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Pirated Radio

Pirated Radio

By bryan dowley
Bought to you by Pirated Material
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4. Insights from my own career thus far with the Chatabox podcast
In the fourth episode of Pirated radio I was interviewed by the lovely lads at the Chatabox podcast about some of my own personal influences, my career goals and the future of the design world
May 6, 2021
3. How to start your own creative practise with Charlotte Maldari
In this episode I chat to Charlotte Maldari, founder of Kaffeen, a company on a mission to keep design studios busy by creating and implementing bespoke marketing activities to find and keep new clients. We speak briefly about the ever changing design industry and how to go about starting your own creative practise.
April 18, 2021
Diversity in design - Pirated radio episode two
In this episode of Pirated Radio I chat to Aleenah Alam, a design student currently in her second year, about how she got into design, where she sees things going for herself in the next few years and diversity in the industry.
April 8, 2021
Is print dead? - Pirated radio episode one
In the inaugural episode of pirated radio I chat with Chad Danieley, the designer of the now infamous Joker logo about his background, his work and if print is dead.
March 30, 2021