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How To Change Your Inner Circle NOW

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By The GRIND Scheme Architect
The GRIND Scheme of Things Podcast provides the practical strategies for dominating the crucial game of self mastery & offers do-it-now exercises required to get you UNSTUCK, 10X Happier and Productive as you bring your ideas, business, professional, and personal goals to life.
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More places to listen

Chill Code Report: How To Escape Stress and Reach Enlightenment
In this episode you'll begin to discover how to dodge the impact of stress and achieve enlightenment as the path to sucess. To start your journey toward enlightened productivity visit to participate in the next training at:
October 14, 2019
(6) in the City: How to Stress Less, Get More Done and Chill w/ Storyboards
In this episode I share my newfound productivity practice of story boarding. I walk you through how I do it and share practical on how you can do it too. Http://
October 14, 2019
(6) in the City & Chill
Http:// and...Contact me on IG: @buihemadu
October 10, 2019
(6) in the City: The 5-Star Week In Review Tool...
Ever wish you could review your life and be crystal clear on what's coming all the time ? You'd podcasts addresses that so you have can access a 5-star lifestyle.
October 4, 2019
(6) in the City: How to Develop the Habit of Consistency
Ever tried to make a major change but wasn't able to make it due to a lack of inconsistent action? This podcast will help you realize what you can do to change all of that FAST. Visit: for your power tool to develop consistency.
September 23, 2019
*New* Tool and Method for Changing Habits and Behaviors
We all know that great habits are the secret to greater performance and productivitt. Well, then how do we create great habits??? It begins with self reflection that you can actually track and do something about. Start your journey here: or join the http://www.Tribe.24hourblueprint.con
September 16, 2019
Creativity Over Hype: An Interview with Custom Footwear Artist, Elom Bowman of Ecentrik Artistry (Exclusive)
Every artist before they make it big spends 1000's of hours mastering their craft.  But few beginners are willing to secure the discipline to see their ideas through.  Elom Bowman, the Founder of Ecentrik Artistry and custom footwear artist escaped the trap and excuses of not knowing enough about his artistic path and went on to mastering it and ended up making sneakers for one of his childhood heroes from the World Wrestling Federation. Today's podcast is a game changer for you if you're an artist or aspiring entrepreneur who's looking to find your "x" factor to success and some resources to keep going forward. Connect with Elom on: Instagram: Red Bubble: Order Your Customize Shoe via: (Mentioned the Podcast) Facebook: Start your business with an Inbound Marketing Assessment Start here: Learn more about Buihe Madu via
September 8, 2019
Still setting Fitness Goals? STOP. And do this instead...
In this podcast I debunk the idea that you need fitness goals to make progress in the gym – sorta.  Yes. You need goals to move forward.  But not necessarily the same way that you’ve been trained and conditioned to believe in them.  So, if you don’t have fitness goals?  What do you do? How do you make progress in the gym or with your routine?  I answer these questions and more in the podcast.  Listen in and start on a new journey toward making your fitness goals a reality. Take the weekly review-quiz here: Let’s connect on Instagram too: Join the 24 Hour Blueprint Tribe: And Like the Page on Facebook:
September 4, 2019
Harlem (6) Train Thoughtcast: Are You a Negative "Positive" Thinker?
In this episode, I explore the hypocrisy of negative expectations disguised as positive thinking. Listen and find out where you stand. And wait till the end, you'll hear the signature *Ding* of the (6) Train Out of Harlem. Join me on the ride. For more about the Grind Scheme and its creator, visit
September 1, 2019
3 Reasons Why SMART Goals Don't Work (And What To Do About It)
Ever heard of S.M.A.R.T goals? If you have - you've likely noticed it's not a 100% reliable but there are some adjustments that can be made to ensure that you reach your goals with greater consistency. Listen and discover 3 Reasons Why SMART Goals Don't Work.  Visit for your quiz assessment to assist you in executing on your personal smart goals and for comments and feedback - reach out
August 20, 2019
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Happened to Your Goals This Year??? (Here's 6 Things That Maybe Happened)
In this episode, the gloves come off and the truth is revealed regarding 6 Mid-Year Changes You Need to Make to Reach the Goals you set out to accomplish this year. One of the 6 Changes could be THE CHANGE you've struggled to figure out and make. *SUBSCRIBE* to Channel via Follow on and watch the latest webinar
July 28, 2019
Independence Day: 2 Things You'll Need to Securing Life, Liberty and Happiness!
Not taking the time to explore the origin of words can hurt your chances of reaching the freedom you seek in any area of your life. In this podcast episode I share about "freedom" and "control" - their linguistic origins and the implications on achieving happiness if understood. To Follow along use the resources below: Discover the origin of terms 》 For freedom to act in line with your dreams, visit
July 4, 2019
Why Your To-Do List is an ABSOLUTE waste of time UNLESS...
Do you use To-Do lists regularly? Well, did you know it might be costing you your ability to truly be productive? Yep. That's why I created today's podcast. Listen and discover the alternative to using your To-Do list the way you have been using it. Enjoy.
June 14, 2019
*New* Webinar: SECRETS to High Performance, Productivity and Unapologetic Happiness is Here!
Ever struggle to find balance to pursue EVERYTHING that inspires you but settle for mundane? LISTEN and learn about the new webinar that can help you.
June 8, 2019
Beer in Your Coffee Cup??? Funniest New York Stories...
You won't believe it when you hear this story...
June 8, 2019
Best (& Funniest) New York Stories
Ever been to New York and seen things worth sharing about and had no one to tell? Yeah. Well, this series of podcasts are my stories of New York that you have to be there to believe. But since weren't there you have to take my word for it. Enjoy, laugh and prepare to be entertained. Love what you're hearing? Follow the podcast and find me on Instragram @BuiheMadu
June 2, 2019
The Power of Coaching and Mentorship
Need a blueprint? Visit
May 8, 2019
How To Change Your Inner Circle NOW
Listen now. Ref., Follow on
May 8, 2019
How to Be IGNORANTLY Unstoppable
Learn more: Connect :
April 22, 2019
Customer Service FAIL Stories That Matter
Get your blueprint at Reach out
April 19, 2019
Sharper Shooting for Hitting Your Goals
Why don't we honour and hit our goals with the precision they deserve? This podcast touches on that.
April 14, 2019
How to be 3X More Productive On a FRIDAY!
Fridays are tricky. Most people tune out and start the weekend early and even plan for it. But not you, you actually see Friday's as a weekly time warp zone where you can plan and create your productivity 1 - 3 weeks in advance. Now, maybe you're not there yet. But you can be. Just listen to today's podcast and you'll be on your way. Need a blueprint? Start here 》
April 12, 2019
Day 5: The 5 Time Vampires You Must Kill (Incl. Recap)
Have you ever noticed the small and sometimes not so small time draining activities that leave you asking where did the time go??? These are called Time Vampires and this podcast highlights 5 that come up often to bite you. And there's a bonus time stuck in there as well to watch for. Listen in now and see how this can help. Need a blueprint playbook? Start here 》, Follow me @Buihemadu on Instagram.
April 12, 2019
Day 4: Interruptions and UNPRODUCTIVITY - Here's What to do About Them
Have you ever been on a roll and then wham!!! some life issues come up that suck 6 hours off your schedule? Yeah, well that happened to me. And this is how i handled it and how you can too. Listen in and see if this helps. Need a blueprint playbook? Start here 》
April 10, 2019
Day 3: Breakfast Cereal, Instagram and Meditation - But Not In That Order
Staying Shovel Level, I take you into a moment of my life as I have a late breakfast and confess my social media sins. Interested in going behind the curtain and hearing the strange details? Listen in and hear for yourself. Need a blueprint? Start here:
April 9, 2019
How to Learn 1.25 to 3.5X Faster Than the Average Person
Do you want to consume content faster and increase your learning speed? Are you an aspiring high performer that feels like the world around you presents information at an annoyingly slow rate? How about this one: Have you ever felt like you're stuck or feeling like the pace of a video course or audiobook isn't fast enough for you? Last, do think this podcast sometimes is too slow? Well, there's a way to accelerate your learning with a few simple technical adjustments which can be made on the platforms you already use to learn. That's what we get into on this podcast. Follow me on IG and to keep up with other forms of learning that the GRIND Scheme of Things Architect has to offer.
April 8, 2019
FINALLY: 24 Hour Blueprint Secrets Revealed
Want to leverage the 24 Hour Blueprint to produce consistency and reliable breakthroughs and performance? This is the podcast to start with. Use These Resources To Follow Along The 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook, The HEROmanity Book,
April 8, 2019
Time Investment vs. Time Spending: Secrets to Higher Performance (And Execution)
The Time Investment vs. Time Spending debate constitutes an uncommon conversation that sheds light on how we personally approach time management and WHY. It also is self-revealing in that it helps us see the hidden patterns that keep us from the higher levels of performance and success we want and need in order find fulfillment and joy in daily life. The content that sets the backdrop for this conversation can be found in the resources section below. ***Resources: Get a free copy of the books referenced: HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic Life The 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook - Thanks for listening. And share this with the ones you feel would appreciate it.
April 6, 2019
Dangers, Risks and Rewards of Soulmate Mythology
What if EVERYTHING you think about love and soulmates is WRONG??? Yup. Yes Way! Listen to this and get the soulful facts you need to keep relationship issues from destroying your dreams and goals. Resources: Get a free copy of the books referenced: HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic Life The 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook - Thanks for listening. And share this with the ones you feel would appreciate it.
March 26, 2019
Listen Now: The Real Battles and Struggle of LYFT Drivers, Their Stories of Victory and Triumph
This *New Series* takes a intimate look and offers perspective on the lives, motivations and aspirations of LYFT Drivers - modern day unsung heroes taking us from A to B and the lessons their lives can teach us. Are you a LYFT Driver? Have you EVER gotten into a LYFT or even an UBER? then you need to hear or listen to this podcast. I recorded it just for you. **** Want or need more inspiration? Good. Help yourself to a complimentary copy of HEROmanity 24 Hour to a HEROIC Life 》 Need to take action daily on goals you procrastinate on? Grab a 24 Hour Blueprint 》
March 18, 2019
The Secret to Your Personal Transformation
This series of podcasts and its segments address the deep, dark (and light) secrets of beginning your personal transformation. what's covered are inspired by a personal private journey that's sure to empower you as well in your path to a more meaningful life. FIRST! Transformation is not as S-E-X-Y as people make it out to be.   There's an art to it. There's a history and an ancient traditional archetypal path to it.  It's not for everyone.  But for the awakened - it's an irresistible calling.  Don't be fooled.  It's NEVER all filtered selfies, IG pics/videos and Facebook posts of people in the gym or dressing better.  It's straight up UGLY. And for those who respect and revere the process, transformation is theirs for the taking.  If that's you - this podcast is for you.  Listen and if you're inspired - share it with others. If you're ready for to start your transformational journey - please use the resources below to begin immediately. Grab a Complimentary Book - HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic Life, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Way and Finding Your Voice Now.  Go here: And also Get the Follow Up ePlaybook, The 24 Hour Blueprint: Secrets to LifeStyle Design and Time Management here > Looking for the Blog? Start here:
March 10, 2019
LOVE & PRODUCTIVITY | February in Review
*LOVE - Just like February comes fast and furious with 28 days that blow by and leave wanting a little more time. In this podcast and the subsequent segments, I uncover the hidden relationship between love and productivity and the value of expressing your love to those your work honors and supports. To follow along, below is where all the content I mention in the podcast is located. Videos 》 Blogs 》 Podcasts 》 You're HERE Already!
March 3, 2019
Get a Better Approach & Mindset For Crushing Weekly/Monthly Goals | *All New* Happy New Week Series
The month is almost done but your goals aren't complete yet. And a new month is coming. How do finish the unfinished business/personal goals of the recent weeks/month AND still be ready for the month ahead? That's what we're addressing in this podcast episode and series and how to use your blueprint to crush your goals. THIS IS THE GRIND SCHEME OF THINGS! LET'S Go! Visit to learn about The 24 Hour Blueprint Method.
February 25, 2019
Now Hear This: kNOw Poetry, kNOw Life...How to Start Reviving Your Poetic Soul
Poetry is one of the most underestimated tools we have to communicate, express and even transform ourselves in life and in business.  And yet, somehow it gets marginalized as something only "the creative" or "artsy fartsy" people do.  What we fail to remember is that our essence as human beings is poetic.  Poetry is the language of the soul, its symbolism captured in words is sometimes our best shot at bringing healing to ourselves and those in our lives.   If you've lost your poetic strength or have let it atrophy because you've been "really busy"...take a moment and listen to this and be reminded that to kNOw poetry is to kNOw life. Learn more about the the excerpt shared in this episode and visit:  Please note: Accessing the article will require a subscription if you don't have one. For more about Buihe Madu and or his work, visit:, or
February 19, 2019
How to Find The Love Of YOUR Life | A Review of Bohemian Rhapsody Movie
In this podcast I touch on the highlights and insights gathered from watching the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, and b themes of self love and finding true love.  If you're interested in discovering how to find the love of your life and what the formula might be, this is the podcast you should be listening to.   For more about the podcast creator, Buihe Madu visit: 
February 16, 2019
*All New* Digital Tribalism - Why You Need to Find Or Create Your Tribe NOW!
In this podcast I connect the dots between some work I've been studying via Seth Godin's book, This is Marketing and my own reflections as a American born Nigerian marketer of the Igbo Tribe. In the end, you learn about the power and the value of having a tribe to support you in your growth. And I hope you'll find the 24 Hour Blueprint tribe a worthy tribe or use it while you search to find or invent your own.
February 6, 2019
The 24 Hour Body (Feat. Farai Mash)
This episode features the wisdom of Farai Mash on how to build the perfect this call without fail. Enjoy and learn more about Farai @MashitUp_Fitness on IG
October 5, 2018
*All New* Mindset Monday is Here!
Yup. It's Monday ... AGAIN! But whats going to be different this week? Or this Monday compared to last Monday? How much will you get done or produce? Will you be more secure, confident, bolder, more grounded or determined? Who knows. But one thing you should know is after this audio, no two Mondays will be the same. (listen and enjoy)
October 1, 2018
Get The Fit Out of Here!
The upcoming podcasts are all about simplifying wellness for the entrepreneur or professional on their Grind Scheme. So, if you feel strapped for time or too overwhelmed to find time to make healthy choices and work out, this series is for you. Listen to it now.
August 3, 2018
*All New* Movie Reviews by The Grind Scheme Podcast
This episode and the following segments capture personal insights, inspirations and perspectives from films that I've seen.  In the end, the call to action is the same - go see the movie and take the actions it inspires. That's what the grind scheme is all about - taking immediate, inspired, effective action. To take measurable actions recommended in this and other podcasts, download your copy of the 24 Hour Blueprint method or visit for additional coaching.
July 21, 2018
My Shoe Repair Guy Kicked Me In the Face
Ever have a financial lesson hit you so hard you feel like you got punched or kicked in the face? Well, that's what happened when i was getting my shoes fixed today. You gotta here the full story to see how it all happened.
July 19, 2018
Skipping Leg Day is Just Stupid -Here's Why
People love to do EVERYTHING but Legs! Why? BECAUSE it's not sexy or glamourous. But its the dumbest thing to skip legs simply because it's a foundation for you daily life. And in this podcast leg Day is used as a metaphor for building foundational habits in life. Listen.
July 17, 2018
Birthmonth vs. Birthday? Which is Better? (LIsten and Decide for yourself.)
Happy Birthday to the Geminis and all Zodiacs signs ... In this episode I talk about not just celebrating your birthday but using it To evaluate where your life is headed. In the end i suggest using a tool or our assessment to help you evaluate where you are and where you want to go as you mature powerfully. Enjoy.
June 12, 2018
How to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Ideas from Being Stollen
Ever struggle with who to share your ideas with or how to keep them from being stollen? This podcast might be a good place to start. LISTEN TO IT NOW.
May 28, 2018
May 2, 2018
May 2, 2018
Learn My Secret to Hyper Speed Productivity
Most people see Friday as get-ready-to-party day and are totally checked out. Take advantage of this by planning for the week to come while assessing your results from this past week. Learn how. Listen to the Podcast!
April 15, 2018
There's ONLY 1 Type of Donut + 2 Kinds of Happiness!
So, I'm sitting at District Donut, a place that goes by the slogan "Happiness Found". And indeed they offer happiness in their assortment of over 10 gourmet donuts, however, there really one 1 Type of Donut in this world and 2 types of happiness. Find out what they are - Listen in.
April 15, 2018
Mindset: Say Deuces to the B.S.!! Here's Why
Lets look into the furure... 10 years from now...what will you be thankful for that you changed in your life, character and behavior today? Bring that mindset to your grind. #MindsetMonday
April 10, 2018
Take Actions Like a Cannibal and Think Like a Vegan
Do you struggle with taking actions and break your own promises to produce results? You should listen to this.
April 9, 2018
If You're Not Happy GRINDing, You're Not Really GRINDing (Ouch!)
How can your GRIND Bring You Happiness? Listen to this to get the answer.
April 9, 2018
How GRIND Envy Destroys Dreams and What to Do About It
This episode covers the "P" Word That Will Transform and Boost Your Business (or Career). This is a Must Hear Episode.
April 5, 2018
How to LOSE Friends and Influence People
AS humans were are so thirsty for attention we settle for friends that validate us by giving us their attention. This is a setup for Losing ourselves and power. This audio will inspire you to starr losing some friends ton get your influence back.
April 4, 2018
Life and Style Content Explained
Here's the final piece on what to expect regarding content on the site in the Life & Style Category.
April 2, 2018
April 2, 2018
April 2, 2018
Happiness (& Feelings) Content Exaplained
New to The Grind Scheme? Here's what you can expect from this category of content - bliss and blueprints for developing your own happiness. Send your questions to
April 2, 2018
Overview of Society & Culture Content
In this podcast I continue to share about the framework of the GRIND Scheme Content and the Buihe Madu website. Society and culture content covers all things related to the individual and their relationship to society and culture. This category of content also will feature art and music.
April 2, 2018
Mindset - Practical Perspective on How to Start Shifting Your Mindset by Aligning it with Speech
Mindset can be a nebulous bogus concept to inspire yourself to shift. Today, this podcast addresses one of the simple mistakes you might be making that sabotage and keep you from having a mindset that sets you up for success. Practical strategies are presented that will inspire you to change your mindset with ease.
April 2, 2018
Life & Style - Restaurant Review - Fare Well Cafe
If you a veggie conscious eater, or curious about vegan inspired eats, check out the restaurant review of DC's Fare Well Diner Bakery Cafe. It's Awesome.
April 2, 2018
The GRIND Scheme Ideology and Context
Why was the GRIND Scheme (of Things) Podcast Created? Some of the logic and thinking behind it is in this episode. Listen and see why the GRIND Scheme will your new favorite podcast for practical tips on self mastery.
March 31, 2018
Mindset and Sailing
During this episode I talk about mindset and how your mind is like a sail and if you want to go in a particular direction you should probably set your sail up or your mind up to be able to have the winds of ideas support you and getting to your destination.
March 22, 2018
Listen to this Before the Reincarnation Podcast Episode
The is the warning podcast to tell you that the Reincarnation Podcast is very raw and real.and features me, my mom, food, forks, knives and munching. If you're grossed out by real uncut dinner table talk and munching sounds, skip this episode. Thanks.
March 21, 2018
The first podcast
In this podcast I talk about how I stumbled upon Anchor, the podcast platform used by Buihe Madu & Co. Site. Enjoy it and send your questions to
March 21, 2018
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