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Building the Future Podcast

Building the Future Podcast

By Brett Thorne
The Building the Future podcast is your direct link to the pulse of the construction market. The podcast will cover topics such as residential and commercial construction, the housing market, real estate, remodeling, technology, products, and much more.
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The Customer is NOT Always Right...For Your Business
The customer is not always right for your business, but knowing and understanding customer profitability can help you determine which ones are and provide actions to correct course for those that are not. In Episode 30, Brett breaks down customer profitability; what it is, why it is important, and how to utilize customer profitability to improve and grow your business. Learn how to effectively rank your customers, review your pricing system, and increase your customer profitability. Watch the video version of this podcast at 
April 14, 2021
The Eye of the Beholder
The depth and opportunities for the art industry are vast and amazing.  In Episode 29, I connect with Martha Weidmann from Nine Dot Arts to find out how they are adding the beauty of art to the building materials industry and the passion, detail, and commitment involved. Tune in as we discover how they paint a vision, curate the project, acquire the unique pieces, and assemble the final project for perfect harmony. For more information about Martha Weidmann and Nine Dot Arts: Website:  |  Dotfolio Martha Weidmann's LinkedIn: Phone: 303-999-0383
March 10, 2021
Don't Sell Yourself Short...ages
Product shortages have become the new norm in our current and future market conditions. Despite the challenges, shortages can be handled with positive effects both short term and long term. If you or your company do not have a plan to overcome product shortage challenges, then this episode is for you. Sit down with Brett & Tom as they provide you with steps and strategies for handling product shortages to navigate these unprecedented times and position yourself for a productive future. To learn more about Tom Zimmerman or Shift Sales Training & Consulting: Website:  Email:  LinkedIn: Check out Episode 15: "Failure to Launch Successfully" with Tom Zimmerman.
February 24, 2021
You Don't Need The Practice, You Need To Get Paid
At the end of the day, what matters is getting paid. This does not belittle quality, service, or customer satisfaction, but it does signify job completion. Unfortunately, the final step can sometimes be the most challenging. In this episode, we discuss everything you need to know about liens, lien rights, and filing liens. We provide a resource to protect your assets and business by giving credit managers the tools necessary for successful collections of past-due accounts receivable. Sit down with Brett, Thea, and Martin as they discuss the challenges as a small business or contractor and what you should do to protect your assets and get paid.
February 10, 2021
New Year, New Career
Is your New Year’s Resolution a new job or career change? Tune into this episode with James Aiken with Legacy Search. We breakdown his Talent Marketing Guide and provide listeners with all of the necessary steps and tools to best position themselves for achieving their new career goals. These job search tips and tactics are universal for achieving new careers across all industries and everlasting advice for any job change.
January 27, 2021
2021 Has Begun
It's time to celebrate as the Building The Future Podcast turns 1 year old! On this first episode of this new year, I reflect back on the beginning of the re-roaring 20's as well as provide some goals for 2021. 
January 13, 2021
Reflections & Forecasts with the NAHB
As we wrap up the this crazy year, I wanted to reflect back on the year and forecast what the future might hold for this industry. I meet with Danushka Nanayakkara of the National Association of Home Builders to discuss the impacts of 2020 to the housing market and how that will shape our industry moving forward. For more information about Danushka Nanayakkara or the National Association of Home Builders: Website: Phone: 800-368-5242 Danushka Nanayakkara's LinkedIn:
December 23, 2020
Construction Technology is Here to Stay
Though slow to adapt, technology plays a major role in construction industry. On this episode, Kendall Jones from ConstructConnect and I discuss what construction technology is, how it's used and why it's important. Like it or not, technology is the future of building as we are building the future. Link to article mentioned in episode: Construction Technology is Reshaping the Industry ( For more information on on Kendall and ConstructConnect: website: phone: 877-865-5191
December 9, 2020
Happy Birthday Buddy
In this industry, products come and products go. We must take time to celebrate and honor those that are passing the test of time and streamlining the way we do business. Jeff Tweten with Lumber Buddy and Work Safe, Work Smart knows a few thing about efficiency and optimization. He shares with us the importance and knowledge of how to utilize programs to operate at a maximum level. Here are the books mentioned in this episode: 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers I Quit But Forgot To Tell You by Terri Kabachnick The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey For more info on Jeff, Phone: 888-844-4708 Email: LinkedIn: Website: and
November 25, 2020
Winning at Company Culture Part #2
If you want the very best company culture, then you have to learn from the very best. In this episode, Ken and I go deeper into world-class company culture meaning, and develop a playbook on how to achieve it. If you're in the pursuit of excellence, this episode is for you. For more information on Ken: Website: Phone: 828-776-6459 Email: 
November 4, 2020
Teaching an old dog a new trick
In order to grow and strengthen, we must find ways to be more efficient and effective. Technology can be a useful tool in doing this, and MaterialsXchange is offering technology that may optimize and streamline your business. In this episode, we put them under the microscope to bring the listener the data to understand what they offer to our great industry. Want to connect with MaterialsXchange? You can find them at: website: email: phone: 312-848-1231
October 21, 2020
To be, or not to be….efficient
In this episode with Ruth Kellick-Grubbs, we discuss operation efficiencies and why they are so important. We further discuss the pitfalls of inefficiencies and how to identify them and correct course. If you seek to optimize and maximize your business, operation efficiencies is your starting line. For more information, visit the following links. website: email: connect with Ruth on LinkedIn:
October 7, 2020
Halftime of the Re-Roaring 20's Part II
The re-roaring 20's have begun and are living up to the name to say the least. Just past the halfway mark of 2020, the world and our country has tilted a direction unfamiliar to most. In this episode, I connect with dealers from different regions of the country to hear about their markets and how their businesses are adapting to the this rapidly changing economy. For more information on the guests: Sunny Bowman Dakota County Lumber Co Walter Foxworth Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company
September 16, 2020
Halftime of the Re-Roaring 20's Part 1
The re-roaring 20's have begun and are living up to the name to say the least. Just past the halfway mark of 2020, the world and our country has tilted a direction unfamiliar to most. In this episode, I connect with dealers from different regions of the country to hear about their markets and how their businesses are adapting to the this rapidly changing economy. For more information on my guests, you can find them at: TJ Shaheen Builders' General Supply Company Dana Cowart TAL Holdings & Tum-A-Lum Lumber
September 2, 2020
Let Your Voice Be Heard
It is more important now than ever for our industries voice to be heard. Walter Foxworth and I discuss legislative advocacy and why it is so important. If we want changes in building the future, they have to be made by us. For more information of Walter Foxworth and Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber:
August 19, 2020
Failure to Launch...Successfully
Failure to plan is the same as planning to fail. Often times when new products are launched there is no plan of going to market and this is the reason that every year there are new products that never get off the ground level and fail. In this episode Tom Zimmerman of Shift STC and I outline a strategy to successfully launch new products.
August 5, 2020
Finding the Power In You
On this episode with Rick Davis, we talk about personal development and growth. Rick shares his success stories and how you can use his information and experience to achieve your goals. If you want to find out more about Rick, check out episode #6. Phone: 773-769-4409 Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance by Angela Duckworth
July 15, 2020
If We Don't Build It Up, They Won't Come
One of the key components of building the future of our industry is bringing new people into our industry. We must also educate them on the opportunities and give them the tools & skills necessary to succeed.  As an industry we all have to do this because nobody else is going to. For more info: Dena Cordova-Jack Email: Phone: 303-793-0859 Website: Connect with Dena on LinkedIn:
July 1, 2020
The Credit Overlord
Sales are worthless if you never get paid for them.  This reason alone is why collections are so important but collections are only one piece of the credit management puzzle.  Thea Dudley, The Credit Overlord, joins me to define credit management and confirm why it is so critical to any business or organization, not to mention how fun it can be just like our conversation. For more information, visit or connect with Thea on Linkedin.
June 17, 2020
The Year of the Corona
The COVID-19 virus has put the world at a tilt and has etched 2020 into the pages of history.  As America is reopening for business, the direction of the economy has undergone many shifts and is still looking for solid stable ground to progress. Craig Webb and I analyze the conditions and outline some of the potential opportunities for this market. For more information on Craig Webb, visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.
June 3, 2020
Memoirs of a Headhunter
If your #1 assets are your employees, then your recruiting and hiring process needs to be on the same level.  If it's not, Building Gurus and the Building The Future Podcast are here to help. And if that's not enough, Rikka Brandon will find your next needle! For more information on Rikka... website: phone: (701) 361-4239 email: linkedin:
May 20, 2020
The Lumberyard Whisperer
When you're in the trenches, it's often difficult to see the entire field.  Craig Webb came to this industry over a decade ago as a professional journalist and has been giving a construction commentary that starts from the outside looking in. For more information on Craig Webb, visit his website at Chowa House in Las Vegas, NV
May 6, 2020
DIY with Strong-Tie
Simpson Strong-Tie has been an anchor to the professional of the building materials industry for over 60 years. They have been innovative in their production and manufacturing that has been building safer, stronger structures both commercial and residential.  They are now shifting their innovation and technology to the DIY market making projects doable for almost everyone. In this episode we discuss how Simpson Strong-Tie is bridging the gap and putting the power in the hands of the weekend warrior. For more information, visit
April 15, 2020
Winning at Company Culture Part #1
If you want the very best company culture, then you have to learn from the very best.  In this episode, Ken Wilbanks gives a profound definition of world-class company culture and a playbook of how to achieve it. If you're in the pursuit of excellence, this episode is for you. For more information on Ken Wilbanks, visit his website at
April 1, 2020
This is the Sexy Industry
This is the sexy industry! From the homes we build to the structures we create, Rick Davis gives insight on how this industry is the hidden secret that few know about.  More importantly, he gives information on how anyone can get into this industry and thrive.
March 18, 2020
DIB Feb Market 2020
I've got something special for you today. This is what I call the Building the Future Blitz. I am at the Do it Best February 2020 Market and I am running around the show floor picking out some of the latest greatest products. These conversations are high level pitches. Hope you're ready because the blitz is coming.
March 4, 2020
Smart Home 101
Episode #4 is all about the Smart Home.  Greg Fields from Do it Best provides insight and information about this fast growing concept and the direction it is going.  From lighting to locks, this episode has valuable information for the beginner or the pro! For more information, visit
February 19, 2020
Bob Erwin of Lee Resources
In this episode, I sit down with Bob Erwin of Lee Resources and we take a hard look at the personnel in the industry and more importantly the lack of personnel for the future of this industry.  The primary focus of this conversation is from the building materials dealer view point. 
February 5, 2020
Cody Nuernberg of Northwestern Lumber Association
I sit down with Cody Nuernberg of the Northwestern Lumber Association and Mid-America Lumbermens Association and break down all the key features and benefits they provide to this industry. Stick with us because the information and value these associations provide play a critical role in building the future.
January 23, 2020
The Foundation
We lay down the foundation to the podcast, giving you the who, what, why and how. The goal of this podcast is to be the multi-tool for building the foundation of the future. This podcast will be the conduit of information to all the visions of the building market. We aim to to be the nuts and bolts of knowledge for this industry. 
January 8, 2020