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Make Stuff Sell Stuff

Make Stuff Sell Stuff

By Bruce Jones
The barriers have fallen across the board and across the world. It is time to Make Stuff and Sell Stuff. That is what we talk about. How to do it. The tools, techniques, products, and people. Join me on the journey.
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The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing
The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing. There are 4 key areas to focus on for your book marketing. Pillar 1, Using your book's content to sell your book. Pillar 2, Make noise and spread awareness, the power of social media. Pillar 3, the many ways of selling your book. And Pillar 4, Making your book easy to buy. We explore all 4. Download a free copy of my latest book, How to Sell Your Book on Amazon at
March 05, 2021
Expand Your Exposure by Connecting with Influencers in Your Market
One strategy for launching your book is to connect with the influencers in your market. In this episode, we learn how to find, connect and expand our market. Practical tips on building your own Dream 100. Download your free How to Sell Your Books PDFs from Key Steps • Look for people in your industry who have a bigger audience or online footprint than you do. • Connect with these people through their social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their YouTube Channel, and Pinterest. • Subscribe to their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups, and email lists. • Start reaching out and liking, commenting, contributing, and building a relationship. • Buy their stuff. Get on their radar. • Make these people aware of you and what you do.
March 04, 2021
Make Stuff Sell Stuff Podcast, we start with J. Bruce Jones
The Make Stuff, Sell Stuff podcast begins. I talk about in the podcast how we can make products of all kinds and sell them online. There are so many opportunities to being your ideas, messages, and products out to the world. Join me as we explore them. 
February 26, 2021