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Brooklyn in the Haus

Brooklyn in the Haus

By Brooklyn
In Brooklyn in the Haus, Brooklyn invites her listeners to a journey of self-empowerment and self-discovery. While opening the door to the house of her own mind, she voices the truths of reality that so many can connect to. She captures and reflects on the human experience with the ups and downs, wins and losses, and everything in between. Then, she shares with you how to rise above it all, from a Gen Z perspective.

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2. How to Deal with Jealousy & Get Past It
Feeling jealous? It's alright if you are, we've all been there. In this episode, Brooklyn gets real about the envy that encaptures us at times and better yet, how to overcome it!  🏠  Join the Haus! 🏠 - My Blog - Instagram
August 30, 2020
Welcome to Brooklyn in the Haus!
Join lifestyle blogger and creative director of Fenderson Enterprises Inc., Brooklyn, as she navigates the journey of self-empowerment and self-discovery. This podcast will be a space for inspiration and honesty about the human experience, from the successes to the failures, and everything in between.  🏠  Join the Haus! 🏠 - My Blog - Instagram
August 06, 2020
1. How to Deal with Negative People (that you just can't get rid of!)
Are you around a negative person or people that you can't just cut off? In this episode, Brooklyn talks about how to handle the toxic and negative people that can't be easily removed from your life.  🏠  Join the Haus! 🏠 - My Blog - Instagram
August 04, 2020