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By Bryan Alaspa
Something horrifying has fallen from the skies. Can a scientist and a small town doctor stop it from destroying the world? A horrifying sci-fi fiction novel podcast from the author of The Man From Taured.
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Ovule - Chapter Ten
The Final Chapter! Six months have gone by and the government man finally begins to make his final reports. The world seems to be dying, but he has once again found survivors. The questions remain, but there are survivors. If they have made it this far, then maybe they can bring the planet back to life, too. This is the final episode of Ovule. For more information about Bryan W. Alaspa's work, visit his Amazon page for his books & novels: Or visit is website:
June 22, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Nine
The setbacks have been huge, but humanity's soul is at stake. The government scientist and his friend Neil have finally decided it's time. Just the two of them against a stadium full of infected. Will they be able to strike back? And what new horrors await them if they do.
June 15, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Eight
They have a plan and they have made weapons. Now, they need to test them. However, if this ragtag group of uninfected rebels think the infected (the invaders) will just sit by waiting to be burned alive - they are very wrong. 
June 08, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Seven
Our lonely government man has finally found a group of people. However, he wants to fight. Then, his companion Neil shows him something which changes everything. Something so horrible, he can barely comprehend it. Then, another plan begins to form. A plan that could light the night on fire.
June 01, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Six
Totally alone now in a planet that appears totally infected by the spores, the government man continues his journey toward Denver. Still hoping to find fellow uninfected humans and clinging to the hope he will be able to combat this virus, stop the spores, reverse the infection. He barely clings to his sanity, striving because there is nothing else to do. Then, he sees someone in the shadows...
May 25, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Five
Dr. Grossman and the government man decide they need to leave Mountainview. The hope is to make it to a larger city and find companions to fight. But will the people infected in the small mountain town let them leave? Even if they leave, what can two people do to a planet full of infected people? The tension ratchets up as they head towards the edge of town...
May 18, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Four
The government man and Doctor G decide on a radical plan to stop the spread of the invasion in Mountainview. Of course, if the reports of meteors and flowers from all over the world are true, will it matter? Can anyone stop the invasion now that it's begun? What is the endgame for these aliens? Can anyone be saved? The danger is real and there may be no way to stop the takeover. 
May 11, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Three
Dr. Grossman and the government man start to realize they are in serious trouble. The sheriff has become what looks like a zombie. More of the town are suddenly emotionless robots. The flowers are spreading. Faced with what can only be described as an invasion, the doctor and the government scientist have a serious conversation about terrifying things. Is there any stopping the spread? What if it's intelligent? Hard facts are faced.
May 04, 2020
Ovule - Chapter Two
Sanders and Dr. Grossman finally head up to the Dashiell farm to see the meteor site. What they find there is beyond belief. What happens next is out of an apocalyptic nightmare. Illness is coming on fast and the flowers are growing. Already the small town of Mountainview is overwhelmed. But illness isn't all that'a happening. Something far more horrifying is going on around the world, and Mountainview is in the center of it all.
April 27, 2020
Ovule - Chapter One
A meteor shower lights up the skies over the entire planet. To the surprise of thousands, meteors fall to the ground outside major cities all over the globe. Ben Sanders is part of a group of scientists sent to explore the strange phenomenon surrounding these meteor strikes. Reports of bizarre illnesses, dazzling, but dangerous, plant life and more. Ben heads to Mountainvew Colorado where meteors have hit the Dashiell farm. Teamed up with the town doctor, he begins to suspect something terrible has fallen from the skies. Something alien, malevolent. If it's happened here, then what about the rest of the world? How long before there's no world left? Can Ben and Dr. Grossman find out what the mysterious meteors have brought? Can they stop the growing threat to all of humanity? Ovule is a horrifying podcast novel from the author of The Man From Taured, Storyland, RIG, Sapphire and When the Night Comes Out. This is the first episode of Ovule. For more information about Bryan W. Alaspa's work, visit his Amazon page for his books & novels: Or visit is website:
April 20, 2020