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Trucking After Hours

Trucking After Hours

By Buck and Don
Father and Son truckers talk about trucking, business, finding freight, negotiating with brokers, pickups, cars and life outside of the truck.
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Buck, Fighting The Diabetes Fight
An inside view of my battle with type 2 diabetes, ten years into the diagnosis. What I'm doing to gain control of my own health. Prince Philip had the world's Range Rover Defender. In fact, he designed the vehicle specifically to carry his casket. Check out the truck at Jumping a Daytona Beach drawbridge with a Hyundai crossover. Check it out at If you have a topic you would like me to cover, or if you'd like to actually discuss a topic on the show, just reach out. is the best email address.
April 30, 2021
The Everyday Life Of A Concert Tour Truck Driver With Upstaging
Have you ever wondered what life is like when you're trucking for a concert tour? You're about to get an inside look from someone who's been doing exactly that for over a decade.  In this episode, I had a chance to talk with Deanna, a former driver for Upstaging. After more than 13 years of trucking with the tours, she's now wearing the hat of driver recruiter. It's rare to find a recruiter with that much driving experience, and with the same company she's now recruiting for. You'll find a more detailed description of the lifestyle in this article at
April 14, 2021
How About A Little Extra Cash?
This episode is about making a little extra cash from something I already do, surf the web.  Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others make BILLIONS, simply by selling the data they collect while you're on their platform. So, why not use a platform that shares the love by sending you a cut of the profits? In this episode, we talk to the man behind Cocoon MDR, a web browser that offers you a cut of the action when they privatize and sell your data.  Jeff Bermant is the founder and CEO of Cocoon. I believe we've arrived at a point where people are ready for a platform that is honest about where their income comes from and gives up a cut of the action.
February 10, 2021
Steve Sommers Rings In The New Year With Overnight Drive Radio
Everyone's asking, what happened to Steve Sommers, and where can we find his show? Let's let Steve tell you himself. Steve Sommers is like an old friend I've never met. We've traveled together more nights than I could count. He's helped me and thousands of other truckers keep up to date on trucking news, national weather and great conversation.  We both love what we do.  After listening to the show for over 20 years, I finally had an opportunity to talk with Mr. Sommers and catch up on his plans for 2021. I'll be posting updates as more information becomes available.
December 23, 2020
Buck's Summer and Life Decisions
Just a little update on what I've been up to this summer. And, more importantly, what am I going to be up to in the future.
August 26, 2020
Baja Racing, American Trucker, Overhaulin and More With Bud Brutsman
Bud Brutsman is our guest for this episode. He's a winning Baja 1000 racer, executive producer of several shows such as Overhaulin', American Trucker and a bunch of other great stuff you're sure to recognize.  Bud also ran the first Ford F-150 Raptor, in prototype racing form in the Baja 1000. ***I'm still writing the blog post for this episode. I'll be sure to update here as soon as it's up.
August 03, 2020
Free Negotiation Tools Every Trucker Needs
A few things to cover in this episode, with links. First, you can now try DAT Power, DAT's premier load board, free for 30 days. will take you to the link.  Check out for Chris Voss' platform. Once there, you should get a pop-up for his mailing list or an offer for a free e-book or a mailing list. SIGN UP. It's cool stuff. I'll also update you on my new-to-me 2010 F-150. We will finish the show out with 9 great John Wayne quotes.
July 09, 2020
The COO of Ford has been talking smack about Jeep, and how it's going to domination in sales. But will it perform? Also, I'm now the owner of a new-to-me Ford F-150. Why I pulled the trigger, and why I passed on the Eco-Boost.
June 15, 2020
The title says it all, almost.  We also talked about some of the world's coolest and most expensive coffee and espresso  machines. Oh, and a few shiny objects did pop up. You can check out the machines at
May 20, 2020
Price gouging freight brokers, some of the weakest tri-haul rates and a few trucking stories start the show. We finish with some substandard N95 masks from China and their problems getting them shipped to the U,S, Also, This Week In Beer, and a Honda Z600 car from the 70s
May 13, 2020
Trucker Protests, Creative Strip Club, Shiny Objects
Trucking news, Buck's thoughts on the latest trucker protests and a creative strip club in Oregon figures out how to stay in business. Also, more than one shiny object.
May 07, 2020
5 Tools Every Trucker Needs, And Where They Came From
This week we bring you some useful trivia from the world of useful tools you should have in your truck. We also bring a couple of trucking stories, and an interesting Big Rolling Turd. Like many, it may still be cool to own.
April 29, 2020
Jalopnik Can Bite Me, Classic Cars In The Strangest Place
Jalopnik crossed the line, a small collection of classic iron was found in the strangest place and trucking news is on the agenda in this episode.
April 24, 2020
Muppet Truckers
What are the big brokers up to?  The ATA talks out of both sides of it's mouth. Muppet Truckers? More at
April 17, 2020
Trucking Is For The Birds, and You People Have Gone Mad
You'll have to listen to the show to get the title, but it makes total sense. You'll just have to trust us. Here's the link for the Cash For Clunkers story. It's worth the read.
April 10, 2020
Hey Truck Driver! Lose Weight and Get Healthy
If I can do this, anyone can. This episode is full of tips, tricks and hacks to help you get healthy, If you're willing to take the first two steps, you'll actually make it this time. Read the full post here, at
April 03, 2020
Road Trip, Toilet Paper and Mice
Observations from another quick trip out west. What's up with the TP hoarding?  White mice and watching the news,
March 26, 2020
Our 5 Favorite Roadkill Cars, My 401K Decisions
We're on Corona virus overload, but I do want to tell you what I've decided to do with my 401K. The Ballard family has 3 generations of Roadkill fans, aging from 5 to 59. It's time to name our favorite project cars, and why. Check out the full article at 
March 18, 2020
Why I Love Flatbed Trucking, ATRI Reacts To Nuclear Verdicts
If you've ever given flatbedding a thought, this episode is for you. It's all about why I love this segment over dry van and refrigerated. You can read the full article from the website,  Don and I also talk about ATRI's response to the nuclear verdicts that are killing trucking companies.
March 11, 2020
7 Lessons Learned From Jackknifing A Semi
Back in 1999, I managed to put a perfectly good Peterbilt and an empty 53 foot dry van in a corn field. In fact, it folded hard enough to put the landing gear through the driver-side fuel tank.  This episode is about 7 lessons learned from that windy, snowy night. Also, it looks like Walmart's employee manual could be costing them millions, and a flying Pinto.  
March 04, 2020
Yard Moves And Personal Conveyance Miles
Exactly what is a yard move? According to OverdriveOnLine, it's pretty cut and dry, and it's definitely ON DUTY. Personal Conveyance miles is quite a bit more vague, but most companies just say no, and turn the feature off within their E-log system. The coming ice age is on-again, off-again, but the storm of sunspots is real. We also have a Really Bad Ad and a Big Rolling Turd, all wrapped up in one seriously underpowered land barge. Another big thank you to Josh Woodward for allowing the use of his song, Coffee.
February 27, 2020
Pop Open A Beer, Save The Planet
Is there a direct link to saving the planet and drinking beer? These two articles appear to be making the case. You decide. This NPR story tells of a brewery in Montana, donating waste to help the town's water treatment. It's simple science. The second story from AgWeb takes a closer look at one of the big name beer brewer's claim, Drink A Beer, Save A Farmer. We're a bit skeptical on this claim. We also talked about end of the world claims made in the past, a Big Rolling Turd, and more.
February 20, 2020
OOIDA Tells It Like It Is, Snap-On Tools, Stupid Crook And More
We are all over the board in this episode, and it's fun, We've also homed in on some music. OOIDA tells it like it is. Check it out at OOIDA CH Robinson earnings drop, reported at Yahoo Finance Thank you Josh Woodward for the use of the song Coffee. Find his work at
February 13, 2020
5 Reasons Not To Fill Your Tanks
Harold Thornbro joins me again tonight as co-host. Harold and I discuss quite a few topics, and a few shiny objects. Five reasons not to fill up your diesel tanks is the feature article. You can read about the 5th reason, hot fuel, by following the link to OOIDA. The Buick LeSabre from our Big Rolling Turd segment is also worth a look. Find it at Hemmings. Finally, check out the new website, Trucking After Hours. I'm working hard to bring you tons of great articles and information.
February 06, 2020
Overweight And Blowing Tolls
I love the go big or go home mentality, but 96,000 pounds overweight?   And how about blowing tolls to the tune of $70,000. In case you're curious, yes! THat's a felony. Harley gets into the electric scooter act. We've yet to decide the cool factor on this one.
January 29, 2020
Your Three On The Tree Stories
This is the Three On The Tree episode. What is it, can you still find them and do you want one? We also have a few GREAT listener stories about them. If you've never seen or heard about 3 speed, column shifters before, Here's a link to a great video on exactly how they work, from Lucky's Garage Show. Also, the link to the coolest cars with this funky column shifter is right here, from It includes an Olds 442, and a GTO Tripower...  But wait!!! Wouldn't that make it a Pontiac 433?
January 21, 2020
Bonus Episode With Don The Beer Guy
One of the coolest things this trucker does as a dad is what you hear every week, our podcast. Don may not have made it home in time for the show, but he did manage to call shortly after it ended.  Where was Don? Listen to find out,
January 17, 2020
The Trucking Podcast Is Moving
That's right. The Trucking Podcast is moving. A new name, new feed and a new website. Trucking After Hours will soon be the one and only place to hear Buck, Don and The Castle Curator. We do have a lot to talk about tonight. Much more than the move. Also, you'll still find plenty of great articles at Look for the new site around the end of February.
January 13, 2020
5 Big Changes For Trucking In 2020
In this episode I'll cover a few of the biggest changes coming down the pike for the trucking industry. Insurance costs Drug testing clearing house Drive Cams Election year and the economy Higher equipment costs
January 06, 2020
Coming Soon. It's Time To Go Big Or Go Home
Just a quick intro to get Podcasting After Hours launched. We will be back with bigger, better shows over the next few weeks.
January 05, 2020