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#19: Brother Ben X Dialogue With Young Men In Chicago

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Brother Ben X weekly podcast is dedicated to bringing knowledge, wisdom and understanding through audio. Allowing you to be educated in your car, at home while cleaning or even on your way to bed. Many are now talking about eating better food for the nourishment of our bodies, but we should also take in clean mental and spiritual food for the nourishment of our souls. Social media: @Brotherbenx
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Brother Ben X weekly podcast is dedicated to bringing knowledge, wisdom and understanding through audio. Allowing you to be educated in your car, at home while cleaning or even on your way to bed. Many are now talking about eating better food for the nourishment of our bodies, but we should also take in clean mental and spiritual food for the nourishment of our souls. Social media: @Brotherbenx

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S2. Ep. 32 - How Is The Blackman God? w/ Dr. Wesley Muhammad
Dr. Wesley joins Brother Ben X show to discuss how the black man is God.
December 2, 2019
S2. Ep. 31 - Godconomics: How To Run Your House Like A Business W/ Jake Tayler Jacobs
Brother Ben X and Jake Tayler Jacobs speak about how to run your house like a business.
November 21, 2019
S2. Ep. 30 - How To Escape Prison
Brother Ben X Podcast talk about how to escape and break out of prison, this was very informative.
November 18, 2019
S2. Ep. 29 - How To Get Peace (Nation Of Islam Members)
Brother Ben X show ft. Nation Of Islam members who speak about how to get peace!
November 15, 2019
S2. Ep. 28 - Alicia Keys Son's Rainbow Fingernail Polish?
Alicia Keys encourages son to go ahead and get the rainbow fingernail polish
November 13, 2019
S2. Ep. 27 - Mechee X Vs. Tariq Nasheed, Activism Or Black Community Pimping?
Brother Ben X does a podcast about Mechee X and Tariq Nasheed and offers the process of atonement from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrkahan. We took calls and solutions for the black community as well. Cash app: $Brotherbenx
November 13, 2019
November 13, 2019
November 13, 2019
S2. Ep. 26 - The Nation Of Islam Way
Brother Ben X goes live to talk about the solutions the Nation Of Islam has brought and allows people to call in to offer their way. Song by: Goalden Chyld - Focus Freestyle
November 11, 2019
S2. Ep. 25 - The Influence Of Rap Music, Parents Want To Be FRIENDS With The Children Is It Good Or Bad?
Black Podcast: Brother Ben X Podcast Episode deals with the influence of music specifically rap and hip hop, warning to parents about their children using social media and being approached by grown adults and more! You can find "Brother Ben X Podcast" on Apple Podcast, Spotify and more
November 6, 2019
S2. Ep. 24 - Black People Afraid Of Being Free?, The Black Panthers, Why It's Hard To Unite etc.
Brother Ben X goes live on facebook to do the podcast and talks about various topics... black people, black panthers, unity and more.
November 1, 2019
Brother Ben X Podcast break down the danger of envy and how it leads to hate and murder.  Ft. words and wisdom from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Cashapp for donation: $Brotherbenx
October 28, 2019
he Fort Worth, Texas, police officer who fatally shot a woman while she was babysitting her nephew over the weekend resigned Monday, hours before the police department was going to fire him.  Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus announced at a news conference that he intended to end Officer Aaron Dean's employment, but that Dean tendered his resignation first. Dean, who joined the department in April 2018, still faces criminal charges as well as possible civil rights violations, Kraus said.  Dean was initially placed on administrative leave following the killing of victim Atatiana Jefferson, 28. He has not been cooperating with investigators in the case, Kraus said.
October 16, 2019
S2. Ep. 21 - How To Find Your PURPOSE
Brother Ben X speaks in Fort Worth, TX on finding your purpose
October 5, 2019
S2. Ep. 20 - Amber Guyger FOUND GUILTY And GOT CAUGHT In Her Lie By A Black Woman
Amber Guyger was found guilty in the murder of Bothem Jean. Still awaiting sentencing.  Song by: Robbie Blue - Modern Day Slave
October 2, 2019
S2. Ep. 19 : Cardi B #MeToo Moment, EXPOSES Industry and WARNS Young Girls
Cardi B goes live and tells her truth about her experience.  Support the content at
September 26, 2019
S2. Ep. 18 - Fantasia Said Women Should Submit To Their Man | Vicki Dillard x Brother Ben X
Fantasia was recently featured on the Breakfast club and she spoke about happiness, love, her new music, song and submitting to her man. The part that went vital was her saying women should submit to their man and at one point saying women who want to be the head of households, that's why they don't have a man. Support Brother Ben X Platforms: Booking:
September 21, 2019
S2. Ep. 17 - Brother Ben X NEW YORK Interview (The Wake Up Call)
Brother Ben X interviewed while in New York about the black community.
September 18, 2019
S2. Ep. 16 Sunni Muslim To 5 Percenters To Nation Of Islam + Prison Stories
Brother Winford X talks about his transition from Sunni Islam to the Nation Of Islam. He tells us prison stories and more!
September 14, 2019
S2. Ep. 15 - Business Strategy From Millionaire Mentor
Brother Ben X gets coaching from mentor about business strategy, focus, vision and scaling a business.
September 11, 2019
S2. Ep. 14 - Tyrone Muhammad ARRESTED For Asian Window Blast, South Africa Xenophobia, Millionaire Weekend
Brother Ben X Speaks about Evolution/transition of life and individuals, Tyrone Muhammad who was arrested for retaliating on Asian store that continues to disrespect black women, South Africa Xenophobia where black people are killing black people, and Millionaire Weekend Townhall. Millionaire Weekend Townhall RSVP FREE: Millionaire Weekend 3 day Experience: Song by: Robbie Blue - Modern Day Slave
September 7, 2019
S2 Ep. 13 - Childhood Trauma Story, Man EXPOSED On Instagram For Molesting
On this episode Brother Ben X reads chapter 19 of Message to the blackman in America by Elijah Muhammad to open up the show about self love, self hate and knowledge of self in the black community. We delve into Hosea Chanchez childhood trauma story he revealed on instagram that he's now healing from. He shares signs that parents should look for in their boys and girls and look out for when it comes to predators. Song by: Robbie Blue Song: Modern Day Slave Support Brother Ben X Content @ Book Brother Ben X @
September 4, 2019
S2. Ep. 12 - What Does Whealthy Mean To you?
Brother Ben X now sponsored by The Whealthy Club, talks about Wealth, health and spirituality with the brand ambassadors!
August 31, 2019
S2. Ep. 11 - A NEW FAMILY
Brother Ben X speaks at the southwest regional conference on family.
August 18, 2019
S2. Ep. 10 - What Black People Must Do
Brother Ben X Podcast: What Black People Must Do
August 1, 2019
S2. Ep. 9 - Real Estate: The Pathway To Freedom With Delisa Rose
Brother Ben X with special guest Delisa Rose speaking about real estate being the pathway to freedom.
July 30, 2019
S2. E8 - Silencing Malcolm Flex
Brother Ben X interviews Brother Malcolm Flex Tv about being censored on Youtube.
July 15, 2019
S2. E7 - What has the Nation Of Islam Done For You? - Sister Maryam
Sister Maryam speaks with Brother Ben X about her Nation Of Islam journey of being  a Nation baby leaving, going to Sunni Islam and finding her way back.
July 14, 2019
S2. E6 : What Has The Nation Of Islam Done For You? - Brother King Cam
Brother Ben X & Brother King Cam talks about what the Nation Of Islam has done for him. Talks about being a Nation baby, leaving the Nation Of Islam and coming back under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
July 12, 2019
S2. E5 : What Has The Nation Of Islam Done For You? - Brother Larry
Brother Ben X & Brother Larry talk about the Nation Of Islam and what the NOI done for him. Brother Larry came out of the Nation Of Islam prison reform and he knows inspires the youth and has two schools where he is now educating the youth.
July 10, 2019
S2 Ep. 4 - The Will Of God And You
On this episode Brother Ben X speaks about the Will Of God study guide by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan while speaking about the power of the mind.
July 9, 2019
S2. E3 : Does Therapy Challenge Your Masculinity - Men's View Point Podcast
Men's View Point Topic : Does Therapy Challenge Your Masculinity or Manhood. Hosts: Traylon Curry, Brother Ben X and Antoine Holmes ft. Delora Evans  On this podcast we discussed why men in the past haven't taken therapy, childhood trauma, the importance of the mind and more!
July 2, 2019
S2 Ep. 2 - The Nation Of Islam Is Man Made!
This episode Brother Ben X deals with the fact that the "Nation Of Islam" is man made and explains why.
June 17, 2019
S2 E1. - Building In Philly With Brothers From Prison
Brother Ben X have a deep dialogue with brothers who recently got out of prison from Philly who studied the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We had deep dialogue about making change in the community and effective ways to change the paradigm of our thinking.
June 8, 2019
#33 : How Is Louis Farrakhan Jesus/The Messiah?
Brother Ben X breaks down on Facebook live The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan being the Jesus and Messiah of this time!
May 27, 2019
#32: Brother Ben X "We Are Farrakhan" Lecture In North Carolina
Brother Ben X teach on "We Are Farrakhan" in North Carolina
May 20, 2019
#31: Fashion/Entrepreneurship With J. Alexander Martin, Co-Founder Of FUBU
The acclaimed J. Alexander Martin has externalized many successful ventures in the fashion industry including the iconic clothing line FUBU –“For Us By Us” – serving as the co-founder and Vice President. Today, his kingdom includes a clothing line, a non-profit and a consulting firm. Through all of his endeavours, it is his innate talent and ability to predict trends that have caused him to impact the fashion world once again. Rightfully portrayed as the man who made urban culture a part of the mainstream, J’s consistency in fashion has now given him a platform to emerge as an effectual leader once again.  Brother Ben X and J sit down to discuss Entrepreneurship and what's up next for FUBU
May 13, 2019
#30: Defending Minister Louis Farrakhan & The Nation Of Islam
Brother Ben X & Malcolm Flex TV goes live and defends the Nation Of Islam from critics!
May 5, 2019
#29: Let's Talk Business
Brother Ben X goes live about business and the root cause of effects
April 27, 2019
#28: Dallas Transgender Gets Jumped, Relationships, Manhood and more!
Men's view point show dive into a current event that recently occurred in Dallas.
April 23, 2019
#27: Davante D Peters Running For Dallas City Council District 3 "To Fight Poverty, Police Accountability" And MORE!
Davante Peters is challenging incumbent Casey Thomas in District 3. Peters is running on a platform of reform including: fair chance hiring and ban the box; police accountability, including establishing a new oversight board; expanding opportunities for and creating more affordable housing units; ending the food desert in South Dallas; fighting poverty; taking action on climate change; and eradicating symbols of the Confederacy in the city. “The time for politics as usual in Dallas District 3 are over,” said Peters. “For decades, we have functioned under a system of political accommodation, where Black leadership used political office to align themselves more closely with the White power structure and exploitative capitalist practices. I’m excited to partner with Working Families Party because they fight for working people who are struggle to make ends meet in our current system.”
April 20, 2019
#26: Hood Politics Ep #1 : Rodney Patterson In South Dallas FULL EPISODE
 Hood Politics Episode #1 With Rodney Patterson who's in South Dallas Speaking on The Streets, Prison, Rap Game, Accountability and more!  Youtube Video:
April 19, 2019
#25: Brother Ben X Speaks In Alabama "Our Rise Is Their Demise"
 Instagram: @Brotherbenx Youtube: Brother Ben X Facebook: Brother Ben X
April 19, 2019
#24 : Brother Ben X Lecture In Washington, DC "Allah Helps Those Who Help Him"
Instagram: @Brotherbenx Youtube: Brother Ben X Facebook: Brother Ben X
April 19, 2019
#23 : Building With The Gods About The Teachings Of Elijah Muhammad
At Saviours day in the lobby building about LIFE with young people in the Nation Of Islam
April 19, 2019
#22: How To Write A Book W/ Billionaire PA
Steps to writing and publishing your first book!
March 14, 2019
#21 19 Keys & Brother Ben X Building In Dallas
Brother Ben X and 19 Keys meet and greet audio with the people of Dallas
February 26, 2019
#20 : We MUST Remove THIS Fear, Take The Leap!
Brother Ben X speaks on taking the leap and overcoming the fear of hurting others while taking care of yourself
February 5, 2019
#19: Brother Ben X Dialogue With Young Men In Chicago
Brother Ben X have a heart to heart with young men in Chicago on why they are great and more!
January 24, 2019
#18: Minister Louis Farrakhan: "God Is Present" Live Study
Brother Ben X studies Minister Louis Farrakhan lecture "God is present" live on facebook. Music: Ad:
January 17, 2019
#17: Save Our Youth (Call in show)
Brother Ben X podcast show deals with solutions and input on how to save and reach our youth. Music: Song: Wit Da K Ad:
January 10, 2019
#16: Jazmine Barnes 7 Year Old Child Killed In Houston
Brother Ben X covers Jamzine Barnes, a 7 year old child who was killed in houston. Ad:
January 7, 2019
#15: White Supremacy EXPOSED
This episode of the Brother Ben X show, a white woman exposes white supremacy in America and in religion. Music Artist: Smooth Haynes Song: Black Billionaire
January 4, 2019
#14: Resisting The Devil And Uniting Religion
On this Brother Ben X podcast show, brother Ben X takes phone calls and talks about resisting the devil, overcoming our lower selves, and reveals revelation about the bible to a Christian.  Music Artist:  Smooth Haynes  Song: Black Billionaire Ad:
January 1, 2019
#13: Future Of The Black Community (Solutions/Ideas) Call In Show
Brother Ben X call in show where we discuss the current state of the black community, things that need to change, goals for 2019 and solutions for the future. Music Artist: Drew Reyn IG: @drew_reyn  Song: Court's In Order
December 29, 2018
#12: MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED ft. West Coast Kam
December 27, 2018
#11: Do Good Guys Finish Last? - Men's View Point
On the Men's View Point Traylon Curry, Boss Antoine and Brother Ben X discuss do good guys finish last in relationships. Music Artist: EB Song: Do you believe 
December 26, 2018
#10: Christmas or XMAS Day Car Chronicles 2
Brother Ben X car chronicles episode 2  on Christmas day, what we have shown it's really about!  Music Artist:  @ParkavenueRecords @gangst516  Song: Ganst
December 25, 2018
#9: Youtube vs. Black Video Platforms
Brother Ben X discuss on his show with a few callers about being on youtube vs. building our own black streaming platform like youtube. What are the differences? What will be the struggle? Music  Artist:  Prince Powie 
December 24, 2018
#8: Walked With Louis Farrakhan | Capt. Dennis Muhammad
Brother Ben X & Larry Rivera interview and speak with Capt. Dennis Muhammad as he gives personal stories and experiences with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan while giving Nation Of Islam history. Music  Title: Freedom By: Elle Vie, Jay Faith, MNIB and Sufyan X Composer: Doc Kaos Engineer: Status Blaq Mastered: JNp Music Year: 2018 Label: Word Play Intellect
December 24, 2018
#7: Dealing With The Devil
Brother Ben X deals with the devil and the enemy(inner me). Tune in for a thought provoking/self improving podcast.
December 22, 2018
#6: Do For Self Or Suffer The Consequences
Brother Ben X talks about his youtube termination and why it's important to have multiple streams of income and to do for self.
December 21, 2018
#5: Brother Ben X On Information Man Show
Brother Ben X Joins information man show youtube channel to answer questions about the community, personal thoughts and to discuss his youtube termination.
December 21, 2018
#4: Brother Ben X Youtube Terminated
Brother Ben X joins Alphanzo X to talk about the war on black alternative media and being terminated by youtube.
December 20, 2018
#3: Brother Ben X Car Chronicles | Nation Of Islam misunderstood
In this episode Brother Ben X address black folks who condemn, mock and misrepresent the Nation of Islam.
December 19, 2018
#2: Brother Ben X w/ Nuri Muhammad Cracking The Codes Of Scriptures
On this episode Brother Ben X goes live with student Minister Nuri Muhammad asking questions from the people about scriptures.
December 19, 2018
#1: Is Christmas really about Christ?
Brother Ben X call in show about Christmas. Is Christmas pagan? Is it really about Jesus? What is it all about? Tune in to the show
December 19, 2018
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