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Brittney Richardson Experience (BRE)

Brittney Richardson Experience (BRE)

By Brittney Richardson
The Brittney Richardson Experience (BRE) is a Joe Rogan Style Podcast, much like the Joe Rogan Experience (Powerful JRE, JRE Clips) We discuss Pop Culture, Everything from Biohacking, Life Extension, Biological Age, Politics, Social Media and the experience we are all having in our world today.
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Social Media Censorship
Tonight I’m interviewing Radio Host Savvy Schmidt and we’re talking about Social Media Censorship. You can find Savvy at her YouTube Channel here!
January 18, 2021
Apple Caught Purposely Slowing Devices
Apple Caught Purposely Slowing Devices and forcing customers hands to buy new devices.
January 10, 2021
New Years 2021 Podcast!
Happy New Years! It is 2021, thank God 2020 is over with. What’s your New Years Resolution?
January 1, 2021
The Christmas Chronicles
In trouble for saying Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 Erecting Santa 🎅 and Elon Musk Moves to Austin Texas
December 14, 2020
Podcast #004 The Skull Hunter Interview
Interview with Jordan Mohle from Skull Hunter Games. We discuss the life of Social Media, Youtube, Facebook & Podcasting.
December 8, 2020
Did I Age Backwards? Biological Age Vs Chronological Age
Biological Age Vs Chronological Age Test Reveal How old am I? It's the test you have all been waiting for! The results are in did my Biological age go backwards and I Age Backwards like Dave Asprey? and David Sinclair? Thanks to that original episode I found on the Joe Rogan Podcast, I have been implementing the research shared by David Sinclair and Dave Asprey into my health and longevity routine. Today on the Brittney Richardson Podcast I am excited to share those results with you as well as the results from my Functional Medicine Dr. Alexis Shields. Epi Aging DNA Age Kit YouTube Subscribe Link Music By: #DavidSinclair # JoeRogan #DaveAsprey #Longevity
December 1, 2020
The Tale of Flappy Bird... 🤣
The Flappy Bird Evolution Social Media Addiction & Mental Health You see it now in Coding Challenge, cloning and even artificial intelligence taking on the Flappy Bird Evolution but was Flappy Bird addiction really a problem? As the Flappy Bird Creator said in a Business Insider Article? Or Just people enjoying a good product. #NeuralNetwork #ArtificialIntelligence
November 18, 2020
How Somatic Experiencing Can Change Your Life!
Shocking interview with Ilene Smith the Author of Moving Beyond Trauma. She shares how and why Somatic Experiencing can change your life!
November 7, 2020