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By Metahuman Dave
Metahuman Dave talks about all things Scotch and whiskey as well as video games, comic books, nerdy shit and the sport of strongman.
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SoCal MBs meet-up
Jun 19, 201808:50
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SoCal MBs meet-up
Jun 19, 201808:50
New video up on YouTube + weekend plans
Jun 16, 201803:23
Recap of Meet the Distillers at Urge in Oceanside
Jun 14, 201815:08
Update on Brolic Whiskey
Jun 12, 201808:06
Meet the Distillers at urge in Oceanside
Jun 12, 201802:00
A recap of Proof: A Whiskey Social
Jun 6, 201820:40
Toby from Hi-Time Wine Cellars about Proof: A Whiskey Social
May 29, 201814:31
Interview with Nathan from
May 24, 201848:50
This is a DO NOT MISS tasting event in SoCal, Costa Mesa, CA.
May 19, 201811:57
The demise of Hakushu 12 and Hibiki 17
May 18, 201809:16
Interview with Chris McInerny of Emerald Spirits
May 15, 201829:30
What's in a name?
May 13, 201822:54
Deadass Deals featuring Jameson Caskmates stout Edition
May 11, 201804:56
Deadass Deals with Weller 12 from Village Bonsall Market
May 6, 201806:24
Lonehand Tennessee sour 2 minute Whiskey Review
May 5, 201805:10
Update regarding Brolic Whiskey and Not Your Father's Whiskey Channel
May 1, 201807:09
Introducing the 2-minute Whiskey Review with Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
Apr 28, 201805:50
Laphroaig 10 single malt 2-minute Whiskey Review
Apr 28, 201802:43
Wolfburn single malt 2-minute whiskey review
May 1, 201803:17
Introducing Frugal Finds featuring Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength
May 3, 201806:02
Laphroaig tasting event at Rustic Root in San Diego (Part 2)
Apr 24, 201827:29
Laphroaig tasting event at Rustic Root in San Diego (part 1)
Apr 24, 201847:41
Bullet Bourbon barrel strength review (part 2 of 2)
Apr 25, 201844:30
Jameson black barrel and Lagavulin
Apr 20, 201854:45
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