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The Art of Lost & Found

The Art of Lost & Found

By Brooke Estin | Creative Amplifier
The Art of Lost and Found is a podcast that explores creative recovery and transformation. The core idea is simple: Every one of us is creative, even if we don’t know how to access it. It's in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower. Join Creative Amplifier, Brooke Estin on a creative journey to explore stories and uncover insights, resources and tools to help you align your most creative, purposeful life.
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#2 Transformative Creativity Through Storytelling | Michael Kass

The Art of Lost & Found

#7 External Validation is a Trap | Sophie Lloyd
Today on The Art of Lost and Found, our guest speaker is Sophie Lloyd.  Sophie Lloyd is a professionally trained Dancer, Yoga Teacher, Poet, and Creative Writer who I had the good fortune of meeting at a deeply intimate and nourishing women's retreat in Portugal. ​ In our conversation, Sophie shares her engaging backstory as a creative professional, narrating how creativity has always been a part of her life. We learn how she found her way forward, channeling her creative energy into writing and eventually becoming a published writer. Sophie trained in dance all her life and went on to become a professional dancer when most people go to university. Investing so much in her dance career helped her evolve as an artist and taught her to stay focused. Coming from a family of professionals working in the creative space, Sophie was familiar with the uncertainty that came with the profession. Today, she opens up about her journey as a dancer, yoga teacher, and creative writer. Sophie shares her experience getting deeper into her body through her yoga practice to make it a part of her life. We also discuss the challenges faced by creative professionals amid the #COVID19 lockdown worldwide and how to overcome them. As someone who enjoys making people smile through her writing, Sophie resorts to humor to help transform her thinking in the most tiring of times. "This whole, this structure of life that we're living in, it's all a bit silly, isn't it? Don't take it too seriously." ​ TOPICS COVERED: [01:19] Who is Sophie Lloyd? [3:03] Is creativity always expressive? [5:08] When Sophie started dancing. [06:14] Were Sophie’s parents supportive? [07:54] Why being driven by external validation is a trap and why loving the process is so important. [11:05] How COVID pushed us to have an unhealthy relationship with creativity. [12:46] Inviting creativity through wellbeing practices. [15:36] The restrictive cultural LIES we are told about creativity. [17:16] Finding creative expression. [20:48] Navigating impostor syndrome [22:43] What happens when your creativity is suppressed. [24:00] The gifts you get when you find creative expression. [26:16] What COVID-19 made us reevaluate. [28:37] Working without a structure. [31:20] Having a dialogue with characters who make up who you are. [33:32] How the pandemic proved that our old systems do not work. [35:16] One thing Sophie would tell you and her younger self. [36:33] Connecting with Sophie (and a beautiful reading!) ​ CONNECT WITH Sophie: ​ Sophie Lloyd on Instagram Sophie Lloyd's Friday Poem ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
May 11, 2021
#6 How a Near-Death Experience Leveled Up a Creative Business & Helped Launch a Music Career | Corey Johnson
Today's episode features Corey Johnson. Corey is an internationally recognized brand strategist and brand identity designer and the co-founder of Viral Impact Studios, which he created with Prince EA (the spoken word artist and global phenomenon of an influencer with millions of followers). In addition to his brand and consulting work, he also is a recording artist under the stage name Corey Iris. His music sounds like a cross between The Weekend and Drake, but with his own personal flavor that makes it uniquely his own.  In this episode, Corey shares deeply personal experiences about his childhood and what led them into entrepreneurship and how a near-death experience at a Drake concert helped him to refocus on what matters and his exciting predictions about a more vibrant, diverse, and multifaceted future of the creative space. For more information, head over to
May 4, 2021
#5 The Creative’s Journey and My Story | Solo Mini-Episode
Today’s episode is my first solo mini-episode! On today's episode, I go over the pattern that I am starting to see after having done 20+ interviews with all types of creatives. What is starting to emerge is a pattern similar to Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey  or Maureen Murdock's The Heroine's Journey, but with some key differences.  I refer to it as The Creative's Journey. During the first half of of the episode, I walk you step-by-step through the framework that is starting to crystalize.  Then, for the second half of the podcast, I go into my own personal Creative Journey as I map my own experience onto the framework. My story begins with  a story from age 5 when I first learned about the power of my own imagination and how I've used my imagination to reframe difficult situations that allow me to shift my perspective and rise to the challenge of reinvention after a crisis.
April 27, 2021
#4 Hollywood Hedonism to Rehab to Sound Healing Entrepreneurship | Johnny Reyes
Today’s episode features Johnny Reyes, a globally renowned Music Producer, Recording Artist, DJ and Film Composer.  He began to DJ warehouse parties in the San Francisco rave scene at age 14 yet his story took a dark turn as he found himself deep in the hedonistic party scene where he was battling debilitating addictions, depression and even a suicide attempt. He eventually went to rehab, where he learned how to evolve his creativity without the need for his dangerous and addictive vices.  In addition to offering Addiction Coaching and Recovery Support, he is also the co-founder of I AM Retreats, a healing retreat company focused on amplifying wellness through sound-science and personalized audio production.  On today’s episode we explore the highs and lows of his creative recovery and transformation and the roles his relationships, health and career have played and what wisdom he has picked up along the journey.
April 20, 2021
#3 The Road from Silicon Valley Tech Marketing to Singing in the Jazz Clubs | Ashley Wilson
Today's episode features Ashley Wilson, a creative entrepreneur, singer and musician based out of San Francisco, CA. Ashley is a marketer who has spent the last decade working in the San Francisco tech start world. In 2016, she founded Olivine Marketing, a boutique product marketing agency. Olivine has since evolved into a collective of product marketers and creatives, as well as a full-scale production company that helps  global SaaS companies tell their story better through cinematic videos, product marketing strategy and sales. Before starting Olivine, Ashley worked as a marketing consultant for developer-focused tech startups, which is how our paths crossed. As Ashley and I grew closer, she shared more about her creative journey which even included attending a performing arts high school, learning to play the jazz piano and launching her professional singing career. In this episode we discuss her creative journey and how she manages to balance her tech marketing entrepreneurial life with her growing singing career as a performing artist.  For more information and show notes, head over to
April 9, 2021
#2 Transformative Creativity Through Storytelling | Michael Kass
Today’s episode features Michael Kass, the founder of Story and Spirit. As a facilitator, coach, speaker, and award-winning storyteller, he's passionate about helping people, organizations and communities discover and harness the power of their stories to create change. Our conversation explores how Michael’s acting career led him to Hollywood and how he eventually found his way to the work of transformational storytelling. Whether giving corporate workshops, performing in an award-winning one man show or facilitating deep dealing work, Michael’s creativity is constantly evolving as new serendipitous opportunities reveal themselves along his journey. For more information, head over to
April 7, 2021
#1 Overcoming First Generation American Pressure and Finding Self-Love in Tattoos | Diem Truong-Nguyen
Today’s episode features Diem Truong-Nguyen, a US-based artist and consultant. Our conversation covers her story of overcoming the “model minority” pressure of being a first generation Asian-American, how she found her way back to her creativity after a 10 year hiatus and how she learned to cultivate self-love through the timeless art of tattoo. For more information, head over to
April 1, 2021
Welcome to The Art of Lost & Found Podcast
The Art of Lost and Found is a podcast that explores creative recovery and transformation. The core idea is simple: Every one of us is creative, even if we don’t know how to access it. It's in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower. Being creative is NOT about making art, but rather it’s about rising above traditional ideas, patterns or relationships in order to create something new and meaningful. It's a tool to help you consider alternative perspectives, experiment with new ideas and better deal with uncertainty and challenges across all areas of your life. Join Creative Amplifier, Brooke Estin on a creative journey to explore stories and uncover insights, resources and tools to help you align your most creative, purposeful life. If you’re an aspiring or blocked creative, then tune in to hear stories, uncover insights and find resources and tools to help you reconnect with and activate your own creative superpowers.
March 27, 2021