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Broncos Country BLITZ!!!

Broncos Country BLITZ!!!

This is a podcast for die hard Denver Broncos Fans. It'll be a Blitz discussion the next day following the draft, post-game, along with week in review segments during active weeks in the offseason, plus even little segments I like to call "Cool or Crazy". So come one, come all Denver Broncos Fans!!! Probably more like a bar chat blitz, but a grand time for all Broncos Fans!!! #broncoscountryblitz
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BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Mandatory Minicamp that occurred this week
I give my thoughts on the Denver Broncos Mandatory Minicamp that took place this week in Dove Valley. Including some shuffle along the offensive line, and who looks back to their pre-injury self on the offensive side of the ball. #broncos #broncoscountry #minicamp #unitedinorange #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
June 15, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Broncos new Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group, OTAs, and The Sheriff staying in town
The Broncos have a new owner-ownership group! The Walton-Penner Family Group have purchased the Denver Broncos for a reported 6.5 Billion Dollars. Making them the highest valued franchise in the NFL. Where will this acquisition take the Broncos in the coming years, season to season dominance, new stadium? Wherever it takes us, lets hope it's the high road. Also, comments about the OTAs, upcoming mini-camps, and reports that The Sheriff will stay a vital part of the Broncos Organization on a daily basis. #broncos #broncoscountry #robwalton #unitedinorange #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
June 09, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Denver Broncos 2022 Schedule!!!
The Denver Broncos Regular Season Schedule features some great match-ups, starting with Russell Wilson returning to Seattle to face his old club. The second half of the schedule looks to be more difficult on paper, but they did the Broncos some favors in terms of having more divisional games at home the second half of the season. We have Russell Wilson now and have been wanting to prove that we were just a franchise quarterback away from taking it to the next it's time to go PROVE IT! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #offseason #nflschedule #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
May 13, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the ESPN+ Exclusive Game this upcoming season for the Broncos, another TE is back, and the offseason program continues
The Broncos sign TE Eric Saubert to add more experience with blocking to the Tight End Room. The offseason program continues to go strong, and Russell Wilson certainly appears to be the first man in last one out of the building at Dove Valley. The Broncos will play overseas against the Jaguars in what will be a ESPN+ App exclusive. Ex-Broncos QB Drew Lock making the news thanks to Pete Carroll up there in Seattle. "Eddie MAC" Ed McCaffrey gets inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #offseason #espn+ #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
May 09, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Denver Broncos 2022 NFL Draft Class
With the Broncos completing their second draft under GM George Paton, there seems to be a whole picture type scheme in place other than reaching for individual needs on the roster. With this...the Broncos seemed to collect key pieces in this draft class for all three phases of the game, including potential major upgrades for the Special Teams Unit. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #offseason #nfldraft #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
May 01, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the offseason program thus far and the three day mini-camp that just wrapped up, including brief thoughts going into the 2022 NFL Draft
The Broncos wrap up a three day team mini camp, with all eyes on the new Franchise QB at the helm! Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett have already brought a new energy and urgency to Dove Valley this offseason. The Broncos re-sign RB Melvin Gordon and lets hope its for the right reasons as a compliment to Javonte Williams and not a split carries scenario like we experienced in 2021. The Broncos have nine picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, but of course don't have a First Round Pick, but that's George Paton said "We will spend day one watching Russell Wilson Highlights!"  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #offseason #nfldraft #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
April 28, 2022
BCB Reaction: News bits as the Denver Broncos begin their Offseason Program
As the Broncos begin their offseason program, Russell Wilson made the sporting rounds in the community during the week prior, a couple familiar faces return to the Broncos Defense, and potential new ownership starts to leak from the media outlets. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #offseason #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz 
April 11, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the second week of free agency, including a surprising story from Empower Field at Mile High
The Broncos filled several holes the second week of free agency, including signing a Right Tackle as we approach the end of the week. GM George Paton has made many necessary, yet cap conscious inclusions to the roster this week. Also, we've all asked to Let Russ Cook since he arrived in the Mile High City, but we didn't need Empower Field at Mile High to literally catch on fire Thursday Afternoon! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #freeagency #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #empowerfieldatmilehigh
March 25, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the first official week of free agency, including QB Russell Wilson’s introductory press conference
The Broncos have made several moves in their first week of free agency, including a surprise signing, while choosing not to reunite with a fan-favorite. Plus QB Russell Wilson has all of Broncos Country hyped after his introductory press conference as an official member of the Broncos on Wednesday at Dove Valley. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #freeagency #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #russellwilson
March 17, 2022
BCB Reaction: We discuss the Broncos once again having a FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK after acquiring Russell Wilson in a trade with Seattle
The Denver Broncos have their guy, not the one many thought, but the one GM George Paton by many accounts now was working for up to three weeks before today. The Broncos in an all time blockbuster Quarterback Trade, get Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos had to give up a lot to get Wilson, but in the end the price was worth the long-term future of the franchise and George Paton has officially cashed in on his promise and dedication to turning the franchise around. Adam with Cromwell Sports joins me once again to discuss this franchise changing move by the Broncos. Get ready Broncos Country, because the next five plus years is gonna be a ton of FUN!!! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #russellwilson
March 09, 2022
BCB Reaction: We look back and the Denver Broncos 2021 Season, ahead to the offseason, and the upcoming 2022 Campaign
Adam from Cromwell Sports joins me once again as we give our thoughts on the 2021 Denver Broncos Season, on how the new coaching staff is shaping up, look ahead to this coming offseason, and what to expect as we get to the Kickoff of the 2022 Campaign. Who will be ultimately be under center in 2022 for the Broncos remains the biggest question, including who we wouldn't mind seeing as the new Starting QB in Orange & Blue. Our differing opinions may surprise you! We even found a way to sneak in an NFL Uniform discussion and poke at some other franchises definitely less fortunate than the current state of the Broncos.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
February 16, 2022
BCB Reaction: Additional thoughts on the Brian Flores Lawsuit against the NFL, including owners offering payouts to tank.
Some follow-up thoughts on Ex-Dolphins Coach Brian Flores Lawsuit against the NFL. After hearing him again today not all aspects of his accusations across the board line-up. However, the one that seems to be lining-up and is coming out from other Ex-Coaches are instances where NFL Owners were offering payouts for Head Coaches to tank games. If this is confirmed anyway with evidence to be accurate, these owners need to be removed from the National Football League immediately. Their actions are a disgrace to the game and the other owners, coaches, players, and personnel involved that give their livelihood week in and week out. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #nathanielhackett #brianflores #NFLOwners
February 02, 2022
BCB Reaction: Addressing the team announcement that the sale of the franchise has begun, addressing Flores NFL Lawsuit that mentions the Broncos, and comment on TB12's retirement
The Denver Broncos and The Bowlen Family Trust announced that the process of selling the team to a new owner has begun. The one thing any new owner will have to understand is the history of the team, commitment to winning, and the overall expectations of the Broncos Country Fan Base. Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL that is already coming out as bogus in many areas, and while there may be valid truths buried within it, maybe he should focus on the actual reasons he is no longer a Head Coach in the NFL. Finally, Tom Brady officially announced his retirement and with it ends a Distinguished 22-Year Career that will unlikely be matched again in my lifetime, although the Broncos got the best of TB12 more times than other franchises around the NFL. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #nathanielhackett #tombrady #brianflores #bowlentrust #broncosteamsale
February 02, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on Nathaniel Hackett's introductory press conference as the new Head Coach of the Broncos
It didn't take long to hear and see what sold GM George Paton on Nathaniel Hackett as the next Head Coach of the Denver Broncos during our new coach's initial presser today. Nathaniel has an energy and excitement to him that Broncos Country has been missing since Gary Kubiak. I think if first reads mean anything, Nathaniel will have things turned around in Broncos Country sooner than later. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #nathanielhackett
January 29, 2022
BCB Reaction: The Denver Broncos have their new Head Coach, Nathaniel Hackett!!!
The Broncos heard about the Jaguars wanting to give Nathaniel Hackett a second interview and swooped in to make sure they got their choice as the new head coach. Nathaniel Hackett comes with some great spots on his resume and yes ties to Green Bay and that QB up there that wears Number 12. However, the Broncos are hiring Hackett based on him being a player-players coach and having an identity for the Broncos moving forward, which the team has lost since Gary Kubiak stepped down as head coach years back. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #nathanielhackett
January 27, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Head Coaching search as they reportedly narrow it down to three candidates
The Broncos head coaching finalists are down to three: Dan Quinn, Nathaniel Hackett, Kevin O'Connell. However, I believe it's actually down to two and they have in all likelihood picked their one unless another candidate can come with certain player pieces. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
January 27, 2022
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Head Coaching search so far for the Broncos after the firing of Vic Fangio
The Broncos GM George Paton wasted no time getting his list together of candidates, many considered top tier for head coaching openings. There is a good mix of offensive and defensive coaches for a well rounded search. However, will it be one of the considered front runners, or is there a dark horse that will emerge as the days continue to pass. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #georgepaton #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
January 13, 2022
BCB - Week 18: Chiefs 28 - Broncos 24; Broncos drop fourth straight to finish the season, fire HC Vic Fangio hours after the conclusion
The Broncos played inspired ball for most of the contest, but in the end the same mental errors did them in against the Chiefs. The loss marks the fourth straight and a four game skid to end the 2021 Regular Season campaign. The Broncos shortly after the contest chose to move on from Head Coach Vic Fangio and now GM George Paton begins the process of finding a head coach that can keep the defense solid, while making sure the offense blossoms to compete in the AFC West. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #kcvsden #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
January 09, 2022
BCB - Week 17: Chargers 34 - Broncos 13; Broncos continue the end of season slide, losing to the Bolts in LA
The Broncos were depleted by COVID and the Injury Bug for this game, still the performance wasn't want you'd want to see from a team giving it a spirited effort until the end of the season. In a game with few bright spots, the Lock to Fant connection and our one-two punch at running back gave their best effort. In the end the Chargers overpowered the Broncos in Los Angeles. I also give my memories on Broncos Head Coach Dan Reeves who passed away this last week. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvslac #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #danreeves
January 04, 2022
BCB - Week 16: Raiders 17 - Broncos 13; Broncos playoff hopes have completely dash away with mistake plagued loss to the Raiders in Vegas
The Broncos loss to the Raiders featured many of the same problems that has plagued the team throughout the 2021 Season during their other losing efforts, unfortunately this one ultimately eliminated any chance at a playoff birth. QB Drew Lock pushed the ball downfield more in relief of Teddy Bridgewater, but didn't flash anything above an average performance. The Broncos WRs didn't help Lock much with a slew of drops and the run game was non-existent. On the defensive side of the ball, again the effort was good enough to win you a lot of games in the NFL. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvslv #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
December 29, 2021
BCB - Week 15: Bengals 15 - Broncos 10; Broncos playoff hopes are bleak following a critical loss at home to the Bengals
The Broncos Defense came to play and secure the win, unfortunately the Broncos Offense didn't show with the same intensity. The Broncos Defense played lights out for much of the game, while the offense missed crucial opportunities. The Broncos passing game was mostly non-existent past the check-down throws for a good portion of the game, however the Broncos Offensive Line gave little time for either Quarterback who entered the game to work the ball downfield. The loss drops the Broncos to a 7-7 Record and with that very bleak hopes at a playoff birth for the 2021 Season.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #cinvsden #beatthebengals #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz 
December 20, 2021
BCB - Week 14: Broncos 38 - Lions 10; Broncos get an eventual blowout win at home over the Lions, as many players dedicated the "W" to DT.
The Broncos after an up and down first half, pulled away in the second half to secure a big blowout win over the Detroit Lions at home. Many players dedicated their performance to the late Demaryius Thomas, while there were several references and tributes to him on the field and throughout the grounds during this gameday. The win keeps the Broncos in the thick of the AFC Playoff Race Picture. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #detvsden #beatthelions #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #demaryiusthomas
December 13, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on Demaryius Thomas after his shocking passing on Thursday.
Our thoughts are with DT’s Family, Teammates, and Friends. I share some of my memories of Number 88 DT and how they made an impact in our household. A very high quality Wide Receiver for many years in the NFL, while also a very introverted and relationship focused person. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #demaryiusthomas #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
December 11, 2021
BCB - Week 13: Chiefs 22 - Broncos 9; The Broncos were not quite ready for primetime in a mistake filled loss on Sunday Night to the Chiefs
The Broncos gave a good effort on Sunday Night, unfortunately effort has to come with the proper execution. While the Broncos Defense kept the KC Offense locked down for most of the night, the Broncos Offense couldn't find it's stride to provide enough on the scoreboard for the victory. Bright spots for the Broncos continue to be RB Javonte Williams and CB Patrick Surtain II. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvskc #beatthechiefs #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz #snfonnbc #snf
December 07, 2021
BCB - Week 12: Broncos 28 - Chargers 13; The Broncos get a big win at home to get back in the playoff discussion moving into December!
The Broncos came out and locked up a big win against the Chargers. The Chargers were coming into Mile High red hot, but the Broncos cooled them off with a stout defense, timely offense, and a big running attack. Teddy Bridgewater gave a gutsy performance, while Drew Lock himself put the final nail in the coffin of any QB Discussion down the stretch. The defense showed signs of meshing together, including a hard fighting linebacking core, post Von Miller. While this team can be feast for famine, after this performance it feels like they are ready for primetime heading into next week's matchup for a share of first place in the AFC West. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #lacvsden #beatthechargers #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
November 30, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the two major contracts handed out during the bye week and the Broncos return to Sunday Night Football
The Broncos took care of two of their core Wide Receivers with long term deals given to Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton. This also signals a swing by Paton as he continues to focus on the offensive side of the ball again in the Mile High City. It also sends a message to any of the big name QBs looking to change landscapes in 2022 that we have key weapons set on offense for some years to come. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #timpatrick #courtlandsutton #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
November 24, 2021
BCB - Week 10: Eagles 30 - Broncos 13; The Denver Broncos lose in what likely was a make or break game for the 2021 Season
The Broncos with a win would be tied for first place and a solid Wild Card possibility down the stretch. With a loss...they would likely drop to last place in the AFC West without owning any tie-breakers. With this known going into the game, the Broncos laid and egg while showing little sense of urgency. The end result was an inferior Eagles Team dominating them at Mile High in a make or break game on the season. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #phivsden #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #broncoscountryblitz
November 16, 2021
BCB - Week 9: Broncos 30 - Cowboys 16; The Broncos go into Big-D and dominate the Cowboys!
The Broncos were firing on all cylinders on Sunday as they beat Dallas to move to 5-4 on the season. The offense had big time runs and throws, wile converting at a high percentage on third down. The defense was determined to not allow the Cowboys Offense to pick up any momentum throughout the game. In a total team effort, the Broncos pull off what many consider to be one of the major upsets so far in the 2021 NFL Season. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvsdal #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #beatthecowboys #broncoscountryblitz
November 08, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the George Paton Press Conference following the Von Miller trade and another minor trade at the deadline
Denver Broncos GM George Paton had his press conference after the Von Miller trade and maybe I'm in the minority, but I like the way he handled himself and the way he addressed the current state of the team. While many people may not like Von Miller no longer being around, it shows that George Paton has one eye on the present and one eye on the future of the franchise. We also made one small last trade transaction at the deadline. #vonmiller #georgepaton #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
November 05, 2021
BCB Reaction: The Denver Broncos trade Franchise LB Von Miller to the L.A. Rams
In a move many people knew could happen before the trade deadline, the Broncos traded Von Miller on Monday to the Los Angeles Rams for two 2022 NFL Draft Picks. While it's sad to see Von go, we received great value in terms of draft picks in return, which includes a 2nd and 3rd Round pick. Von will be a future Hall of Famer and Ring of Famer, but for now the move made sense for the Broncos in terms of where they stand in the NFL Landscape this season. #vonmiller #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
November 01, 2021
BCB - Week 8: Broncos 17 - Washington 10; The Broncos get back on the winning track by defeating WFT at home
The Broncos were in need of a win and got just that yesterday at home. While it may not provide many style points for the team, wins are hard to come by in the NFL on any given Sunday. The Broncos recent acquisitions on defense via trade over the last week or so made immediate impacts Sunday. The offense still sputtered for a good part of the day, but got the points needed in the end for the W.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #wasvsden #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast #beatwashington
November 01, 2021
BCB Reaction: The Broncos signings to bolster the defense including ILB and QB Rumors are out there again.
The Denver Broncos made a couple moves focused on improving our pass rush and giving the Inside Linebacker position some much needed help. There are rumors the Broncos are sellers as the trade deadline approaches, but these moves would contradict that. Also, a couple Quarterbacks are attached to the Broncos in trade rumors again, one makes sense in the short-term and one could make sense if that particular QB's legal issues prove to be false. There seems to be the conclusion around a few NFL Circles that the Broncos and QB Drew Lock have come to the understanding they are not a fit. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
October 26, 2021
BCB - Week 7: Browns 17 - Broncos 14; The Broncos lose their fourth straight to the Browns on TNF
The Broncos trash talked, hyped, and acted motivated to get back on the winning track on Thursday Night Football against the depleted Browns, but it was all for not as they lose in Cleveland. The Browns were a team at way less than full strength, starting their 2nd String Quarterback and 3rd String Running Back. However, the Broncos made Browns RB D'Ernest Johnson look more like Derrick Henry of the Titans and QB Case Keenum look like the player the Broncos thought they were signing years earlier after his stint in Minnesota. If this isn't the low point of the season, what will be????? One thing is certain, it's time for a philosophy change and approach in the Mile High City.   #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvscle #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
October 23, 2021
BCB - Week 6: Raiders 34 - Broncos 24; The Broncos No-Show to a Must Win on Alumni Weekend at Mile High to drop to a record of 3-3.
The Broncos No-Show to a Must-Win against their hated rival the Raiders. The formula for this season of a steady offense, while leaning on a strong defense is a distant memory. We now strongly ponder, what is missing from this team....chemistry, speed, toughness, or did we keep certain members of this group around one year too many? It feels like our main problems start in the trenches. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #lvvsden #beattheraiders #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
October 19, 2021
BCB - Week 5: Steelers 27 - Broncos 19; The crash back to reality continues as Broncos lose an undisciplined game in Pittsburgh.
The Denver Broncos after starting the season 3-0, have now gone 0-2 while crashing back to reality a bit in the 2021 Season. The offense didn't show much chemistry until the 4th Quarter and the defense was undisciplined most of the game. For what looked like to most on paper to be one of the better matchups for the Broncos against the Steelers in sometime, it turned out to be a coming out party for the Steelers Offense while questioning exactly how elite the Broncos Defense can and will actually be this season. The Broncos coaching presence also comes heavily into question following this lackluster performance. This loss sets up a must win early in the season at home against the Raiders next week. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvspit #beatthesteelers #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
October 11, 2021
BCB - Week 4: Ravens 23 - Broncos 7; The Broncos suffer their first loss of the season to the sharp looking Ravens
The Broncos suffer more injuries on the offensive side of the ball as they suffer their first loss of the season to a sharp looking Ravens team. The Broncos had many missed assignments on defense before wearing down in the second half. while the offense couldn't muster anything after the departure of QB Teddy Bridgewater due to a concussion. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #balvsden #beattheravens #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
October 04, 2021
BCB Reaction: Von Miller named AFC Defensive Player of the Month for September and interesting pickups from other team practice squads
LB Von Miller has been named September AFC Defensive Player of the Month, which comes as the fourth time he's received the honor and the first since September 2016. Again the question of Chubb or Reed as the counterpart was chatted about through the week. The Broncos made interesting plucks from other team practice squads, and some more running back help may be on the way for Sunday. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
September 30, 2021
BCB - Week 3: Broncos 26 - Jets 0; The Broncos steadily dominated the Jets in their Regular Season Home Opener to go to 3-0 on the Season
The Broncos Offense was efficient and the Defense mostly dominated in blanking the Jets 26-0 at Empower Field at Mile High on Sunday Afternoon. The offense was steady, while the defense racked up 5 Sacks and 2 Interceptions. The day didn't come without another visit from the injury bug, but it was great to see the packed house of fans providing another edge to the home team. The AFC West isn't shaping up as some people predicted so far. The Broncos Depth will be tested as we move into the meat so to speak of the opponents on the 2021 Schedule. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nyjvsden #beatthejets #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
September 28, 2021
BCB Reaction: Some additional thoughts after the Denver Broncos 2-0 start to the Regular Season
Some additional thoughts after the 2-0 start to the season, including the injury bug showing itself again this season even if not to the extreme of the 2020 campaign. QB Teddy Bridgewater making his best case to be known as Teddy Terrific instead of Steady Teddy or Teddy Check Down, but the biggest tests await Week 4 and beyond. Also, with LB Bradley Chubb's latest setback, where is his career trending. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
September 22, 2021
BCB - Week 2: Broncos 23 - Jaguars 13; The Broncos overcome a slow start to go to 2-0 on the season
The Broncos go to 2-0 in the 2021 Regular Season, overcoming a slow start to eventually dominate the Jaguars in route to the victory. QB Teddy Bridgewater was once again solid and the defense overcame some key injuries to lockdown the Jaguars in the second half. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvsjax #beatthejags #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
September 20, 2021
BCB - Week 1: Broncos 27 - Giants 13; The Denver Broncos start the regular season 1-0 with a dominant win in the Meadowlands against the Giants
The Broncos dominated the Giants to begin the 2021 Regular Season campaign 1-0, and notch the first opening day win since 2018. Von Miller was back in a big way, while Teddy Bridgewater had a solid beginning to his stint as the Broncos Quarterback. So join us as Adam with Cromwell Sports and I discuss this first Regular Season W.   #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvsnyg #beatthegiants #broncosfan #nfl #cromwellsports #podcast
September 13, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Denver Broncos final roster cuts to get to their likely 53 players to start the 2021 Regular Season
My thoughts on the most interesting trades and cuts at the the deadline for the Broncos to get to their final 53 players for Week 1 of the Regular Season. Enjoyed seeing the Broncos make some trades on the final day to get value for a player they would have otherwise cut, while also trading for Special Teams help in an attempt to shore up that unit. Plus the Broncos keep only two Quarterbacks for the first time in a few years. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #rostercuts
August 31, 2021
BCB Reaction: 2021 Preseason Game #3: Broncos 17 - Rams 12
The Denver Broncos closeout the 2021 Preseason with a 3-0 Record after defeating the Los Angeles Rams 17 - 12. The last preseason game offered adversity for the team, which was a much welcomed challenge for player development going into the regular season. Von Miller and Courtland Sutton made their preseason debuts, with both showing they may be back to their old selves for the upcoming year. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #nflpreseason #beattherams #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #larvsden
August 30, 2021
BCB Reaction: Teddy Bridgewater named starting Quarterback for the Broncos 2021 Season
Thoughts on the Denver Broncos naming Teddy Bridgewater their Starting Quarterback for the 2021 Season, including what it means for expectations going into the regular season. Also, does this signal the end for Drew Lock in Denver, or do we see a similar QB Battle Scenario next Training Camp. All will depend on how successful the Broncos are this season, which with Teddy some are calling it...the shorter-term success pick. Thus means it will have to equate to at least ten wins, including some in the division for the current coaching staff to keep their jobs past this year. #drewlock #teddybridgewater #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #qbbattle
August 26, 2021
BCB Reaction: With the Starting Quarterback decision looming, I go over my "Cool or Crazy" Scenarios for each candidate
With the Starting Quarterback decision looming, I go over my "Cool or Crazy" Scenarios for both Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock if wither are named the Denver Broncos Starter for the 2021 Season. #drewlock #teddybridgewater #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #qbbattle
August 25, 2021
BCB Reaction: 2021 Preseason Game #2: Broncos 30 - Seahawks 3
The Broncos beat the Seahawks to go to 2-0 in the 2021 Preseason. Steady Teddy drove the Broncos down for two touchdown drives with a majority of the starters, while Lock took what the defense gave him while working with the second and third stringers. Again this QB Competition is still murky with no clear-cut winner given by the coaching staff yet. The defense shined and has still not allowed a touchdown to an opponent during the preseason. Safety Justin Simmons looks in mid-season form with an Interception and Bradley Chubb racked up a sack in his limited action. The Broncos show more depth this season, but ultimately the QB decision will reflect what heights this team thinks it's capable of reaching. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #denvsmin #nflpreseason #beattheseahawks #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #denvssea
August 22, 2021
BCB Reaction: 2021 Preseason Game #1: Broncos 33 - Vikings 6
The Denver Broncos had an absolute solid start to the 2021 Preseason Campaign, pasting the Minnesota Vikings 33-6! The Broncos were great in all phases of the game. While both teams sat starters, there were enough starters playing for what could have been a competitive game. QB Drew Lock distanced himself from Steady Teddy in the QB Competition. HC Vic Fangio says the QB Competition is still "Even Steven", but if that is truly the case, we have to hope Fangio relies on some offensive minded people to help him decipher Lock's dominance on Saturday. PS2...Patrick Surtain II flashed his brilliance as the Broncos newly drafted premiere CB, with a Pick-Six in the first half for a touchdown! RB Jerome Williams in his limited action, showed his vision may boost him into a majority of carries sooner than later in the regular season. KJ Hamler flashes the consistent deep threat he can be, while on the receiving end of Lock's 80-Yard TD Bomb! #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosfan #denvsmin #nflpreseason #beatthevikings #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #denvsmin
August 22, 2021
BCB Reaction: My brief thoughts after the final week of Broncos 2021 Training Camp
The Broncos closed out training camp with what many are calling a boring end. Well fundamentals are rarely exciting, but can pay off come regular season if established. We may finally see Von Miller and Bradley Chubb play together Saturday Night after this week of camp. By most accounts, unless QB Drew Lock falls apart against Seattle in Preseason Game #2 Saturday Night, many observers believe there is a vibe he has won the QB Battle over Steady Teddy. Time will tell... #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #trainingcamp #cromwellsports #podcast 
August 20, 2021
BCB Reaction: My brief thoughts on the joint practices the Broncos had with the Vikings this past week leading up to today's Preseason Opener
I give my brief thoughts on the joint practices with the Vikings this last week leading into today’s preseason opener and how the QB competition is lining up. #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #trainingcamp #cromwellsports #podcast
August 14, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts after the second week of Broncos 2021 Training Camp and three more Broncos go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame!!!
I share my thoughts on the Broncos second week of Training Camp, including the QB Battle being blah for so many, because in my opinion a victor is fairly clear before the preseason games begin, although those games could muddy the waters again. Also, three more Broncos go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the weekend. S John Lynch who spent the ladder part of his career in Denver, S Steve Atwater as we'll always see him knocking then Chiefs RB Okoye to the ground, and The Sheriff Peyton Manning who spent his last four seasons in Denver, but has come to call the Mile High City home a good part of each year. #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #trainingcamp #cromwellsports #podcast #halloffame #profootballhalloffame #peytonmanning #johnlynch #steveatwater 
August 10, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts after the first week of Broncos 2021 Training Camp
After one week in the books of Broncos Training Camp, some great things. Jerry Jeudy looks like a breakout star at Wide Receiver, Patrick Surtain II appears to be a solid pick at CB, and LB Bradley Chubb appears on course to accompany Von Miller in reeking havoc for Daniel Jones and the Giants Offense Week 1 of the Regular Season. However, the one sore spot is of course the Quarterback Competition. By many accounts Drew Lock is slightly ahead of Teddy Bridgewater after one week of camp in the competition, despite HC Vic Fangio stating that it is dead even with no clear leader. If there is no clear leader or Lock has the advantage, then that tells me a decision can already be made for the Broncos Starting Quarterback. #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #trainingcamp #cromwellsports #podcast
August 03, 2021
BCB Reaction: Training Camp opens and all eyes are on the QB Competition with a certain Cheesehead now officially staying in Green Bay
The Broncos need one question answered this 2021 Training Camp and Preseason and that's, who is our QB under center come the regular season. While Bridgewater is solid, Broncos Country better hope that all clicks enough for Drew Lock to win the Quarterback Competition. When there was a chance QB Aaron Rodgers may come to the Mile High City in 2021 during the offseason chatter, many people believed that would make the Broncos instant Super Bowl Contenders. That should tell the fan-base all they need to know about the rest of the current roster if all the members can stay healthy. However, it may not mean much without a signal caller that can raise their game. Also comments on the light at the end of the tunnel for the team ownership situation. #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #trainingcamp #cromwellsports #podcast
July 28, 2021
BCB Reaction: Happy Birthday Duke, Congrats on retirement DT, Greek rides into the sunset as well, and hello classic uniforms...sometime in the next two years.
The Duke John Elway turns 61 and it doesn't seem possible! Demaryius Thomas (DT!) retires as one of the all time great Bronco Wide Receivers, as well as Steve Antonopulos (Greek) announcing retirement as the face of the Broncos Training Staff. We will get to see the classic Broncos Royal Blue Helmets and Orange Uniforms...although not the entire thing as early as you may think due to a timeline loophole in the NFL's announcement in the allowance, but if they aren't here in 2022...they will for sure will be in 2023. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #steveantonopulos #demaryiusthomas #podcast
June 30, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the OTAs wrapping up, RIP Fassel, and Peyton Manning...The Sheriff...elected to the Ring of Fame!
The Broncos wrap the OTAs and the early impressions show that the defense overall and receiver core on the offensive side of the ball will be an elite group in 2021. Easily the big focus will remain the Quarterback Battle and there are some signs that Teddy Bridgewater has performed slightly better than Drew Lock, but what does that mean for the Broncos QB situation short and long term if Lock doesn't take that next step by the end of preseason to win the Starting QB Job. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #ota #peytonmanning #podcast
June 12, 2021
BCB Reaction: Kelly Kleine named Broncos' Executive Director of Football Operations/Special Advisor to the General Manager
Kelly Kleine named Broncos' Executive Director of Football Operations/Special Advisor to the General Manager. Kleine is believed to be the highest ranking female in scouting in the history of the league. The Broncos continue to make forward thinking moves in the George Paton GM Era. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #georgepaton #kellykleine #podcast
May 17, 2021
BCB Reaction: GM George Paton takes care of the right tackle position following the James injury and there are early hints in the QB Competition
GM George Paton makes his stamp again and takes care of the Right Tackle Position following the Ja'Wuan James Torn ACL. The Broncos QB Competition, while the team states is wide open between Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock...there are enough early signs to show the team hopes Lock wins the competition in the end. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #georgepaton
May 17, 2021
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on the Denver Broncos 2021 Regular Season Schedule Release
The Broncos 2021 Regular Season schedule came out on Wednesday Evening and it definitely favors a fast start for the team...if...the offense can in anyway catch up to the level of play of the team's defensive unit. However, the second half of the slated schedule will be the test as to just how far this team has come. All will heavily depend on whom is behind center for the Broncos and just how far they've progressed, unless the team finds a way to bring in a future hall of fame cheese head before then. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #nflschedule
May 13, 2021
BCB Reaction: Our thoughts on the Denver Broncos 2021 Draft Class and the first under new GM George Paton
Adam from Cromwell Sports joins me as we break down the Denver Broncos 2021 Draft Class. What were the biggest surprises, questions, and picks that truly stuck to the Broncos Pre-Draft Board. No Quarterback taken in this draft may show how George Paton truly feels about his QB Room and how much we should be taking his comments at face value. he banking on a certain Quarterback in Cheese Head Country coming available in June or has Drew Lock truly become the not phased focused player as Paton claims. (Apologies for any audio difficulties on broadcast, as we had equipment issues that couldn't immediately be fully corrected) #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #broncosdraft #nfldraft
May 02, 2021
BCB Reaction: The Denver Broncos trade for QB Teddy Bridgewater on NFL Draft Eve and check QB off their 2021 Draft Board...or do they?!?!?
The Denver Broncos acquire QB Teddy Bridgewater in a team friendly trade with the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers will eat most of Bridgewater's 2021 salary and the Broncos only had to send a 6th Round Draft Pick to the Panthers in exchange for the team friendly deal. Now many people say this checks off the Quarterback need for the Broncos in the draft...or does it?!?! Is there still a chance the Broncos trade Drew Lock on Draft Day, or do they have their projected QB Competition of Lock/Bridgewater going into the 2021 Campaign... #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #teddybridgewater #nfldraft
April 29, 2021
BCB Reaction: Brief look at GM George Paton's Pre-Draft Press Conference today
Watching George Paton's Pre-Draft Press Conference recorded earlier today, I think you have to ask good is Paton's poker face and how much will he hold on to his established habits from his time in Minnesota. The QB situation, while I still think I know who they'll go try and get in the draft, seemed a tad foggier following Paton's comments today. We'll find out in a week's time. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #freeagency #georgepaton #nfldraft
April 22, 2021
BCB Reaction: The Broncos continue the roster tweak, 17-Game Regular Season, and Broncos QB Carousel may be tipping it's hand a bit leading up to the NFL Draft
The Broncos continue to tweak their roster leading up to the draft. The NFL is set on a 17-Game Season and my thoughts on that, including them doing away with the often scrutinized Double Header of Monday Night Football to cap off the first week of the Regular Season. Plus the QB Carousel hasn't quieted yet and I believe after recent rumors it's clear who the Broncos new GM George Paton wishes to draft at Quarterback as competition and eventually, possibly to replace Drew Lock. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #freeagency #georgepaton #nfldraft
April 20, 2021
BCB Reaction: Touching base after the second wave of free agency during new GM George Paton's first offseason with the team
After what some considered a slow start to the free-agency period, Broncos GM George Paton got the Justin Simmons deal done. After that he focused on getting the remaining pieces in place for Fangio's defense, while also creating cap room and flexibility for the upcoming NFL Draft. Paton may not be done yet, but the second wave helped somewhat complete the picture for the 2021 roster. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #freeagency #georgepaton
March 24, 2021
BCB Reaction: The Denver Broncos get Safety Justin Simmons signed to a 4-Year Contract Extension and thus keeps our defensive staple in Denver!
The Broncos get Safety Justin Simmons signed to a 4-Year Extension, as GM George Paton gets what was seen by many as the most important player contract extension for 2021 done. With this the Broncos keep their staple and leader in the secondary, as well as a great community leader for Greater Denver. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #justinsimmons #georgepaton
March 19, 2021
BCB Reaction: Touching base after the first wave of free agency and George Paton's Press Conference to discuss his outlook following his first FA moves as GM
George Paton as the new General Manager is certainly molding this team in his vision since he took over the reigns. He's brought back in some familiar faces, including re-signing DL Shelby Harris to a three year deal and picking up the option for LB Von Miller for 2021. While also saying goodbye to fan favorites S Kareem Jackson and hometown boy RB Phillip Lindsay. Obviously mixed reactions with Paton's moves to this point, but as he stated today, the Broncos are early in the process and thankfully they are a long way off from playing their first game in 2021. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #freeagency #georgepaton
March 19, 2021
BCB Reaction: GM George Paton and HC Vic Fangio's media presser leading up to free agency
Today's media press conference with General Manager George Paton and Head Coach Vic Fangio gave insight into exactly where they stand on certain positions on the team, how they value S Justin Simmons, that Drew Lock needs to improve while proving himself, and just how this team will be built moving forward. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #vicfangio #georgepaton
March 05, 2021
BCB Reaction: Broncos release DT Jurrell Casey as they continue to clear cap room, 17 Game Regular Season, and where do we stand at QB at the end of Feb
The Broncos continue to clear cap space by releasing DT Jurrell Casey, and what will we use that cap space for? The NFL moves towards a 17 Game Regular Season, and where are the Broncos in the QB Carousel at the end of February. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #jurrellcasey
February 27, 2021
BCB Reaction: Broncos release CB A.J. Bouye and another look at this ever evolving Quarterback Carousel in the NFL
The Broncos start to create salary cap space by dumping A.J. Bouye, as they start to mold this roster rebuild. Also, touching base again on this ever evolving QB Carousel in the NFL. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #ajbouye
February 12, 2021
BCB Reaction: Peyton Manning and John Lynch are selected to the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME over Super Bowl Weekend, Broncos Fans should've enjoyed SB LV, and addressing ongoing offseason rumors
The wait is over, Peyton Manning...The Sheriff is selected to the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME as well as John Lynch. Both deserving and Manning a no-brainer first ballot choice. Did you enjoy Super Bowl LV, I know this Broncos Fan did...taking in what was happening to the Chiefs! Also, as we address a few other rumors following our season wrap-up podcast which aired prior to this episode, we wanted to give a shout out, as we look forward to having Adam at Cromwell Sports back to the program in future episodes. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #seasonreview #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports #peytonmanning #johnlynch #profootballhalloffame
February 09, 2021
BCB - Broncos 2020 Season Wrap-Up: Adam from Cromwell Sports joins to discuss our thoughts on the 2020 Season and what to look for as we move into the offseason.
We wrap-up the 2020 Denver Broncos Campaign, and look towards the 2021 offseason. The Broncos finish with a 5-11 Season Record after being depleted by injuries during the season. A lot of players had shining moments despite the team record, but in this case which players was it enough to be considered one of the keys to the roster moving forward.  Several big decisions with high-profile players on the roster to be made in the offseason and with our new General Manager George Paton, what exactly will his vision of our roster look like as we build towards the 2021 Regular Season. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #seasonreview #broncoscountryblitz #cromwellsports
January 24, 2021
BCB Reaction: The Broncos get their new General Manager in George Paton, coming over from the Minnesota Vikings Organization
George Paton has been a highly coveted GM candidate for many years now and the Broncos were finally able to give him the offer he couldn't refuse to leave Minnesota. Paton was on many teams short-lists, however very few thought he'd leave Minnesota and if he did it may be a GM situation with high draft picks a plenty in the upcoming draft. At the end of the day the Broncos pitch was too much for Paton to turn down. Time will tell on the big decisions coming up in the offseason, including the contracts of Justin Simmons and Von Miller, as well as if the Broncos will hold pat with Lock at Quarterback with Paton in place. #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #georgepaton #broncoscountryblitz
January 14, 2021
BCB Reaction: John Elway steps down as General Manager of the Denver Broncos, will remain as President of Football Operations
John Elway....AKA The Duke announced he is stepping aside as General Manager, but will remain on as President of Football Operations. While many people had different views of Elway's position within the team, Elway put it best himself that this will allow a set of fresh eyes to look over the current personnel situation while offering a fresh perspective to get Broncos Country back to the standard we've come to expect a Mile High. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #johnelway #broncoscountryblitz 
January 05, 2021
BCB - Week 17: Raiders 32 - Broncos 31; Broncos lose on a last minute two point conversion by Las Vegas to finish the season with a 5-11 record.
The Broncos had many positives in the game, including solid games by WR Jerry Jeudy and QB Drew Lock. In the end clock management, missed field goals, and a depleted defense couldn't hold off the Raiders from their last second victory. Irony the game ended in similar fashion to the 2019 finale against the Raiders, this time with us on the other side of the coin. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #lvvsden #beattheraiders #broncosfan #nfl
January 05, 2021
BCB - Week 16: Chargers 19 - Broncos 16; Broncos drop a close one when they had a chance to catch the victory in the final moments
The Broncos overcame a slow start, but couldn't complete the comeback despite a strong second half from QB Drew Lock. In the end the depleted defense wasn't able to stop the Chargers from the winning score. While WR Jerry Jeudy we hope will have a wonderful Broncos Career, lets hope this game will turn out to be his career worst when we look back years from now, which included five drops, with two having the potential as game winners. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvslac #beatthechargers #broncosfan #nfl
December 28, 2020
BCB - Week 15: Bills 48 - Broncos 19; Broncos lose to the now elite Buffalo Bills, after hanging tough in the first half
The Denver Broncos needed to play a perfect game with their injuries and deficiencies to pull off the upset of the Buffalo Bills in Denver today. For a half while not perfect, the Broncos hung tough. Unfortunately, Bills QB Josh Allen, penalties, and the Bills depth at Wide Receiver was too much for the Broncos to overcome in the end. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #bufvsden #beatthebills#broncosfan #nfl
December 20, 2020
BCB - Week 14: Broncos 32 - Panthers 27; The Broncos win behind QB Drew Lock's 4 TD Passes in what was possibly the best game of his young career
The Broncos injury depleted defense held tough against Carolina's Offense while Drew Lock threw four touchdown passes on offense, including two deep shots to WR KJ Hamler to propel the Broncos to a hard fought victory over the Panthers. The win included our first punt return for touchdown in five seasons thanks to Diontae Spencer. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #denvscar #beatthepanthers #broncosfan #nfl
December 14, 2020
BCB - Week 13: Chiefs 22 - Broncos 16; The Broncos gave a worthy effort attempting to upset the Chiefs, but in the end some familiar mistakes came back to haunt them
The Denver Broncos coaching staff created an amazing game plan that almost resulted in a stunning upset over the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. The defense full of backups and rookies due to injuries, basically stopped the Chiefs Explosive Offense from ever getting off the ground.  However, in the end one too many familiar mistakes did the team in, including turnovers in a game where protecting the ball was at a premium. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #denvskc #broncoscountryblitz #beatthechiefs
December 07, 2020
BCB - Week 12: Saints 31 - Broncos 3; Broncos lose in a non-competitive game that the NFL should've rescheduled or postponed like so many others
The Denver Broncos played on Sunday without a viable Quarterback option. Yes, converted WR Kendall Hinton did his best at QB for the Broncos, but he was put into an impossible situation for success. The Broncos QBs that landed on the COVID Reserve List are mostly responsible for what we saw Sunday, as well as the NFL's mistake of not rescheduling the game as they are still trying to do with so many other matchups. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #novsden #broncoscountryblitz #beatthesaints
November 30, 2020
BCB Reaction: All of the Broncos QBs are ineligible to play on Sunday and the NFL got it wrong by not postponing the game. On the positive note, the Broncos get LT Bolles signed to a new deal.
The Denver Broncos will be without their entire Quarterback room following all being ineligible to play on Sunday against the Saints due to the COVID-19 possible exposure guidelines in the NFL. The NFL got it wrong not postponing the game as they had with the Steelers/Ravens Game on Thanksgiving Night. The Broncos are set to be an example now of what may come in the following weeks with other teams. On a positive note, the Broncos get Left Tackle Garett Bolles signed to a new extension. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry  #nfl  #broncoscountryblitz #garettbolles
November 29, 2020
BCB - Week 11: Broncos 20 - Dolphins 13; Broncos play a game that showed glimpses of what they can be when they don't beat themselves
The Broncos play a well schemed game on offense and defense while in some people eyes upsetting the Dolphins at Mile High Stadium. The Broncos still have a couple turnover issues to clean-up, but this time they bounced back to seal the victory against a late Fitzpatrick rally. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #miavsden #broncoscountryblitz #beatthedolphins
November 26, 2020
BCB - Week 10: Raiders 37 - Broncos 16; Broncos at a crossroads following unacceptable loss in terms of Broncos Country Standards to a division rival
QB Drew Lock was beaten and bruised all day on route to a 4 Interception Game. The defense held tough as long as they were able, but weren't able to hold off Las Vegas's Offense from taking the game over. The Broncos stand at a crossroads after another unacceptable performance by it's offensive unit and coordinator.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #denvslv #broncoscountryblitz #beattheraiders
November 18, 2020
BCB - Week 9: Falcons 34 - Broncos 27; Slow start and injuries doom Broncos in Atlanta
The Broncos overcame a slow start to make things interesting in the Fourth Quarter. Despite the comeback, in the end the team's injuries and too little little time left on the clock proved too much to overcome. However, time to take a reality check on the team's current timetable. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #denvsatl #broncoscountryblitz #beatthefalcons
November 10, 2020
BCB - Week 8: Broncos 31 - Chargers 30; The Broncos pull-off a memorable comeback versus the Chargers, after being down at one point by 21 points
This was the kind of heart-pumping comeback victory that Broncos Country needed! With chances of victory looking bleak, RB Phillip Lindsay started off the comeback party with a long touchdown run, then QB Drew Lock took over from there slicing apart the Chargers Defense on way to a last second victory. A great team win with the usual big effort from the defense along with the offensive line stepping up their play in the second half. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #lacvsden #broncoscountryblitz #beatthechargers
November 02, 2020
BCB - Week 7: Chiefs 43 - Broncos 16; Mistakes, turnovers, and missed opportunities doom Broncos in blowout loss
On a snowy day at Mile High, the Broncos believed this would be a measuring stick performance against the Chiefs. If this performance is any indication, we still have a ways to go. It never helps when you turn the ball over four times and play poor special teams, to undermine a strong effort at times by the defense.. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #kcvsden #broncoscountryblitz #beatthechiefs
October 27, 2020
BCB - Week 6: Broncos 18 - Patriots 12; With a gritty team effort, the Broncos come away with a hard fought victory against New England
The Broncos beat the Patriots in Foxboro for the first time since QB Jake Plummer was still the team's starting Quarterback. The Broncos improve to 4-0 against QB Cam Newton and won a game we entered as 9-Point underdogs with literally nobody picking us to win on the major coverage networks. The defense stepped up big with some new faces forced into the starting roles due to injury and some old favorites brought their A-Game today. QB Drew Lock was back and while he didn't have his best game, his presence and arm strength alone creates opportunities in the running game and outlet receivers. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #denvsne #broncoscountryblitz #beatthepatriots
October 19, 2020
BCB Reaction: Melvin Gordon's questionable decisions continue to plague him as he once again puts "I" before "Team"
RB Melvin Gordon has reportedly been charged with a DUI, after being out, not utilizing the systems the NFL has in place for players who maybe had one too many, and stays on the track of putting himself before team. While mistakes can happen with anybody, at the same time it's almost unthinkable that a high profile player would get a DUI during these pandemic times with all the protocols and the ask for all players to follow them in place.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #byeweek #broncoscountryblitz #melvingordon
October 16, 2020
BCB Reaction: Unexpected Bye Week (Week 5) due to the pandemic and where do we stand four completed games into the 2020 Season
The Broncos have shown some sparks, some letdowns, and have come to play each and every week in this injury riddled pandemic season. So where does this Broncos Squad stand after a small sample so far in 2020 as we are forced into an early Bye Week due to COVID-19, possibly the first of a few. Plus, thoughts on the Quarterback Situation and what to expect the rest of the year. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #byeweek #broncoscountryblitz
October 14, 2020
BCB - Week 4: Broncos 37 - Jets 28; The Broncos get their first victory of the 2020 Season behind some play plays from Jeudy and Chubb, while lifting Rypien to a victory in his first NFL Start
It wasn't pretty at times, but this injury depleted Broncos Squad found a way to get their first win of the season at Metlife Stadium against the Jets on Thursday Night. QB Brett Rypien was able to notch his first win as a starter in the NFL, while there were big performances by LB Bradley Chubb, RB Melvin Gordon, WR Tim Patrick, and WR Jerry Jeudy. Plus a lot of younger and second year players brought their game to get the win. LB Josey Jewell probably had his finest game in a Broncos Uniform Thursday Night. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #denvsnyj #broncoscountryblitz #beatthejets
October 02, 2020
BCB Reaction: Another player heading to IR and the Broncos name QB Brett Rypien their starting QB for TNF
The Broncos lose another player to IR in Right Tackle Elijah Wilkinson, although not expected to be season ending. The Broncos have named their starting QB for Thursday Night and it's Brett Rypien who provided a bit of a spark late in Sunday's loss to the Buccaneers. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #brettrypien #broncoscountryblitz
September 30, 2020
BCB Reaction: The injuries continue to mount as DT Jurrell Casey is now out for the year.
The Broncos prize edition from the Titans in the offseason DT Jurrell Casey joins the IR and is added to the ever growing list of players out for the season. The Public Relations people deserve some credit for some tweaks at Empower Field at Mile High to keep the stadium interesting, even while still mostly empty. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #jurrellcasey #broncoscountryblitz
September 29, 2020
BCB - Week 3: Buccaneers 28 - Broncos 10; The Broncos feel like a team hitting rock bottom in part due to being decimated by injuries
The Broncos had a poor performance against the Brady Led Buccaneers, while the team depletion due to injuries on both sides of the ball was very apparent. Until this Broncos squad start to get some of the absent playmakers back from injury, this season will continue to feel like a rock bottom campaign. The Broncos may have not been a match if healthy against a Brady Bucs team hitting their stride, but we certainly would've been more competitive. First time in team history we start back to back seasons 0-3 out of the gate.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #tbvsden #broncoscountryblitz
September 29, 2020
BCB Reaction: Speaking a little more about the slew of injuries this 2020 Broncos Squad has sustained
When you look at the slew of injuries the 2020 Denver Broncos squad has sustained, you have to ask yourself...have I seen as many significant injuries during one bulk of time for the Broncos like this?!?! Thinking back, I can recall major injuries, maybe even two or three, but not an instance in which all five of the main core players for the make-up of the team are all out at during the same period for a significant amount of time. We can pull some positives out of the rubble for this season and next after the dust hopefully settles in a few weeks. The injury bug hasn't just been exclusive to the 2020 Broncos that's for sure, but we've possibly been hit the hardest. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #broncoscountryblitz
September 24, 2020
BCB - Week 2: Steelers 26 - Broncos 21; The Broncos fight to the end, but came up short. QB Drew Lock likely out 2-6 weeks with a throwing shoulder injury.
The Broncos had several mistakes, injuries, and miscues. However, this young team fought to the end and showed regardless of what else occurs this season, at this point and time they have no quit in them. The injuries have been brutal and now the one injury we couldn't have occur, has occurred with QB Drew Lock now out 2-6 weeks with a sprained AC joint in his right throwing shoulder. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #denvspit #broncoscountryblitz
September 21, 2020
BCB Reaction: Some additional thoughts the day after on the Broncos opening loss to the Titans on MNF
I don't normally get extra time on Tuesday during the day to follow-up on a prior game podcast, but today is unique and had some additional thoughts to share, especially after HC Vic Fangio's presser earlier today following the loss. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #tenvsden #broncoscountryblitz #mondaynightfootball
September 15, 2020
BCB - Week 1: Titans 16 - Broncos 14; The Broncos lose their 2020 home opener due to missed opportunities, timely penalties, and questionable calls
The Broncos came out to play on Monday Night and at several points during the game appeared to have the Titans on the ropes. However, they were never able to deliver the knockout punch and ultimately fall to the Titans to begin the 2020 Campaign 0-1. The Broncos also had costly penalties and  again odd time management from their head coach late in the 4th quarter that gave the offense little to no time to attempt a final comeback of their own. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl #tenvsden #broncoscountryblitz #mondaynightfootball
September 15, 2020
BCB Reaction: Now knowing more, LB Von Miller done for the year based on injury recovery time
With Von Miller’s injury to now be known as a Dislocated Peroneal Tendon, odds are he’s done for the season with best case scenario is a three month recovery. So where do the Broncos go for replacements? Rotation of players, trade, or free-agent? #broncos #denverbroncos #nfl2020 #unitedinorange #horsepower #vonmiller #broncoscountryblitz
September 09, 2020
BCB Reaction: LB Von Miller goes down in practice with what many fear is a season ending injury
Obviously we shall wait until we hear the MRI details in the coming days for a final say on this devastating news for Broncos Country, but LB Von Miller who looked in many ways to be back to his 2015 form is now possibly out for the year. #broncos #denverbroncos #nfl2020 #unitedinorange #horsepower #vonmiller #broncoscountryblitz
September 09, 2020
BCB Reaction: Broncos making moves leading up to the opener, including releasing prior seasons starting LB Todd Davis
The Broncos are making moves to shore up their final roster, and in a surprise move to some, but not me...releasing LB Todd Davis. In another not so surprising move to me, but maybe to some, the Broncos traded CB Issac Yiadom to the Giants. The team is doing all it can to tweak the roster to hit the ground running in 2020, well because frankly we don't really have another choice. #broncos #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #nfl2020 #horsepower #broncoscamp #espnmondaynightfootball
September 08, 2020
BCB Reaction: Two weeks before the Broncos MNF Regular Season Opener and there's work to be done on offense, while the defense looks solid.
Two weeks until the Monday Night Football Season Opener against the Titans at Empower Field at Mile High. There is work to be done on offense, what will the chemistry look like opening night. The defense looks to be a solid Top 10 unit again this year under Fangio's guidance. The question is, how fast can the Broncos young explosive offense catch-up to the rest of the premiere offenses in the league. 2020, especially with no in-person fans to start the year, will be an interesting one. #broncos #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #nfl2020 #horsepower #broncoscamp #espnmondaynightfootball
September 02, 2020
BCB Reaction: The Broncos get the new A-Team Commentating Crew for their Monday Night Football Season Kickoff. One of which is a familiar face!
The second game of the MNF Doubleheader has seemed a tad lackluster over the years, but this season ESPN Monday Night Football made it right and put the A-Commentating Team on the late game of the doubleheader! Plus I'm excited about the new MNF Team of Levy, Griese, and Riddick! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! #broncos #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #nfl2020 #horsepower #broncoscamp #espnmondaynightfootball
August 18, 2020
BCB Reaction: Great and aggressive start to training camp. If the Broncos can build the chemistry in time, the offense should be flying opening night on MNF.
QB Drew Lock seems like he's grown by leaps and bound during the offseason and the WRs are already showing what dominance possibly lies ahead. The defense also has it's promising points, with LB Bradley Chubb looking ready to go after a disappointing end to the 2019 campaign. Can we make enough ground on the AFC with such an interesting offseason to catch-up with the playoff contenders. Time will tell, but all looks promising! #broncos #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #nfl2020 #horsepower #broncoscamp
August 18, 2020
BCB Reaction: Broncos cut TE Jeff Heuerman, OT Ja'Wuan James opts out of 2020 Season, and nice to see training camp footage. How much will no preseason slow the offensive development down...
The Broncos trim down the Tight End room by cutting  Jeff Heuerman, the first big name in OT Ja'Wuan James opts out of 2020 Season, and how much will the lack of a preseason affect the Broncos progress on the offensive side of the ball. #broncos #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #nfl2020 #horsepower
August 06, 2020
BCB Reaction: No preseason, no joint practices, and hitting the ground running in Week 1 of the Regular Season. How will all of this affect the 2020 Broncos Squad
There will be no preseason, no joint practices, adjusted training camp, and hitting the ground running in Week 1 of the NFL Season. How will this affect the 2020 Denver Broncos squad and the chemistry they hope to build with so many new pieces on offense and defense. Also, both sides were right in not extending S Justin Simmons until 2021. #broncos #broncoscountryblitz #unitedinorange #nfl2020 #justinsimmons #horsepower
July 24, 2020
BCB Reaction: Shortened preseason, RB battle, Simmons Franchised, Shanahan in the ROF, and COVID-19 adjustments hardly done.
The Broncos have a RB competition heating up between Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay. The preseason is down to two games, which may be zero games before we know it. S Justin Simmons signs the franchise tender with hopes still of a long term deal, and Mike Shanahan going into the Broncos Ring of Fame with celebrations to take place at Empower Field in 2021. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 
July 13, 2020
BCB Reaction: Thoughts on Vic Fangio's Statement today to his remarks the day prior and the QB is getting Locked in with his WRs
HC Vic Fangio took accountability and made a solid statement today for his remarks yesterday. QB Drew Lock is getting locked in with his WRs and his RBs. All signs point to the team staying in shape during the modified offseason, including a sleek looking Phillip Lindsay according to reports. Offseason modifications continue to be released by the NFL and Commissioner Goodell. Treat your fellow human beings well. To leave you with a good never know what internal or external battle a person may be fighting for peace and equality. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #vicfangio
June 04, 2020
BCB Reaction: The Denver Broncos 2020 Schedule Release, thoughts and record prediction. Plus some other BCB housekeeping items.
The Denver Broncos start out with two of our first three at home and the first three weeks of the season will set the tone for the 2020 Season. Plus we discuss a couple housecleaning items (Bolles). #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020  #broncosschedule2020 #broncosschedule
May 08, 2020
BCB: Reaction - The Denver Broncos 2020 Draft Class is a solid one, with multiple weapons for QB Drew Lock, and changing of the guard at several positions.
The Denver Broncos 2020 NFL Draft went offense early, Fangio system guys in the mid-rounds, and value picks late. We did solidify our offensive line somewhat, after a nervous start to the draft, and closed the gap between us and the Kansas City Chiefs by adding some serious speed guys. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nfldraft #nfldraft2020
April 26, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Of course Elway and Fangio asked about Bouye, No XFL, DT possibly back to DB, Wild-Card, no fans in the stands, and Draft Thoughts.
Why was it such a shock to so many people John Elway and HC Vic Fangio asked Kareem Jackson about AJ Bouye before trading for him. No fans in the stands and a shortened 2020 Season, WR Demaryius Thomas's possible reunion with the Broncos, uniform mentions, and my draft thoughts before the remote 2020 NFL Draft next week.  #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #demaryiusthomas #nfldraft #covid19
April 16, 2020
BCB: Reaction - LB Von Miller is named to the NFL All Decade Team and what does the NFL Season look like if it even starts on-time
Denver Broncos LB Von Miller is named to the NFL All Decade Team and what does the 2020 season look like if it starts on-time...if at all. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #vonmiller
April 07, 2020
BCB: Reaction - The Denver Broncos welcome back one defensive lineman and say goodbye to another
The Denver Broncos re-sign DL Shelby Harris on a one-year deal and we say goodbye to another fan favorite in DL Derek Wolfe as he makes his way to the Baltimore Ravens. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency
March 29, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Broncos upgrade the Punter Position and bring back relief for Miller and Chubb
The Denver Broncos upgrade the Punter Position by bringing in Ex-Lions punter Sam Martin. They also brought back solid pass rush relief for LB Von Miller and LB Bradley Chubb by re-signing LB Jeremiah Attaochu to a one-year deal. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency 
March 25, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Broncos make a move for a blocking Tight End and Elway makes team friendly deals
The Denver Broncos make a move for a healthy blocking Tight End (Nick Vannett), allow S Will Parks to leave in free-agency, and we watch as Elway continues to make team friendly moves in terms of contracts. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency #nickvannett #willparks
March 23, 2020
BCB: Reaction - The Broncos sign RB Melvin Gordon to a two year deal to bolster the running game
The Denver Broncos in somewhat of a surprise added RB Melvin Gordon to the running back corral. You have to think Gordon will now take the place as the Thunder in the Thunder & Lightning package with Phillip Lindsay. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency #melvingordon
March 20, 2020
BCB: Reaction - QB Joe Flacco's time is officially over in Denver.
There were high hopes for QB Joe Flacco at the start of the 2019 Season, but in the end an injury sidelined him and when he was on the field we didn't have an offensive line to match his limited mobility. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency #joeflacco
March 20, 2020
BCB: Reaction - The Broncos make moves in Free Agency, bringing in a backup QB, starting DT, and completing deals for two CBs.
The Denver Broncos made several moves in free agency after a quiet start. They completed the deal for CB A.J. Bouye, brought back CB De'Vante Bausby, traded for DT Jurrell Casey (at a steal), and signed a backup QB in Jeff Driskel. In other moves, we see a fan favorite leave in FB Andy Janovich, but he wasn't going to fit in new OC Pat Shurmur's system so we wish him the best in Cleveland where he'll get a ton of playing time. Plus we had to discuss a couple more of the non Broncos QB moves. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency 
March 19, 2020
BCB: Reaction - The Broncos work in the trenches and sign C/G Graham Glasgow. Plus the Raiders make an interesting move division wise in the QB Room.
The Denver Broncos got a Munchak guy and signed C/G Graham Glasgow to a 4 Year Deal. Thus possibly shutting the door on C Connor McGovern returning. Also, the Raiders made an interesting move signing QB Marcus Mariota as a backup, but do we believe he'll stay the backup. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #nflfreeagency #nfldraft
March 17, 2020
BCB: Reaction - New CBA Deal has been agreed upon, rumored no Vegas NFL Draft, and the Broncos may have an entire new Defensive Line in 2020
A new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been agreed to by the players and owners through 2030, which needed to happen without arguing over a million here and there given the state of things as it stands in Mid-March 2020. There may be no NFL Draft in the Sin City as planned although mostly just rumor at this point. Plus a new report indicates that the Broncos may let both their best Defensive Lineman walk rather than choose one between the two. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #coronavirus #nflcba #nfldraft
March 15, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Broncos pick-up the options on Miller, Davis, and McManus. Also place the franchise tag on Simmons.
The Denver Broncos placed the franchise tag on S Justin Simmons and exercised the contract options for 2020 for LB Von Miller, K Brandon McManus, and LB Todd Davis. Also the NFL will try and keep it's calendar in place to the best of it's ability. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #coronavirus
March 14, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Thoughts on free-agency so far, the impact of the Corona Virus epidemic on free-agency, and where I think a couple Non-Bronco Big Name QB's may end up.
The Broncos are already making free-agent splashes with the trade for AJ Bouye from the Jaguars. The team is also already choosing to not bring certain free-agents back into the 2020 fold. We chat about this and where a couple of the Non-Bronco Big Name Free-Agent QB's may end up. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfloffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020 #coronavirus
March 13, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Thoughts on the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine presser with HC Vic Fangio and GM John Elway speaking earlier today
I thought the attitude and focus was sharp and honest from both GM John Elway and HC Vic Fangio, including their plans with QB Drew Lock, S Justin Simmons, and their early approach to the 2020 Season. I like how they are splitting the responsibilities for evaluations for combine week. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nflscoutingcombine  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #nfl2020
February 26, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Broncos Safety Steve Atwater elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame!!!
Broncos Safety Steve Atwater finally gets the recognition he deserves and his place in Canton, Ohio!!! #steveatwater #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #profootballhalloffame  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz
February 05, 2020
BCB: Reaction - Thoughts on Shurmur in as Offensive Coordinator and Scangarello out
Broncos name Pat Shurmur as offensive coordinator and in turn part ways with Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello. In many ways this move makes sense from Shurmur's ability to develop young players and develop them fast. Only time will tell how it plays out. #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncosoffseason  #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz 
January 27, 2020
BCB - Broncos 2019 Season Wrap-Up: We discuss our thoughts on the 2019 Season and the upswing that all of Broncos Country is feeling for 2020 (with a special co-anchor).
We look at the Denver Broncos 2019 Season in review and look forward to an optimistic and upswing in 2020 for Broncos Country! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #broncosatseasonsend #stateofthebroncos #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
January 05, 2020
BCB - Week 17: Broncos 16 - Raiders 15; The Broncos finish the 2019 Season on a high note and provide optimism moving into 2020. Plus it always feels outstanding to beat the Raiders!
The Broncos narrowly escaped yesterday with a 16-15 victory thanks to a Raiders QB Derek Carr two point conversion pass attempt being knocked down by Broncos DT Shelby Harris. Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay became the first undrafted RB ever in the history of the NFL to complete back to back 1,000 yard rushing seasons and Broncos QB Drew Lock ends the season 4-1 as our starter under center. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #oakvsden #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever #beattheraiders
December 31, 2019
BCB - Week 16: Broncos 27 - Lions 17; Broncos in the all orange go down early, but fight back and rush to the victory in the second half!!!
A great effort from the Broncos today, coming from behind twice to end up picking up their sixth win of the season. After a mistake filled first quarter, the Broncos came together as a team to pick up the W!!! The Broncos have a winning record since November 1st and QB Drew Lock is 3-1 as our starter, while elevating the play of the other players on offense. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #detvsden #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever #beatthelions
December 23, 2019
BCB - Week 15: Chiefs 23 - Broncos 3; The Broncos are snowed out in a blizzard at Arrowhead.
While this game was a snowy mess for the Broncos, it gave us insight on where we still need to get on both sides of the ball to be at the Chiefs current level in the NFL. While it wasn't a great day for the Broncos, there wasn't much KC showed me that makes me think they'll be the Super Bowl team for the AFC. QB Drew Lock will continue to learn, we will get the offensive line sewn up, and get a few key pieces back defensively in 2020. If this game took place next year or the year after, I think it would've been a very different outcome in the elements. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvskc #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
December 17, 2019
BCB - Week 14: Broncos 38 - Texans 24; The Broncos are 2-0 under QB Drew Lock and DB Kareem Jackson had one heck of a memorable return to Houston!!!
QB Drew Lock showed what the future can hold for the Broncos with him under center. He was poised beyond his years and seemed to know on almost every play where he was going with the ball. Plus Drew Lock set or tied NFL Records and Broncos Records with his first road start and second victory as the Broncos Starter. DB Kareem Jackson had quite the return to Houston with an INT and Fumble Returned for a Touchdown!!! Yesterday was just a great day to be a Broncos Fan in a somewhat surprising blowout of the Houston Texans on their turf. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvshou #beatthetexans #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
December 09, 2019
BCB - Week 13: Broncos 23 - Chargers 20; The Broncos get the "W" in QB Drew Lock's debut and end up on the right side of a close one at the end!!!
QB Drew Lock had a good debut and unforgettable first half of a game. WR Courtland Sutton continues to show why he's not only our number one receiver, but becoming one of the best number ones in the NFL!!! The defense for the most part shined without our Master of Disaster LB Von Miller being able to go plus showed again that HC Vic Fangio's system can and will be a fit for the Broncos for as long as he's in Denver.  Oh, also...we swept the Chargers this season, AKA swept QB Philip "Cry Me A" Rivers!!! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #lacvsden #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
December 03, 2019
BCB - Week 12: Bills 20 - Broncos 3; The Broncos were outplayed in all three elements of the game by a team that is officially on the rise, while we continue to try and turn the corner
The Broncos today saw a team that stuck to their process and are now looking to be a playoff contender for this season and many to come. This game also served as a reminder as to what the Broncos can be back to in a year or two if they as well stick to their process. We still have bright spots and key players we see being in Broncos uniforms for the next 10+ years, but this game glorified the holes we still need to fill to continue and move in the right direction in terms of our building process.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvsbuf #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
November 25, 2019
BCB - Week 11: Vikings 27 - Broncos 23; The Broncos have their fourth blown 4th quarter lead of the season in another heartbreaking loss
While this may have had the most bright spots of our blown 4th quarter losses, this loss pushes the Broncos officially into rebuilding mode for the 2020 season. We have a talented young roster, but the coaching staff needs to take the rest of 2019 to learn to make the right adjustments with our young roster to keep the pressure on our opponents and close out games. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvsmin #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
November 19, 2019
BCB - Broncos Bye (Week 10): We discuss during the bye The State of the Denver Broncos and how we feel the future looks (with a special co-anchor)
If you could see through the looking glass and see the rest of the season and into next year, but you can't so that's what I'm here for with a good buddy on-board to discuss The State of the Broncos as of current, frustrations, positives, and the overall outlook of the team. One thing is for sure, win or lose Broncos Country IS the NFL's #1 DIE HARD Fan Base!!! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #broncosatthebye #stateofthebroncos #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
November 14, 2019
BCB - Week 9: Broncos 24 - Browns 19; The Broncos win what felt like an old school game at Mile High over a team we've normally terrorized over the years.
The Broncos give a QB his first NFL career start and all he does is stay calm and collected while throwing two TD passes. TE Noah Fant has his breakout game that we've all been waiting for from our 2019 First Round Selection. RB Philip Lindsay had some huge runs while our beat-up offensive line opened up some gaping holes. WR Courtland Sutton has continued to make good on becoming our number one WR. It was a great team effort and easily most exciting win of the Broncos 2019 season to this point, and you got the feeling that this may have been a turning point game for the Fangio Philosophy taking hold for the players. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #clevsden #beatthebrowns #broncoscountryblitz #broncosfever
November 05, 2019
BCB - Week 8: Colts 15 - Broncos 13; Conservative play on offense and death by inches on defense result in another heartbreaking loss.
The Broncos had the upset in the making until they played the 4th quarter not to lose, instead of going for the knockout punch. QB Joe Flacco criticized the play calling on offense as not aggressive enough after the game and I for one agree with him. There were still the bright spots, but this game was another indicator that its time to play moving forward focused on who will be part of the 2020 team. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvsind #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz
October 29, 2019
BCB: Reaction: WR Emmanuel Sanders traded to the 49ers for Draft Picks today. Thank you ES for everything you accomplished in Broncos Country!!!
Thank you WR Emmanuel Sanders for everything you accomplished in Broncos Country!!! Never easy to see a fan favorite go, but we did receive draft pick compensation to continue to build towards the future. My initial thoughts on if ES will eventually be a Denver Broncos Ring of Fame inductee someday and my initial answer is an absolute "YES"! #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #emmanuelsanders #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz
October 23, 2019
BCB - Week 7: Chiefs 30 - Broncos 6; The Broncos take a golden opportunity to get back in the division race and lay a horrid egg of an effort on Thursday Night!!!
The Broncos had the chance to still make 2019 a relevant season from a division standpoint and came out with a less than stellar effort on national television (to say the least) Thursday Night. Plus the Broncos got the Chiefs for a majority of the game without their 2018 NFL MVP QB Patrick Mahomes. The Broncos Offense after an early touchdown sputtered the rest of the game and the Broncos Defense eventually just wore out from being on the field far too long. At 2-5, you have to think the team has to be thinking about player changes and with that a culture change with those player adjustments. I think Vic Fangio is still the coach for the Broncos Head Coaching job, but this turnaround to the Broncos Country standard we've come to expect is going to take more time that any Broncos Fan wants or wants to admit. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #kcvsden #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz
October 19, 2019
BCB - Week 6: Broncos 16 - Titans 0; Broncos get the shutout at home thanks to a dominating defensive performance for their second win in a row!!!
Broncos shut out the Titans as Head Coach Vic Fangio's defensive scheme is taking hold. The offensive game plan was conservative, but effective against a pretty decent Titans Defense. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #tenvsden #beatthetitans #broncoscountryblitz 
October 14, 2019
BCB - Week 5: Broncos 20 - Chargers 13; Inspired play results in the Broncos first victory of 2019!!!
The Broncos had a game full of inspired play with key players stepping up, including a couple surprising contributors. As Phillip Lindsay goes, it seems so goes the Denver Broncos offense. The defense today, played an overall solid game and stayed in Philip Rivers face. The three MVPs on offense today were RB Phillip Lindsay, RB Royce Freeman, and WR Courtland Sutton. The three MVPs on defense today were LB Alexander Johnson, CB Kareem Jackson, and CB Duke Dawson. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvslac #beatthechargers #broncoscountryblitz 
October 07, 2019
BCB: Week 4: Jaguars 26 - Broncos 24; Deja Vu and Broncos lose another heartbreaker to drop to 0-4 and lose LB Bradley Chubb for the season.
Another heartbreaker at the buzzer that was Deja Vu back to the Bears Game. Yes there was another roughing the passer on the last drive, this time on Von Miller, but it did fit into the rule unlike Chubb's similar penalty two weeks ago whether we like it or not. This game was a tale of two halves. In the end the Jags made the adjustments to win the game and we didn't make the adjustments to build off a dominant first half or slow their second half momentum. At 0-4 it's likely some evaluation will start for next season already and with LB Bradley Chubb out for the season now with a torn ACL it'll be evaluation time and next man up at OLB opposite Von Miller for the Broncos. Plus is this just growing pains for the coaching staff, or did Elway and the front office strike out again.   #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #jaxvsden #broncoscountryblitz
September 30, 2019
BCB: Week 3: Packers 27 - Broncos 16; Broncos hang tough until errors and turnovers plague any chance of a win.
The story of this game in some ways are simple. Broncos 3 turnovers, Packers 0. Broncos 0 sacks on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers sacked Joe Flacco 6 times. Plus through three games the Broncos defense still has zero sacks and zero turnovers, which you can't show in the stat column against an average QB, let alone Aaron Rodgers. The Broncos margin of error is very small right now and they need to create turnovers while getting back to a somewhat dominate and unpredictable defense. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #denvsgb #broncoscountryblitz
September 23, 2019
BCB: Week 2: Bears 16 - Broncos 14; Death by inches and penalities continue to doom the Broncos. Plus where's the nasty attitude on defense.
The Broncos start their season 0-2 and drop their home opener for the first time in several years. The offense gave the Broncos the lead that the defense couldn't hold in the closing minutes. Head Coach Vic Fangio preaches death by inches, and so far death by inches is what we continue to live...or die by. Also, Garett Bolles may be playing his final season at Left Tackle for Denver if he can't clean up his game and drive killing penalties. #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #chivsden #beatthebears #broncoscountryblitz 
September 16, 2019
BCB: Week 1: Raiders 24 - Broncos 16; Lack of execution and a no-show performance in the first half leads to a surprising loss on MNF
The Broncos basically pulled a  no-show in the first half, and by the time they kicked their game into gear it was too little, too late. Biggest takeaway from the loss...Bradley Chubb & Von Miller produced zero sacks on the evening. Second biggest takeaway from the loss...we can't settle for FGs instead of TDs in the Red Zone. Third biggest takeaway from the loss...our coaches will take this game as an example of lack of execution of effective in-game offensive & defensive adjustments.  #unitedinorange #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #nfl100 #mnf #mnfonespn #denvsoak #broncoscountryblitz
September 10, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Broncos shake, rattle, and roll to get their roster down to the 53 for opening night
The Broncos unlike prior years, had a lot of activity involving trades, cutting players while risking they may not make it back to their practice squad, and bringing back some familiar faces.  #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncospreseason #cutdownto53 #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #broncosroster
September 02, 2019
BCB: Reaction: 2019 Preseason Game #5: Broncos 20 - Cardinals 7
The final preseason game always brings questions as to who did enough to make the final roster. Is our KR/PR on our current roster, or will they come via waivers??? Will we pickup a couple ILB for depth, cut from other teams??? Did Hogan or Rypien do enough to take a QB spot on the roster, or will the Broncos bring in a veteran backup until Lock is healthy??? We will soon find out. Nice to finish the preseason with a "W". #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncospreseason #beatthecardinals #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #azvsden
August 30, 2019
BCB: Reaction: 2019 Preseason Game #4: Rams 10 - Broncos 6
The Broncos lose their fourth preseason game 10-6 to the Rams, but there were positives to be taken away from the game. Our depth on defense looked better this week, Jake Butt if he is over the woes of his knees looks to be a solid TE to counter our rookie TE Noah Fant, and all our 2019 rookie class is making their case to make the team. I think we'd still benefit from a veteran QB to come in as backup once final cuts are made to replace Hogan if Lock isn't ready to go as the backup Week 1.  #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncospreseason #beattherams #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #denvslar
August 27, 2019
BCB: Reaction: 2019 Preseason Game #3: 49ers 24 - Broncos 15
The Broncos starters, including QB Joe Flacco and WR Emmanuel Sanders came to play with anybody this season. LB Bradley Chubb is already in mid-season form on defense. Last night gave a clear picture that as of right now whether due to in-experience or minimal mid-grade free agents, we have a serious lack of depth on both sides of the ball. Broncos QB Kevin Hogan whom came in the game after Lock's minor injury showed Broncos Country why we should only have two QBs on the roster opening day (Flacco & Lock). #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncospreseason #beattheniners #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #mnf #mnfonespn #sfvsden
August 20, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Injuries are part of the game and shortening the preseason wouldn't change that, but it does open doors for other players to stick around longer.
Broncos RB Theo Riddick and FB Andy Janovich are hard injuries to swallow, but if they were going to get injured it was likely just a matter of time, so get them out of the way now. Plus with TE Fort going down, it opens the door for Jake Butt and Jeff Heuerman to re-claim their spots in the Tight End rotation. #broncoscamp #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncospreseason #unitedinorange #horsepower  
August 17, 2019
BCB: Reaction: 2019 Preseason Game #2: Seahawks 22 - Broncos 14
A lot of positives from the preseason game, with unfortunately one promising player lost for the season. QB Joe Flacco looks comfortable, you can see the promise in QB Drew Lock, and our RB 1/2 Punch will be even more dominant in 2019. I see a powerful interior DT push with Dre'Mont Jones and Derek Wolfe....I'm sorry I mean....WWWWWOOOOLLLLLFFFFEEEEE!!!  #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncospreseason #beattheseahawks #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz
August 10, 2019
BCB: Reaction: 2019 Preseason Game #1: Broncos 14 - Falcons 10 (Hall of Fame Game)
Not a ton to take play wise from the first of five preseason games on the slate for the 2019 season, however we'll dig into a few observations. The winning TD catch by WR Juwann Winfree from QB Brett Rypien was a nice way to cap off the game though! #broncos #broncoscountry #horsepower #broncospreseason #denvsatl #nflhalloffamegame #pfhof19 #beatthefalcons #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz
August 02, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Thoughts after attending the Denver Broncos Scrimmage at Broncos Field as part of Training Camp
The session was a fun one, although an extremely hot Colorado Summer Day. Some of my impressions are that the offense is beginning to catch-up to the defense, other than there weren't many clean pockets for the QBs on Saturday. WR Courtland Sutton and DT Adam Gotsis stole the show overall at the scrimmage as part of the Denver Broncos Training Camp Schedule. #broncoscamp #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncoscamp2019 #unitedinorange #horsepower  #broncosscrimmage
July 29, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Thoughts after 6 Days of Training Camp in the books for the Broncos!!!
So why is It an issue that the defense is ahead of the offense at this point in camp?!??! A lot of those early low win total predictions are starting to turn, mostly thanks to people taking notice that Coach Fangio has brought a certain level back to the Mile High Ways that Broncos Country has come to expect. Plus we seem focused and the rest of the division...meh, not so much.... #broncoscamp #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncoscamp2019 #unitedinorange #horsepower  
July 25, 2019
RIP Mr. B! Pat Bowlen the best owner in sports...period.
RIP to the best owner in sports Pat Bowlen. You'll always live on through all of Broncos Country and the culture you built with the Broncos. #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #patbowlen #unitedinorange #horsepower   
June 14, 2019
BCB: Reaction - The Broncos wrap up mandatory mini-camp and many positive...while subtle signs that make you feel good about the direction of the team.
From the hype about Flacco's leadership and arm strength that's well intact to Coach Fangio cancelling the last day of camp for a field day, there are a lot of signs to be cautiously optimistic moving closer to the 2019 season.  #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncosminicamp #unitedinorange #horsepower  
June 08, 2019
BCB: Reaction - CB Chris Harris Jr's new one year contract. Glad to have him back in the 2019 fold, but what does it mean for his future in Broncos Country???
All of Broncos Country is happy to have Chris Harris Jr back in his slot with the Broncos in 2019, but what does the essential one year pay bump mean for his future as a Bronco? Likely depends on how the 2019 season shapes out and what type of effort he leaves on the field (health, stats, etc). #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #chrisharrisjr #unitedinorange #horsepower  
May 29, 2019
BCB: Champ Bailey officially going into the Broncos Ring of Fame, my favorite memory of #24, plus an OTAs comment...drops! Lets hope the drops are a Spring bug that will be gone by Training Camp
Congrats to Champ Bailey for being inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame!!! My favorite memory of #24 may involve the playoffs and intercepting a G.O.A.T.! Also, word of drops in the OTAs in the past week by the WRs and TEs. Let's hope its just a Spring bug like the odd storms the Rocky Mountains are getting right now for this time of year.  #champbailey #broncosringoffame #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #horsepower #unitedinorange #broncosOTA 
May 22, 2019
BCB: Reaction - OTA's and the only real news from them were Flacco's comments on Lock and how they were exactly what you want to hear from our starting QB
OTA's went well with really not too many stories, which can be a good thing. The only big item in some people's eyes was Flacco's comments on not mentoring Lock...and you know what, his comments were exactly right. #joeflacco #drewlock #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #horsepower #unitedinorange #OTA
May 18, 2019
BCB: Reaction - 2019 NFL Denver Broncos Draft In Review
The 2019 Denver Broncos Draft in review, another great draft in the books and that's two in a row in the books with The Duke leading the way. We built well for the future at QB and OL, as well as setting us up at present at DL and ILB. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #nfldraft2019 #broncosdraft
April 30, 2019
BCB: Reaction - 2019 Schedule we can hopefully be 11-5 this season, even if the networks predictions are 7-9 or 8-8, plus some mini-camp mention and the Chris Harris contract situation.
 While the 2019 schedule looks brutal in certain spots, once you break it down if we can get what we hope out of our new QB and a Fangio led defense, there is a realistic opportunity we can get to 11-5 record in 2019. Also, we need to extend Chris Harris Jr and keep him in the no fly zone to go along with our new leadership from Joe Flacco on offense.  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #nfl2019schedule
April 18, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Broncos Free Agency officially began with the new league year and other than one splash signing, we've been quiet. Does it mean Fangio sees a ton of unharnessed talent on the roster?!?
The Broncos began free agency before the new league year even began, signing a new starting QB, starting RT, and starting CB. After free agency officially began and the new league year, we made one other splash for a CB in the free agent market to solidify the no fly zone once again. Other than that, we've been quiet. Is it because Fangio see the unharnessed talent that already lays quietly awaiting his coaching on our roster?!?!  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #vicfangio #inelwaywetrust  
March 25, 2019
BCB: Reaction - The Broncos Trade and Free Agency thus far, before the new league year even officially begins!!!!
The Broncos have been busy before the new league year even starts, upgrading our offensive line and secondary. While letting one offensive lineman go that we will miss and a cornerback that we'll not miss so much. Great free-agent signings of Kareem Jackson at CB/S and Ja'Wuan James OL, along with a brilliant trade of QB Case Keenum to the Redskins after aquiring QB Joe Flacco from the Ravens.  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #kareemjackson #inelwaywetrust  #casekeenum  #nflfreeagency
March 13, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Broncos Trade for QB Joe Flacco, deal will be finalized once the new league year starts in March. How does Joe fit and how much of an upgrade at the position is he?!?!
The Denver Broncos wasted no time and have agreed to a trade with the Baltimore Ravens that will bring QB Joe Flacco to Denver to be the starter for 2019. Joe has beaten Denver enough times, but what does it mean for the NFL Draft and the likely trade or release of one and done in Denver QB Case Keenum?!?!  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #vicfangio #inelwaywetrust  #joeflacco
February 14, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Finally!!! The #1 Owner Pat Bowlen is heading to Canton along with CB Champ Bailey
The #1 owner in all of sports is finally heading to where he's belonged for years. Canton, Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame!!! Plus not only is Mr. B going in, but CB Champ Bailey will have his head bust enshrined right alongside Mr. B's. It's going to be a great induction day in August 2019 for Broncos Country.  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #profootballhalloffame #champbailey  #patbowlen 
February 03, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Liking the more hard core and fundamental coaching staff with a sprinkle of BC!!!
The new coaching staff has come in place for the Denver Broncos, AKA Broncos Country and I am excited that it's more hard core, more fundamentally focused, and has a great sprinkle of former Broncos Country Coaching Staff Members. Now what does it mean for the roster...   #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #vicfangio #inelwaywetrust  #broncoscoachingstaff
February 02, 2019
Champagne! The Denver Broncos are still the only AFC West Team to win a Super Bowl since 1985!
Champagne, pop the cork...or grab a cold one! One of my favorite stats, almost like the '72 Dolphins with their undefeated season...the Denver Broncos are still the only AFC West Team to win a Super Bowl (and three at that) since 1985. AKA we OWN the AFC West, even if we loan it out for a while here and there.  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame  #since1985
January 23, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Gary Kubiak won't be the Offensive Coordinator, and Elway held true to HC Vic Fangio
In a shocker, Gary Kubiak won't return to the Broncos Coaching Staff as offensive coordinator. I get it in part if he was looking to bring back coaches that weren't in Vic Fangio's or John Elway's plans. Plus Elway held true in his statement that if Vic choose to go a different way, he'd support it. We wish Kubes the best in whatever is his next move!  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #vicfangio #inelwaywetrust  #garykubiak
January 12, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Broncos Hire New Head Coach Vic Fangio who will correct the "Death By Inches""!
Vic Fangio comes in as the 17th Head Coach of the Denver Broncos and he brings experience, accountability, defensive dominance, and will being back the fundamentals to Broncos Football. His comment about cleaning up the "Death By Inches" perfectly fits what the team has experienced the past two seasons. Welcome Vic Fangio!!!   #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #vicfangio #inelwaywetrust 
January 11, 2019
BCB: Reaction - Broncos Release Vance Joseph of his Head Coaching duties after two losing seasons
After two underwhelming seasons as Broncos Head Coach, Vance Joseph is released from his duties. John Elway will lead the charge in finding the next head coach of the Denver Broncos. This will be a critical offseason for the franchise.  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #broncosfever #americasgame #firevancejoseph #FIREJOSEPH #inelwaywetrust
January 01, 2019
BCB: Week 17: Chargers 23 - Broncos 9; Denver delivers a forgettable dud in the 2018 season finale
The Broncos came out flat once again on offense, and couldn't take advantage of some early defensive success. The team looked uninspired most of the game and delivered a dud for the season finale. This will be a critical offseason for the orange and blue to get the ship turned around.  Plus yes, I said San Diego Chargers in my podcast several times, can they just quit the Los Angeles experiment already!  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #lacvsden #broncosfever #americasgame #firevancejoseph #FIREJOSEPH #beatthechargers
December 31, 2018
BCB: Week 16: Raiders 27 - Broncos 14; The Broncos begin to quit on Vance Joseph on Xmas Eve HUMBUG!
As rumors of Head Coach Vance Joseph's departure loom, the team gave it's worst effort in terms of showing for the game on Monday Night in the Bay Area, giving Oakland their biggest margin of victory in almost a year and a half. Clearly some of the team has flipped the page to 2019.  #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #denvsoak #broncosfever #americasgame #firevancejoseph #FIREJOSEPH #beattheraiders
December 27, 2018
BCB: Week 15: Browns 17 - Broncos 16; poor coaching & play calling result in the loss & elimination!
Congrats to Von Miller for setting the new franchise record for sacks in the loss. In the end, poor play calling, HC Vance Joseph playing it safe in the 4th quarter instead of going for the win, and a depleted secondary all play parts in the Broncos 8th loss and elimination from Playoff Contention. Frustration from the players start to leak through following another tough loss, that frankly we should've won. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #clevsden #broncosfever #americasgame #vonmiller #FIREJOSEPH #beatthebrowns #firevancejoesph
December 17, 2018
BCB: Week 14: 49ers 20 - Broncos 14; no-show by the Broncos likely end a realistic playoff run.
Too many injuries may be the culprit in the end, but either way what appeared to be a no-show for a half at least in today's game by the Broncos results in a loss and a major blow to any playoff hopes. All of the Broncos injuries showed today in terms of execution and overall general communication. However, the slow start falls back on the coaching staff. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beattheniners #gobroncos #denvssf #americasgame
December 10, 2018
BCB: Week 13: Broncos 24 - Bengals 10; Complimentary football on the road results in three in a row!
The rising stars of DT Shelby Harris, LB Bradley Chubb, and RB Philip Lindsay show up again in Cinci as the Broncos play complimentary football for their third win in a row! LB Von Miller and QB Case Keenum have solid games again today as well, even with the overall win not being executed as a thing of beauty. Today's game came with some costly injuries, including our leader in the secondary. However, we've got a shot to run the table in the regular season if our cards fall right. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthebengals #gobroncos #denvscin #americasgame
December 03, 2018
BCB: Week 12: Broncos 24 - Steelers 17; Upset has the "in the hunt" talk for a wild card buzzing!!!
The Broncos have now beaten playoff bound Pittsburgh and Los Angeles (Chargers) in back to back weeks. The defense and offense battled all day. The offense scored key TDs and hit on key big plays, while the defense despite giving up over 500 yards created four turnovers including the game winning INT by DT Shelby Harris!!! #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthesteelers #gobroncos #pitvsden #americasgame
November 26, 2018
BCB: Week 11: Broncos 23 - Chargers 22; Old and New Stars of the Broncos come together to get the W!
It wasn't perfectly executed, there were calls and challenges missed, however in the end the new faces of the Broncos like Lindsay, Freeman, Sutton, Chubb, and the old faces of Harris, Sanders, and Miller come together to get the win. Also, while Keenum hasn't been everything we've been looking for, he showed the flash in the 4th quarter as to why we brought him in as our QB. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthechargers #gobroncos #denvslac #americasgame
November 19, 2018
BCB: Week 10: thoughts at the Broncos BYE
Have we tanked, we have talent, yes....a few tweaks and we can be back in the thick of things in 2019....yes. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #broncosbye #gobroncos #firejoseph #americasgame
November 14, 2018
BCB: Week 9: Texans 19 - Broncos 17; McManus FG miss at game's end, results in Denver's 6th loss.
The Broncos 6th loss comes after a great effort by much of the team, but in the end inconsistent play, penalties, missed FG's, and turnovers result in the Broncos dropping their 6th game of the year. A lot of the missed opportunities and inconsistencies again fall ultimately in the end, on the coaching staff. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthetexans #gobroncos #houvsden #americasgame
November 05, 2018
BCB: Thank you Demaryius Thomas...DT...#88 Club
As DT is traded to the Texans today we say...thank you to DT for all the Broncos Country Memories!!! Including my favorite DT memory of all time in the playoffs. Plus we'll see DT at least one more time before we know it. #ThankYouDT #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #americasgame #demaryiusthomas #thankyou88 #88club
October 31, 2018
BCB: Week 8: Chiefs 30 - Broncos 23; Denver shows to play three quarters, but can't get the W in KC
The Broncos play a great game for three quarters just about all together, but can't put a complete game together to beat the Chiefs. Demaryius Thomas has hopefully dialed in his performance for the Broncos for the last time with trade rumors still swirling. The effort was there today from almost all of the team, but the penalties we're drive killers for the Broncos and drive savers for the Chiefs. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthechiefs #gobroncos #denvskc #americasgame
October 29, 2018
BCB: Reaction to the Chad Kelly release and trade talks....and I think both in the end make sense!!
QB Chad Kelly gets released...and we will never know the full story, but the guy while showing talent on the field has been given chance, after chance, after chance. Trade talks for WR Demaryius Thomas and LB Brandon Marshall totally make sense for the long term success of the Broncos. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #americasgame #chadkelly #demaryiusthomas #brandonmarshall
October 26, 2018
BCB: Week 7: Broncos 45 - Cardinals 10; Denver shows and dominates in the desert!!!
The Broncos show up on the short week Thursday Night and dominates the Cardinals. The defense came up big with 6 sacks and 5 takeaways, along with Von Miller backing up his talk from earlier in the week. The running game was there, the passing game was there, and so was the fast start. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthecardinals #gobroncos #denvsaz #americasgame
October 19, 2018
BCB: Week 6: Rams 23 - Broncos 20; Slow start followed by too little, too late in the 2nd half
A slow start by the offense along with missed opportunities and bonehead penalties does Denver in early. Yes, Keenum had a...for the most part...good second half, but in QB Spoiled Broncos Country it's just a matter of time until Kelly is inserted into the starting lineup (nothing against Chad Kelly, as I feel he's a gamer). Von Miller and Bradley Chubb after being absent for weeks and took credit for as much, both showed to play today. With a fourth straight loss...changes are coming in Denver, but what those look like is any ones guess, especially on a short week until our next game Thursday Night. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beattherams #gobroncos #larvsden #americasgame #firevancejoseph #firejoseph
October 15, 2018
BCB: Week 5: Jets 34 - Broncos 16; Is this the final nail in the Head Coaching Coffin for V. Joseph
The Broncos who started the day as favorites in the Meadowlands against a while talented, a very inexperienced Jets team. The Broncos didn't even bother to show for the game in all phases. Including a defense that allowed the Jets to set new a franchise record for rushing yards in a regular season game by a single player. Whenever Vance Joseph is replaced as head coach, we will look back at this game as the final nail in his head coaching coffin in Denver. I believe the talent on the field (other than secondary) has improved since 2017, but the results yield the same. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthejets #gobroncos #denvsnyj #americasgame #firevancejoseph #firejoseph
October 08, 2018
BCB: Week 4: Chiefs 27 - Broncos 23; A disappointing loss by the Broncos to put it mildly...and it all goes back to our Head Coach Vance Joseph in the end.
The Broncos truly lost this game more than people would like to think Mahomes won it. Yes, we beat ourselves last week, but this week with the right play calling and recognizing the team you were playing, the 10 point lead should have stuck until the clock hit 0:00. Speaking of time running out, is it time to look at replacing Vance Joseph already, I say you've gotta think about it. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beatthechiefs #gobroncos #kcvsden #americasgame #firevancejoseph #terriblepersonandyreid
October 02, 2018
BCB: Reaction to the Roughing the Passer Rule, AKA the NFL continues towards a softer game and borderline flag football!!!
The NFL Roughing the Passer Rule has gotten ridiculous to the point of asking defenders to do something physically impossible and after backlash what do they do!?!?! They release a how to video with instances that in most cases at full speed are impossible to pull off. #nflsoft #softnfl #nflcompetitioncommittee #flagfootball #roughingthepasserrule #injuriesarepartofthegame #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #gobroncos #americasgame
September 29, 2018
BCB: Week 3: Ravens 27 - Broncos 14; Sloppy play and massive penalties contribute to our first loss.
Sloppy play, massive penalties, and poor red zone play all contributed to our first loss of the 2018 regular season. Keenum needs to play better, the WRs need to create more separation, and we need to figure out our secondary woes quick! #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #horsepower #broncosfever #broncoscountryblitz #beattheravens #gobroncos #denvsbal #americasgame
September 24, 2018
BCB: Week 2: Broncos 20 - Raiders 19; Broncos pull off another 4th quarter comeback!
Today felt like the old Mile High Magic and it's great having a team again after a couple of years where it never feels like we are out of it, even when we're behind in the 4th quarter. Our rookies continue to shine! #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #horsepower #beattheraiders #gobroncos #oakvsden #broncosfever #americasgame
September 17, 2018
BCB: Week 1: Broncos 27 - Seahawks 24; BRONCOS WIN THEIR 2018 REGULAR SEASON OPENER
VON MILLER was an absolute beast to kick off the home opener, Keenum had some nerves in his first week as the QB for the Broncos, but still came through as clutch in the end, how about that 1-2 punch in the Broncos Backfield, and nice mix of the vets with the rookies to get the job done to get us off to a 1-0 start for the 2018 Regular Season. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #broncoscountryblitz #horsepower #beattheseahawks #gobroncos #seavsden #americasgame
September 10, 2018
BCB: Follow-up to the 53 cut down podcast from yesterday well because of course QB Paxton Lynch is now gone!!!
Less than 24 hours after QB Paxton Lynch made the final 53 man roster, credit to John Elway and Vance Joseph for making the right move for the franchise and Paxton by parting ways with the 1st Round bust. Also, we've already brought back a familiar face to the active roster. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #rostercuts #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
September 02, 2018
BCB: The Roster is cut down to 53 and the days of Paxton Lynch are...wait, still here?!? Oh...boy...sigh.
Obviously the first cut down to 53 players is never the final by the start of the regular season nor end of season, but in a league where depth is more important than ever, why keep three QB's on the roster?!?! There are a few other players that aren't 3rd string QB's who earned that roster spot. Overall the roster still looks great! #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #rostercuts #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
September 02, 2018
BCB: Reaction: 2018 Preseason Game #4: Broncos 21 - Cardinals 10
Finishing 2-2 in the preseason and the 4th preseason games are more interesting with just one roster cut down these days. Who's in and who's out?!?! After this game you'd have to make the case for RB De'Angelo Henderson being on the roster, and did QB Paxton Lynch actually do enough to save his roster spot?!?! #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #nflpreseason #denvsaz #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
August 31, 2018
BCB: Pat Bowlen...Mr. B...nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame...and its about time.
The Greatest Owner in my opinion ever in the history of professional sports finally gets his nomination to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. It's been long overdue, but at least the HOF is starting to get some things right. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #patbowlen #profootballhof #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
August 29, 2018
BCB: Reaction: 2018 Preseason Game #3: Broncos 29 - Redskins 17
Broncos Win!!! The Broncos looking more like the bounce back team Broncos Country expected after the 2017 season. Keenum was solid, Sanders looks rejuvenated, and the defense shut down an old nemesis. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #nflpreseason #denvswas #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
August 26, 2018
BCB: Reaction: 2018 Preseason Game #2: Bears 24 - Broncos 23
Yes the scoreboard shows a loss, but really a lot of positives out of this game. The first team offense and defense were both clinking well in the game and we see glimpses of what this team can be this season. Keenum's nerves were running high to start the game, but by the end he looks like the QB we've all been seeing in camp and expected when we brought him to Denver. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #nflpreseason #chivsden #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
August 19, 2018
BCB: Broncos 2018 Training Camp is complete and the offense looked great in camp again while playing a team other than ourselves.
Da' Bears were in town for joint practices before Saturday's preseason game and the offense lit it up again this week. The big question is can the offense make sure it translates to the field in the preseason and regular season games. Also, not a shocker that Chad Kelly has been made our #2 QB over Paxton Lynch this week. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #broncoscamp #horsepower #broncoscountryblitz
August 17, 2018
BCB: Reaction: 2018 Preseason Game #1: Vikings 42 - Broncos 28
While it's only week one of the preseason, there is cause for concern. Vance Joseph seems no different than he was in 2017, CB Bradley Roby still gets beat badly on double moves, and Paxton Lynch...can we finally put the final nail in the coffin! A couple positives are QB Chad Kelly coming on and energizing the team and the stadium, plus Isaiah McKenzie looking the part we wanted him to take last season. #broncos #broncoscountry #unitedinorange #nflpreseason #minvsden #horsepower #firejoseph #broncoscountryblitz
August 13, 2018
BCB: Another week of the Broncos 2018 Training Camp in the books and sometimes no news is good news.
The RB situation remains in position to head to where most people think it'll end up, Bradley Chubb has had a quiet camp...not to worry, and Emmanuel Sanders from the slot will help our offense to explode. #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncoscamp
August 11, 2018
BCB: Week one of Broncos 2018 Training Camp in the books!!!
Sutton continues to impress, Keenum looks solid with several deep completed passes, our defense continues to embarrass our o-line, and the running back position is wide open. #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncoscamp
August 04, 2018
BCB: We've Made It! Broncos Training Camp is here! So we have to give Day 1 Reactions.
Keenum looking solid as our starting QB, Booker to be unseated as starting RB in the coming weeks, and...The Sheriff showed up on Day 1 of Training Camp and how can that not be a positive! Lynch looking good as well, but we are past the point of being sold on him. #broncos #broncoscountry #broncoscountryblitz #broncoscamp
July 29, 2018