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The Broadly Entertaining Podcast

The Broadly Entertaining Podcast

By Broadly Entertaining
Fun, games and feminism with business owners and best friends, Giana DeGeiso in New York and Jamie Rosler in Austin, Texas. They are planning parties, emceeing events, doing improv comedy, officiating weddings and more, all while learning from other talented artists and entrepreneurs along the way.
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Sad Trombone
Broadly Entertaining confessions! Jamie and Giana don't like some things that perhaps they should, which inspires a stroll down memory lane. Who will win the Women Mean Business pop quiz?! (We don't officially keep score but there's a pretty clear defeat.) BE A Feminist is all about reproductive health this month, promoting abortion funds and better support for people with endometriosis. Links below for more info. (We recognize that not everyone who needs abortion access or suffers from endometriosis identifies as a woman.) Get 10% off your next corporate team building event with Broadly Entertaining when you send us a message and mention the ad in this podcast episode! *** Episode transcript available here as a read-only Google Doc. *** Shout out to all the fabulous people & places mentioned in our Women Mean Business segment: Michelle Eaton of Forthright Cyder & Mead Miriam Rayevsky of JITTERBUG Sights & Sounds Jamie Helper of Heirloom Botanicals & Heirloom Vibes (our apologies for not mentioning the business names in the episode!) Lily Price & Erin Ellis of The Walk In and The Neon Croissant Ivy House Studio Margot White of Sweets of Adversity Chef Lauren Radel Anaika Forbes and Hashtag Lunchbag Brooklyn Attend the next WMB event in Sullivan County, NY or purchase a Pay It Forward ticket to support our financial scholarship program! Check out the Eventbrite page for details. *** BE A FEMINIST Endometriosis information & support: Statistical and scientific citations found here This page offers access to a variety of support options, including the contact details for support groups around the world, a section specifically for those who care for someone with endometriosis, and information about the World Endometriosis Organisations (a worldwide network that collaborates, advocates and engages in activities relative to mutually agreed campaigns, education, and research) Visit the National Network of Abortion Funds website to learn more about their work and to find & support your local fund. *** Special thanks to musician Chris Dyas for fulfilling the special musical request that inspired the title of this month's episode.
May 28, 2022
Episode 3, Take 3
Even a perfect take is no good if the file doesn't exist! Get some behind the scenes insight into The Broadly Entertaining Podcast process, which inspires Giana and Jamie to share some life lessons before diving into a Bingo Lingo Showdown. Who will take home the winner's crown this month?! BE A Feminist touches on Canadian gun control & American money. Links below for more info! Big thanks to Colin and Wayne for staying out of the way while we recorded this episode three times. *** Episode transcript available here as a read-only Google Doc. *** Read about the upcoming U.S. quarter series in this piece from the NY Times. Listen to the Michael Moore episode of SmartLess, and send us a message if you can find any corroborating information, because we could not. Want to hire Broadly Entertaining to host a Bingo Night? Virtually and in person! Check out our Game Deck to see some of our offerings, and how to get in touch.
April 29, 2022
"I Don't Know What the Rules Are"
Join the Broads for a rhyming game that goes completely off the rails! Have some fun on the beach, get comfortable redecorating, and sample a bit of our history as wedding coordinators & officiants. This month's BE a Feminist segment covers women protesting authoritarianism, hormonal vocal changes, and a bonus SCOTUS shout out. Follow these links for more information on the range of topics covered in Episode 2: BE a Feminist: Read the peer-reviewed study, The Effects of Hormonal Contraception on the Voice: History of its Evolution in the Literature // Listen to Why Strong Women Scare Autocrats from KERA Think // Read the Foreign Affairs article, Revenge of the Patriarchs: Why Autocrats Fear Women // Celebrate the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court! *** Weddings: If you're looking for wedding services, especially in The Catskill Mountains and around Austin, TX, you can find Broadly Entertaining on both The Knot and Wedding Wire. // Are you curious to learn more about the biggest surge in weddings since 1984, and what the causes are for both? Read this piece from The NY Times. *** Check out Kat Reinhert's website to read about the artist, educator and writer, and listen to her music, too! *** Episode transcript available here as a read-only Google Doc.
March 25, 2022
Getting to Know BE
Catch the very first episode of The Broadly Entertaining Podcast! The broads get to know each other a little better, while introducing their personal and professional histories to you. Links and Thank You Notes: Episode transcript available here as a read-only Google Doc. / This is a Reuters article about Korean gold medalist An San and the effect of her pixie haircut. / Here's an article from the Guardian about the new "Me Too" legislation, and here's one from the National Law Review. / Visit the National Women's Law Center website. / Thank you to our families for each having a third child and letting us talk about you publicly!
February 25, 2022
The Broadly Entertaining Podcast Trailer
Snippets and outtakes from our first episode. Get a consensual virtual taste of the broads and catch a new one monthly, every final Friday!
February 24, 2022