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This is the official location of the podcast for BIGG Talks Sports & Entertainment! Here, we will deliver authentic social commentary on subjects that matter most.
Free Agent Frenzy!
This episode will cover NFL Free Agency plus much more! Follow us on IG @BTSE_365
March 12, 2019
Pay What You Weigh!
I talk about why it’s time for something to be done about this terrible NCAA “amateur” model and find a way to start paying college football and basketball players.
February 20, 2019
Antonio Brown Requests Trade
The All Pro received has officially requested a trade out of Pittsburgh
February 13, 2019
A Real Hollywood Drama
My take on the Winners and Losers from the NBA Trade Deadline
February 09, 2019
A Nxt Lvl Xperience
We sat down with the owner of the Nxt Lvl Xperience, Ms. Ogechi(O-gay-chee) as she put us on game about their upscale brunch experience that they host every month here in Nashville. I also give my thoughts on the Anthony Davis trade request, and who I believe will be a dark-horse team to look out for, I also give my Super Bowl prediction, and my recap of WWE's underwhelming Royal Rumble. Follow us on IG @BTSE_365 and on Facebook @ Bigg Talks Sports & Entertainment.
January 29, 2019
Fish Man
Fish Man by Chris Taylor
January 23, 2019
On this episode we talk I brought along D. Lace and Shel to give their perspective on this whole R. Kelly situation. I give a NFL playoff update and my thoughts about what the Lakers should do before this season gets too far out of hand. Follow ya boy on IG @BTSE_365 also for official BTSE Apparel visit
January 15, 2019
Deep SoulEB Interview w/ Bigg
Deep SoulEB Interview w/ Bigg by Chris Taylor
January 10, 2019
Exotic Dancers are People Too
This show is much more than what the title would suggest. Bigg sits down with the head of a Prospective Media Management, Ms. Kim Ortiz and they rap about what her company has in store for the coming weeks and months, as they continue to grow their business. Bigg also tackles the R. Kelly issue, since it has been such a hot topic for the last 5 days. We couldn't forget about the College Football Championship game, as Clemson cut a shine on Bama and made them put down the sticks! And Bigg explains why exotic dancers are people too plus more on this week's BTSE 365 Podcast!
January 09, 2019
New Year'ish
This is Bigg at his best! He gives a rundown of his favorite topics from 2018 and MUCH MORE! Instagram @BTSE_365
January 01, 2019
Be The Solution, Not The Problem
Be The Solution, Not The Problem by Chris Taylor
November 27, 2018
Hip Hop Motivation ft. Kenyatta "King Yatta" Griggs
Hip Hop Motivation ft. Kenyatta "King Yatta" Griggs by Chris Taylor
November 20, 2018
Trouble In Paradise
I give my take on the Jimmy Butler trade, the KD and Draymond Green situation and much more! Follow us on IG @btse_365 and for Merchandise visit
November 15, 2018
Beware of Fake Ass Prophets
Beware of Fake Ass Prophets by Chris Taylor
November 06, 2018
Look Before You Leap
My granddad always said son, "You better look before you leap." Follow me on IG @BTSE_365 Official Merchandise
October 30, 2018
The BTSE 365 Podcast: Spit Gate, World Series Prediction Rae Carruth Released from Prison
The BTSE 365 Podcast: Spit Gate, World Series Prediction Rae Carruth Released from Prison by Chris Taylor
October 23, 2018
2 Year Anniversary Show: Episode 156
It's my anniversary show!
October 16, 2018
Level Up
Merchandise: IG @Biggz_House
October 09, 2018
Make It Count
Make It Count by Chris Taylor
October 02, 2018
When it All Falls Down
When it All Falls Down by Chris Taylor
September 25, 2018
Welcome Back!
We're Back!
September 11, 2018
We've Got To Do Better
We've Got To Do Better by Chris Taylor
August 14, 2018
This Is For You
This episode I give my takeaway from the Terrell Owens's NFL Hall of Fame ceremony at his alma mater, my thoughts about 45 coming for Lebron James, and much more!
August 07, 2018
Follow me on IG @Biggz_House
August 01, 2018
Its A Lil Bit Of Everything
R. Kelly, Tekashi 69, Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent, plus Much More! Follow Bigg on IG @Biggz_House
July 24, 2018
No Lookin Back
No Lookin Back by Chris Taylor
July 17, 2018
BTSE Ft. Cashville Etc & NBA Free Agency
BTSE Ft. Cashville Etc & NBA Free Agency by Chris Taylor
July 03, 2018
Bigg Ft. Rasheed Walker Aka Jose Hustle
Hustle Strong founder, Rasheed Walker aka Jose Hustle aka Rapid Recovery Rasheed, sits down with Bigg to talk about season 5 of the Nashville Basketball Pro-Am, which tips off this Sunday July 1st at 4pm live from Stratford High School. You can keep up with the pro-am by following their IG page @npblhoops and you can follow Bigg on IG @Biggz_House! Video of the episode is available on Bigg's Youtube channel.
June 28, 2018
Can We Edit That Out?
Follow Me on IG @Biggz_House
June 19, 2018
The Week After
The Week After by Chris Taylor
June 15, 2018
Big Ray Williams Talks Community Building and Powerlifting
Ray Williams joined the show and dropped plenty of knowledge! Follow Ray
June 13, 2018
Bigg Facts IG @Biggz_House
June 06, 2018
NBA Finals Preview
This recording was recorded before Pusha T dropped "Adidon" FYI lol!
May 31, 2018
Interview w/ ELP Founder Celia Newman
Elite Level Prep Founder Ms. Celia Newman joined the BTSE 365 Podcast to discuss her great organization! Contact info for ELP online Instagram @elitelevelprep
May 29, 2018
BTSE Interview with Trap Garden
On this show I sit down with Rob "Veggies" the founder of Trap Garden, a non-profit organization that educates the people on how to grow and cultivate foods within their own communities. Plus we ask the question, whose career would you rather have, Robert Horry or Charles Barkley, plus we touch on the "Royal Wedding," and much more. You can follow follow @TrapGarden or go to Follow me on IG @Biggz_House
May 22, 2018
The Episode About Nothing Pt2
The Episode About Nothing Pt2 by Chris Taylor
May 15, 2018
TSU Men's Basketball Coach Brian "Penny" Collins Talks Dream Job with BTSE
Newly acquired TSU head coach Brian "Penny" Collins called into the BTSE 365 Podcast to talk Big Blue hoops and how it feels to work your Dream Job! Follow Us on IG @BTSE_365
May 07, 2018
Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots by Chris Taylor
May 01, 2018
Cuttin' A Shine
I recap opening weekend of the NBA playoffs. Are the Cavs done after 1 game? Can the Celtics & Brad Stevens outlast the upstart Bucks? Will the Preds sweep the Avalanche? Also Bigg looks to crash the NFL draft next week in Dallas, TX! All of that plus more on the latest installment of the BTSE 365 Podcast! Apparel: IG @Biggz_House
April 17, 2018
Tears Of Joy
I speak my peace on the NBA R.O.Y.(Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell)Is this Conor McGregor situation really just for the cameras to build up another Mayweather fight? I aldo touch on the NHL Playoffs as well and those Nashville predators plus much more! Follow on IG @Biggz_House & Twitter @BTSE_365 BTSE Apparel:
April 10, 2018
Positive Positioning
I give a review on Tyler Perry's Acrimony film, and MUCH MORE! Follow me on Twitter & IG @BTSE_365
April 03, 2018
Don't Teach Me How to Fish, Teach Me How to Own the Pond!
March Madness in full effect, the NBA playoffs are right around the corner, and opening day is this week! Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
March 27, 2018
When The Smoke Clears
I'm speaking on the NBA playoff race, March Madness, the NFL offseason, upcoming movies and new music, I also speak on Lil Dan(Xan) calling Tupac's music boring, plus Much More! IG & Twitter @BTSE_365 Like, Comment & Share this Podcast!
March 13, 2018
I'm All In
Happy 85th Birthday to my grandfather Ellis Taylor II!
March 07, 2018
Feds Watchin
Sean Miller caught on fed wire securing a $100k for star player. @BTSE_365 Shop >>>
February 24, 2018
The Episode About Nothing
* I do not own the rights to this music, I just think it's dope, so I used it. I do own an Apple Music account and have streamed the album 20 times since its release.
February 23, 2018
Grindin All My Life: The BTSE 365 Podcast
This show is definitely not for those of you that have not watched Black Panther yet, you will need to skip the first 22 minutes of this show.
February 21, 2018
New Number, Who Dis?
This episode I give my reaction to how well the new Cavs players played well together , J
February 13, 2018
NBA Trade Deadline
I give my take on the Cavs trading half of the squad, what this means for their championship hopes, and who is most excited after this trade. I also talk a little football and how bogus Josh McDaniels is for burning that bridge to Indy. Follow on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
February 09, 2018
Super Bowl Recap/ Cavs Rapidly Sinking
Follow on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
February 07, 2018
BIGG Access: The Tony Delk Interview
Today the legend himself Tony Delk called into the show to give us an exclusive look into his life and business ventures since he left the NBA hardwood. He talks about his upbringing in Brownsville, TN, how he almost ended up at another SEC school, plus much more! SHARE! COMMENT! LIKE!
February 02, 2018
Brady's Quest for 6
We talk Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game and More!
February 01, 2018
Unusual Thoughts w/ Bigg & Boogie
This is the introduction of Unusual Thoughts with Bigg & Boogie. Please, feel free to share and let us know know what you think about the show.
February 01, 2018
I give my thoughts on the Patriots going BACK to the Super Bowl, and why I think the Eagles could learn from Jalen Ramsey, plus I explain why Lebron and the Cavs should be nervous and MUCH more on The BTSE 365 Podcast! ***Out Takes courtesy of D. Aitch, Bigg & Big Jeff (Jordan Shrug)*** BTSE Apparel >>>>>
January 23, 2018
BTSE 365 Podcast Game Time
BTSE 365 Podcast Game Time by Chris Taylor
January 18, 2018
Who Run It
Who Run It? ( Follow us on IG @BTSE_365
January 02, 2018
Happy New Year!
Bring in the New Year with your favorite sports & entertainment personality, Bigg as we bring in 2018! Follow us on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365 Purchase official apparel (
January 01, 2018
Merry Christmas???
I give my take on how I think a lot of new rappers really are R&B singers & Lavar Ball’s new start-up league for players right after high school. Plus much more! For exclusive BTSE Apparel visit Follow me on IG & Twitter @btse_365 LIKE & Subscribe!
December 25, 2017
The Great Debate
Giving you my take on the catch that wasn't the catch. Kobe's jersey retirement, Jerry Richardson's decision to go get the bag, rather than dealing with the headache of public scrutiny and the double standard that still exists at the quarterback position in the NFL plus much more! Follow on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
December 18, 2017
Role Models
Every day should be like Thanksgiving.
December 15, 2017
TBT The Story of Greg Page
This show touches on the murder of former University of Kentucky football player Greg Page, but we are mostly covering current sports and entertainment topics. I'm doing this in honor of Throwback Thursday for our past athletes. Just something to pay respects. Enjoy! SHARE! LINKS Below NABJ Holiday Party BTSE Apparel
December 07, 2017
Father Knows Best
This episode is one of our more laid back sessions as Bigg touches on topics such as Lavar Ball pulling Liangelo from UCLA, MNF, Cavs streaking and so much more! Affiliate links: ( BTSE Apparel NABJ Holiday Party (Contact Info) Email: Twitter & IG @BTSE_365
December 05, 2017
December 03, 2017
CFB Playoffs Announced: Clemson, OU, Georgia, Bama
www, (
December 03, 2017
Episode 108: David Fizdale Fired/Miami & Bama lose+Much More!
I give my thoughts on how the Grizzlies fired David Fizdale, the Stephen Jackson vs Chandler Parsons situation plus much more. Also visit
November 28, 2017
The Swag is Back ( ( ( (BTSE Apparel) (blog)
November 13, 2017
The Beat Goes On...
November 09, 2017
Layup Code: BTSE10
November 02, 2017
Deshaun Watson Tears ACL
November 02, 2017
Stephen A. Smith vs J.R. Smith: HoodieGate ( ( ( (
October 30, 2017
The Boo Boo!
October 23, 2017
Make Em Count Doggie Nation
October 21, 2017
NBA Season Tip-Off IG & Twitter @btse_365 Purchase ticket for your next sporting event
October 17, 2017
ESPN Suspends Jemele Hill for 2 weeks
This is what happens when you speak against your boss's friends.
October 09, 2017
NBA Fan Calls into show to talk Cavs & Warriors
NBA Fan Calls into show to talk Cavs & Warriors by Chris Taylor
September 30, 2017
A Different Conversation
September 27, 2017
What Now? IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
September 25, 2017
These Days
September 20, 2017
Confidence Like Lavar Ball
September 13, 2017
David Da Don ft. M Co: Life Of A Hitta
Newest track from David Da Don & M Co (@officialmco)
September 12, 2017
Welcome Back
Welcome Back by Chris Taylor
September 12, 2017
50-0* Mayweather vs McGregor Pre-Fight Show
50-0* Mayweather vs McGregor Pre-Fight Show by Chris Taylor
August 26, 2017
August 22, 2017
2020 by Chris Taylor
August 12, 2017
I Wanna Be Free
I give my thoughts on the latest Kyrie Irving situation and also the recap of UFC 214 plus much more.
July 31, 2017
Unapologetic by Chris Taylor
July 23, 2017
What's a Lane to an Airplane?
July 14, 2017
Ball til You Fall
Follow us on Twitter & IG @BTSE_365
July 07, 2017
So Alive
This is one of the tracks that will be featured on M Co's upcoming project "Summer Breeze." Follow him on IG & Twitter @officialmco
July 06, 2017
It's An Arms Race! The Crazy NBA Offseason Follow me on IG & Twitter @btse365
July 02, 2017
Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move
Make sure you visit the site and for official merchandise visit
June 29, 2017
Nashville Pro-Am Opening Night/Russell Westbrook wins MVP & Lavar Ball on Monday Night Raw
We recap the sports & entertainment world, everything from opening night of the Nashville Pro-Am live from Stratford High School. I'm also giving you guys info on a fun game for you and the family to enjoy, Hip Hop Charades. I talk Russ winning the MVP award last night and Lavar Ball having a ball on WWE Monday Night Raw. For official BTSE™ merchandise visit
June 27, 2017
911 Is A Joke
I talk hoops, family games but most importantly as they title states, I give my thoughts on why 911 is an absolute JOKE!
June 20, 2017
The ultimate grudge match! Visit for your official BTSE merchandise!
June 15, 2017
The Day After
It's the day after the NBA Finals and I'll discuss how I feel about KD's decision and how we should look at this squad from here on out. Also, we look into Black Music Month and I highlight Tupac Shakur, ahead of his movie "All Eyez On Me," dropping this Friday. I also give my views on Oregon State pitcher Luke Heimlich's sick past. All that & more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast.
June 13, 2017
You Thought it Was...
Golden State takes the commanding 3-0 lead in the NBA Finals after Klay starts hot then KD & Steph closed the game. Visit for your official BTSE merchandise!
June 08, 2017
I Can't Make This Up
We recap both the NBA & Stanley Cup Finals, and we talk about the busy weekend for BTSE. I'm talkin The Legends City All City Classic plus I'll tell you about our night at Donks for Game 2 & 3 for Wednesday night and A LOT MORE! @BTSE_365 Visit for your official BTSE merchandise!
June 06, 2017
When You're Right, You're Right...
We cover topics dealing with Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Game 1 of the NBA Finals and also how Lebron James's LA home was vandalized by some racist prick(S) plus much more from the entertainment world, like Nas & Lauryn Hill doing a tour together starting in September! Follow us on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365 also you can order official BTSE Merchandise from
June 01, 2017
Life Happens
We talk Warriors/Cavs, Preds/Penguins, Tiger Woods plus much more! Follow us on Twitter & IG @btse_365 Also for merchandise @
May 30, 2017
Gene Robinson Talks about 5th Annual "Make The Right Call Football Camp"
Genetics Sports President, Gene Robinson took some time from working his camp to shed some light on what the Make The Right Call Football Camp is what football did to for his life. The former UNC Tar Heel & Whitehaven High School alum exuded energy and passion for his camp and when he wasn't helping in a drill, he was assisting with everything from sign-ups to passing out water to the campers. Salut to Gene and the entire Genetics Sports family! Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
May 23, 2017
Pop blames Zaza for Leonard injury
Pop goes fed about Zaza Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
May 15, 2017
ECF Game 7/Mother's Day/Jones-Cormier
I give my Game 7 prediction of Wizards vs Celtics, A special salute to Mothers around the World, and the trolling between Jon "Bones" Jones and Daniel Cormier, as they head to battle in July plus MORE! Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
May 14, 2017
Spurs Embarrass Houston/NHL Playoffs/Lavar Ball
I talk about the Spurs going to Houston and just taking their candy. Pop crushes D'Antoni for the 5 time in the playoffs. I also give my NHL Western Conference Finals between the Nashville Predators & the Anaheim Angels. And I'll also tell you why I can't hate on Lavar Ball & how he hustles! Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
May 12, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Michael Vick sits down to discuss the V7 Elite Playmakers Series
The 4 time Pro Bowler sits down and has a conversation with Bigg about his V7 Elite Playmakers Series youth football camp. Sunday April 30th was the opening day of the camp. The kids were great and so was Michael Vick and the entire V7 staff! Follow Me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
May 01, 2017
What if Cam Pulled an Eli?
In honor of the NFL Draft and Throwback Thursday, I wanted to take you back to draft night 2004 & 2011. The time when Eli Manning showed his true colors. Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
April 27, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Top 10 Mock Draft-NBA Playoffs Review
Excuse the audio at the beginning. @BTSE365 Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
April 25, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Joe Johnson aka Joe Cool
How the Utah got the "Jazz" name and Joe Johnson still gets buckets when he wants, plus more @BTSE_365 ft. @Ca3sar
April 24, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Game 4 Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics
Bigg & Ca3sar discuss game 4 of the Celtics vs Bulls and Aaron Hernandez's suicide @BTSE365 @Ca3sar
April 24, 2017
NBA Playoffs Game 1 Recaps
Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
April 17, 2017
I cover Lavar Ball, Tony Romo, Syria & much more! Follow Me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
April 10, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Episode 55
Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
April 04, 2017
Miss. State beats UConn/Final 4 Predictions/Colin Kaepernick
Too much sauce to write about. Just listen!!! Follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_265
April 01, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Rick Ross Album Review
follow me on IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
March 27, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: The Final 4
Follow Me On IG & Twitter @BTSE_365
March 27, 2017
BTSE Podcast: Episode 51
BTSE Podcast: Episode 51 by Chris Taylor
March 21, 2017
TSSAA State Tournament/March Madness/SB3/RYTM
TSSAA State Tournament/March Madness/SB3/RYTM by Chris Taylor
March 17, 2017
BTSE Bracketology/Darrelle Revis Assault Charges Dropped
BTSE Bracketology/Darrelle Revis Assault Charges Dropped by Chris Taylor
March 16, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Happy Birthday Mom, NFL Free Agency, Warriors Folding? March Madness
I discuss the first week of NFL Free Agency, March Madness, Mayweather coming out of retirement and what's up with the Warriors?
March 11, 2017
International Women's Day, NFL Free Agency, Cavs cut Bogut
March 09, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: "Get Out," Ben Carson, Isaiah Thomas & More!
I discuss Ben Carson saying slaves were immigrants the NFL combine results, some NBA news, high school & college basketball updates as well.
March 08, 2017
Thurman vs Garcia/Duke vs Carolina
I give my recap of the Keith "One Time" Thurman and Danny Garcia fight. Major shout out to Al Haymon and the Premiere Boxing Championship for broadcasting this great fight on CBS for FREE.99! Also I discuss the Duke & Carolina game. Plus much more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast.
March 05, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia
I talk the Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia fight, the Titans looking to trade the 5th pick in the draft and much more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast.
March 04, 2017
Oprah for President?
I speak about the possibility of Oprah running for president in 2020, and how it could and should happen. Also, the 2017 NFL combine and also some NBA news. Plus more!
March 03, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Episode 43
NFL Free Agency, Kevin Durant out for the regular season, what that means for the Warriors and their playoff run. Can't forget about the Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj beef and much more!
March 02, 2017
Golden State vs Errbody
The Golden State Warriors defeated the LA Clippers in their first game back after the All-Star break. Other than the Clippers blowing another double-digit lead to their "rival" Golden State Warriors, the biggest stories came from Draymomd Green telling Paul Pierce he ain't Kobe (Bryant) and Javale McGee finally saying something to Shaq about being the butt of his jokes.
February 25, 2017
NBA Trade Deadline Winners & Losers
I talk about the NBA trades that happened and the ones that almost happened. I'm also going to give my take on the Kirk Cousins vs Cam Newton "debate," and was Jameis Winston out of line with his comments about girls. All on this episode of the BTSE Podcast!
February 24, 2017
John Legend's halftime show @ the NBA ASG
John Legend's halftime show @ the NBA ASG by Chris Taylor
February 23, 2017
Earvin Trying to Work his Magic with return to Lakers
Magic Johnson is back inside of the LA Lakers organization & Lakers Nation should rejoice!
February 22, 2017
Boogie goes to Bourbon: The Aftermath
I talk the Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins trade and also the implications for the future of the New Orleans franchise. Plus I give a little knowledge for Black History Month.
February 20, 2017
NBA All Star Weekend
I speak on my the outcome of the NBA Slam Dunk & 3 point contest, the Adrien Broner fight, which was a damn good fight by the way. Broner won in a split decision and I can't say I'm mad with the outcome. Plus I drop a little African history for your listening pleasures.
February 19, 2017
NickCannon Quits AGT/Vince Young Wants Back in the NFL
I tackle the Nick Cannon situation with NBC, Vince Young attempting to make a comeback to the NFL, and I give my take on Tiger Woods and his bad ass back.
February 16, 2017
Moses Fleetwood Walker: First Black to play Major League Baseball, not Jackie Robinson
I cover Mr. Moses Fleetwood Walker, the first Black player in Major League Baseball, not Jackie Robinson, contrary to popular belief
February 15, 2017
UConn Women looking for their 100th Straight Win
The Lady Huskies look to get their 100th consecutive win tonight, as they go against the South Carolina Gamecocks. I wonder if they'll win by 5 or 50? Kevin Durant returned to OKC & he was welcomed how most imagined he would have been greeted. Russ was great but he won't beat this team by himself. The Knicks upset the Spurs at home, that plus more Black History for this great month of February.
February 13, 2017
Duke vs North Carolina/Oakley vs Dolan
Duke outlasts North Carolina in the latest installment of college basketball's greatest rivalry. Charles Oakley vs James Dolan and much more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast
February 10, 2017
Problem Child?
I discuss how I think Boogie Cousins has been given too much heat this season. He received his 16th technical foul and is suspended for tonight's game. Fair or foul?
February 08, 2017
Falcons hire Steve Sarkisian as OC
I give my thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons hiring Steve Sarkisian as their new OC
February 08, 2017
Tom Brady AKA "The G.O.A.T"
Tom Brady ends the conversation about who is the greatest quarterback of all time, by not just winning his 5th super bowl but in the most dramatic way you can end a game. Coming back from 25 points down, and taking it to OT and cutting that defense apart! Merchandise is available online
February 06, 2017
Super Bowl Sunday/T.O. Snubbed by HOF
I give my Super Bowl Sunday prediction, also I tell it like it is about the NFL HOF voters and some great info about a one, Mr. Arturo "Arthur" Schomburg. It's my Birthday people!
February 05, 2017
Listen A.Y.O.R.
I explain why I believe more of the top high school athletes should attend HBCUs instead of going to these other "big name universities." Happy Black History Month
February 03, 2017
Good Deeds
Good Deeds by Chris Taylor
February 02, 2017
James vs Barkley
Is it fair or foul how Lebron responded to Charles Barkley's comments? Plus great new music from 2 talented independent hip hop artists, BraveeMusiq & Yung JR!
January 31, 2017
BTSE Podcast: Episode 32
Serena Williams continues her dominance over her big sister Venus, James Harden has another 50 point triple-double, Kentucky vs Kansas in a back & forth game. The 49ers finally hired a big name GM with 0 experience for the job, but he was the best person for the job. Plus you'll hear music from Victor Hayes, all of that & more!
January 30, 2017
Shaq Sons Charles Barkley
I talk about Enes Kanter breaking his forearm because he lost a fight with a chair on the sideline, Shaq straight Sons Charles Barkley win talking about Lebron's comments about needing a playmaker. Plus much more!
January 27, 2017
Knicks tried to swap Melo for Love
Melo to Cleveland? The New Edition Story, Chrisette Michelle defends her inauguration performance, 3 top 5 college bball teams took Ls last night.
January 25, 2017
BTSE Podcast Episode 27
I give my take on the Cavs losing to the Pelicans without Anthony Davis, Jemelle Hill and Michael Smith's interview with "The Breakfast Club," and how Pacman Jones snapped on 12! All that plus much more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast!
January 25, 2017
01-23-17 NFL Championship Weekend Recap
I give my 2 cents about NFL Championship Weekend and how Julio Jones is quieting some critics. Omari Hardwick's interview with Sway and why he believes "Power" isn't being recognized during award season. I also make a special announcement for music artists out there.
January 24, 2017
NFL Championship Weekend
Was Russell Westbrook really "snubbed" by not being named an All-Star starter? I also give my predictions about the Championship games being played in the NFL on Sunday, plus much more!
January 21, 2017
Happy MLK Day
I speak on the Cowboys losing to the Packers, Chiefs offense MIA against the Steelers, and Russell Westbrook's 20th triple-double. Plus why I think Melo to the Clippers is great idea.
January 16, 2017
MLK Weekend
I talk about how Dana White needs to stop his ish! I give my BIGG predictions on the the NFL Divisional rounds of the playoffs, plus much more!
January 14, 2017
Stop Yo Ish!
Stop Yo Ish! by Chris Taylor
January 12, 2017
Numbers Don't Lie, a recap of the College Football National Championship Game
I give my review of last night's instant classic between Alabama and Clemson. I also touch on "Where's Rose?" Plus more in the latest podcast.
January 10, 2017
BTSE 365 Podcast: Blu Phi Special
I'm recapping the weekend in football, or some form of football, as all of the road teams were blown out. A new number 1 in college basketball, and of course a special Blu Phi production in honor of my great Fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma! G.O.M.A.B.
January 09, 2017
My take on the Bobby Bowden earrings comments
My opinion on what Bobby Bowden said about his players and their reasoning for wearing earrings. I also give my prediction for today's Wild Card football games.
January 08, 2017
Memphis Grizzlies embarrass the Warriors
I touch on everything from the Memphis Grizzlies walking down the Warriors on the road, the Knicks having a great comeback win over the Bucks, college coaches fighting, Edgerrin James promising Skrippers to HOF voters and I give my Saturday NFL Wild Card predictions, plus much much more! #BTSE
January 07, 2017
Everything Must Go!
The 49ers had to clean house after their worst season in 38 years, so they fired their GM & head coach. Also, the Broncos miss the Playoffs and lose their head coach, meanwhile Aqib Talib is looking to play Debo in the last "Friday" installment. CFB Playoff recap and much more on the latest installment of the BTSE 365 Podcast.
January 02, 2017
George Karl Prostituting Hisself for Book Sells
George Karl and his never ending slander tour, my NFL MVP, new music, and the CFB Playoff
December 30, 2016
Game 8
A recap of the last full weekend in sports of 2016
December 26, 2016
Malik Monk Takes Center Stage
Malik Monk put on a shooting exhibition as he led the Kentucky Wildcats to a 103-100 win against the UNC Tar Heels on Saturday night. The Titans break hearts on Kansas City, the Raiders find their way back into the playoffs and the Spurs retire Tim Duncan's jersey, all of that plus much more on the latest episode of BTSE 365.
December 20, 2016
RIP Craig Sager
Tommy Elrod, Jameis Winston, a new NBA CBA, and more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast. This episode is dedicated to the late, great Craig Sager. #SagerStrong
December 16, 2016
Dallas Cowboys Lose to The NY Giants
The latest podcast gives a recap of this weekend in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA Football. We got coaches being hired and fired. Players ready to square-up in the streets and plenty of more, on BTSE365 Podcast!
December 12, 2016
Boosie Bad Azz "Ballin Against Diabetes" Celebrity Basketball Game
I'll give you my recap of the Boosie Bad Azz "Ballin Against Diabetes" Celebrity Basketball Game, my thoughts on Jeff Fisher & the Rams, the NY Jets, Klay Thompson & much more! Also, be sure to like, share & comment! Visit
December 06, 2016
36 Hours
Is the NFL Kicker now an endangered player, is Kanye West crazy, how great can the Triplets 2.0 actually be, and my interview with Skill Wing Workouts founder and lead trainer Marcus Kinzer, as he discusses helping build the youth and your community.
November 23, 2016
BTSE Podcast Episode 7: Hillsboro High School Defensive Coordinator)
After a 41-7 route over Stewart's County High, BTSE caught up with the Burros' Defensive Coordinator, Coach Lopez. He talked about his players and where their focus should be for their game this week against Independence High. Take a listen and be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend about BTSE Media®. Go follow my Instagram & Twitter @BTSE_365
November 07, 2016