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Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

By Crystal Cook Marshall, Amelia Bandy, Atlas Charles
On the EDGE Bumps in the Road Podcast we discuss and review the economic, nonprofit, research, and bumps in the road of the rural. We also do in-depth interviews of people rockin' it here in the Appalachian region and beyond.

All proceeds from advertising on Bumps in the Road go to benefit the nonprofit EDGE.

EDGE's projects focus on Southern West Virginia/Southwest Virginia and include Mountain Farm Community Grocery, the EDGE farm training site, and the THRIVE ag and workforce training programs.
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EDGE Co-founder Jason Tartt Discusses Farming in the Coalfields and Mountain Farming
Veteran Jason Tartt returned to McDowell County, West Virginia to farm. Listen to his outlook on mountain farming and its potential locally and regionally.
August 03, 2021
Episode 1 of Bumps in the Road Badxxx Women In Appalachia Series: Interview with Knoxville's own Margo Miller
EDGE's Bumps in the Road podcast starts its non-consecutive series on the many Badaxx Women in Appalachia currently. We know just too many of them not to talk to them about their Bumps in the Road. In this inaugural Badaxx Women in Appalachia episode we learn about Margo Miller's work in Appalachia and beyond, her love of crafting, her creative work, her own bumps in the road, the unique ways the organization she heads accepts submissions for grants, and her commitment to Knoxville, TN and the region. She then discusses "hidden jewels" of Appalachia--its storytellers. Learn more about EDGE, Economic Development Greater East at This episode is hosted by Crystal Cook Marshall and Amelia Bandy--co-founders of the nonprofit EDGE.
March 15, 2021
McDowell County, WV Commissioner Cody Estep Discusses Ambitions for the Region & Why He Ran to be a Public Servant
McDowell County, WV Commissioner Cody Estep discusses being raised on a farm in McDowell County, the issue of tax revenue leaving the county, youth development, the potential for fruit orchard development in McDowell County like there once was, the plans for the Armory in Welch, and the challenges facing the county. Music graciously by Adam Bolt. Follow Adam at: Learn more about Economic Development Great East at  
March 15, 2021
Expert Mining Engineer John Craynon discusses Mineral Industry Outlook in Appalachia with Crystal Cook Marshall and Amelia Bandy of Bumps in the Road
Sustainable mining engineer and WVU professor John Craynon discusses OTHER mining in the region such as Rare Earth, county quarries, and also puts forth a prognosis on the natural gas industry. Craynon also discusses the new Appalachian natural gas fields' moves toward using gas in the region for boutique manufacturing and data centers rather than shipping gas out. We also talk about the real opportunities for remote and at large work in Appalachia. Plus, he lets us know about HIS favorite place in WV more people ought to know about-- a marble factor in Parkersburg. Hosted by Crystal Cook Marshall and Amelia Bandy, some of the co-founders of Economic Development Greater East and the SEEDH Cooperative. Bumps in the Road Music generously provided by Adam Bolt. Follow Adam at: Learn more about John Craynon at:
March 15, 2021