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Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting

Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting

By Kristin Deese
On Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, founder Kristin Deese brings you experts in all things business to help you start, grow or level up your business. She will be interviewing a plethora of guests from leadership consultants to health insurance brokers to marketing wizards to web design and SEO experts. These experts are passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs fulfill their wildest dreams and are here to answer our questions.
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Go From Goal Setting to Goal Getting with Amy Goober
Do you have a business idea that you’re still hesitant to execute? What if you quiet the negative voices in your head and just get started? To get back into the driver's seat of your own life, you have to take action and have a viable plan and strategy.  In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Amy Goober, an action coach, multi-preneur, and the founder at Drive Your Life. She works with individuals, groups, and companies to give women the tools they need to move forward with their goals. Listen in to learn how to figure out the idea for your business, plan how to scale it, and set long-term goals to be a successful entrepreneur. You will also learn the importance of delegating tasks and seeking help to grow your business. Bio: Amy Goober is an Action Coach, experienced workshop leader and successful speaker, teaching women how to get back on their own To Do Lists. Helping women individually, in small focused groups and targeted seminars, Amy teaches women the skills they need to get into the driver’s seat of their own lives both personally and professionally. Amy’s nationwide one-of-a-kind program Drive Your Life® gives women the tools to move forward on their most sought-after goals. Presenting to women’s groups, corporations, town governments and non-profits, Amy’s interactive content and approachable style leave audiences feeling confident and energized to take on the challenges they face, both large and small. Amy received her B.S. in psychology from Cornell University. She later founded The Icing on the Cake ™, a successful Boston cake bakery, at 26 in 1986. Seven years later, she sold it to her employees, and it continues to be one of the top bakeries in the Boston area today. Passionate about guiding women to better health, Amy became a certified health coach. In 10 years, she has led 700+ clients to improved health and wellness in their lives. Amy has moved from bakery founder to seasoned health coach, and now founder of Drive Your Life ™.  She speaks on leadership, wellness, women’s empowerment and personal motivation topics.   What You Will Learn:   • [3:00] Amy on her career background plus how she’s helping women learn to get into action.  • [7:09] The importance of taking time to do nothing and rejuvenate as a higher achiever.   • [9:14] Top tips on how to figure out an idea and turn it into an actionable business.   • [20:30] The importance of trying new things to avoid regrets about what you didn’t do.  • [25:29] How to build confidence by being uncomfortable and edging outside your normal. • [37:26] The importance of delegating, thinking big, and having a game plan. • [41:12] The invaluable resources you should take advantage of like networking as an entrepreneur. Standout Quotes:  • “The wins aren’t always about the money; the win is about what makes you feel good so you have the fuel to keep going.”- Amy [14:29]  • “Have a good plan and strategy in place because it makes a difference; intentional wins are better than accidental wins.”- Kristin [25:12]  • “You build confidence by being uncomfortable and sort of edging outside of what your normal is.”- Amy [28:16] Check out Amy: -Email:  -Facebook: -Instagram: @amygoober.driveyourlife  -Website: -Free Offer:  “5 Steps to Goal Getting”  Affiliates from today: -Business Foundations Online Course (Catalyst Consulting):  -Brittany Ratelle (Legal Document Templates):   -Freshbooks (Invoicing):   
September 28, 2022
How To Use Boundaries As A Superpower In Your Business with Krista Resnick
How do your faulty conditioning and unhealed trauma hinder you from setting boundaries? If you want to stand in your truth and start setting internal and external boundaries, you must heal from your unhealed traumas and unmet needs to become a self-leader. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Krista Resnick, a master coach, boundary expert, and podcaster for female leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs. She helps people hold and express their boundaries and ask for their needs to be met clearly, concisely, and compassionately. Listen in to learn the importance of setting internal boundaries as an entrepreneur as much as you set external boundaries. You will also learn the power of standing in your truth knowing, that some people don’t like it. Krista Resnick's bio:  Krista Resnick is a master coach, boundary expert podcaster and mother to 3 adultish boys.   Her love and passion for boundaries is the byproduct of her own story.  Having spent decades pleasing everyone else, Krista felt disempowered, inauthentic, and passionless in every aspect of her life.  Through her own personal healing work, she began to find great empowerment through the art of boundaries and expressing her truth. Now, serving hundreds of women across the globe, Krista has witnessed the transformative power of embodying healthy boundaries.  She strongly believes that a well boundaried life empowers women to stop people pleasing and come back home to themselves so they can create lives and relationships that are purposeful and passion-fueled.     What you will learn: -(0:41)Get to know Krista, what she loves doing for fun, and a fun fact about her.  -(10:05)How she supports people to hold and express their boundaries and needs clearly.  -(14:40)How to clean your unhealed traumas, wounds, and unmet needs so you can self-lead.  -(21:12)Krista describes how her journey led her to what she's doing now.  -(27:18)The importance of being serious about setting internal boundaries as an entrepreneur.  -(33:33)Learn how to set internal boundaries to be with integrity with yourself. -(43:03)How to have compassion for the parts of you that resist the boundaries you set for yourself.  -(50:11)Tips on what to look for in a coach who fits your needs.  To learn more about Krista and her offerings, check out her stuff below:  -Email:  -Facebook: -Instagram: @kristaresnick - YouTube:  @Krista Resnick    -Website: -LinkedIn:  Boundaries from the INSIDE OUT Workbook: Free To Be Workshop, September 19th:  Featured affiliate ads from today's episode:  -Business Foundations Online Course (Catalyst Consulting): -Less Annoying CRM (Client Relationship Management System): (Project Management System):  Check out my socials: -Email:  -Instagram/Facebook: @buildingbetterbusinesspod  -Website:
September 14, 2022
Why Utilizing Clubhouse Is Important For Your Networking/Marketing Strategy with Sarah Curcio
Are you looking for an effective way to network and grow your business organically? Paid ads can be expensive for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs, while organic marketing strategies are free, and can be just as effective. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Sarah Curcio, a marketing strategist, and best-selling author. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs, startups or established, create organic marketing strategies that attract clients and scale their business. Listen in to learn how to build connections from the Clubhouse platform to help your business grow organically while providing value. You will also learn the importance of getting out of your comfort to evolve your brand as your business continues to grow. Sarah Curcio bio:  My name is Sarah Curcio, and I’m a Marketing Strategist for 5+ years. I make Marketing Magnificent and Magnetic through organic strategies, zero paid ADs. I help Ambitious Entrepreneurs, Startup or Established, Create Organic Marketing Strategies that Attract Clients and Scale their Business.   Calendly: Discovery Call    CH Club:   What You Will Learn:  • [0:58] Get to know Sarah and why she focuses on organic marketing. • [3:27] How she shifted from virtual assisting to organic marketing as opposed to paid ads.  • [5:54] How the Clubhouse platform has allowed her to network and make connections.  • [6:59] Sarah’s top three tips for business owners wanting to create connections on Clubhouse.   • [11:28] How to find beneficial “rooms” with your topic or speakers of your interest on Clubhouse.  • [15:57] How to find, connect and collaborate with specific people on Clubhouse.  • [24:15] How to share your pitches during a chat on Clubhouse as your call to action.   • [26:57] The importance of checking out someone’s website and social media before getting on a call with them.   • [32:47] Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid of evolving your brand as you grow.  Standout Quotes:  • “You don’t have to have a large audience for organic marketing to be effective.”- Sarah [2:22]  • “Before you get on a discovery call, even if you like hearing the person and what they say, check out their website and social media.”- Sarah [27:10] To learn more about Sarah and her offerings, check out her stuff below:  - Email:  - Facebook: - Instagram: @sarah_social_strategy  - Website:   - LinkedIn: - Phone: (732) 856-0425   Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode:  - Cinchshare: (extra 2 week trial, for a total of 30 days)   - Tailwind:    Make sure to check me out on other socials as well:  - Email:  - Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod  - Website: - Facebook:
September 07, 2022
How To Identify and Embrace Your Strengths with Jen Bilger
Are you aware of where your strengths and limitations lie? Where are you most driven towards, and do you understand how your behavioral attitude affects your choices? As a leader, it’s important to understand what drives you, how situations impact your behaviors and find the right person to help you embrace your strengths and understand your limitations.  In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Jen Bilger, a Certified Behavioral Consultant and Coach passionate about helping people understand how to utilize their unique skill set to enhance and grow their businesses. She collaborates with leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals, helping them choose the best path to lead them to success. Listen in to learn the importance of knowing what you need in your business to get the right person to help you. You will also learn the power of taking leaps in your business to achieve whatever you set out to do. After 20 years in Corporate HR, Coach Jen Bilger decided to follow her true passion and take the best parts of her experience and turn it into a business. As an Author, Speaker, Certified Behavioral Consultant and Coach, she uses her unique focus on the behavioral side of business to enable leaders and business owners to utilize their strengths to enhance their communication and interactions, lead effective, efficient and engaged teams, adapt and adjust to overcome obstacles and choose the best path to lead them to success! Freebie Link: FREEBIES | Coach Jen Bilger What You Will Learn:  • [0:51] Get to know Jen, where she’s from, and a fun fact about her.  • [6:25] Why she left the corporate world after 20 years to help people embrace their strengths and understand their limitations.  • [13:12] The types of businesses and people she works with and how she specifically helps them.   • [22:26] The categories of strength finders’ assessments and how they help us understand our behaviors and drive.  • [32:46] The importance of knowing what you need in your business to get the right people to help you.   • [39:12] The importance of finding the right person to help steer your business in the right direction.  • [46:42] The story that demonstrates the true power of taking leaps in business. To learn more about Jen and her offerings, check out her stuff below: - Email: - Facebook: - Instagram: - Twitter: - YouTube:  - Website: - LinkedIn: Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode: - Bambee, HR System: - Gusto, Payroll and HR System: Check out my socials: - Email: - Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod - Website: - Podcast Facebook:
August 31, 2022
Protecting Your Business From the Tough Stuff with Lynn Lambrecht
How prepared are you in life and business? Staying prepared for the inevitabilities of life is one of the smartest things you can do for your business and life. It’s important to have a roadmap that outlines how things should happen when the unexpected happens.   In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Lynn Lambrecht, the owner of the Living Planner. She provides people with practical day to day life ways to prepare themselves, their families, and their workplaces for life and death.  Listen in to learn the importance of having a structured plan to help you stay prepared for the inevitable in business and life. You will also learn how to approach the legal aspect of strategic planning, plus resources that can help you get started. What You Will Learn:  • [1:06] Get to know Lynn’s background plus her love for travel and travel experiences.  • [5:14] Why she’s focused on helping businesses stay prepared for the inevitabilities of life.  • [8:24] The importance of having a structure/plan to stay prepared for the inevitable. • [12:38] The three things you need to know about what Lynn does to help business owners stay prepared.  • [14:26] She explains the different things you should create a roadmap for in your business and life.   • [19:10] Understanding who to approach when creating your roadmap legally.  • [21:10] What to consider when approaching strategic planning for your life and business under state laws.   • [24:23] Lynn’s 12-month checklist freebie to help you get started in your strategic planning journey.   • [27:43] How to make progress in your planning by taking small steps towards organizing your things.   • [31:17] Tips on how to choose who to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself.   • [33:56] The importance of seeking help when you can’t do everything in your business.    • [37:37] The things she wasn’t prepared for in her business and how she learned them. Standout Quotes:  • “Sometimes we’re so busy working in the business that we forget to support the structure of what is the business.”- Lynn Lambrecht [7:10]   • “The protection element of you is contingent upon what the scope of your life and business contain.”- Lynn Lambrecht [22:43] Her work with The Living Planner honors and remembers the victims, families, and survivors of NW255, NW1482 and UA175. #CareForPeopleCareForBusiness #StepInStepUp  Author of The Living Planner What to Prepare Now While You Are Living  Free gift Monthly Checklists: Check out Lynn below: - Email: - FB/IG: @TheLivingPlanner - Twitter: - Website: - LinkedIn: Featured affiliate ads from today's episode: - Tailwind - Less Annoying CRM Check out my socials: - FB/IG @buildingbetterbusinessespod - Website: - Email:
August 24, 2022
Holding Yourself Accountable as A Solopreneur with Ceci Garrett
Are you a solopreneur looking to find success and balance even as you work from home? If that’s the case, you have to recognize what’s going to make you balanced and healthy to run your business is doing what’s good for it and not how other people dictate. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Ceci Garrett, a clinical social worker specializing in trauma-informed, family systems-based treatment for hoarding disorder. Her style is person-focused and empathic with a ton of relationship-building and clutter-busting. Listen in to learn the importance of having accountability partners as a solopreneur to help you get through failures and bad experiences. You will also learn the qualities to look for in a therapist/coach to avoid choosing wrongly. What You Will Learn: [0:46] Get to know Ceci’s personal life, professional life, and a fun fact about her. [5:04] How she’s helping Christian women solopreneurs have accountability while working remotely. [12:38] How to stop coding bad experiences as failures and instead look for other workable options. [19:13] Ceci’s career journey and how she ended up in her current business as a child of trauma. [25:18] The importance of having an accountability community when working from home. [32:22] The top three things that explain what she does to help solopreneurs with their processes. [41:11] Tips on the qualities you need to look for in a counselor/ therapist/ coach to avoid being wrong. [48:26] Why you shouldn’t let benchmarks set by other people determine how you run your business. Standout Quotes: “The reality is that success is often lined with the road of discomfort.”- Ceci Garrett [13:30] “If you’re an entrepreneur, your number one responsibility is yourself because you can’t help anybody with anything if you’re not taking care of yourself.”- Ceci Garrett [29:11] “The point of solopreneurship being in business by yourself for yourself is because you didn’t fit well somewhere else.”- Ceci Garrett [49:00] Check out her Community group, Exousia Sisterhood, in Mighty Networks:  Her freebie for entrepreneurs is her FB group--Exousia Sisterhood:  Know someone with a hoarding issue? Go check out the website:  A freebie workbook for adult children who have a parent who hoards (PWH). To learn more about Ceci and her offerings, check out her stuff below:  - Email:  - Facebook: - Instagram: @1weespark  - Website: - LinkedIn:   - Phone: 509-418-9860   Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode:  - Brittany Ratelle (Legal Templates, gets you 30% of any item) - (Project/Task Management)
August 17, 2022
Marketing Strategy For Online Businesses with Gee Ranasinha
Join me this week as we go in depth with Gee Ranasinha and his role as CEO of his Marketing Agency KEXINO.   Gee Ranasinha bio:   Gee is the CEO of KEXINO, an award-winning marketing agency that helps start-ups and small businesses grow awareness, reputation, trust - and sales. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Marketing, Gee is also Visiting Professor at a European business school, teaching Marketing and Behavioral Economics to final-year MBA students. Outside of work Gee loves to cook, listens to music on a ridiculously expensive hi-fi, and plays jazz piano very badly. He also has a particularly annoying habit of talking about himself in the third person.  To learn more about Gee and his offerings, check out his stuff below:   - Email:  - Facebook: - Instagram: - Twitter: - Pinterest: - YouTube: - Website: - LinkedIn: - Phone: 1-312-725-9289   Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode:   - Tailwind (referral period from 90-180 days):  - Cinchshare (extra 2 week free trial, for a total of 30 days):    Make sure to check me out on other socials as well:   - Email:  - Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod  - Catalyst Consulting Instagram: @catalystconsultingservice  - Website: - Podcast Facebook: - Catalyst Consulting Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Spotify:   - Apple Podcasts: - Google Podcasts:   - YouTube Channel:
August 03, 2022
Tax Basics for Business Owners with Randy Crabtree
Join me this week as we go in depth with Randy Crabtree and his role as Co-Founder and Partner at Tri-Merit.    Randy Crabtree bio:   Randy Crabtree, co-founder and partner of Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals, is a widely followed author, lecturer and podcast host for the accounting profession. Since 2019, he has hosted the bi-weekly “The Unique CPA,” podcast, which ranks among the world’s 10% most popular programs (Source: Listen Score). You can find articles from Randy in Accounting Today’s Voices column, the AICPA Tax Adviser and he is a regular presenter at conferences and virtual training events hosted by CPAmerica, Prime Global, Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), Allinial Global and several state CPA societies. Crabtree also provides continuing professional education to top 100 CPA firms across the country.   Schaumburg, Illinois-based Tri-Merit is a niche professional services firm that specializes in helping CPAs and their clients benefit from tax credits and incentives including R&D tax credits, cost segregation, energy efficient incentives (179D and 45L), and the employee retention credit (ERC).  Prior to joining Tri-Merit, Crabtree was managing partner of a CPA firm in the greater Chicago area. He has more than 30 years of public accounting and tax consulting experience in a wide variety of industries and has worked closely with top executives to help them optimize their tax planning strategies.   To learn more about Randy and his offerings, check out his stuff below:   - Email:  - Facebook:   - Website: - LinkedIn:    Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode:   - Freshbooks (save 70% for 3 months):   - Quickbooks (save 30% for 6 months):   Make sure to check me out on other socials as well:    - Email:  - Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod  - Catalyst Consulting Instagram: @catalystconsultingservice  - Website: - Podcast Facebook: - Catalyst Consulting Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Spotify:   - Apple Podcasts: - Google Podcasts:   - YouTube Channel:
July 27, 2022
The Power of Never Selling Yourself Short with Michael Juergens
Join me this week as we go in depth with Michael Juergens and discuss his wine and rum companies, as well as his book "Drinking and Knowing Things." Michael Juergens bio: "You know that one friend you have that knows wayyyyy more than anyone should know about some super esoteric topic that no one else gives a shit about? Like every Philadelphia Eagles statistic from the 1990s, or a bunch of obscure bands that no one has heard of, or the intimate details of the WWI battle of Whogivesafuckistan, or the plot of every Simpsons episode. And usually they are an insufferable know-it-all prick about the topic and they shove it down your throat every chance they get. I’m that guy. Except with wine. I’ve spent the last twenty-five years reading, studying, and traveling all over the world to wine regions, meeting the people and drinking the wine, and generally being an obsessive asshole about the topic. If you want more cred, I’m also a certified sommelier. And a certified specialist of wine. More importantly, I’m on deck to become America’s 46th person ever to qualify as a Master of Wine. If I can pass the final goddamn tasting exam. I started Drinking & Knowing Things for my friends who wanted to get more into wine, without having to spend any time actually studying or reading anything (I have lazy piece of shit friends). The point is to make wine fun and interesting again, without any of the winedouchery, and also the ability to drink copious amounts of it without having to follow any of the “rules”." To learn more about Michael Juergens and his offerings, check out his stuff below: - Email: - Instagram: @drinkingandknowing - Website: - LinkedIn: Michael Juergens | LinkedIn Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode: - Quickbooks: (save 30% for 6 months) - Cinchshare: (get an extra 2 weeks added to free trial, for a total of 30 days) Make sure to check me out on other socials as well: - Email: - Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod - Catalyst Consulting Instagram: @catalystconsultingservice - Website: - Podcast Facebook: - Catalyst Consulting Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Spotify: - Apple Podcasts: - YouTube Channel:
July 20, 2022
Finding Your Zone of Genius with Dot Rock
Join me this week as we go in depth with Dot Rock and her business as a Business Consultant, specializing in scaling and hiring! Dot Rock bio: Dot Rock is a creative, analytical visionary and combines her love for numbers and patterns with her love for people, working as both a CPA and HR professional. She is passionate about streamlining businesses by analyzing numbers and people. She began her career working as an auditor with KPMG International, where she gained invaluable training and exposure to a variety of industries and Fortune 500 companies. After studying and passing the CPA exam, she soon realized that working in public accounting was too focused on numbers and didn’t have enough people contact for her extrovert self to thrive. She moved on to work as a small business owner, a Finance Director and HR Director for many organizations, teach accounting at the collegiate level, and has even worked for a rocket engine test facility. Having worked for and audited many industries, Dot is able to see businesses from an aerial, big picture view and help them implement best practices. Dot has a passion for helping small businesses thrive by taking away the burden of the human resources and accounting dilemmas that they face, and she has fun doing it. When Dot isn’t helping you, she is living her dream life as a boy mom and an avid dog lover and adventurer. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, CrossFit, yoga, skiing, mountain biking, cooking, reading and even flying! She’s not your typical CPA - at work or outside of it! To learn more about Dot Rock and her offerings, check out her stuff below: - Email: - Facebook: Dot Clemens | Facebook - Instagram: Dot Rock-HR & Scaling Strategy (@dot_rock_) - Website: Dot Rock Consulting - LinkedIn: Dot Clemens | LinkedIn - Phone: (970)903-5030 Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode: - Brittany Ratelle, Legal Templates (30% off any item): - Bambee, HR System: Make sure to check me out on other socials as well: - Email: - Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod - Catalyst Consulting Instagram: @catalystconsultingservice - Website: - Podcast Facebook: - Catalyst Consulting Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Spotify: - Apple Podcasts: - YouTube Channel:
July 13, 2022
Insurance For Business Owners with Dezirea Blumig
Join me this week as we go in depth with Dezirea Blumig and her job as an insurance agent, especially when it comes to having insurance within your business. And also her own business as a laser designer!    Dezirea Blumig bio:  Insure your business to ensure your long-term success and safety. Learn about all things insurance - business, life, home, etc. from Dezirea Blumig with Country Financial!  Dezirea is passionate about educating business owners and entrepreneurs about how insurance works & how to make sure they have the BEST policy to protect their businesses (and cars, and trucks, and even homes), not just the cheapest policy.  To learn more about Dezirea and her offerings, check out her stuff below:   -Email:  -Phone: (509) 701-8720  -Spokane Laser Designer Facebook: -Insurance Company Facebook: -Instagram:  Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode:   -Gusto (use my link for a $100 VISA gift card): -Freshbooks (signup for free trial):    Make sure to check me out on other socials as well:  -Email:  -Podcast Instagram: @buildingbetterbusinesspod  -Catalyst Consulting Instagram: @catalystconsultingservice  -Website: -Podcast Facebook: -Catalyst Consulting Facebook: -LinkedIn:
July 06, 2022
The Science Behind Mindset Transformation with Cyrina Talbott
Join me this week as we go in depth with Cyrina Talbott about mental health struggles, types of therapy, and how all of that can play in a role when starting or running your own business.  Cyrina Talbott Bio Cyrina Talbott is the founder of The Mindset Transformation Company and creator of the Kick Ass Life Program. She works with people that want to get to the next level in life, to be able to heal the past, master mindset and emotions and trust their intuition so they can have a kick ass life and do the things they are here on this planet to do. She has 4 teenage girls, a very patient husband of 20 years and loves nature, history, and economics, along with all things healing.  Freebie: Kick Overwhelm to the Curb ( To learn more about Cyrina and her offerings, check out her stuff below: Email: Website: Cyrina Talbott Facebook: The Mindset Transformation Company | Facebook Instagram: Cyrina Talbott LinkedIn: (40) Cyrina Talbott | LinkedIn Check out my featured affiliate ads from today's episode: Less Annoying CRM: - Task/Project Management System:
June 29, 2022
Finding Your Passion & Purpose with Jen Shultz
In 2010 Jen Shultz, Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ found herself battling anxiety and depression. During this dark time, she received an intuitive persistent message urging her to create a business and generate an income on her own terms. That year, Jen went against all "safe norms", followed the call, and quit her full-time teaching job to become self-employed. For over 8 years Jen has been educating and coaching High-Level Women who are willing to do whatever it takes (including admitting they don’t know it all) so they can successfully quit their job, stand on their own two feet, and pursue their Non-Nine-to-Five purpose faster than they would ever be able to on their own. Jen is a highly intuitive educator and coach as well as a national speaker on a mission to empower as many women as she can to stop feeling stuck in the 9-5 grind and strongly step into successfully self-employed work. Jen holds a BA in Communication (University at Albany), MA in Special & General  Education (New York University) and is a certified professional coach through iPEC  (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). To learn more about Jen and check out her offerings: Email: Website: Social Media Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Video + Audio Clips: 1 Minute Teaching (Video): KXAN Interview (Video): own-business-with-jen-shultz-of-the-non-nine-to-five/ Podcast Interview (Audio): staying-with-your-business-mission/id1474104464?i=1000532925774
December 30, 2021
Effectively Leveraging Your Team's Strengths with Bob Cox
On this episode, Kristin chats with Bob Cox about leadership, identifying your team's strengths, and how to effectively leverage the individuals for the greater strength of the group. Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Bob Cox is a principled and creative businessman with laser-focused commitment to improving performance.  He is exceptionally proud of his role as father to two boys and husband to a phenomenal lady. Bob’s career has taken differing paths that have all led him to finding his calling, building high-performing human capital with clients across various industries and markets.  His career started in the unrelenting electrical wholesaling business as a sales professional.  He invested 9 years growing market share in the Baltimore-DC region.  Bob felt the pull to transition into public education.  He earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University and spent the next 9 years teaching history and economics to high schoolers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.   During this time he also tackled coaching football, baseball and girls & boys basketball. A former manager called Bob and lured him back into the business world with the promise of combining his specialized skill set and passion for learning in a role focused on Talent Development and Talent Acquisition.  Bob spent the next 9 years building talent and development programs that helped his employer grow by 22%.  In 2020, Bob started his solopreneur adventure building high-performing human capital and helping leaders and individual contributors maximize impact in their work.  Bob has arrived at a place in his career where he can focus his energy on being a trusted advisor, coach and mentor to business leaders. To get in touch with Bob: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @BobCoxUnited Email:
December 23, 2021
Living In Your Ideal Entrepreneur Zone with Lisa Robbin Young
On this week's show, Kristin discusses how to live in your ideal entrepreneur zone with Lisa Robbin Young. They chat about authenticity, and what that can do for your business. Lisa Robbin Young didn't wait to get discovered. She is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and accomplished musician with multiple albums to her credit. Lisa's been featured on Disney+ and is the host of Creative Freedom, a show that's evolved into a book, podcast, and live event series. She helps creative entrepreneurs define and achieve success on their own terms. Lisa believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself – warts, sparkles, and all – so you can Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your SoulTM. Lisa founded Ark Entertainment Media - a business growth consultancy for ambitious creatives who want to become the celebrity of their industry and leave a lasting legacy to future generations. For more ways to connect with Lisa: Creative freedom quiz: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Linkedin:
December 16, 2021
Being Yourself Is Your Superpower with Laura Hulleman
We're joined this week by Laura Hulleman, the creator of the Endotype Formula. Laura and Kristin talk about our unique human formula and how identifying your unique design, what makes you tick creates freedom, peace, and ease. Laura is a powerful truth teller. She lives in a treehouse in Wisconsin with her two sons. Laura has been serially self-employed her whole life and made almost every mistake in the book. A few years ago she even thought about giving up the self-employed life and going to get a JOB (gasp). But she knew that wasn’t going to make her happy. It has only been in the last two years she has realized the difference between self-employed and business ownership. After developing the Endotype Formula, the most comprehensive and advanced personality assessment available at this time, she began helping other self-employed people make the move to business owners. Her personal mission is that everyone simply be themselves as they were designed, nothing more, nothing less. She does this by empowering coaches and entrepreneurs to use the Endotype Formula in a variety of ways. Find out your Endotype for FREE at
December 09, 2021
Figuring Out How Money Works with Jeri Pleticha
On this week's episode, Kristin chats with Jeri Pleticha about how money works and how to become better educated to be able to build the life you dream of. Jeri Pleticha, RN has been married to her best friend for 28 years. She has two adult children. Her daughter Elie is a music composer and her son Mike is in the Navy. If not helping clients strategize their financial goals and needs, she can be found hiking, jet skiing, and enjoying the Northwest where she resides. To connect with Jeri:
December 02, 2021
Emotions - And Boundaries - In Business, with Pat Honiotes
On this week's episode, Kristin chats with Pat Honiotes about the concept of emotions in business (and why they're not bad) as well as developing and honoring boundaries within your space. Pat is a no-nonsense coach/mentor who supports leaders to be the “rascals and renegades” they really are. She encourages them to take risks, face their fears, and build kick-butt businesses… while causing a ruckus and stirring stuff up in the world. Pat’s passion is to support her clients in becoming the “nucleus of their own life” AND when they actually start becoming the central, most important part of their life from which they grow and lead, she celebrates with them. Pat’s coaching philosophy and style focus on giving her clients the opportunity to learn, experience, fail, succeed and grow (both personally and in their business) all the while knowing someone has their back and can help them stand in their power when they need a hand. Links to learn more about Pat: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Clubhouse:
November 25, 2021
Building Healthy, Drama-Free Teams with Kris Langworthy
This week Kristin and her guest - Kris Langworthy - talk about leadership and how to build healthy team cultures without drama. About Kris: "You can overcome tough stuff! In mid 2006 I decided to transition from healthcare to insurance. Right in the middle of that transition I was forced to face an unexpected crisis. On November 26, 2006 our eldest daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. (Definitely not on my 5-year plan!) That diagnosis meant 9 months of intensive chemotherapy and radiation, as well as follow up physical therapy to overcome the side effects of the treatments meant to save her life. It wasn’t easy. Navigating change can be difficult on a good day, but unexpected setbacks can threaten the confidence of any leader. After our daughter’s cancer treatment and rehab was over, I sought out strategies to rebuild my personal and professional focus. During that season I was introduced to coaching. I quickly realized that investing in myself was the best thing I could do for ongoing personal and professional success. Now I seek to return the favor. Today I am on a mission to inspire, equip and empower leaders to pursue their dreams, overcome setbacks, and live fulfilled. ✅ MY EXPERTISE: I am a Certified Leadership Development Consultant/Coach. I utilize several of TTI Success Insights Profile Assessments to help you develop a deeper and richer understanding of yourself and others, so you can be the type of leader you want to be. I also harness my 3Vital Questions certification to equip and empower leaders to shift out of anxiety driven drama triangles into healthy and productive relationships. ✅ WHO I WORK WITH: I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are leaders in their chosen field of expertise so they can experience enduring success in every season of their life, without compromising their integrity or values. ⭐ Business Owners ⭐ Self Employed/Entrepreneurs ⭐ Professional Leaders" To learn more about Kris: LinkedIn: Website:
November 18, 2021
Creating A Simple Content Strategy with Elaine Turso
"Elaine The Brain" Turso joins Kristin this week to talk about how to develop a simple content & marketing strategy. It doesn't have to feel overwhelming or confusing, we promise! Elaine will share tips on repurposing and splintering your content across multiple platforms to maximize your marketing! Elaine has been a creative, self-made, problem-solving entrepreneur since 2001. As the Chief Visionary Partner for the newly founded INsource It Marketing Agency, Elaine enjoys supporting other entrepreneurs with their businesses, getting shit done for them, so they can focus on their zone of genius. Her friends call her "Elaine The Brain" because she gets intuitive "pop rocks" that help people find creative solutions to their problems. She founded the No Excuses Network to motivate and encourage her clients to step out of their comfort zone. She also runs her own podcast (The Potty Mouth Pep Talk) where she provides uplifting and motivational pep talks, that sometimes use colorful sentence enhancers. She is also a co-host of the Life by Design Not Default Podcast with her business bestie K. Paige Engle. She is a Legacy Leader within Polka Dot Powerhouse, a women's organization she has been a part of since 2016. She is the Managing Director for the Diamond Membership level. She was voted the "One to Watch" with an award in 2017. She is a mother to Alexis and Anthony and wife to Mike and dog mom to Paisley, Chloe and her grandpuppy Jax. Her favorite things include: Watching Friends re-runs, Spiced Chai Lattes with almond milk, Mary Poppins, Disneyland, and of course, profanity. To get in touch with Elaine: Phone: 360-621-8524 Email: Website: Facebook: @elaineturso Instagram: @elaineturso
November 11, 2021
Self Care For Entrepreneurs with Liza Lomax
This week, Kristin sits down Liza Lomax to discuss Self Care and why it can be such a challenge for entrepreneurs to integrate into their busy lives. Liza Lomax is a Life Coach who specializes in Emotional Eating and Body Love, helping others embrace their bodies, end emotional eating, lose weight and finally love what they see in the mirror. Liza is also a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, NLP, EFT, TFT, and REBT Practitioner & Speaker. Liza struggled for many years with battles of emotional eating and now is determined to help folks end their battle as well, find their authenticity and love their reflection. Liza and their partner Joy are avid travelers, and are currently locationally independent. They have no pets, no plants, no kids, so why not travel the world. And eventually they will be moving to Europe. To get in touch with Liza, check out their links here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube channel: Linkedin: (63) Liza Lomax | LinkedIn
November 04, 2021
Understanding Payment Processors & Merchant Services with Becky Alby & Trevera Brathwaite
On this week's episode, Kristin chats with Becky Alby & Trevera Brathwaite of Park Place Payments, the only female-owned payment processor in the US. They chat about what payment processing is, how it works, and some very important red flags to keep an eye out for with your merchant services and payment processing. Becky and Trevera are Account Executives with Park Place Payments, a merchant services company that helps Business owners educate themselves and to grow their businesses using payment technology. Park Place Payments was funded to bring more honesty and integrity to the credit card processing industry. Trevera & Becky work to educate business owners about the credit card payment processing industry, and help merchants realize they are in control over their payments. To get in touch with Becky & Trevera: Trevera: Email: Faceboook: Instagram: Becky: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Clubhouse: @becalby
October 28, 2021
How To Manage Your Energy and Reduce Stress as A Business Owner with Carlee Myers
Are you financially unsatisfied and unfulfilled in your business? Maybe it’s because you’re always stressed and disassociating instead of taking time to fully relax. To become a fulfilled and satisfied business owner, you must manage your energy, think clearly, and make the right decisions for yourself. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Carlee Myers, a stress management mentor, trainer, guest expert, and speaker. She helps high-achieving executives, business owners, and managers who feel overworked and exhausted find the peace and freedom they desire. She explains the 5-step stress less method; manage your energy, identify your blocks, create your plan, remove the blocks one by one, and embrace grace. Listen in to learn the difference between ego mind and intuition and how each is meant to guide and keep you safe. You will also learn the importance of having a coach and the elements to look for or avoid in a coach to find your perfect match. What You Will Learn: [0:41] Intro [1:33] Get to know Carlee on both a personal and professional level. [4:00] How Carlee’s childhood trauma and struggle with PTSD led her to stress management. [9:13] The unfulfilled and financially unsatisfied entrepreneurs that she works with. [12:24] The stress less method – removing blocks and the root cause of your issues. [19:49] How your intuition is always there for you vs. the ego-mind, which guides you to always be on the move. [25:13] The ego-mind is more for the physical realm to keep us safe rather than the abstract things. [26:59] Energy management with creative stress reduction to get you into rest and digestion mode. [29:47] Learning how to stop disassociating and take a step back to fully relax. [41:39] The elements to determine if a coach is right for you or not. [53:07] Carlee on her new clients’ orientation process and the 5-step stress less method. [57:30] How to manage your energy and do the deep work to find success as a business owner. [58:59] Carlee on the resources she wishes she knew as a new entrepreneur. Standout Quotes: “There’s a deeper reason why you’re struggling and why you don’t have money.”- Carlee [14:40] “We are all on a journey and the journey is a spiral, not a straight line.”- Carlee [56:54] Relevant Links: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram:
October 21, 2021
How To Focus on Effectively Running Your Business with Sara Torpey
Are you running your business in ways that authentically work for you? To be successful in running your business, you must first determine what works for you and prioritize what matters to your business. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Sara Torpey, business coach for former teachers and service-based business owners who are over struggling to make money. She started as a middle school math teacher for many years before she discovered she was good at shifting people and slowly started a coaching business. Listen in to learn the importance of having things that matter for your business and learning to mainly focus on them to grow your business. You will also learn how to authentically market and sell in a way that effectively works for you. What You Will Learn: [0:40] Intro [1:43] Get to know Sarah and some of her fun facts. [5:20] How Sarah helps teachers translate teaching skills into business skills and vice versa. [9:57] How she shifted from a middle school math teacher to a business coaching practice owner. [14:50] When she realized she needed the responsibility of managing her own time. [16:59] The importance of delegating tasks you don’t like plus having the courage to change your mind. [23:00] Learn to honor taking breaks from work to avoid the toxic hustle culture. [31:57] How to evaluate the problem you think you have and what matters now, to lean into the important things. [37:08] The three most important things that matter for Sarah’s business and how she tracks them. [42:02] How to market by speaking to potential clients in a way that suits you as a business owner. [49:47] How to determine the sales strategy that works for you and is effective. [55:25] Learn to ask for help, own your expertise, and don’t sign up to a lot of things. [1:05:17] The resources such as coaching that Sarah wishes she discovered sooner. Standout Quotes: “Sometimes we tell ourselves that the workday needs to be longer, but they actually need to be shorter.”- Sarah [28:03] “We all get to decide what are the two or three most important things are.”- Sarah [37:22] “When trying to prioritize things, prioritize the things that get you paid faster.”- Kristin [40:49] “Nothing was ever lost by asking for help.”- Sarah [55:39] Relevant Links: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:
October 14, 2021
Building a Strategic Website with Isabel Kateman
Does your business website perfectly represent who you are and what you do? Do your target clients feel emotionally connected to the design and content you present to them on your website? For your website to convert, every piece of it must resonate with your target audience, from the design to the copy. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Isabel Kateman. She’s the founder of Striped Dog Creative where she does deliberate website design and strategic storytelling for bold entrepreneurs. She works with female service-based entrepreneurs helping them design websites that allow them to connect emotionally with their clients in only 3 weeks. Listen in to learn the importance of creating copy that quickly and efficiently resonates with your target client to convert them. You will also learn the value of having written copy on your website to compliment your video content. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [1:45] Get to know Isabel – her life, what she loves to do, and a fun fact about her. [5:31] How she helps female entrepreneurs create websites that emotionally connect with their clients. [8:28] How she grew Striped Dog Creative from a side hustle to a full-time purposeful business. [13:03] The most common mistakes business owners make with their websites. [17:43] The importance of website design and copy to engage and convert your target customer. [21:48] How she helps her clients be vulnerable and paint a picture of the results they’ll give their clients. [24:13] Tips on how to make your website crystal clear with your goals and calls to action. [25:36] Why you should complement your video content with written content on your website. [30:21] Look at the value of a well-done website when paying more to get it done. [37:38] The functionality differences between a website designer, developer, and a builder. [40:14] The things to pay attention to when working with a website designer or and developer. [43:15] How to learn from your mistakes and do better next time as a business owner. [44:39] Isabel on why she wishes she’d have delved into podcast listening earlier on in her business. Standout Quotes: “It’s really important, especially now that so many people are visiting sites on mobile to just keep things as simple, as clear, and as concise as possible.”- Isabel [14:58] “A well-done website can feel like an extra team member on your team.”- Isabel [32:50] “It’s important to match personality and working styles with anyone that you hire.”- Isabel [40:28] “I don’t think you should swap free information for hiring professionals.”- Isabel [44:51] Relevant Links: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
October 07, 2021
How to Effectively Market to Your Target Audience with Seth Donlin
Are you using the right marketing strategy to attract the right customers? To effectively communicate to your audience, you have to consider aspects such as emotions and humanity as part of your marketing strategy. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Seth Donlin of Awen Coaching. He’s a marketing & communications coach and B2C marketing consultant who helps sport & fit pros attract and build trust with their ideal audiences. He explains why it is important to understand your customers’ real problem, and not just the symptoms of it, to better help them find a solution and add value. Listen in to learn the importance of marketing yourself and your brand on an emotional level rather than in an intellectual way. You will also learn how to use authentic and emotional storytelling to connect with potential customers during the marketing stage. What You Will Learn: [0:40] Intro [1:24] Get to know Seth – the people-focused former journalist and currently a marketing expert. [4:40] The importance of being aware of the problem plaguing your business and not just the symptoms. [10:30] Three ways entrepreneurs ineffectively communicate and market to their audience. [19:45] The value of understanding and relating to your clients’ problem so it’s easier to help them solve it. [28:54] How to use authentic storytelling to connect with your target audience when marketing. [36:29] How to relate your marketing strategy with humanity using authentic vulnerability. [44:31] Why you should market to a specific crowd and not to everyone. [51:51] The common mistakes that entrepreneurs make with their marketing strategies. [58:30] The importance of providing real value to your clients on social media. [1:11:23] Learn to push towards risks that might bring failure and let lack of success fuel you next time. Standout Quotes: “People make most of their buying decisions based predominantly on emotional triggers.”- Seth [13:33] “People buy from people much more than they buy from companies.”- Seth [40:30] “Don’t try to be attractive to everybody out there you’ll get nowhere.”- Seth [48:31] “One of the biggest ways to hold yourself back in growth is in being scared to take the risks that might lead to failure.”- Seth [1:12:48] Relevant Links: Website: LinkedIn:
September 30, 2021
Living JOYfully to combat burnout with Janifer Wheeler
Would you like to shift your role from the burned-out business owner to the free and joyful business owner? To achieve a JoyFull workplace culture, you have to efficiently build a team and shift what needs to be done to avoid burnout. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Janifer Wheeler. She’s the founder of The JOYFull BadAss Business Academy™, an award-winning international speaker, and facilitator. She teaches badass female business owners how to use joy as a business strategy so they can eliminate chronic stress that leads to burnout. Janifer explains how she shifted from a school teacher and created an eLearning Academy to help business owners find joy in their work. Listen in to learn why you shouldn’t try to know everything as a business owner but only know enough, to run your business joyously. Click here to get Janifer's Productivity Toolkit Bundle! To book an appointment to chat with Janifer, click here! What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [1:05] Get to know Janifer – hobbies, family life, and her introverted soul. [4:44] How she teaches female business owners to move from overworked to overjoyed. [7:28] Why she made her eLearning program a space people can adapt for themselves. [11:49] How she went from being a school teacher to creating an eLearning Academy to help business owners. [16:09] JoyFull BadAssery – what makes you who you are. [19:01] How to make joy a business strategy by finding your zone of genius. [22:51] Understand that you can show up authentically in your business without having to compromise. [26:58] The difference between joy and happiness and why the former is a mindset shift. [32:02] She describes the above and below the joy line process and how it can help redesign your life. [36:31] The importance of having processes and structure to give you something to work with. [44:12] Why you should ask for help and trust the hires to do their job without you trying to learn everything. [48:41] The lessons Janifer has learned as a businesswoman and wishes she had known earlier. Standout Quotes: “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I want to nor should I, because to be an expert takes a long time.”- Janifer [19:24] “Ask for help and then trust the help to do what you’ve hired them to do.”- Janifer [44:48] Relevant Links: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Email: Linktree: CEO/Founder of JFBBA | Linktree
September 23, 2021
How Find & Share Your Authentic Voice with Pixie Grace
Is it time for you to get a coach to help your business progress to the next level? For you to progress in many aspects of your business, it is important you hire a coach to support in positioning your brand. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Pixie Grace, a personal branding coach. She helps entrepreneurs master their Million Dollar Message and create an irresistible personal brand. She explains how she left the corporate world and got into coaching at only 25 by finding someone who guided her. Listen in to learn the importance of having a coach to help you progress your business to the next level by providing you with the necessary support. You will also learn the different things you should look for in a coach before hiring one for your business. What You Will Learn: [0:40] Intro [1:16] Get to know what Pixie Grace does and some fun facts about her. [4:51] She explains how she got into the coaching business helping entrepreneurs with branding. [9:01] The benefits of hiring a coach to help you progress your business to the next level. [10:59] The steps you need to keep in check to find the right coach for your business. [15:22] Some damaging myths about coaching and the real truth behind them. [20:50] The different things you should pay attention to before hiring a business coach. [26:07] How to be clear and cohesive in how you show up as a brand online. [28:59] How to stay patient as a business owner and always file your taxes. [31:34] Pixie Grace on the resources that have made her better in business. Standout Quotes: “The right coach is going to know how to get you to the next point without you having to spend a lot of time trying to figure out on your own.”- Pixie [9:25] “We need to be in a position where we’re hiring other people and this just gives us more of the ability to continue growing.”- Pixie [17:44] “If you give in to the idea that you’re not enough because somebody else’s journey is different than yours and you lose the patience, you’re going to lose out on so much more.”- Pixie [30:27] Relevant Links: Facebook: Join Pixie Grace’s Membership Program:
September 16, 2021
How to Have a Cashflow Management System as A Small Business with John Briggs
Do you have an effective cash flow management system in your business? It is important to have a cash flow management system that allows you to separate your financial commitments easily so that you’re not overwhelmed as a business owner and your business remains healthy. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have John Briggs, the tax genius at Incite Tax. They provide tax services with a market focus on small business owners and investors. He explains all things taxes for small businesses, plus how to approach the cash flow management system. Listen in to learn the importance of paying attention to your business expenses and having cash leftovers to keep your business healthy longer. You will also learn why you should find an accountant that’s saving you more in taxes than it costs to retain them. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [1:17] Get to know John the family man, the small business advocate, plus a fun fact about him. [3:38] How he helps small businesses reduce their taxable income and have a cash flow management system. [7:06] How to have a cash flow management system so as not to be financially overwhelmed as a business owner. [14:43] John on how he started and established his business in the small business niche. [24:09] The importance of having cash leftovers as a business owner to make your business healthier. [33:00] Some major myths about taxes that you shouldn’t believe in as a business owner. [39:53] Some tax write-offs mistakes that most business people commit and how to be smart about it. [45:31] The different viable business entities and ways that money gets left on the table. [52:10] The importance of having a business coach to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. [56:00] How to have a weekly team meeting to ensure you stay informed and connected. Standout Quotes: “If you want to leave a legacy, whether that’s the ability to sell your business or walk away and let it function without you, you have to have cash leftovers.”- John [24:20] “A good accountant should be saving you more in taxes and in growth retention than what their fees cost you.”- John [36:31]
September 09, 2021
Helping Entrepreneurs Start and Grow Small Businesses with Sarah Truglio
Are you in the process of starting your small business? Or maybe you have already started, but you’re not established yet? What if you found the business support or coach that you need to help you make the process easier? Programs such as Small Business Development Centers (SBDA) and SBA are committed to helping entrepreneurs start and grow small businesses. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Sarah Truglio, a certified business advisor at WSBDC. Her role is to provide in-depth business counseling and coaching for new small and existing businesses. She explains how she fell in love with helping small businesses grow and how she gets involved in making the process easier for entrepreneurs. Listen in to learn the importance of going through the right hiring process to hire the right people for your new small business. You will also learn the importance of maintaining a supportive relationship with your lender and bank as a small business owner. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [2:28] Get to know Sarah the family woman, lover of art, and a fun fact about her. [4:38] Sarah explains how she helps entrepreneurs as a certified business advisor with the WSBDC. [6:01] When she fell in love with working with small businesses and providing them with resources. [7:46] Why she enjoys helping people start with their business projects and make the process easier. [13:57] The strengths and weaknesses assessment tests that entrepreneurs take at WSBDC. [15:49] The four big mistakes that business owners make when starting, according to Sarah. [22:31] How they help small businesses go through the right hiring process for them. [28:46] The complex process of going through a lender when starting as an entrepreneur. [36:41] The different places to look for startups grants to support your business. [38:42] How WSBDC helps women-owned and minority businesses get certified. [42:25] Tips on how to approach starting a business to have a successful beginning. [46:21] How to recognize business failure and when to bring in a professional to help you. [51:10] Sarah on where to find easily accessible business resources for startups. Standout Quotes: “Probably eighty-five percent of startup businesses are self-funded, most banks don’t want to take the risk.”- Sarah [32:44] “You really need to make sure that you’re working with people that want to work with you and support you as a small business.”- Sarah [34:30] “People have to stop looking at failure as a bad thing; it’s a growth experience, and it’s not always a bad thing.”- Sarah [49:16]
September 02, 2021
How to Change a Scarcity Mindset with Teresa Romain
What beliefs are you holding onto as an entrepreneur and are stopping you from living abundantly? To have an abundant life and business, you have to change your beliefs about money and the habits you have developed over the years. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Teresa Romain. She’s an abundance coach at Access Abundance and has had her business for the last 25 years. She advocates for women in their 40s and above who experience scarcity with money. She explains how entrepreneurs operate on scarcity that stops them from living the life they want and having the business they want. Listen in to learn how to find your identity without getting attached to whether you become successful in your business or not. You will also learn the importance of having supportive limits when it comes to investing money and time in your business. What You Will Learn: [0:35] Intro [1:31] Get to know Teresa as a person, what she likes to do, and some fun facts about her. [6:10] How she helps entrepreneurs manage their money and change their relationship with it. [9:46] How to change your beliefs about money to be successful with it. [13:31] Teresa narrates how her financial struggles led her to become an abundance coach. [24:08] How to check your body and be aware of how scarcity is showing up in your life. [31:38] How to shift your focus and be disciplined when experiencing procrastination. [37:47] Learning to be free with who you are without getting attached to being exceptional. [43:40] Stop pushing different things at the same time and instead focus on one goal at a time. [53:15] How not to connect your value to money to develop better money habits. [58:02] Tips on how to become an abundant business owner [1:05:55] The importance of having a conscious budget when starting your business. Standout Quotes: “The relationship that entrepreneurs have with money far too often is one of scarcity, and they think that more money is the answer to it and it’s not.”- Teresa [7:02] “Scarcity isn’t just not enough money; scarcity is when you have money, but you’re still afraid around money.”- Teresa [8:16] “Knowing how to use whatever money you have, whoever large or small that amount, is part of the answer too.”- Teresa [53:45]
August 26, 2021
How To Become an Intentional Leader in Your Business with Shawna Schuh
What type of leader do you show up as in your business? Becoming a successful leader requires being intentional in the risks you take and the environment you create for your team to be the best they can be. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Shawna Schuh, a leadership and executive coach. She advocates for her clients and is uncompromising about working towards their betterment. She explains what it takes to be an intentional leader who leads their team to suitable company culture. Listen in to learn the value of trusting your team to do their job without micromanaging. You will also learn how to be a fair and consistent leader to build an environment where your team is motivated. What You Will Learn: [0:36] Intro [1:13] Get to know Shawna the person, and a few fun facts about her. [3:01] How she advocates for leaders in whatever they need to achieve in their journey. [4:44] Shawna on how she got into coaching and why she loves doing it. [7:21] Why you shouldn’t make the mistakes of not hiring help or a coach to support you. [9:33] Learning how to trust the people you hire without micromanaging them. [15:39] How to become a level five leader and be successful in your business. [19:45] How to build a culture that puts the responsibility of finding solutions on your team. [30:18] Building a culture and environment that allows your team to be motivated all by themselves. [39:18] The importance of being fair and consistent as a leader for your team to show up in the same way. [46:18] The personal growth you achieve as you grow as a business owner. [49:03] How to be an intentional leader in business and life to build your dream life. Standout Quotes: “We think we can do it all, and we cannot do it all.”- Shawna [7:28] “Who you hire has a lot to do with how that culture evolves.”- Shawna [20:15] “People whether they acknowledge it or not need some sort of recognition.”- Shawna [36:56] “When you take the risk to be in business, you take the risk to serve.”- Shawna [50:24] Links: FREE Quiz - Discover Your Leadership Blindspot:
August 19, 2021
The Value of Getting Legal Assistance for Your Business with Lisa Sigman
Are you currently involving a business attorney to help you with the legal aspects of your business? There are so many business aspects that require legal assistance, and one of the biggest and most valuable decision you can make for your business is to involve legal expertise. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, Lisa Sigman. She’s a partner at Nobles and Sigman, a woman-owned law firm, where she works as a primary care attorney for small businesses. Her main focus is working with women-owned and operated businesses. She explains how she started her practice and why she’s set it up in a system that meets clients where they are. Listen in to learn the benefits of getting a business attorney involved in your business to help you keep everything legitimate. You will also learn the value of finding the right people to help you in your business so you can focus on other things. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [1:56] Get to know Lisa- the primary care attorney and mom of two. [3:45] Why she decided to go to law school after hating her job as an MRI specialist. [5:38] The legal work she helps clients with, focusing mostly on women business owners in different sectors. [8:54] Why she started her first law practice straight out of law school before starting her now business. [12:49] Why you shouldn’t make the mistake of not involving legal expertise in your business. [19:09] How she set up a practice where she meets her clients where they are virtual. [28:11] The three most common legal questions that Lisa gets from clients. [34:02] The process of creating a legal business agreement between you and a client as a coach. [37:54] The power of legally branding your business to look legitimate for your clients. [41:06] Why she enjoys working with small businesses and seeing them grow to greater heights. [44:03] Tips on how to recognize a legitimate attorney who knows what they’re doing. [48:10] Lisa’s advice on how to be effective and productive as a business owner. [52:45] The importance of embracing online resources as a new business owner. Standout Quotes: “Law can be so much more accessible to people if we can change the way we do it.”- Lisa [22:08] “You’ll know someone knows what they’re doing if other people are recommending them.”- Lisa [44:27] “Learn how to ask for help, learn how to find the right people to do it, and budget for it.”- Lisa [50:03]
August 12, 2021
How to Achieve Financial Fitness in Your Business with Tracey Bissett
Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure you and your business remain financially fit? Taking the journey to financially educate yourself is an important step to change the trajectory of your business and your life. To achieve financial fitness, you must practice patience and kindness with yourself. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Tracey Bissett. She’s the Chief Financial Fitness Trainer of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc., where she educates and empowers individuals, notably young adults, and entrepreneurs to take control of and live their financial lives with confidence. Tracey explains how to approach business finances by financially educating yourself to achieve business growth. Listen in to learn the importance of being accountable for your business’s finances to help you run it effectively. You will also learn the importance of working on the mindset blocks you have about money to charge your worth in business. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [0:56] Get to know Tracey- her love for money and background in financial education. [4:04] How she educates individuals and entrepreneurs in group and one-on-one coaching. [5:07] How she got into helping people take the fear out of money and instead gain knowledge. [6:54] The three main money mistakes that business owners make that hinder business growth. [9:42] How to get a handle on your cash flow process with your clients to stay in business. [13:56] How to approach your financial learning journey and better understand your business. [17:31] How to assess your financial position to ensure your business is making money. [19:33] How to start from the bottom up plus change your mindset to better approach the pricing strategy. [25:36] Tips on what to consider when setting up the pricing strategy. [29:51] The importance of getting support and being flexible as a business owner to be successful. [33:14] Tracey on why you should hire as soon as you can afford, to expand your business. Standout Quotes: “You can be profitable on paper, but if you have clients paying you later after delivering, you can actually go out of business in that time if they’re not paying you during the delayed period.”- Tracey [8:38] “Hire as quickly as you can afford to, and it doesn’t mean full-time people.”- Tracey [33:31] Relevant Links: LinkedIn: Get Your Gift:
August 05, 2021
Having Goals Worth Failing For with Amira Alvarez
How do you stop overcomplicating your journey to business success? How do you achieve your goals faster than you’ve ever thought possible and become a seven-figure earner? To make this possible, you need a business plan, but at the base of everything, you need to become aware of how your subconscious is driving you. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Amira Alvarez. She’s the founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman®, a global coaching company helping thousands of driven women, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals achieve their financial breakthrough. Amira explains how she found business success by unparking her subconscious patterns and changing her identity piece. Listen in to learn how to scale your business and achieve your goals faster by being a quick decider and ready to take risks. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [1:16] Get to know Amira- her unstoppable love for her business and life. [2:45] How she learned to shift and commit to her personal life more after doing it in her business. [8:43] How to achieve what you set your mind to by committing to it and letting go of fear. [10:56] Amira shares her business success journey and how she now helps women achieve their goals than they think possible. [17:00] How to change your identity piece about your self-image to get different business than you’ve always gotten. [21:55] How to have a goal worth failing for, be ready to take risks, and be a quick decider to achieve goals faster. [28:50] How she helps people unpack subconscious patterns to get to the success they want. [36:38] Amira explains how she shifted her mindset completely by starting with micro decisions. [44:44] How to come up with a strategy to help you make more money and fast-track your experience. [48:20] Amira mentions a few resources that can help kickstart your personal and business growth. [51:31] Be an unstoppable woman by figuring out what’s stopping you to live out for more. Standout Quotes: “The subconscious idea of who we are is what directs what we’re able to achieve in our lives and the level of commitment we’ll have to it.”- Amira [3:37] “If you need safety, security, and certainty so much that you’re not willing to make a mistake, you will not succeed.”- Amira [23:04] “Figure out how to move through the places that stop you and be unstoppable.”- Amira [52:20]
July 22, 2021
Gain Productivity With Workflow Automation with Rich Schnitzel
Do you plan on getting your business to the next level? Or maybe you want to significantly reduce your working hours? How about trying automation? Automation when done authentically and consciously, is a great additional resource to help build your business. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Rich Schnitzel, the owner of Bow Tie Bots, a company that helps entrepreneurs automate their businesses with authenticity and consciously. Rich explains the meaning of Authencious Automation and the value of automation in your business growth journey. An engineer, nerd, and a husband to a English/Theater major, he excels at having technical conversations when tech makes your head hurt. A skill he uses to guide entrepreneurs through the process of automating their business in positive and impactful ways. Listen in to learn how automation can be a different tool to add to your business just like building a team. You will also why you need to understand the operations and workflow in your business before you start automating. What You Will Learn: [0:36] Intro [1:22] Get to know Rich professionally and personally. [2:47] Rich’s fun side- he knows how to and enjoys building houses from the ground up. [4:06] How he helps businesses understand the value of automating operations, plus his background as a mechanical engineer. [9:05] Authencious Automation- how to do automation in your business authentically and consciously. [10:47] The relationship between building a team and automation in business development. [13:24] Why the sales process is the easiest to automate and obtain customer information efficiently. [15:13] A unique business model that Rich is currently helping automate processes. [17:41] The three major features that make good automation for business development. [20:26] The four things you need to consider before you start automating your business. [22:03] How to figure out automation for a larger business, plus how to automate your data as a new business. [27:40] Why you need to make your employees part of the automation process. [32:08] How not to lose sight of why you started your business as an entrepreneur. [34:20] The value of mentorship and mindset coaching as a business owner from the start. [38:48] Rich on the future of automation and his business in the long run. Standout Quotes: “Automation is a different tool that you can use as you start figuring out what your business needs to look like to get to the next level.”- Rich [12:41] “The beauty of automation is that you’re making one percent changes that result in a big outcome.”-Rich [22:31]
July 08, 2021
How to Establish Business Credit with Stephen Wible
Does your business have a business credit profile? Did you know that having a business credit profile is planning for the growth and success of your business? That’s right; business credit is a game-changer that even big companies like the Walmarts and the Amazons of the world are using to finance their business. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, we have Stephen Wible, the Director of Business Development for Credit Suite, a recognized leader in teaching business owners how to “Build Business Credit” that is NOT tied to their social security number. Stephen explains the process of building your business credit profile and the value it offers your business. Listen in to learn the five most critical items your business needs to have, for lenders or creditors to trust you with their money. You will also learn why you should detach your business from your personal credit to protect both the business and your family. What You Will Learn: [0:45] Intro [1:17] Stephen Wible’s career background as a business owner and his role now as an employee. [3:25] Get to know the fun side of Stephen the hobby junkie. [5:04] How to build a business credit profile and the value of it in business development. [8:29] How the lack of business credit can hurt your business even when you’re performing great. [9:34] The five critical items to make it easy for your business to qualify for credit. [19:45] How credit comes looking for you when you build your business credit. [22:06] Why it doesn’t matter whether your creditor reports or not as long as they give you a high credit limit. [23:32] Why your personal credit doesn’t affect your business credit, plus how to lock your personal credit. [25:30] How Credit Suite helps business owners build their business credit score. [28:33] How big companies use credit and small companies to finance their business. [33:10] The importance of protecting your business and your family by building your business credit. [35:57] The importance of surrounding yourself with people smarter than you to learn from them. [38:14] Why you should develop a close relationship with a smaller bank. Standout Quotes: “Even when you’re doing well, the lack of business credit can actually hurt you.”- Stephen Wible [9:27] “Nobody plans to fail but don’t fail to plan.”- Stephen Wible [34:24] “Surround yourself with people who know more than you do; don’t be afraid to be the dumbest one in the room.”- Stephen Wible [37:11]
July 01, 2021
What's Your Plan For The Future? with Marisa Ala
In this episode, Marisa Ala joins us.  She is an attorney and the owner of Ala Law Firm. Marisa’s practice involves defense of complex litigation on behalf of developers and general contractors, including the defense of construction defect claims brought by homeowners’ associations, individual homeowners of single-family homes and commercial sites. On many occasions, Marisa defends her clients against claims involving products liability, mold, toxic torts and environmental issues, and resulting personal injury claims. Marisa’s litigation practice also involves litigation in both state and Federal courts regarding community covenants and controls; contract and indemnification claims; fraud and misrepresentation claims and business torts; insurance coverage litigation; premises liability; fire cause and origin investigations; and real estate matters. Over the last few years, Marisa developed a passion for helping individuals and families secure their financial future through informed estate planning, including a variety of estate planning services such as wills, trusts, living trusts and medical powers of attorney, guardianship documents for minors and disabled persons, conservatorship documents and a variety of other planning services geared towards protecting your family’s financial future.
June 17, 2021
Leveling Up Your Business with Christine Turmbull
In this episode, we have invited Christine Trumbull, Founder of Coaching the Climb. She has worked with hundreds of family-owned, closely-held companies to increase cash flow, grow profits, build better teams, improve employee engagement, and create more satisfaction for everyone. She is a CPA by trade and worked her way through college by working in the private industry. She then founded her CPA firm and focused on business growth, strategy, and improvement.
June 10, 2021
Managing Your Books: Tips & Tricks with Kyle Vines
In this episode, we have invited Kyle Vines, Bookkeeper, and Owner of Talents Bookkeeping LLC. She helps small businesses work more efficiently with their clients by taking the financial side off their plate. Talents Bookkeeping is a virtual bookkeeping firm. They use a Quickbooks certified ProAdvisor bookkeeper.
June 03, 2021
Putting Your Best Face Forward: Branding Strategy with Tanya Goodall Smith
In this episode, we have invited Tanya Goodall Smith, owner and lead photographer at WorkStory Brand Photography. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2004. She worked for 20 years as a graphic designer and art director for brands like HP, GUESS, Universal Studios, and Hollywood. WorkStory offers what she wished she had at her disposal for small business clients all those years ago: an alternative to generic stock photography. Tanya’s experience is broad, and her ability to create imagery appropriate for any brand is considered her strong point.
May 27, 2021
Digital Marketing & Social Media Ads with Nicole Diedrich
Nicole Diedrich, Owner of Diedrich Marketing Strategies, joins us on this episode to discuss all things digital marketing. Nicole and her team help her clients with marketing and social strategies to increase visibility and explode their growth!
May 20, 2021
The Woo & The Do: Planning Your Financial Future with Lizzie Stewart
In this episode, Lizzie Stewart joins us – she is a financial representative and prosperity coach. She was born and raised in Midwest and now resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she. owns her financial practice. Lizzie inspires and strategizes with people by leveraging her purpose, passion, and big dreams, accompanied by the three values that allow her to create a robust relationship with her clients—authenticity, joy, and connection. How Lizzie provides support for entrepreneurs
May 13, 2021
Body Language Tips For Closing Sales with Jason McCarty
In this episode, our guest is Jason McCarty, the Sales Executive of Imperial FPS. He enjoys being a resource in the insurance industry through creativity and teamwork and also enjoys problem-solving and helping his clients make the most out of opportunities. He is a body language expert and has taught business owners and entrepreneurs the knowledge and techniques that he learned in studying body language cues.
May 06, 2021
Virtual Assistant Support – How It Works with Tina Nowick
In this episode, we have invited Tina Nowick from Save The Day Assistant to join us to talk about the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant (or agency) to help you run your business. Tina demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit from a young age when she started her own babysitting business at 14, with homemade flyers and all. After some college experience at San Diego State University, she stepped into the corporate world. Tina spent over a decade working her way up the ladder and acquiring a diverse skill set. After realizing she was not willing to be married to her corporate career, she began to look for ways to work for herself. Tina's first experience in the world of virtual assistant/business management began in 2012, with her sister's highly successful marketing company. From there, she started to learn all about the world of entrepreneurship and small businesses.
April 15, 2021
Nuggets Of Wisdom from a Cool Business Attorney with Brittany Ratelle
In this episode, we have invited Brittany Ratelle to join us. Brittany is a startup and intellectual property attorney who helps modern businesses in the eCommerce, digital marketing, media, tech, and retail space. She also sells curated DIY legal templates in her online shop at With a background in PR, influencer marketing, and law, Brittany helps modern businesses navigate the digital landscape without losing their minds or sense of humor. She believes in the power of cute office supplies and solid contracts and hosts a weekly podcast, Creative Counsel, with business strategy tips and inspiring female founder stories. As a brand protection strategist, she helps clients protect and grow their physical and digital offerings, diversify their revenue streams, and protect boundaries with co-founders, partners, collaborators, and vendors. Brittany lives with her hunky husband and four kiddos in her beautiful hometown of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and loves to ski, read, craft and rock out in her minivan.
April 08, 2021
Podcasting (And Social Media!) For Businesses with Brennon Poynor
In this episode, we have invited Brennon Poynor, he is the owner Spokast! and also has been a longtime podcaster. Brennon has lived in Spokane since 1991. In 2002, he met his wife, and they got married in 2005. He worked for a lawn mowing company for a couple of summers, worked at hotdog on a stick, and Red Robin. He also went to school for graphic design at the Spokane falls community college.
April 01, 2021
Websites, SEO and Digital Marketing, Oh My! with Kara Hooper
In this episode, we have invited Kara Hooper, a Web Designer, Digital Marketer, and SEO Expert. Kara founded KLH Technology Solutions about five years after graduating from college with a Computer Science and Mathematics degree. Kara has created and managed a wide range of custom web design, development, and marketing projects for her clients over the years. KLH continues to innovate and extend its services in response to its customers' needs and evolving technological demands.
March 25, 2021
Marketing Your Authentic Voice with Chris Angell
In this episode, we have invited Chris Angell, the founder, and creator of Groundswell Marketing Agency, a High-Performance Growth Strategies Agency that helps conscious companies stay focused on and build strategies around their Important Work in the world. He helps big thinkers simplify their steps for changing the world. With his vast experience as an excellent business coach, he can draw out your "Important Work" in the world and develop strategies and tactics to expand your influence.
March 18, 2021
Innovation & Growth With A Business Coach with Kendra Gudz
In this episode, we have invited Kendra Gudz, a coach for business owners and individuals. Kendra has been in the coaching field for over 15 years. She started out coaching when she was doing clinical bodywork and realized how much of our emotional selves manifest in our physical body if left unaddressed. She started her first business when she was just 23 and sold it ten years later for six figures while providing coaching support to her successor. She has coached dozens of other small business owners through their journeys and takes pride in being a member of the community and bringing people together.
March 11, 2021
Health Insurance Information for Business Owners with Malia Rogers
In this episode, we have invited Malia Rogers, a nationwide health insurance broker with over 15 years of Award-Winning Customer Care experience. Known for her integrity and passion for helping others, it has given her a great sense of fulfillment. Today, Malia shares the aspects of insurance, debunks myths and misconceptions, and her advice for someone looking for insurance.
March 04, 2021
Market Research and Building a Data Driven Strategy with Mark Pond
In this episode, we have invited Mark Pond, a business research librarian at the Spokane Public Library. Since 2006, Mark has been the business research librarian with the Spokane Public Library. From 1998 to 2006, he worked in a similar capacity for the Seattle Public Library, as well as the University of Washington libraries. In the course of his work at the Spokane public library, Mark has built a world-class collection of freely available business research tools ranging from competitive analysis to sales, lead development, retail site selection, demographics research, to on-demand workforce education.
February 25, 2021
Leadership is a Lifelong Journey with Jeff Conroy
Kristin sits down with Jeff Conroy to talk about leadership and culture within the workplace, and effective ways to integrate guidance, direction, authority and control, without being their babysitter. Hear them discuss that leadership is not an overnight experience and how leadership is not a title.
February 18, 2021