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Broniar Talk by Mateusz Broniarek

Broniar Talk by Mateusz Broniarek

By Mateusz Broniarek
Broniar Talks is a podcast where the host (Mateusz Broniarek) shows his and other modern entrepreneurs' digitally nomadic life journeys. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Focused on Europe
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10 tips on getting new clients as a freelancer in Stockholm with Mateusz Broniarek
In this one, I'm sharing my best practices and tips on how to get new clients as a freelancer in Stockholm. Tune in!
October 26, 2018
The man who created 15 companies with Mikael Ahlström
Mikael is an outstanding individuality that created an amazing life and career. This conversation brought us to many different areas - from the beginnings of creating a business in Sweden up to AI destroying human beings. An absolutely amazing conversation and the obligatory listening for everybody!
October 19, 2018
Startup creation HIGHWAY with Jared Fossey
Jared is an amazing and extremely funny guy. It turned out that he is also a great designer and strategist that brings to live awesome startups. Tune in and learn how the startup world works nowadays!
October 12, 2018
How to achieve your most important GOALS with Hidaya Abdulrahim
I can't even stress enough how important this episode is for me! I invited to the show a woman that inspires me so much on so many levels. She didn't give up on her journey to the medical school, even though she was trying for 4 years and took the exams several times. She is also a person who just loves to help others - especially the ones needing it the most (for example volunteer missions in Africa). And yeah, I'm so lucky to call her my best friend and a person I want to spend my life with! This episode is so awesome on so many levels that you just really have to listen to it! Let me know that you think of it!
October 05, 2018
From being a refugee family to growing a big business in Stockholm with Cozette Wachtmeister
Cozette Wachtmeister is an entrepreneur based in Stockholm. She is an amazing and beautiful person with a huge energy level and a warm heart. She accepted my invitation to get interviewed and shares her story of the business journey mixed up with some good advice for entrepreneurial immigrants starting out in Sweden.
September 21, 2018
Photography business in Sweden as a foreigner with Aneta Wolf
Aneta Wolf - photographer and brand creator shares her knowledge about creating a business in Sweden and making people trust you. Aneta:
September 14, 2018
How to start podcasting with Megan Lozicki
So I decided to start my own podcast! Couldn't do that without asking a friend some questions on how exactly do I do that. And here it is - the first episode of my podcast with Megan Lozicki speaking about different aspects of podcasting. More coming coon!
September 07, 2018