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Built In Africa

Built In Africa

By Built In Africa
Welcome to the Built In Africa Podcast. Built In Africa is a platform dedicated to connecting trailblazers of the African diaspora through the unifying language of Tech. We share stories of developers, designers, those equipping the human talent with a technical skillset, and the entrepreneurs in the Diaspora collaborating with Africa’s tech talent. If you're ready to dive into Africa's tech ecosystem; then you are in the right place. Join in on the conversation with us.
Lori Systems: Shem Ogumbe
Lori Systems, the Nairobi based logistics company, is on a mission to drive down the costs of goods in Africa. We spoke with Shem Ogumbe, Engineering Technical Lead at Lori about being at the forefront of Africa’s logistics industry, the challenges associated with it, and the keys to building successful software solutions in Africa. Check out the full article
November 30, 2020
STEMi Makers Africa: Amanda Obidike
STEMi Makers Africa is a NGO seeks to foster employment and innovation by equipping young africans with STEM emerging tools. We spoke with Amanda Obidike, Founder and Strategy Lead for STEMi Makers Africa, about the importance of STEM education and addressing Africa’s leaky unemployment pipeline. Check out the full article
November 29, 2020
Blossom Academy: Jeph Acheampong
Blossom Academy is training a new generation of African Data Scientists. We spoke with Jeph Acheampong, Blossom Academy's founder about training data scientists in machine learning and data engineering, his vision for Blossom, and more. Check out the full article
November 18, 2020