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Bruno Talks With

Bruno Talks With

By Bruno Raljic
I had a chance to work on my own product and on that journey I met a lot of wonderful people. Now I'm inviting them to be my guests. Bruno Talks With is a "semi-scripted casual chat". We share our experience and knowledge, no matter how poor or solid it is.

You might be interested in the talk if you are building a product or you want to start building it. You'll see other people have similar problems, struggles and dilemmas.

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Ep #8 Don't give up • Alex West
My guest is Alex West and we talked about lot of things that indie hackers can relate to. Success, fails. Finding ideas for your next project. Boring or interesting ones. Full time job next to the side project. Reading books, writing blogs. MRR. Transparency. - Cyberleads - Twitter - Blog ***   Bruno on Twitter   More details about the podcast   Become Patron of Bruno Talks With
October 09, 2020
Ep#7 Building in public, pros and cons • Danny Postma
My guest is Danny Postma and we talked about building in public. The good parts, the bad parts. Pros and cons. He also shared his experience of building in public when he worked on Headlime. Great execution, great numbers, but what else did it bring to his life. ***    Make sure to follow me on Twitter for more updates about Bruno Talks With podcast.   Become Patron of Bruno Talks With
October 02, 2020
Ep#6 Write your own ebook! • Lena Sesardic
Episode #6 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Lena Sesardic.  Lena distilled her expertise in product management and wrote a book "The Making of Product Managers". Full homegrown product, without any additional investments, bootstrapped way of writing a book. Interview with 20 product managers from different industries gave her better understanding of the whole concept. We also talked about books. Lena has public reading list, where she shares what she reads.   Check out what she's doing on the links below   Instagram: @lenasesardic Twitter: LinkedIn:   ***    Make sure to follow me on Twitter for more updates about Bruno Talks With podcast.   Become Patron of Bruno Talks With
September 25, 2020
Ep#5 No CS Degree • Pete Codes
Episode #5 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Pete Codes. Pete is running a "No CS degree" newsletter where he collects the stories from people without CS degree. We talked about other things such as validating ideas, learning to code, publishing ebooks Submit your cool "No CS Degree" story to Twitter ******  Become Patron of Bruno Talks With  ******
September 18, 2020
Ep#4 Product managing your side projects • Krupali Patel
Episode #4 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Krupali Patel. What is it like when you switch from corporate to indie hacker world? How is it when you have tech and non-tech founder? What are they building at Kiba Labs at all? Why people avoid building landing pages?  Reach out to Krupali: or Try everypage out now: Learn more from everypage: Watch more from everypage:  Coming from management consulting background EveryPage and EverySize Declarative way to build a landing page Working on someone's else project vs working on your own How to approach your first users Landing page is least expensive of all product costs Content writing support group Launching mini product as a test on ProductHunt What Krupali is doing in her free time Where people can find Krupali
September 11, 2020
Ep#3 Newsletter are never out of fashion • Andrew Kamphey
Episode #3 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Andrew Kamphey. We talked about newsletters and the indie hacker scene in Bali. Influence Weekly (7k subs) Better Sheets HypeLetter    The reason I invited Andrew as a guest How was it to start a newsletter few years ago How is your newsletter useful to your subscriber How Influence Weekly newsletter was born? How much time does it take weekly? What's the main benefit of starting a newsletter Promoting newsletter Monetising newsletter Which newsletter platform to chose for beginners Indie hacker scene in Bali
September 04, 2020
Ep#1 Give What You Want To Receive • Arvid Kahl
This is the first episode of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Arvid Kahl. - Arvid's blog, podcast and newsletter - you can find Arvid's book here - Follow him on Twitter, he's a really cool guy   We talked about lot of things that are important when building your own product.   Desire to help people is foundation of good product Don't give up. Arvid is doing this for 10-15 years   Building in public. How it led to direct acquisition Fear of copying ideas. Ideas vs execution How community paid back when Arvid launched a book Why Zero to Sold is so cheap? ($9.99) Why building writing habit is important Tribe and Niche, what is what? Burnout happens, it's important to deal with it A twitter DM (2012) landed a job in San Francisco WHY NOT mindset, how I approached Arvid Main takeaways and outro
August 21, 2020