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By Abbey Wade
Hey guys, I’m Abbey. And I want to know the sides of you that you aren’t usually asked to press play on.
Your job, your label, that box you think you need to fit inside of w/ that pretty bow you’ve been told to wrap around it? Yeah, that part doesn’t interest me.
I wanna know the sides of you that make your insides frolic.
That’s what I call your B-Side.
Your better side.
We all have one. Most of us have more than one.
Me? I’m only B-Sides.
And for the first time in my life, I’m not only ok with that... I’m really proud of that.
And that’s why I wanna meet yours.
Join me.
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May 10, 2021
B-Side Eileen | Perfect Strangers
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B-Side Annie | And Learn To Fly
Abbey talks with her child and adulthood friend, Annie Seier, who is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist. We talk about privilege, dealing with the discomfort of judgment and anger, and what it was like walking people through life during a pandemic. It’s a beautiful conversation between two women - one who likes to think she has most of the answers... and the other who has the license to prove she probably does. Firmly Rooted Counseling and Consulting :
April 26, 2021
B-Side Justin | Vulnerability
Abbey talks to good friend, Justin Burke about his incredible and inspirational twists and turns in life that led him to becoming an award winning pastry chef, food writer and recipe developer, queer food and parenting advocate, and his most rewarding job - father. I highly encourage you to look him up if you’ve never the pleasure of tasting his food. (I have. And I do not take food praise lightly. He’s the best in the game.) His talent is immeasurable. His heart, and his voice, is fierce. I am so very proud of this conversation, and all that he is working towards.
April 19, 2021
B-Side Drew | The Podcast Brother
Abbey talks to her brother, Drew Droege, about his long career in writing, acting and improv comedy, the 80’s sitcoms that still hold up, and emojis. If you’ve ever had the pleasure, you know that every conversation with Drew is a thrill. And this one does not disappoint. Enjoy the ride, y’all
April 12, 2021
B-Side Matt | Transparency
Abbey talks to close friend and American film actor, Matt Lutz. We talk about his long film, television and stage career... religion, marriage, mental health, and living life as his truest self and all the hard work that goes along with doing so. matt lutz - Google Search
March 22, 2021
B-Side Amy | Old Soul Sister
Abbey talks to Amy Ellis - painter, photographer, and all around strong female force. We talk all things from raising kids (she is NOT a parent, but has a wonderful and important insight on the subject), female empowerment in all its forms, what it was like starting her own business and the pivots that have come since… and what it means to her to be called an Old Soul. Below are links to things you hear in the episode. Amy’s website for art and photography : Whale kayaker videos : The Moth Podcast :
March 15, 2021
B-Side Keith | An Orchestration
Abbey talks to Keith Kusterer, American Composer and longtime friend. We talk about the importance of staying curious, talking to your ego, the inner beauties of getting older…and his life’s incredible journey in music. Anything you hear in the episode should be found in the links below. Eden’s Reunion track by Moe Black on Spotify : Moe Black on Spotify: Keith’s A-Side ;-) : Keith Kusterer and The Goods “The Bennet Sessions” : ▶︎ 'The Bennett Sessions' (EP) | Keith Kusterer and the Goods Keith Kusterer on Soundcloud : Keith Kusterer and The Goods on Soundcloud : “All By Request” - Keith and Christina’s website for virtual song performances : Christina Pecce’s website : Christina’s LinkedIn :
March 8, 2021
B-Side Tara | The Expert in Learning
Abbey talks to Tara, middle / high school friend turned grown-up bunker friend. We talk teenage motherhood, what childhood trauma can bring to your outlook on life, our “unconventional” parenting ideals... and all things in between.
March 1, 2021
B-Side Garrett | The Podcast Husband
Abbey talks to a felonious amphibian loving insurance salesman who also happens to be her husband. Some of that sentence was correct.
February 22, 2021
B-Sides | All Apologies
Giving someone the gift of an apology is one of the greatest gifts. And it starts with us as parents.
February 22, 2021
B-Sides | Getting 2 Know Me
Let’s figure out if we like each other enough to keep seeing one another.
February 22, 2021
B-sides | The Intro
Abbey explains what a b-side is and why you should play yours more often.
February 22, 2021