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Broke Ain't No Joke!

Broke Ain't No Joke!

By Broke Ain't No Joke!
"Broke Ain't No Joke!" is a raw, no holds bar, unapologetic podcast centered around the hardships and wins many creators face in their daily lives. This podcast features guests from various hustles who are working hard to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors and provide for themselves, their families and their dreams. Brought to you by Karmen Huerta & Aloysia Suarez.
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Episode 15: Keepin' It Real
What's goodie!! On this episode of @brokeaintnojoke we are keepin' it real!! Period. It's hard enough creators in Los Angeles and being on our grind. The last thing we need to do is bring each other down. So, stay tuned because on this episode we bring ya'll a lit round table discussion with model and content creator @tamaralashae_.Remember to tune in LIVE every Wednesday from 3:30 PM PST/6:30 EST via @radio_espacio_ for the latest episodes of @brokeaintnojoke. 
February 28, 2020
Episode 14: Initiative
Episode 14: Initiative #featuredcreators are @theadriennereed + @djbenjaminwalker co-creators of @brunch2bomb the "Sunday Funday" for professional millennials of color in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more episodes LIVE from Boyle Heights every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month via
February 14, 2020
Episode 13: Structure
WE ARE BACK!!! Season 2 - Episode 13: Structure. It's a whole new season of @brokeaintnojoke with more guests, new music and raw convo. On this episode we introduce Vic @versatiii who is a celebrity #HOUSECALLBARBER here in LA. It gets heated as we discuss Aaron Hernandez, toxic male masculinity, how to stay structured and more situationships. Brought to you by your favorite hosts @aloysiaaa_ & @karmenprgirl.
January 23, 2020
Episode 12: Health is Wealth
Happy New Year!! Y'all have been patient but we promise this year @brokeaintnojoke is coming 🔜 with a lot of new projects 👀👀👀 in 2020. But before we can share any new updates with y'all we have to wrap up the season with Episode 12: Health is Wealth. In this episode Aloysia and Karmen share their future travel plans, different ways to destress and have a juicy "Let's Talk About It" segment/intention for better sex and orgasms in the new year! LIVE every 2nd & 4th Wednesday 3PM PST/6 PM EST via @radio_espacio_ Hosts: @karmenprgirl +
January 09, 2020
Episode 11: Community Support
We are all thankful for Thanksgiving break and getting some love and affection from family and friends. Now that we in December and literally a couple weeks away from 2020 we wanted to remind ya'll that #communitysupport is important for all of us to reach our goals for the next decade. On Episode 11 @aloysiaaa_ x @karmenprgirl talk about community support, #capricorn♑season and introduce y'all to this week's #featuredcreator @shynze who is 1/2 of the dynamic duo who brought you the Puff and Paint party here in Los Angeles. Stay tuned because we also drop some hints for a ticket giveaway and how you can enter!! #brokeaintnojoke
December 05, 2019
Episode 10: Stackin'
Alert your mans, moms and everybody you know that Episode 10: Stackin' is here! On this episode @aloysiaaa_ & @karmenprgirl update y'all on our daily hustles, share some tips on how we save our coins and we welcome this week's #featutedcreator @dj.picazzo to the #brokeaintnojoke studio. As always don't forget to give @brokeaintnojoke a like on Apple Podcasts and leave us a rating. We appreciate all feedback!!
November 21, 2019
Episode 9: Recap
We had some technical difficulties last week and had to create a RECAP episode to update ya'll on some things. In this episode, Aloysia & Karmen go in on what we consider our foundation and we give ya'll a glimpse of how we envision "Broke Ain't No Joke!" in 2020. Also, thank you to our featured creator Chico McGee @iii.chico for blessing us with his song "Cleen Denna BIH (feat. DNA Picasso)" go stream his latest EP Lightspeed on ALL platforms. 
November 07, 2019
Episode 8: Situationship
What's good?!! We back with another episode of "Broke Ain't No Joke!" On this week's episode we cover situationships and share some pointers on how “situationships” are not always distractions. We also got some things to get off our chests this week on "Let's Talk About It" from new projects to an upcoming birthday 👀. Also, a huge thank you to @stacyjaymusic who is the first female-featured artist on the podcast. Check out her song "Vibe" on all platforms! Don't forget to follow us on IG @ayy_low & @karmenprgirl and stay tuned for more episodes of @brokeaintnojoke!
October 09, 2019
Episode 7: Recharge
It's necessary to recharge and keep our energy going. On this week's episode we share how we recharged, introduce a brand new segment "Let's Talk About It" and much more!! Also, shoutout to @tysontae whose song "Call" is featured on our podcast. Don't forget to follow us on IG @brokeaintnojoke and to leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. 
September 27, 2019
Episode 6: What's Good Boyle Heights?
What's Good Boyle Heights📍Who missed us ❓We are finally back and ready to update ya'll on all that’s been going on with us and life! This time around you can catch our podcast live every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 3pm-5pm (Pacific Time) 6pm-8pm (Eastern Time) live from Radio Espacio in Boyle Heights. Please follow @radio_espacio_  on Instagram and for tune in information go to We missed ya'll and can’t wait to hear your feedback! Please don’t forget to add us on @applepodcasts @spotify @googlepodcast and we do appreciate reviews ❤️😘.  Love, Broke Ain’t No Joke!
September 12, 2019
Episode 5: Challenges
Did you miss us? We missed you all and like we say in the episode sometimes life happens and we have to go through some difficulties to overcome these challenges. Thank you for being patient with us and we promise we will keep creating more content for you all. Also, thank you to @denysuave + @yeellaa__ for letting us feature their music on today's episode. The episode is dedicated to Nipsey Hussle rest in paradise King.
April 16, 2019
Episode 4: Tunnel Vision
Ya'll have been waiting for a minute for Episode 4! We got you! Tune in to "Episode 4: Tunnel Vision" as Aloysia and Karmen go in and discuss the pros and cons of distractions - Ratchet of the Week - and the meaning of DD? Featuring our special guests Zaid and Buddhaa ALL THIS AND MORE on Broke Ain't No Joke! And as always featuring our artist of the week JAYxBERN with his remix "Let it Rip". Keep up with us on Instagram @brokeaintnojoke.
February 23, 2019
Episode 3: Networking on a Budget
Washh Poppin!! On this edition of "Broke Ain't No Joke!": How to turn your network into your networth - social and professional styles of networking - ignant moments of the week - & as always dope featured artist Zaid. Tune in on all major platforms and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @brokeaintnojoke.
January 30, 2019
Episode 2: Secure the Bag
On this edition of "Broke Ain't No Joke!": Securing the bag in Los Angeles - getting paid via apps - overcoming brokeness - & keeping your options open with a clear mind! Follow us on Instagram @brokeaintnojoke.
January 07, 2019
Episode 1: Confidence
Yerrr it's the first episode of "Broke Ain't No Joke!" brought to you by your lovely hosts Karmen & Aloysia. This podcast features poppin music from up-and-coming artists, real life conversations of the daily struggles of hustling and surviving here in LA and tips on how to navigate life. Come and join the conversation because #BrokeAintNoJoke!
December 10, 2018