, fear of being seen, fear of being heard. I liked to play small and stay out of sight. Something like public speaking or hosting a podcast was literally my greatest fear. And yet, here I am. I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. Anxiety is exhausting. Constantly being afraid of what might or might not happen - most of the time fearing things that are statistical improbabilities. It’s weird being so afraid of things that will probably never happen. It kind of sucks to live afraid of the future, yet longing so desperately to move forward out of that depression that holds you repeating the past until you just can’t stand it anymore. Let’s chat about fear based decisions and the freedom that comes from standing up and doing it scared. It could quite literally change your life. The Happy Mom Method  Mindset Makeover - Free guide  Leave a review here Tag me on Instagram Read show notes here 
September 22, 2022
41: It's Okay to Quit While You're Ahead (the real reason I don't drink anymore)
I always had this idea that you couldn’t quit something that wasn’t destroying your life. I think mommy-wine culture can be incredibly toxic to those who struggle with addiction. If you’re good with a glass of wine at the end of the day, that’s awesome, more power to you. But if you feel like this could be an unsafe lifestyle for you, the way I did, I want to take this time today to give you permission to quit while you’re ahead. I always felt like I needed to hit rock bottom before I could claim sobriety. I thought everything needed to be done in a particular order or that I had to fit into a perfect mold and definition of things. It felt silly to me that I could do something to make my life better when my life wasn’t falling apart. I was wrong, of course. I struggle with moderation. I’m an all-in kind of person. I can’t have a little, it’s all or nothing. I’ve always been a binge-er. I couldn’t watch one episode, I had to watch a whole season. I couldn’t have a single serving of chips, I had to eat until I felt sick… You don’t have to hit what you view as rock-bottom before you give up a destructive behavior - whether that’s your screen time, staying up too late, snacking habits, negative self-talk, inappropriate drinking, etc. The choice is yours. Change can be hard, but it’s beautiful and necessary. Life is always changing, you’ve got to face facts and accept that it’s time for you to bloom. Links Mentioned Mom Mindset Makeover The Happy Mom Method  Review the podcast here
September 20, 2022
40: 5 Things That Currently Make My Life Easier
I keep hearing people say mom-life is hard… I don’t think that’s true though. I think we choose to let it be “hard” so we can stay in our comfort zone, in that hot mess mom culture that feels so safe and chaotic. The truth is: life gets to be easy, if you let it be easy. When we choose to let it be easy, we free up our time and energy to elevate in other areas of our life. We can lean more into our true purpose and grow deeper in our relationships. Life gets better when we let it be easy. Today I want to share with you a few of the things that make my own life a bit easier. Some of it’s mindset shifts, some of it’s the products that make daily life simpler or better. (Affiliate links are provided throughout because, well, if I’m gonna recommend you to buy a product from a company, that company should pay me for doing their advertising…) Leave a comment here The Happy Mom Method Wait List  The Everyday Joy Planner My Shark Vacuum Save on Every Plate Amazon Kids Fire Tablet
September 15, 2022
39: Be Courageous Enough to Start Small & Take Baby Steps as a Beginner
It’s okay to be a beginner. You don’t have to go “all in” when you’re starting something new. You don’t have to learn everything you need to know at the very beginning. You can start slow and begin with almost no knowledge of the thing you’re interested in. You don’t have to be good enough to teach anyone what you’re doing. You don’t have to be able to carry on a conversation about the thing you’re doing - whether that’s homesteading, or gardening, or blogging or podcasting, or making jewelry or whatever. You decide to start and figure everything else out along the way and are willing to take baby steps. Have the passion and courage to start. Begin. Get going. Email me today: and tell me - what are you beginning? Take it a step farther: get on Instagram and share publicly what you’ve been afraid to start. Share that big scary step that you’re starting and tag me @britclarkson If you want to start a podcast and need extra help with your outlines, niche, cover art, etc. - send me an email and I’d be happy to enroll you in my 1:1 podcast coaching program! ( Tag me on Instagram Mindset Makeover Happy Mom-Brain Workbook The Happy Mom Method Monthly Goals Printable Planner
September 13, 2022
38: Are You a MacGyver of Your Mental Health? You deserve to be a priority in your own life.
You deserve to be held together by more than duct tape and bailing twine.  Your mental health is important and deserves for you to maintain it properly with preventative care.  You’re worthy of that.  Prioritizing mental health into your every day life without adding to the overwhelm is so important to your lasting peace and joy - and that's what I'm all about. I'm so passionate about sharing all the ways I've learned to do this in my busy mom-life. That's why this podcast exists, that's why I create the products I create, that's why I'm spending hours a day creating helpful content for you, mama. Your life is important and it's not going to last if you let yourself hate everything. Peace, ease and joy, that's what we're here to find.  I love you, friend.  Don't forget to leave a review of the podcast!  Happy Mom Method Waitlist:  Happy Mom Mindset Makeover (free download):
September 08, 2022
37: Drop the Mom-Guilt and Do the Damn Thing
Last month I had an incredibly transformative weekend of personal and business growth. I met a room full of amazing Powerhouse Women, I mapped out a brand new course I’m creating for you with my business mentor, and I had so many realizations that I’m very excited to share with you. Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation with Kacia Ghetmiri of EmpowerHER podcast. When she asked me to my face if I’m coming to her live event in October I had to explain the mom guilt I had to overcome to even come on that trip. Guilt is garbage. Fear is a liar. Imposter Syndrome is a coping mechanism meant to keep you safe and small. You’re meant for more than you’re allowing yourself to receive. Ditch the mom-guilt and do the damn thing (as Kacia says so often). Links Happy Mom Mindset Makeover The Happy Mom Method Waitlist Read the show notes here
September 06, 2022
36: How to Meal Plan When You Hate Making Decisions - an honest talk on real life in my kitchen
If one of the biggest stressors in your life right now is that dinner time dilemma, then this is for you. Dinner time can be so much easier than you’re letting it be and it all starts with a foolproof meal plan. I used to let the dinner time dilemma send me into a spiral of depressive symptoms and anxiety attacks. Then I started getting serious about meal planning. Having the decisions made beforehand - before you’ve already had a long day, before you’re nearing burn out, before you’re hangry - can have a profound impact on the way you approach preparing dinner for your family. Before we dive in, I want you to know a few things: Dinner isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not even the most important meal of the day. Your value and worth as a mother has nothing to do with how Pin-Worthy your dinner is. You don’t have to get fancy or provide an impressive variety of dinners each week. Frozen meals are fine. Your husband isn’t going to leave you over a dinner that was easy for you to cook - and if he would, you should let him leave, he’s a jerk. Your family wants you to be happy, more than they want a “perfect dinner plan” to be perfectly executed. Links mentioned in this episode:  The Easy Way to Meal Plan Blog Post  How to Create a Rotating Meal Plan 6 Week Meal Plan Template The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide  Episode 23: Simplify Healthy Eating for The Whole Family
September 01, 2022
35: How to be Undistracted by False Purpose in Motherhood
This episode is going to get you questioning a lot about how you’re living your life, my friend. Mindfulness and awareness are key in this topic. Grab your journal, we’re about to dive in deep - you can get started by asking yourself these questions, then tune into the episode for my insight on living your day to day aligned with your purpose and priorities. What’s important to you, what are your priorities? Determine this by reflecting on your life’s purpose - is it to have full involvement in your kid’s lives, is it to support your husband in all he does to carry you and the family, is it outside the home, what is it that your heart pulls at you to pour your whole self into? Do your days reflect that purpose, or are you feeling stuck in the life you’re living? What shifts can you make to step into the life you know you’re meant for? What do your days look like from the outside? In this episode we’re talking about mindfulness in your priorities - what would the members of your family say are important to you? Would your most important thing/person agree with you that they are the most important thing in your life? How can you shift and spend more time or energy in a more productive way to show up for what’s important? I say shift - not add more to your plate without taking something else off - or making it smaller, easier… LINKS: Hard to find freebie - Grounding methods  Happy Mom Mindset Freebie Happy Mom Brain Workbook  Everyday Joy Planner  Etsy Printable Shop  Self Love Starter Kit  Meal Planning Guide  Affirmations and Journal Prompts
August 30, 2022
34: Step by Step Tips for Putting Mom-Life on Easy Mode - Home Edition
You deserve to let this be easy. Mom-life can be hard, but we don’t have to let the everyday tasks of it be the hard part. The house keeping and schedule coordinating aren’t meant to be the daily battles. Being a good mom isn’t about the perfect house or knowing where everyone’s soccer uniforms are, it’s about showing up and supporting your family by creating a home atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy time with one another. Most of us lose sight of that on the regular. It’s okay, we’re gonna get realigned today and I’m going to give you some great tips and tricks for keeping in alignment with what’s really important to you. Today is the day you’re going to start getting comfortable with releasing stress over the home care tasks that you can’t always get to. You’re going to get grounded in your purpose and priorities and start living life the way you know you’re meant to. Today you will let it be easy, you will let go of what you can’t control, and you will rest as needed. Welcome to “easy mode” motherhood, my friend. LINKS in this episode: Allie Casazza - Declutter Like a Mother My Quick Declutter Guide Episode 23 with Danica Mills - How To Simply Healthy Eating for the Whole Family Easy Meal Planning Blog Post The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide Read the full show notes here
August 25, 2022
33: How to Set up a Toy Library and Save Your Mom-Sanity
I’ve seen a lot of moms lately desperately searching for a solution to the toy mess, and mama, I feel ya! I’ve got 3 boys of my own - 2, 4, and almost 6 years old. These kids are spoiled by an over-giving grandma (thanks mom!) and the toy collection seems to constantly grow and I’m stuck cleaning up the mess. Or at least I WAS stuck with the mess, until I created our toy library. I tried decluttering the toys, I tried a toy rotation (that proved to be more work for me), I tried shutting the door to the toy room and ignoring it (but they would just bring the toys to the living room)… Nothing was working. In today’s episode I’m giving you the details on how to keep the toys contained in a toy library and keep your sanity intact. Links for this episode  Toy boxes on Amazon Our Favorite Toys on Amazon  The Quick Declutter Guide  Freebie: Happy Mom Mindset Guide  Read the full shownotes here
August 23, 2022
32: Using Affirmations to Shift Your Mindset and Live Your Best Life Yet
The words we use are important to the life we are choosing to live. The way you talk about yourself matters. The way you talk about your life matters. If you want to make a change and start living a better life, to rise to a higher version of yourself, you’ve got to start talking about yourself and your life as if you’re already there. You don’t heal your depression by talking to yourself like you’re a piece of crap. You’re not going to finally finish that project by shaming yourself about not having it done yet. You’re not going to be a better mom by constantly living in that mom-guilt you’re currently holding yourself under. You’re not going to shame yourself into your best self. Let’s uncover your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs today. Let’s rewrite your narrative and tell a better story - the one you actually want to be living. This is your life, you’re in charge, you’re in control, and you are not your thoughts. Kick the negative thoughts out and make room for big and beautiful things, friend. Links from this episode:  Everyday Affirmations FREEBIE Meant to Bloom Prompts and Affirmations, Printable Journal Self-Love Starter Kit  Happy Mom-Brain Workbook Read the full shownotes here
August 18, 2022
31: How to Love Difficult People (learning to love others right where they are).
Sometimes loving others can be hard. Okay, a lot of the time it might be hard. But luckily, we can choose to let it be easy. It may be tempting to label others as “difficult to love,” but that only makes them difficult for us to love. Instead, we can choose label ourselves as “always loving," and make everyone easy to love simply because we've made that our nature. In this episode we're chatting about loving others just as they are, not withholding love from them on any certain terms, and faithfully growing our capacity to love others through deep gratitude practices. Links Mentioned Embody Love Workbook My story Episode 6 Etsy Shop - the products that help you be loving and joyful Dr Jasmine - the mom psychologist Read the full show notes here:
August 16, 2022
30: How to Keep Your Cool When Your Kids Are Annoying You.
The real question here is: How do we stop being so triggered by our kids’ annoying behaviors. When we learn to remain calm and untriggered by our kid’s fits, we can hold our boundaries and stick to a consistent model of parenting. When we give in to the tantrums we teach our kids that if they push us far enough, we’ll give in. Are you ready to take the steps to set the right tone for your family? You’re the gatekeeper, you decide the energy of your home. When someone in the family gets panicked and worked up, are you going to join them or calm them? If you’re going to calm them, you first have to calm yourself. Stay grounded. Stay rooted. Stay chill. Even when the world feels like the walls are closing in. Why do our kids trigger us? We tend to be more triggered when our needs aren’t taken care of. Our kids tend to be more triggering when their needs are not being met. Like a kid acting out because they haven’t had enough bonding time with you lately. Or crying for their favorite snack because they got too hungry and now all that they want is that one thing that they are thinking of and nothing else will make them happy. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Keep reading the show notes: FREEBIE Mom Mindset Mini Guide: The Happy Mom-Brain Workbook:  The Everyday Joy Planner: Leave me a review on Apple: Get the Gratitude Guide:
August 11, 2022
29: Make Chores Easier by Shifting the Way You Think About Them
If you think it’s gonna suck, it’s probably gonna suck. The more you assign negative connotations to your house chores, the more you’re going to grow in hatred of them and continue to avoid them. This is something that’s been an ongoing challenge in my life, overcoming this hatred of cleaning and completing chores. “You don’t exist to serve your space, your space exists to serve you.” KC Davis | How To Keep House While Drowning If your home is your source of stress, rather than a refuge from the stress of the world - if you’re home has become an idol and keeping it clean has sucked all your time and energy and you’re placing the value of a clean home over the value of time spent with loved ones, yourself, or God himself - you’ve perverted the purpose of your home. Like Jesus in the temple, it’s time to start flipping (metaphorical) tables. Your home has a job, your home is meant to serve you, be a place of peace. When it’s become a stress, it’s time to realign and reassess how you’re spending your time while at home. I want to share with you the practical tips that have helped me to overcome my hatred of cleaning. LINKS IN EPISODE:  Keep reading the show notes here: Get the Declutter Guide: Find KC’s book here: (affiliate link) Let’s connect on IG: Leave me a rating/review on Apple Podcasts:
August 09, 2022
28: Setting Yourself Up For Success as a SAHM
First off, let’s not confuse motherhood with house management. Managing the home is not exclusive to motherhood and vice versa, but most of us slay at home mamas do have that responsibility if running the whole home. As moms, we set the tone for the whole family. If Mom’s not happy, no one is going to be happy, that’s a simple fact of life. We don’t do it on purpose, but our energy affects those around us, we can’t help it. It’s so important to be proactive in taking care of yourself and in making plans for the whole family so I’m sharing here today my tips for setting yourself up for success as a SAHM. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup - but yes you can mama. You shouldn’t, it leads to burn out and resentment and depressive cycles and a lack of desire to live. Moms pour from empty cups all the time. We can manage. But if we want to flourish and bloom and be our very best selves, we’re gonna have to stop doing that. We’ve got to take care of ourselves more than anyone else does, because we don’t just show up for ourselves every day, we show up for the whole family. We set the tone for the whole house. If we are about to break, so is the home. We make the home. Take care of yourself because you deserve it, and because everyone relies on you. Links in this episode:  Read the full show notes here: Freebie: The Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide The Happy Mom-Brain  The Everyday Joy Planner
August 04, 2022
27: Facing the Fear of Moving Forward and Why You're Still Where You Started
I’ve been on this journey of spiritual, personal growth for a few years now. I’ve overcome mental illness, learned to live happily, and have made so much progress in how to keep house and home make in that time, but one thing I’ve been faced with time and time again is this one major roadblock: the fear of moving forward. I have my theories why these feelings bubble up and stop us from pursuing our best life possible. It’s uncomfortable to change. It’s new and it’s terrifying, even when it’s something really, really good for us. More than anything though, I think we have a hard time facing the question: who am I when I’m not a hot mess? If I’m not busy chasing kids all day and cleaning up behind them, if I have a moment to sit and let my brain think - what will I think about? My dad never finishes anything - and I’ve worked so hard to fight against that instinct in myself. His shop (and surrounding areas) are always a cluttered mess - another instinct in myself that I’ve had to fight. I’ve seen him get on kicks of cleaning up and making tons of progress, then he just stops. I’ve watched this pattern in him enough to start noticing it in myself and others. When I really started to declutter my house (still a work in progress) I noticed this anxious need to stop after any huge hurdle had been crossed - not a need to rest, a need to stop. I started with my kitchen. I downsized the amount of dishes we had so they actually fit nicely in the cabinet, I cleared the counter tops so there was no visible clutter to greet me, and shifted things around so they were in the most convenient places possible. This completely reset the vibe in my kitchen and it felt GOOD to be in my kitchen for the first time in my life. Then I was faced with a new source of anxious energy. Instead of feeling that usual anxiety of being in a messy spaces, surrounded by “unmade decisions” as Allie Casazza puts it in Declutter Like a Mother, but a new anxious energy rooted in uncertainty about myself. Links Mentioned:  Read the full show notes here:  Freebie Happy Mom Mindset Guide: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: Quick Declutter Guide: Allie Casazza: 
August 02, 2022
26: Controlling Your Mommy-Rage and Learning to Respond to Your Kids Respectfully with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy
Motherhood can be draining, no one expects you to have it all together. Through therapy, Elizabeth entered the world of gentle parenting with the goal of respect for your children. This is very different from the style of parenting her and I both grew up with - the spanking, the threatening of discipline, etc. We don't have to raise our voice to get our kids to listen. (no, really). In this episode, I am joined by Elizabeth, a motherhood-stress and emotion coach, and host of Emotionally Healthy Legacy Podcast. Elizabeth is a wife from Minnesota, now in Florida, the mother of 4 (3 boys and new baby girl) and it is her mission to help moms support themselves and overcome the burnout and find themselves. Getting your needs met is the first step to being patient with those around you. When you're well rested, hydrated, and fed, it creates the environment you need to be in to remain calm. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE  If you liked this episode with Elizabeth, go listen to The Emotionally Healthy Legacy: Follow Elizabeth on Instagram. Get the 5 Day Mini Course here. Schedule a free Stress Management Call with Elizabeth. Other products mentioned in episode: **Unburdened Course by Allie Casazza.** **The Miracle Morning (book) by Hal Elrod.** Read the full show notes and transcript here:
July 28, 2022
25: What to do When Someone You Look up to Isn’t Living the Way You Want Them to
How we handle the mistakes of others says a lot about our character and personal development. I recently found out some news that someone I love and look up to had made some bad decisions and had a lot of people upset with her. This news was shaking me to my core in the beginning - but it’s turned into a great opportunity of growth and compassion for me. We can’t control other people. We can only control ourselves. One thing that I’ve come to realize is that everybody makes mistakes - nobody’s perfect. Pretty sure Hannah Montana taught me that. The best people you know have probably made some incredibly terrible mistakes in their lives. Either you’re not aware of it or you’re blind to it. What we have to do is get into a healthy mindset about it. We have to stop ignoring it, we have to stop down playing it, and we have to stop blowing it out of proportion. We’ve got to learn to accept what is as what is and release the need to control other people. We’re all equals here. We’re all capable of the same things. We all make mistakes. We are human. We’ve got to start giving grace to all - not just some. You’re only free when you forgive others and yourself for the past. When you release the anxieties and fears of the future. This moment right now is the only place you will find freedom. You can only be happy right now and you won’t be happy if you’re holding on to other peoples’ mistakes. Links mentioned in the episode: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide: Instagram: Facebook: Read the full show notes here:
July 27, 2022
24: Finding Encouragement to Show Up Fully When Your Marriage is in a Rough Patch with Emily Grace Miller
Motherhood can be hard enough - when you throw in dealing with depression and a rocky marriage, it can feel near impossible to make the right choices and show up fully for your kids, let alone yourself. While a healthy marriage is the foundation for a happy family, sometimes we have to reframe what that means. A healthy marriage doesn’t always mean that you’re constantly in love with one another, always going on date nights, or even that you LIKE each other at the moment. A healthy marriage is sometimes simply that you’re unwilling to let it end, that you’ll have disagreements in healthy ways, that you’ll stay committed to the partnership and to parenting together even though you’re struggling to be excited to see your spouse at the end of the day. Sometimes it’s your husband’s breathing that bothers you, sometimes you feel unsupported, sometimes he’s just not all there for you. But sometimes, even when it feels like it’s HIS problem, the solution, the healing, the growth, it all starts with you. You have to be the bigger person, you have to make changes first, you have to become confident in who you are and content with where you are to find your peace. Emily Grace Miller is here today to chat with us about her life experiences as a mom struggling to get off the couch and determined to make her marriage work. Emily is a wife to Jesse and mother to 2 gorgeous girls. She’s passionate about living the life God has planned for her and sharing her hard learned lessons with her friends. You can find Emily hosting her podcast It Starts With You on all major platforms and posting snippets of life and reflection to her Facebook Page @EmilyGrace.Miller. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Emily's Podcast: It Starts With You Follow Emily on Facebook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide: Read the full show notes/transcript here: 
July 26, 2022
23: Simplifying Healthy Eating for the Whole Family with Danica Mills
You’re a busy mom just trying to do your best, but every time dinner roles around you can’t help but either feel exhausted from cooking that Pinterest-worthy dinner, or you’re feeling that tinge of guilt that you didn’t try harder to make sure your whole family is getting every nutrient on their plate.  What is healthy eating anyway? Is it Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Carnivore, Organic, Whole 30, Veggies Most, what is “Clean eating?” What nutritionist Danica Mills is here to share with us today might just ease that meal time stress you’re feeling. You see, “healthy” foods are relative. It’s less about what the world says (that’s always changing!) and more about getting reconnected with your body and asking: what does this food make me feel like?  Personally, I’ve been on a few diets (for health reasons) and while some things made my body feel better, they also crushed my spirit. It gets easy to jump full speed into these health kicks, end up overwhelmed, with a fridge full of food you’re not excited to eat, then cycle back into the unhealthy eating habits that make your body feel like a trash pit.  Tune into this episode (or read the transcript linked below) to hear all the expert advice Danica Mills has for us busy moms who are overwhelmed by the idea of healthy eating, yet burdened by the guilt of our current food habits.  LINKS IN THIS EPISODE Website:  Danica's Instagram:  Nourished Podcast: Read the transcript here: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
July 21, 2022
22: How to Start Being Happier (when you’ve been stuck in your unhealthy cycles for too long)
If you’ve been around here for a hot minute, you’ve heard me talk a lot about the “old me.” She was not happy. The old me was always falling for cognitive distortions and believing the worst about myself. I put up a lot of walls around me and didn’t let a lot of people in or show them the real me at all - so when someone tells me they enjoy my company, they actually like me, it always blows me away - sometimes it still takes me off guard. I used to be a bit of a jerk - like, I was the kind of person who liked to whisper comments to my sister about other people, tearing them down, making fun of them. I now know that I was projecting my own insecurities onto others. I was miserable, and I was making myself miserable. It took a lot of discipline to break free from the patterns that kept me there.  I had to break free from the cognitive distortions, the negative thinking, and the habits that weren’t helpful. That freedom has changed my life. My past self was a jerk, pessimistic, miserable. My current self is none of those things. My current self is open minded and loving. I understand that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. I only ever seem to forget to give myself grace, and even then, it’s something I work through, it’s not somewhere I stay. I do still tend to revert to that old shy self when I meet someone new - or simply am face to face with someone I’m not fully comfortable with. I go back to that quiet version of me that closes off and seems cold to others. I’m not trying to be that way, it’s simply the pattern I’m in a habit of. 3 Steps to break the patterns of misery and despair. These are the three pillars that pulled me out of a decade of depression. Using these 3 keys every day keeps me from backsliding into misery. These need to be a priority for the rest of your life. The secrets to happy living? Intentionality, Affirmation, Gratitude. Read more here in the show notes:  Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide: Everyday Joy Planner:
July 20, 2022
21: Break Out of the Hot Mess Hustle Culture & Create Moments of Rest in Motherhood w/ Alyssa Wolfe
Finding quiet time throughout your day is a luxury and those moments are few and far between for us moms. That's why we have to MAKE our own quiet time a priority - whatever it takes. We need the time to let our minds wander, to dream a little, and to allow our bodies to calm down (hello lower cortisol levels). As moms we tend to fall for this cognitive distortion that we need to be go-go-go all the time, on 24/7 with no breaks. Let’s dismantle that belief. Alyssa Wolfe of Your Unbusy Life is here to talk to us today about slowing down your life, giving yourself a break, and creating moments of rest everyday. Links from this episode:  Read the show notes and full transcript: Super Mom Sanity Jumpstart:
July 19, 2022
20: Making Time for Intimacy in Your Marriage Without it Feeling Like a Chore with Amanda Ammons
What’s the marker of a happy, healthy marriage? An active sex life. In the beginning, we didn’t even have to TRY to make time for it, it just happened - all the time. Then work and kids and home care and life all start to happen around us and somehow this once incredible piece of our lives gets shoved in a closet. Sex is the most amazing experience when it’s done right - not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. To become so vulnerable with your partner and let them exchange energy with you in such an intense way is powerful. But what happens when your mind and body are against you here? What do we do when intimacy becomes a chore or feels like a burden? How do we navigate these waters in our marriage? That’s where Christian Marriage Sex-pert Amanda Ammons comes in and coaches you through your mindset and beliefs around sex, giving you practical tips to make it a priority again. In this episode of I Get To, we’re talking to Amanda about how to make sex happen in your marriage, how to schedule it and make it something to look forward to and how to reconnect when it’s feelings like another source of stress instead of stress-relief. Links mentioned in the podcast: Instagram: Design Your Sex Life Freebie: Passions Connected: One-on-one with Amanda: Read the full transcription here:
July 14, 2022
19: The Only Morning Routine You Need to Have a Really Really Ridiculously Good Day
I have been asked so many times what my morning routine is - I’m opening up about that here in this episode. I’ve tried all the magical, miracle morning routines for the most successful day possible, and I didn’t like them. I don’t enjoy waking up to a checklist of things someone else says I should do. It’s not fun for me, it’s not authentic to me. In short, I wake up and just do the thing that feels good for me.  The morning is when you set the tone for the day. The tone I want to set is that I’m making the choices that feel good for me - that I’m not living someone else’s life or following the blueprint for the life they have. I want to have the life I’m meant to have. I enjoy taking time to get quiet and do what feels like it’s meant for me. Often I’ll get a burst of creativity in the morning. If I’m journaling it’s usually about business or future plans. If I’m reading the bible I’m probably finding things to share here. Don’t go blindly copying someone else’s blueprint for a perfect morning/life. Don’t force something that doesn’t work for you. You gotta do you. If it feels good and excites you to wake up, do that! If you’ve been failing at following a morning routine, give yourself so much grace here. Don’t beat yourself up for not fitting into a glass slipper that’s not part of your story. Live your life, not someone else’s. Seriously, if you need one thing to do in the morning, sit in the quiet, be alone in the quiet. Breathe. Don’t think too hard. Let yourself be at peace and ease. Keep a notebook and pen nearby so when things start to flow you can write them down. What you’re meant to do will come to you - it’s probably already come to you, you just haven’t been quiet enough to hear it. Stop looking all around you for what to do, look inside, let Spirit, Wisdom, God guide you. The answers are already there. Links for this episode:  Read the show notes: Everyday Joy Planner:  Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
July 13, 2022
18: Striving for a Self Care Lifestyle in any Season of Motherhood with Sara Miller
Let me make this clear: You are worthy of your own time. You are worthy of your own money. You are worthy of your own health. You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy. As our flight attendants always remind us: we must secure our own oxygen masks first, before assisting our children. This is so we don’t lose so much oxygen that we are incapable of securing their masks properly. In our everyday life, it’s important to care for ourselves first, so we are mentally and physically able to care for our children. How can we expect to take care of our children if we can’t take care of ourselves? How can we expect them to learn to care for themselves if we aren’t setting the example? If we aren’t caring for ourselves, not only do we rob our children of modeling a healthy example for their own self-care, we rob them of a happy, healthy mom. Self-care is the first step we can take towards preventing stress, fear, overwhelm, anxiety and depression from taking the driver’s seat in our lives. When we constantly take the time to analyze what we need physically, mentally, and even spiritually, we can catch the first signs of distress before they take root. Setting aside time for self care as a mom can be extremely difficult - and if we struggle to squeeze it in we may begin to develop feelings of resentment toward our loved ones and we don’t need that kind of guilt to build up. Join me as we chat with Sara Miller as we discuss some of the many ways to incorporate self care into your every day. Sara is a self care coach, a wife and mom who is on a mission to help women reduce anxiety and overwhelm through a self care lifestyle. Sara is the host of The Self Care Life Podcast, where she shares honest stories, inspiration, and impactful tips and tricks to help you transition from feeling anxious and frustrated to tuning into your needs. Topics in this episode: *Sara’s journey in discovering self care *Self care looks different for everyone *Practicing emotional awareness to evaluate your self care methods in new seasons *Multitasking your selfcare to integrate it into your daily life as a busy mom *Decluttering as a form of self care and anxiety relief *No spend self care ideas LINKS: See the full show notes and transcript here: FREEBIE GUIDE: Instagram: TikTok: Podcast:
July 12, 2022
17: Expert Advice on Getting Healthy - When You're Already Overwhelmed - with Kelsey Bryant
Are you trying to figure out how to start living a healthy lifestyle without getting overwhelmed and losing motivation, again? Kelsey Bryant is here with us today to give us her wealth of wisdom in making fitness and a healthy lifestyle easy and doable for the busy mama. If you're a busy mama like me who's desperate to slow down her life - your physical health and fitness can often fall through the cracks. Whether it's because the whole thing seems to get complicated real quick, or that simply beginning feels like a new stress being added to your already heavy plate, Kelsey is here with us today to help overcome the hurdles of simply starting. Kelsey has a master's degree in health and fitness, on top of being a pilates instructor for years - she really does know her stuff! She's also a mom who knows that working fitness into your life is a priority, not building your life around a fitness routine. I'll be honest, I've been out of practice in this area. While, in a past life, I was a dance instructor who ate a strict paleo diet at one time - recently I have struggled with a dislike of fitness, I've hated my body and intentionally caused harm by making bad food choices and neglecting the cries for help for a while. I'm right here back at the beginning of this health journey with you, my friend. Tune into this amazing episode of I Get To with guest, Kelsey Bryant, to learn her expert tips for incorporating fitness and health into your (sometimes already overwhelming) days. Full transcript and show notes available here:  Find Kelsey here: website: Instagram: email: Podcast:
July 07, 2022
16: Letting Go of What's Not For You to Find the Joy and Peace That Comes From Quitting.
Here’s what happens when you give up something that’s not for you anymore - you create space for growth. When I quit teaching the mini dance team, it allowed another mom at the studio to step up and take over. I’ve loved watching her blossom and bloom into the instructor she’s become - and today, she owns her own dance studio! All because I stepped out of the way, handed over the baton, and created space for her to grow in my place. When you feel pulled to leave, when it’s not aligned anymore, it’s a sign from the Spirit that it’s time to move on; there’s something better waiting for you. Quitting dance freed up my schedule, it freed me mentally, it created alignment, I fixed my sleep schedule, I figured out how to not hate cooking, I was freed up to start this business. If I was still giving my time to dance, I wouldn’t have this podcast, I wouldn’t have written The Happy Mom-Brain, or created The Everyday Joy Planner. I wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing now. Having the courage and bravery to walk away from something I loved, has allowed other women to bloom, it’s allowed me freedom to heal. Quitting has allowed me to begin this whole business to help other women heal and keep moving forward. If it’s where you truly belong, you will find your way back. After two and a half years away from teaching and coaching dance, I’m feeling a pull to return to that space in creating something new and beautiful. Read the full show notes here:  Get the Everyday Joy Planner:
July 06, 2022
15: It Takes a Village... Here's how to start getting the help you need with Elizabeth of Emotionally Healthy Legacy.
Today we are chatting with Elizabeth, Stress Coach for Moms and host of Emotionally Healthy Legacy podcast.  In this episode we talked about: The cause and effects of stress. Choosing to live unstressed and seek peace in motherhood. Making life as easy as possible - letting go of control over doing everything yourself and using Instacart or grocery pick up services. You are the CEO of your home - does a CEO do it all themselves? Or do they bring on more help to grow and make a greater impact? Don't be the control freak who burns out because you're stubborn. You can try to do it all yourself, but you're going to end up burning out, or worse. When you choose to delegate and ask for help, life becomes much easier. You can find Elizabeth at the links below: Emotionally Healthy Legacy Podcast: Emotionally Healthy Legacy on Instagram: FREE download from Elizabeth: Get your copy of The Happy Mom Brain on Amazon: or For episode transcription: 
July 05, 2022
14: 3 Little Ways You Can Be a Better Mom (even though you know you’re already the best).
It's funny you're here to read this, because you're already the best mom for your children. You were picked out from any woman across all time and space to be the mother to your children. You know better than anyone else how to be the mother to those kids of yours. That knowing might just be buried under a pile of crappy parenting advice and unrealistic home care expectations. When you keep your focus where it belongs, everything else falls into place. Lead with your heart more than your brain. Seek God first and the rest figures itself out. Being a "better mom" is all about being spiritually aligned with your own self. The tiny things tend to be the greatest stressors. Let's be clear - Motherhood is not Homemaking. Motherhood is not House cleaning. Motherhood is not Cooking. Motherhood is not Budgeting. Motherhood is not Chauffeuring. These things often go hand in hand with motherhood, but they are not synonymous. A mother who doesn't do the cooking in her home is still just as much a mother as the one cooking Marth Stewart level dinners. Read more here:
June 30, 2022
13: Only You Get to Decide Who You Are (breaking free from the labels you’ve been given).
No one else gets to decide who you are. They have no authority to decide your identity, no place t cast judgement and what they believe about you is simply none of your business. What others think has no power over you, thoughts are just ideas and only carry what meaning you put on them. I always hated being labeled lazy or cold hearted - those didn't feel true to me, but they matched my behaviors, so I believed them... I believed I hated people and was better off alone because I was an introvert. I believed I was cold hearted and lacked empathy because I couldn't handle being around sad people. I believed I was lazy because I couldn't bring myself to do chores as a teenager. I was wrong to believe these things. At one time, I was a bit of a jerk. I blamed that on my introvert. I stayed home and avoided time with friends because I "hated people." Now that I've spent years in self discovery I've learned a few things: I had General Anxiety Disorder, I have Sensory Overload, I need time to recharge alone after spending time with others, and everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and deserve grace and patience. In case no one's told you - being an introvert doesn't mean you should spend all your time alone. It simply means you need to prioritize alone time to recover and reenergize after spending time with people. Guard your energy, guard your heart, but that doesn't mean a life of strict solitude. Just because someone puts a label on you, doesn't mean you have to fit into that box. Read more here:
June 29, 2022
12: Loving Yourself Right Where You Are (and embracing the pieces you've been told were broken).
The main thing I've learned from blogging and starting an online business, letting myself be visible, you have to accept yourself as you truly are. No more building walls, no more masking, no more becoming who you feel you need to be fine tuned to who you're talking to. As a Peacemaker - Type 9 Enneagram, I don't like to ruffle feathers, disagree openly, or cause any kind of stress or conflict to anyone. But that's not authentic. It feels like you're tailoring the conversation to who you're with, but often it's actually you editing yourself and hiding pieces of yourself because you're afraid of rejection. Don't dilute yourself to please others. You can't fulfill your purpose if you're constantly trying to be someone else. You are perfect for your purpose, just as you are. If your purpose was meant for someone else, it would have been given to someone else, but it wasn't. It was given to you, because it's going to take being you to fulfill it. In accepting yourself, you must become content with where you are while still striving for progress. We don't fulfill our purpose by being distracted by negativity or comparison or ingratitude. If you're uncertain of what your purpose is right now - begin by tuning into yourself, into your soul. Strip away all the things that have been piled on you, all the limiting beliefs, everything you've been told is true about you, and realize you are capable of anything. You are designed for this life. You were put where you are with who you're with for a reason. Get comfortable where you are, embrace your present, have joy where you are, be grateful for where you are, and you'll soon be propelled forward to step into your purpose. Happiness isn't determined by your circumstances. It's a choice you make. You choose not to be focused on the daily stresses. Keep your eyes where you are going. Be grateful in the trials, in your gifts, in your everything because it's all moving you forward toward that purpose. Give yourself grace - as much as you give others. You're doing the best you can with what you have. Pay attention to where you are and what's affecting you. Everything has a deeper meaning and cause. When you stop holding grudges against the things you've done or experienced, let go of what's not serving you, quit holding the resentment and you'll find freedom. Allow yourself space to grow and room to learn. This is where you'll find who you are and who you're meant to be.  Get connected on Insta:  Read the full show notes:  Everyday MTB Affirmations: Self Love Starter Kit:
June 28, 2022
11: Conquer Stress By Overcoming Negative Thinking
I recently heard the phrase: Stress is the new cigarette. It took me a minute to really process that. Stress looks so cool. To hustle and grind and do all the things, all the time. To be "that mom" who's always got it all going on. It looks cool, until you're trying to do it all and you realize how gross it makes you feel to have no time to yourself, no white space, no quiet moments to actually connect with our kids. Stress looks cool on the outside, until you learn what it's doing to your insides. Chasing stress distracts us from our real purposes. We're not made to do all things, we're made to do what we're made to do. I see this with Slay at Home Mamas, trying to prioritize a clean and organized house, but our purpose is to raise them and to connect with them. We're meant to have a relationship with our kids, not to yell at them for the socks left on the floor, again. We're meant to be the kind of person our kids want to listen to. Not to be the nag who acts like the house is more important than they are. Your perfect home (or idea of one) is a distraction. You can be the mom who brings a bag of chips to the potluck, but has kids who are excited to go with her. Be the "fun" mom. Show up for your kids in whatever way you are called to show up for them. Your idea of successful parenting isn't going to match up with everyone else. Keep your mindset in check. Don't let the little things become the big things. Limit distractions that are just stress for you. Check that everything you own, is serving you, not the other way around. If you're a slave to your things, you're going to be miserable (not to mention, that's kind of idol worship.... and I hear most people are trying to avoid that). How do we quit stress? "All stress begins with one negative thought. One thoughts that went unchecked, and then more thoughts came and more, until stress manifested. The effect is stress, but the cause was negative thinking, and it all began with one little negative thought. No matter what you might have manifests, you can change it... with one small positive thought and then another." - Rhonda Byrne Where's the root of stress coming from? It's not coming from the things you are stressed about - the dishes aren't yelling at you to come do them, they are morally neutral. Dishes have no meaning, you decide the meaning of a dirty dish in your home. Overcoming Negative Thinking (straight from The Happy Mom Brain). Read more here: Instagram:  Facebook:  Happy Mom-Brain Workbook:  FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 23, 2022
10: How I Balance Motherhood and Mental Health Without Forgetting All The Things
Everyday Joy Planner: This is how I organize everything in my mind and in my life. If you're like me, you maybe have ADHD or Mom-Brain and you're overwhelmed and sleep deprived. You might feel like your brain is a bowl of spaghetti. So how do you organize everything in your frazzled mom brain? I use a simple 3 point system to juggle appointments, marriage, motherhood, friendships, budget, household tasks, business, blog, podcast, and mental health! I struggled with depression and anxiety for a very long time - now I keep them in check by constantly checking in with myself and questioning what's working for me and what's working against me? In the beginning it felt like checking all the boxes was more overwhelming than just being overwhelmed all the time, but I've since created this system that works for me and it might just be what works for you too. Here's my 3 point mental organization system. SPIRAL NOTEBOOK. I use a basic spiral notebook to write down all my thoughts, ideas and lists. This is where I process my dreams and ideas and goals. I write down all the projects I'd like to work on with myself, my home and my business, all in one place with no attempt at organizing it all. It's my brain dumps and notes from online teachings. This is a place where notes can get lost - so I don't write down top priority notes, like appointments. This is a place I'll journal, or brain dump, or write out gratitude. I work towards a positive mindset in this notebook. This is a catch all - a junk drawer - for all the spaghetti and squirrel thoughts. 2. REMINDERS APP. I created a list for each day of the week, Monday - Sunday, and I organize all my week tasks into the reminders app. I'll put in an "errands" reminder, then indent with all the things I need to do while I'm out of the house. Or I'll make a "chores" reminder and I'll list out my top priority chores for the day - like taking out trash on Monday. Every Sunday night I'll sit down and set up my week and make sure I'm ready for any appointments, errands, or kids' events. This is where I'll schedule everything that I need to remember throughout the week. Read more here: Get the Planner here:  Homepage: Instagram: Facebook:
June 22, 2022
9: You Can Continue to Hurt or You Can Choose to Grow (a lesson learned from my cat).
Sometimes the days we expect to be the most joyful, end up being the most painful. The day this podcast launched, our family cat passed away. He'd been sick for quite awhile with what we thought was just an upper respiratory infection that antibiotics were almost working to clear, but it turned out to be Feline Viral Leukemia that was causing him to get sick repeatedly. It didn't come as a surprise when he went, but how much it hurt to lose him was still a shocking amount.  When I found him gone, I cried. I realized I cried because I'd been holding onto so much hope that he'd heal. I hoped he'd get better and get back to his old self again. I cried because a sliver of my hope had died with him.  We have to accept that death is inevitable, we'll lose the ones we love eventually. The challenge is to continue to love deeply despite the fear of loss. When they're gone it's going to hurt - either because you loved them so much, or because you regret not getting closer.  I've realized a pattern in my own life, when I love something I tend to push it away because I'm afraid of losing it. Or I want something real bad, so I self sabotage because I'm afraid to fail and not get it. What if I lose?  Let's look at those thoughts coming up. Become mindful of these thoughts: does it even make sense - to self sabotage so you fail on purpose instead of failing on accident?  This pattern came up recently in my marriage, too. I'm so lucky my husband is ride or die for me. He's stuck by me through so much that he didn't understand with my mental illness struggles over the years. I've sabotaged my marriage on a number of occasions, and that man, that man stuck by me and waited for me to come around and get my senses in working order. When things don't work out, I tend to run away. I'm so glad he's not that type.  We can't keep people at a distance because we're afraid to lose them. Eventually we do lose them. The question is, will you mourn because you loved them so much, or mourn because you never gave it a chance? These the thoughts I  "If you focus on the hurt, you'll continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you'll continue to grow."  Even in your grief, in the tragedy, in the upsets and the pain - we have to keep moving forward, we have to keep looking for the light, because it's the only way to overcome the darkness.  Homepage:  Instagram:  Facebook:  Happy Mom-Brain Workbook:  FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 21, 2022
8: The Two Most Helpful Habits of Loving Relationships.
Some might say the most important factors in a healthy relationship are honesty and trust, but I'd challenge that and say the two most important habits in a healthy relationship are mindfulness and communication. Mindfulness, put very simply, is paying attention. This can be paying attention to yourself and your own needs, thoughts, feelings, wants. And it can be paying attention to others, their needs, thoughts, feelings, desires.  One key part of mindfulness, paying attention to where people are coming from in their actions, is giving grace in those actions. We have this awful habit of distracting ourselves and repressing emotions instead of taking the time and effort to process them. Ignoring our needs and emotions leads us into the spiral of anxiety, burnout and depression.  When you ignore the whispers of your body and spirit, they become screams. Just like when your kids don't listen the first 50 times you ask them to do something, so you say it a little bit louder and they don't understand why you're "being so mean." It's the same thing with our own needs.  There's a lot of great guided mindfulness meditations to help build the skills of listening to your mind, body and spirit. Journaling is another great exercise for this. Check in with your three selves - body, mind, spirit - and think about how you're really feeling in each area. Brainstorm why you're feeling these ways and how you could fix what's not working for you anymore. Pray for guidance from God, Spirit, or Source. But remember, your steps can only be guided if you're willing to move.  The second part of this is communication. Now that you understand what's going on inside you, it's your responsibility to explain your behavior to those around you. Let your kids know when you're not having a good day, show them how you take time for yourself to heal. This shows them how to do that for themselves too.  I've seen the greatest impact in my marriage from communicating EVERYTHING with my husband. There's so many things I didn't think my husband would really care about or understand, or I didn't take the time to understand either, but when I started to explain my thoughts and feelings, my behaviors made more sense. Opening up in vulnerability to let my husband into what's really happening in my brain has been the single best thing for our marriage. It's brought us closer together and helped us to spiritually grow together.  If you deny intimacy (either spiritual or physical) with your husband and provide no explanation, your partner is likely to blame themselves for your lack of interest. People internalize things and blame themselves when there's no other explanation. Don't be afraid to admit you're stressed out about a tv show, or gassy, or whatever it is that's got you feeling in a funk. Don't hide the purest parts of you from your love.  Read the full ShowNotes here:  Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 16, 2022
7: Finding Peace By Creating Happy Spaces in Your Home (and it's easier than you think!)
At some point, you will be ready to make your home a priority. Mental health and family relationship should always be healthy before you shift focus to your home - seriously, just avoid rotting food in the kitchen, keep it clean enough to avoid rodent or pest problems, and focus on your mental well being and relationships FIRST! I spent 2 years fiercely advocating for my mental health and helping others to apply the top techniques for mental wellness into their everyday life. This next chapter in my personal life will begin to shift some focus onto getting my home in functioning order and of course, I'm going to be sharing anything I learn right here on I Get To. One very helpful thing I've done is create a Toy Library. Very similar to a toy rotation, but a lot easier to manage. My kids have a basket of toys in the living room (things like Buzz, Woody, Potato Head and other dolls and dinosaurs), they have a drawer each in their bedrooms for their special toys that they are not required to share with each other. And to keep my sanity, all the multipiece toys are stored out of reach, in a cabinet, in a locked room they don't go in unsupervised (the business office). The Toy Library is filled with puzzles, letter games, blocks, cars and tracks, trains and tracks, LEGOs and the like. By keeping the toys that suck to sort and put away out of reach, our kids only play with one type of toy at a time and clean up isn't too overwhelming for them. When the kids are too overwhelmed for their own mess, who ends up on clean up duty? What we're really here to talk about today is creating happy spaces in your home. Your whole home doesn't have to be clean and in order before you can be happy. Your home is meant to serve you, not the other way around. You shouldn't be feeling overwhelmed and stressed by simply walking into your house. What is the purpose of your home? Is it meant to be the place you escape the stresses of the world or is it the main source of stress for you? Don't go perverting the purpose.  How do you currently feel about your home? Does the entire thing feel like a to do list? Like an unending series of projects?  Your worth is not dependent on the state of your home. Give yourself grace that you're growing and learning and living your life. You can love the home you live in, you can put in all the work needed to complete every project, you can spend hours every day decluttering and deep cleaning, but at the end of the day you're going to need a place you can rest.  Like I mentioned, you don't have to get your whole home clean before you can find peace in it. Choose one place to make a happy zone. You can't control everything all the time, so find a small space you can keep up with and find peace. Your bedroom is a great place to start with renovations, decluttering and redecorating. I know this one falls to the backburner pretty often because guests never see your room.  read more:  Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 15, 2022
6: How I Overcame The Depths of Depression and Became "The Happy Mom"
Last June was the last time I hit a major depressive episode. I was really ready to leave it all behind and take the express ticket out…Honestly, I chose not to mainly because I don’t trust anyone else to raise my kids. I want to be here for them and to raise them in a home that they feel okay to feel. As a boy mom its really important for me to allow them to express their emotions, to let them cry and to feel supported in that rather than shamed. The only time I won’t let them cry is when they throw a fit because they want a toy or a snack - my mantra for them is “it’s okay to cry for sad, but it’s not okay to cry for want, that is not how we ask for things.” I grew up in a home that didn’t talk about feelings. I watched my mom struggle with her own depression and she never told me what was going on, but tried her best to hide it from us. That’s probably where I got the idea that I needed to hide my own struggles and had depression for 8 years before I ever got help for it. I want my kids to have a different experience, I am open with them when I’m not feeling right - not just with depression, but with anger or burn out, I make what I’m going through clear to them and want them to feel comfortable talking to me if they ever experience anything like this. I don’t just want to make them aware that I’m going through something emotionally or mentally challenging, but I want to show them how I’m getting through it. I want them to have these tools too. When I decided not to end things, I felt like I’d been baptized in the rain - it was raining that day if I didn’t mention that already. I heard God speaking to me that I wasn’t done and I had a work to do. He’d pulled on my heart for years, literally years to use my writing as a platform for Him and I just never figured out how or what exactly I was supposed to be doing. This is why I already had a blog going, but content was all over the place… I took some months to work on myself and put together my mental health toolkit - if you don't have one of those, you definitely need to put one together, it’s like having a first aid kit for your brain, you wanna have it before you need it. At the beginning of 2021 everything kind of clicked together and I heard from God again and He told me what to do. Pretty loud and clear. He wants me to be open and vulnerable about what I've experienced, because I’m not the only one. That’s why I’ve converted my own mental health toolkit into a 3 week workbook to help other moms. Sometimes we just aren’t in a place where we need therapy, but we need something…  We need to be proactive about our mental health and we need to have our mental health toolkit on standby. The Happy Mom Brain Workbook is that something. It's already been really helpful to a handful of other women, with a lot of others who are really excited to get to work in theirs. To read more about my struggles with mental health: Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 14, 2022
5: Embracing Ease Without Guilt (because mom-life doesn't have to be THAT hard)
Motherhood is hard, but it's only as hard as we let it be. Watching our kids struggle, learn the hard way, or be in pain should be the hard parts. The daily duties of maintaining your home, entertaining your children, and feeding your family should not be the hard parts of "motherhood."  You do not have to overcomplicate your dinner plans. It's OKAY to prep food ahead of time, to take shortcuts, or even have dinner cooked by someone else. Your worth is not tied to the level of skill and effort put into dinner each night. Let this be easy.  When you look for things to be hard, they will be. If you decide to see beauty and blessing, that's what you'll find. Don't mistake your privilege as a punishment. Motherhood is beautiful.  Everything can be made easier when you let go of black or white thinking - perfection is not your goal, let that go. Be authentically yourself in every thing you're doing. It won't be perfect, but it will be beautifully you. Let it be as it is, let it simple.  Realize your life and purpose is not in the mundane tasks of your day. These are simply steps along the way. Your purpose is bigger than cleaning up the mess. Your purpose is yours to decide - but I promise it's bigger than the task you're overcomplicating and stressing over. This stress is a distraction from fulfilling your purpose, don't let it steal your energy and focus.  1. Take the time to decide your intention. If you don't know where you're going, you're not going to get there. Reflect on what you want your legacy to be, what is it that you want to be remembered for? How can you pursue this everyday of your life? Put your purpose in the leading role of your life.  2. Limit distractions from your purpose. If deciding what's for dinner stresses you out - make a meal plan ahead of time. If toys are out of control and causing you stress - create a toy library to limit the mess made. If you're stressed at the thought of actually cleaning the house - hire it out.  3. Practice gratitude. Take time everyday to really focus on what's going good in life. Focus on the good and you will see it more.  Find Allie and her courses at  Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 10, 2022
4: How to Love the Man You Married (without him having to change himself first)
What do you do when that spark in your marriage has fizzled? You light that candle yourself. Sometimes healing happens when we realize we're the ones extinguishing the flames of our own happiness. You're responsible for your own self, friend. Often times we get into thought patterns that are not helpful. We notice that our husband isn't going out of his way to romance us and we think that's a sign he doesn't love us, instead of trying to understand him. My husband spends most of his day at work, this means his mind is filled with work tasks and responsibilities all day - while I'm the one at home filling my mind with household tasks and parenting responsibilities. This means I have to give him some grace in household tasks and parenting responsibilities because he can't spend as much time thinking about them and it takes more time for him to make a change or shift in these areas.  Focus on the good - what do you love about him? Fill up a journal page with all the reasons you love him and are grateful for him.  Go out of your way to love him first. Nothing's going to change if nothing changes. He will follow you and show you more love when you show him more love. He will reciprocate. Pay attention to how he tries to show you love. Everyone speaks a different love language, have the discussions you might need to have to help him start to show you love in the way you hear it best - and you do the same for him.  If you need something from him, tell him. He's not a mind reader and likely doesn't have the mental capacity to put together the subtle puzzle you're trying to set up for him. Save time, save stress, just tell him exactly what you need from him and why you need that.  Let him see your crazy. Let him know all those thoughts and feelings you have. This is how we grow in intimacy - through vulnerability.  "Intimacy is about truth, when you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare, and their response is 'you're safe with me' - that's intimacy." - Taylor Jenkins Reed Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: FREEBIE I am love affirmations:  Embody Love Bundle: 
June 09, 2022
3: Getting Into The Healing Power of Nature (simple techniques to keep you grounded and centered)
Hey friend, when life starts to feel heavy and complicated, my favorite place to get grounded and centered is outside. Nature is a great source of calm and wisdom. There's a reason we are so drawn to it as children.  Some tips to get grounded with nature: Get close to the soil, put your feet in the dirt and let those ions neutralize!  Take a long, hot shower for some hydrotherapy and to quantum leap (it's not as woo woo as it sounds, it's actually a powerful mind trick).  Let your kids get dirty. It's so good for calming the highly energetic and sensitive child.  Not only are there physical benefits to nature, grounding and hydrotherapy. But God is so present in nature. He created it - it made it for us and he made us for it - we are meant to coexist with nature and to learn from it. One thing I've learned from nature is that perfection isn't necessary to fulfill your purpose. Let life happen and let life be beautiful.  More about earthing:   Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom-Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Happy Mom Mindset Mini Guide:
June 08, 2022
2: Showing up for Your Kids Through Burn-Out (when you can barely show up for yourself)
Surviving burnout and depressive episodes isn't easy, but it's possible and it's worth it.  In today's episode I'm sharing how I get through the rough patches in motherhood.  For starters, let it be easy. Drop the guilt over lowering your expectations and conserve your energy so you can focus on what's really important in your life.  Prioritize connection with your kids during this time. So what if laundry is piled in the kitchen sink and the dishes are on fire. Focus on family and love when you're totally over being overwhelmed. Watch Disney movies, play games, hide away in a blanket fort.  Share your struggles with your kids. You don't have to tell them everything, but you can be honest with them and tell them you aren't feeling great and that it's okay. Sometimes we can't show up for people the way they need us to, but it doesn't mean we don't love them. Show them how you heal, so they will know how to heal too. Break the generational curses. It ends with you.  Talk about mental health with your kids, so they understand that it's okay to talk about mental health. Sometimes burn out is more than burn out - reach out for professional help if you're struggling with depression. BetterHelp is an amazing resource for speaking with a licensed therapist.  Click here for more Show Notes. Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Mini Guide:
June 07, 2022
1: The Simple Shift That Can Change Everything in Your Life (without actually changing anything about your life)
Yes, it's me Brittni Clarkson from Meant to Bloom - just podcasting under a new name, with a more solid foundation and certain direction. I'm so glad you're here!  Why did I choose to rename my show? Because Meant to Bloom doesn't need my face on it anymore - Meant to Bloom is going in a new direction and will involve maybe a dozen or more authors and creators working to empower and encourage women.  Why did I choose I Get To? Because it's the first time I ever knowingly made a mindset shift for the better. I realized I GET to be the one my husband comes home to, I GET to be the one who takes care of the home while he's away, I GET to decide everything about my life, I GET to choose happiness. I am responsible for my own life, and I get to have the life of my dreams.  I'm here to encourage you to follow along, shift your mindset, make life as easy as possible, and savor all the sweet little moments along the way.  Thanks for being here. Don't forget to subscribe and check out these hot links: Click here for Show notes Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Mom Brain Workbook: FREEBIE Mini Guide:
June 06, 2022
0: I Get To - The Introduction
They keep telling us to “Enjoy it while they’re young..” But our days are filled with chaos, and stress, and cooking, and endless laundry piles…. Where’s the time to enjoy it? Yeah, that’s what I always thought too. There’s so much I HAVE to do, when do I find time for peace and joy and happiness, I barely have time to sleep… Mama, it’s time for a shift. You can be a HAPPY MOM - if I can, you can, trust me. I’ve been a mess, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve been to the bottom of the pits… and I’ve risen, I’ve grown, I’ve bloomed and it all started when I realized I didn’t “HAVE to” anything, I GET to. It is my privilege and my honor and my divine responsibility to be the queen of my home - it’s not a burden, I'm not the janitor and the lunch lady - I’m in charge, I’m the ruler, I’m the chaos coordinator, the calm in the storm, I don’t “HAVE to” anything, I GET TO. and so do you. Let’s rise, mamas. Adjust your crown. Accept your responsibility. Change the effing world. It’s all in the way you choose to see it. This is I Get To: The Podcast with Brittni Clarkson.
May 11, 2022