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Alternative Euro Sedans

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By Bruce Jamieson
Welcome to The Car Advisor Podcast, a show where your host Bruce Jamieson can ramble on about cars without the fear of his loved ones telling him to shut up.

Hopefully he'll entertain and maybe educate as he picks a car segment and discusses the sane, left field and plain silly options you could buy within each, hopefully showcasing that minimal outlay can actually get you a whole lot of car.

Also thrown in for good measure will be the odd bit of car news, if your host finds it pertinent!

This is an Australian based podcast so all cars mentioned for sale will be listed in Oz.
Alternative Euro Sedans
Spurred on by the Police getting BMW's, in this episode I discuss some alternative and potentially divisive Euro sedans you can buy for less than $15k. Below are the links to cars I talk about
October 18, 2018
The Alternative Hot Hatch
Last week we learned that Volkswagen will no longer be offering a brand new Golf GTI with a manual gearbox in Australia. This made me sad, but it got me thinking, what used hot hatch hero's can you buy Down Under with a manual to help relieve the pain. Links to the cars mentioned, if your interested:
June 6, 2018
The awkward introduction
The very first Car Advisor Australia Podcast, recorded live on what appears to have been a potato, so please excuse the quality! The episode is really just a short intro and a bit of background about me, your host, Bruce who by the sounds of things needs to work on his podcasting skills! Enjoy.
May 30, 2018
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