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Brush with Britt

Brush with Britt

By BrushwithBritt
A dental hygiene podcast brought to you by a first generation college student. Join me, as I enter the world as a brand new Registered Dental Hygienist in San Diego. With every episode, my goal is to empower women in dentistry by sharing my life experiences and journey to becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist. Making lots of mistakes along the way has given me a passion for sharing information and helping others. Come along with me as we build a community full of like-minded individuals that want to see each other succeed!

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Toxic Dental Offices
This one is for all the new RDH grads! If you’re looking for your first job as a hygienist you’ll want to listen to this!
May 17, 2021
March Madness
In this episode: an update on what I’ve been up to the past month! I answer questions sent to me via Instagram, and I talk about why I decided to start sharing more about my journey in dentistry. Instagram: @brushwithbritt
March 22, 2021
Life as a Hygienist
In this episode I discuss: Where I've been Where I'm going Written Boards Exam Practical Exam Graduating Work Struggles  Instagram: @brushwithbritt
February 22, 2021
All You Need to Know Before an Interview
This episode is dedicated to work related questions you all sent me through Instagram. In this episode I discuss: Questions to ask during an interview The CDA Presents Anaheim Dental Convention How to pick office to apply to  How to ask difficult questions Health benefits as RDH Instagram: @brushwithbritt
January 4, 2021
Negatives of Being a Dental Hygienist
In this episode I discuss some of the difficulties of becoming a dental hygienist and working as a dental hygienist.  I also discuss: Schooling  Finding a work place Body aches Difficult patients Time management No health benefits
December 28, 2020
Being a Temp Hygienist is Rough
In this episode I discuss: Being taxed as a dental hygienist New opportunities at my main office Speaking up for yourself as a clinician  Community College Cost breakdown of my dental hygiene program How I graduated debt free Financial aid Scholarships Going live on Instargram soon! Instagram: @brushwithbritt
December 21, 2020
My Truth; Dental Hygiene School
In this episode I discuss: Prerequisites for dental hygiene school  Being class president  My favorite professor  Working while in hygiene school  The last semester Mean girls  Graduating Future plans for more episodes Instagram: @brushwithbritt 
December 8, 2020
How I went from RDA to RDH
In this episode I discuss: My journey from RDA to RDH Being class president Instagram: @brushwithbritt
November 27, 2020
Getting Into a Dental Hygiene Program
In this episode I discuss: Differences between trade school vs. community college Researching hygiene programs Prerequisites for dental hygiene  Being prepared for the dental hygiene program  Instagram: @brushwithbritt
November 24, 2020
RDH Practical Exam
In this episode I discuss: WREB exam (live patient exam) My experience taking the practical exam Instagram: @brushwithbritt
November 16, 2020
For the Struggling RDH Student
A message of encouragement for the RDH student.  Instagram: @brushwithbritt 
November 10, 2020
Know Your Worth
In this episode I discuss: Getting in debt to become a RDA or RDH Dealing with mean coworkers Cattiness in the work place and school Finding an office that values you Pursuing your dreams Happiness at the end of the road!  Instagram: @brushwithbritt
November 9, 2020
Taking the NBDHE
In this episode I discuss: Studying for the NBDHE Taking the NBDHE during Covid My recommendations for NBDHE preparation  Failure does not define you as a clinician  Instagram: @brushwithbritt
November 1, 2020
My First Week as a RDH
In this episode I discuss: My first week as a RDH Importance of team dynamic Appointment sequence Learning about insurance Covid precautions @brushwithbritt
October 25, 2020
Interviewing Tips for the RDH
In this episode I discuss:  Office dynamic  Interview questions  Hygiene specific interview questions   How to prepare for an interview  Instagram: @brushwithbritt 
October 18, 2020
Finding Patients in Hygiene School
In this episode I discuss: Family, friends, etc. Social media Flyers My experience finding patients Instagram: @brushwithbritt
October 11, 2020
Six Tips for Starting Dental Hygiene School
In this episode I discuss my top six tips for starting dental hygiene school. -Support System -Finances -Organization -Patients -Studying -Self Care  Instagram: @brushwithbritt
October 3, 2020
Graduating During a Pandemic
In this episode I discuss the challenges of graduating dental hygiene school in 2020 and what it was like finishing school during a pandemic.   I talk about: Being Class of 2020 Zoom meetings Finding patients during Covid-19 My last day of dental hygiene school Pinning ceremonies Class of 2021 Instagram: brushwithbritt
September 28, 2020