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BAN Beyond Facebook

BAN Beyond Facebook

By Helen Raw
The British Actors Network RAW podcast.

Welcome to the first series of podcasts from The British Actors Network.

BAN’s Champion in Chief, Helen Raw, has invited founding members, and guests to ask All the questions about BAN, the plans and the future offerings, should enough Founding Members come on board and put money in the pot.
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Ep.06 BAN Beyond Facebook RAW with Guest: John Byrne
Helen's fourth guest is John Byrne. John is a Theatre & Screen Industry Careers and Wellbeing Advisor. Podcast Notes/Topics for Discussion Will casting directors/producers use the platform? (I imagine this would be the number one question for all agents) How will reporting and statistics work? (ie submissions etc)
March 13, 2020
Ep.05 BAN Beyond Facebook RAW with Guest: Sally Hyde Lomax
Helen's fifth guest is Sally Hyde Lomax. Sally is a theatre, screen & voice actor and a BAN Founding Member. Podcast Notes/Topics for Discussion The BAN model: Do you see yourselves working alongside existing casting sites such as Spotlight, or do you see yourselves as an exclusive one-stop-shop for actors. Obviously, Spotlight has been around for over a hundred years and there is an element of achievement as an actor in actually either getting your professional training or getting your three recognised credits to get on there, and most agents need it as a requirement for your tenure currently. How does BAN see itself vis a vis Spotlight? Glass Ceilings: As an older jobbing actor I have for years been trying to break through that glass ceiling. I even, two years ago, went back to drama school and did a full-time MA in acting, so that effectively I could start to breakthrough by being a recent graduate, and I think it has started to help. But for instance, I’d actually love to be considered to be a new older nun on Call the Midwife, but it seems that only “known” older actors are used for those parts. Do you think that BAN will be useful to us older jobbing actors trying to break through that glass ceiling?
March 06, 2020
Ep.04 BAN Beyond Facebook RAW with Guest: Simon Jay
Helen's fourth guest is Simon Jay. Simon is a writer and actor and a BAN Founding Member. Podcast Notes/Topics for Discussion As actors we all have different views on how our industry should be run, how will the Network allow for our views to be discussed in a constructive way? Will BAN remain impartial in Actor disputes with companies/producers? How will BAN facilitate specific equality issues involving BAME, LGBTQ+ members?
February 28, 2020
Ep.03 BAN Beyond Facebook RAW with Guest: Catherine Stobbs
Helen's third guest is Catherine Stobbs. Catherine is a BAN Founding Member, actor, model and works with an agency. She’s an avid member of the crazy cat lady community. Podcast Notes/Topics for Discussion How is BAN going to work for Agents? Visibility of castings? Why are you so passionate about BAN? How will you be vetting actors and not just the jobs or promoted services if there are any.
January 13, 2020
Ep.02 BAN Beyond Facebook RAW with Guest: Olga Leon
Helen's second guest is Olga Leon. Olga is a founding member and has joined the BAN Team to support Helen's work to help make BAN Beyond Facebook happen. Podcast Notes/Topics for Discussion Impact of Brexit/EU funding BAN Film, Theatre & Hardship Funds Are only those with experience eligible to access funds? General funding chat and how BAN will also help educate and raise awareness of those accessing the funds Raising awareness of general ‘unprofessional’ castings that are put out in the industry Point for clarification: Marc Twynholm HAS produced before (and won a BAFTA for his first feature) - he hadn’t DIRECTED film before! Profuse apologies for that wee cock up from me in the heat of the moment (Helen)
January 06, 2020
Ep.01 BAN Beyond Facebook RAW with Guest: Jan Van Der Black
Helen's first guest is Jan Van Der Black. Jan is an actor and performer and was the first BANner to sign up as a Founding Member.  Podcast Notes/Topics for Discussion Mandy or Spotlight? Tell me what we're getting that we don't get from those places. Will British Actors Network eventually replace things like Spotlight and Mandy for our members? Hardship and creativity funds. How is the money allocated from income and how do members access it? How do you see the process of getting CDs to choose our site to cast from? What's better for them? Will all members see all castings? How is applying for something likely to work? Will we be able to upload things like showreels, and other media?
December 30, 2019