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Bunker Fly

Bunker Fly

By Nick Pavano and Dave Gregory
Join self-proclaimed a**holes Nick Pavano and Dave Gregory as they delve into the internet’s most cringeworthy content. With a lust for the awkward and uncomfortable and nothing off-limits--become a fly on the wall as they share uncut, unfiltered, and oftentimes unsavory stories of their lives, interview the obscure, and berate the deserving. New episodes drop bi-weekly.
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Predator Poachers New Jersey - #41

Bunker Fly

Special Presentation: Ex Marks The Spot
This week, we've lent our airwaves over to Ex Marks The Spot, a new dating and relationships podcast hosted by Will Llewellyn. On this episode, Nick sits down with Will to discuss the pros and cons of dating apps. Fans of Bunker Fly won't want to miss this! Subscribe to Ex Marks The Spot wherever you get your podcasts.
September 09, 2021
An Extra Inch in the Crotch - #87
Dave is accosted by a news reporter, a very drunk Nick finds himself in a spiritual healing circle, and President Lyndon B. Johnson orders a pair of pants fit for his giant hog. — Instagram @BunkerFly - Official Tee Now Available at
August 12, 2021
Dangly Bits - #86
Nick and Dave are joined in-studio by friend of the show, and birthday boy, Lou Zandomenego. The guys learn how to breathe through their testicles, discuss Nick's non-homoerotic military-themed dream, and get a lesson in vaginal anatomy from a drunk YouTuber known as KingCobra. — Instagram @BunkerFly - Official Tee Now Available at
July 15, 2021
Young and Capable - #85
Nick gets sloshed at Atlanta's wettest gay club, Dave has silent sex, and a famed American philosopher finger blasts a the name of science?  — Instagram @BunkerFly - Official Tee Now Available at
June 25, 2021
Cry Me A River - #84
On this chat-focused episode, the boys discuss grocery store self-checkout heists, over-sharers, and dealing with drunk strangers in public. Nick cries over nothing, Dave sports a Bluetooth headset, and Angy eats a cardboard box. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
June 04, 2021
Dry Rub - #83
Nick simulates life as a cuckold beta male, Dave goes camping, and a YouTube chef praises his obviously undercooked chicken while blood drips down his chin. That, and more terrible Dr. Phil impressions. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
May 19, 2021
The Baby Pooped Himself - #82
Dave's knowledge of rap slang is tested, Nick's friend clogs the terlet with devastating results, and we shred up "Vid Chronicles", an inspirational YouTube channel that makes Dhar Mann look like Steven Spielberg. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
May 06, 2021
Josiah, King of Slut-Shamers - #81
It's our 2nd annual 4/20 special! Get delightfully baked with the boys and satisfy your cringe-munchies by devouring MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and pick-up artist Josiah Prise of "The Attractive Man", arguably the most insufferable one we've featured on the show to date. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
April 21, 2021
¿Que es tu problema? - #80
An entitled libertarian harasses some Mexican Federales, 90 Day Fiances' "Big Ed" sikes himself up for the date of his dreams, and Nick witnesses a woman stroke out in a Dunkin' Donuts. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
April 15, 2021
I'll Let You Flush My Terlet - #79
Nick recalls the time he almost drowned, Dave gets Galaga confused with Gattaca, and we meet Greg Insco, an insufferable extreme cheapskate.  — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
March 24, 2021
Sperm King - #78
The boys chat about COVID vaccinations, cooking fish in prison, and a man known as the "Sperm King" who has over thirty children across the country. Standard Bunker Fly fare. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
March 17, 2021
Professor Underbite - #77
A nervous professor goes on a blind date, a dickhead professor berates his deaf student, and Ricky gets a boner for Papa Johns. In other news, Nick dreams he's a national hero and Dave busts out a Nicholson impression for the ages. Blink and you'll miss it. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
February 25, 2021
Libtards and Snowflakes - #76
Boomers love their cell phone holsters, Donny Epstein has a soul-healing magic wand, and Dave shares a fascinating game from his childhood. We also catch up with longtime friend of the show D'Money, and Nick's troll from the deep south strikes (out) again. — Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
February 18, 2021
My Point - #75
Two horse-f*ckers have a threesome (with a horse, of course), the boys discover "Bulletball" the greatest game that never was, and a live caller tries to roast Nick, but fails miserably. We're celebrating 75 episodes of Bunker Fly by releasing yet another Patreon-exclusive original comedy sketch. Listen to "I'm Stephen Dorff" right after the show. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
January 28, 2021
Coup d'état - #74
On this abbreviated episode, we talk capitol stormers, height insecurities, and the "alpha" mentality. Plus, the debut of "Bobby Brady's Pickle", one of our Patreon-exclusive original comedy sketches, never before heard on BF! --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
January 13, 2021
A Good Mann Is Hard To Find - #73
The boys explore the best Dhar Mann family abandonment videos, Nick is disgusted by South Carolina, and the angriest kid on YouTube can't wait to start killing people....when they're zombies, of course. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
January 06, 2021
2020 Wrap Party - #72
On this extended-length holiday special, the guys talk jailhouse toilet sex, Naked and Afraid, and Tom Vu's real estate seminars. We play Billionaire Banshee, Nick challenges a listener to a Swedish meatball eating contest, and friend of the show, Corey Williams, joins us for a condensed chronological recap of the mania that was 2020. Happy holidays, creeps! See you in 2021! --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
December 23, 2020
The Love Guru - #71
Rudy Giuliani lets one rip, a pervert rides the bus, and we all learn a thing or two about dating from a 21-year-old with frosted tips. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
December 10, 2020
ElimiDate - #70
An internet love doctor assesses Dave's new relationship, Nick dodges a cop at the grocery store, and we get nostalgically nasty with ElimiDate re-runs. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at
December 02, 2020
Make Time For 69 - #69
Dave analyzes Nick's homoerotic dream, Pastor Paula White speaks in tongues, and the boys play previously rejected listener-submitted clips, proving once again how awful most of your ideas are.  Happy Thanksgiving, creeps! --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly --- Official Tee Now Available at 
November 25, 2020
The boys celebrate a Biden/Harris victory and bid adieu to Trump and his posse of derelict ghouls once and for all. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly
November 11, 2020
How Do Ya Like Them Apples? - #67
Sean Connery kicked the bucket, an amateur vlogger doesn't understand how analogies work, and Tripp Kramer finally listens to an episode of Bunker Fly. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly
November 03, 2020
Real Men Wear Alpargatas - #66
We're joined in-studio by YouTube personality, and Nick's younger brother, Michael Pavano. The guys discuss men's fashion faux pas, dating expert Coach Corey Wayne, and Trump's ability to communicate with the dead. That, and is Dhar Mann the new Zoltan? --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly 
October 28, 2020
Soda Saturdays - #65
Dave is on a hot streak, Nick gets banned on Reddit, and a skinny kid who swallows hard reviews his favorite caffeinated beverages. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly
October 14, 2020
Swingin' Dong - #64
TV home shopping hosts debate the moon's existence, and Nick tries to get some tasteful nudes printed at a Walgreens photo lab. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly
October 08, 2020
Hard Rock Nick - #63
Nick shares a rock hard secret from the vault of his past, and we meet the ethnically-ambiguous, questionably-straight, "influencer" known as Hard Rock Nick. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly
September 24, 2020
Family Style - #62
A small family barbecue ends with Nick and his brother facing off against a real-life Karen and the cops, we meet Masculine Mentality, an "expert" on dating, and the McDivitts are a family of lawyers who would much rather be reality TV stars. --- Follow Nick and Dave on IG @BunkerFly and on Twitter @TheBunkerFly
September 16, 2020
No Hoodies in the House! - #61
A mother dates her 19-year-old son, more horrendous acting from the cringe-lords at Dhar Mann Studios, and a Polish guy walks onto a plane.... --- Presented by MacroSound
September 10, 2020
The Streets Don't Lie - #60
A country bumpkin has a nervous breakdown after one bad haircut, a college jock gives terrible dating advice to no ones surprise, and Nick's new soundboard nearly ruins the show. — In bonus time, an anti-masker goes ape shit in a Walmart, and a carnival worker brings down the mood. --- Presented by MacroSound
September 02, 2020
Uncle Pedro - #59
Nick’s day is saved by Meals on Wheels, a PSA on underage drinking has creepy undertones, and the boys record an ad for a rival podcast. --- Presented by MacroSound
August 19, 2020
It's a Roast! - #58
Nick and Dave proudly enjoy girly drinks, a Karen accompanies her boyfriend to the DMV, and strangers step up to get their Instagram roasted live on Reddit. --- Presented by MacroSound
August 12, 2020
Wet and Sticky - #57
Nick gets his cast taken off by a Rastafarian, Pitbull delivers a commencement speech, and Planned Parenthood teaches the developmentally disabled about sex. — In bonus time, two Trump-loving sisters sing a song of their people. --- Presented by MacroSound
August 05, 2020
Dog Food - #56
Dave gets sunburn while tubing, Nick fractures his arm while scootering, and a dog gets high on heroin. — In bonus time, Smokepurpp freestyles and Trump aces an IQ test. --- Presented by MacroSound
July 29, 2020
The Reddit LIVE Show - #55
On our first ever live show recording, the guys offer up terrible advice to their listeners most personal problems, and take to Reddit to play a dangerous game of truth. — In bonus time, we give away our first official prize to some lucky son of a bitch in Florida. --- Presented by Macrosound
July 22, 2020
A Weirdo & A Drunk Lunatic Walk Into A BBQ - #54
Dave mingles with Nick's family for the first time, we discover the world's worst actor, and learn a thing or two about harassment in the workplace-  '90s style. — In bonus time, a kung fu grandmaster is exposed for a con, and a pastor ascends to higher levels of scumbag. --- Presented by MacroSound
July 15, 2020
Cart Narcs - #53
The boys discover the joy in public shaming people who don't return their shopping carts, an Irish Catholic nun teach us about sex, and a YouTuber unboxes his brand new pee-pee. --- Presented by MacroSound
July 08, 2020
Brain Dead - #52
More lost VHS tapes from the '80s, Nick's brain stops working, and Dave is giving up sex for a year. — In bonus time, a "crazy bitch" ruins her own wedding day. --- Presented by MacroSound
June 24, 2020
What's The Gloryhole Situation? - #51
Nick takes action after Dave gets food poisoning, corporate training video's from the '80s gone wild, and a 10-year-old boy wrote a book on talking to girls, so being the non-age-discriminators we are, we took a huge shit on him. Because, you know? Consistency. --- Presented by MacroSound 
June 17, 2020
Assholes Live Forever - #50
It's our 50th episode! Dave's grandmother makes him feel like shit on his birthday, Nick befriends a 12-year old fan, and a frat bro inadvertently exposes himself as a sexual predator. --- Presented by MacroSound
June 10, 2020
ACAB - #49
Dave goes on a seemingly normal date, Nick reverse catfishes a girl on Words With Friends, Justin Trudeau gets jammed up, and we remind you why cop ownage videos are better than porn. --- Presented by MacroSound
June 03, 2020
A Wild Karen Appears - #48
Dave does shrooms, a teacher feeds her students semen-filled cupcakes, and a paranoid Karen gets extra Karen-y in Central Park. — In bonus time, we search and destroy a new YouTube "pick-up artist" by the name of Ayrton Raman. --- Presented by MacroSound
May 27, 2020
America Runs On Crack - #47
Drunken college idiots, obnoxious radio DJ's, smoking crack, and a man catches his wife cheating on camera. — In bonus time, we enjoy the glorious failures of overly-confident 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' contestants. --- Presented by MacroSound
May 20, 2020
The Best Of The Worst - Vol. 2
There have been too many great moments over the last 45 episodes to fit it all in one compilation. It's the best of the worst volume TWO! --- The boys will be back with new episodes starting 5.20.20 --- Presented by MacroSound
May 13, 2020
The Best Of The Worst - Vol. 1
We've hand-picked some of our favorite moments from the show's first ten months. The guys are off for two weeks. New episodes return 5.20.20 --- Presented by MacroSound
May 06, 2020
Let My People Go - #46
The guys prepare for their upcoming virtual quarantine dates and chat about TV weathermen, idiot protesters, and COVID-deniers. --- Presented by MacroSound
April 29, 2020
The 420 Special - #45
Spark 'em up for this one! The boys discuss their dream jobs, a rookie cop gets mindfucked, and Dave shares why a vegan blocked him on Bumble. — In bonus time, we chew up an anti-feminist human shitpile known as Rare Spawn, taste test government chicken, and catch our weed dealer off-guard for an impromptu interview. --- Presented by MacroSound
April 21, 2020
Dope Ass Beats - #44
A noob attempts his own ASMR video, rapper RZA shows off his musically inept side, and a lunatic shop owner would rather a brain aneurysm than to sell anything to Trump supporters. — In bonus time we sing along to a Chinese song about fat girls. --- Presented by MacroSound
April 15, 2020
Birds Aren't Real - #43
Lucifer incarnate Kenneth Copeland blows Coronavirus away with the wind of God, a woman is faith-healed after swallowing demon sperm, and a man from Arkansas is convinced all birds are government surveillance drones. — In bonus time we call and check-in with a listener who has COVID-19 and Nick revisits the night he lost his virginity. --- Presented by MacroSound
April 08, 2020
Cooking for Claire - #42
The boys discover an educational video on how to treat your ex-wife, a mayor in Florida gets her ass reamed, and everyone at AlienCon is disturbed and manic. --- Presented by MacroSound
April 01, 2020
Predator Poachers New Jersey - #41
Nick and Dave are joined live in-studio by Ramy, founder and star of Predator Poachers New Jersey, to discuss what it's like baiting and exposing pedophiles live on the internet. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and check them out on Patreon at --- Presented by MacroSound
March 25, 2020
Hunker in the Bunker - #40
A TV weatherman comes bearing gifts, Nancy Pelosi strokes out trying to say "epidemiology", and more of Mary "the turd lady" Wichenbach. --- Presented by MacroSound
March 18, 2020
Episode Turdy-Nine - #39
Mary Winchenbach sells crafts made from moose turds, Dave's town turns against him, and Trump doesn't understand the Coronavirus, but the tests are beauuutiful. --- Presented by MacroSound 
March 11, 2020
Flat-Earther's Really Will Believe Anything - #38
The guys convince a flat-Earth YouTuber that he's "the chosen one", a kid named Andrew loves trains, and a white bitch gets triggered because she can't pet a service dog. --- Presented by MacroSound
March 04, 2020
10:30 at Night in New York - #37
The boys discuss New Jersey stereotypes, a ginger man is triggered, and we finally make contact with a real live flat-Earth YouTuber. Phase 1 of Operation FEXPO is complete. --- Presented by MacroSound
February 26, 2020
80lb Testicle Sack - #36
Gay clubs, police impersonators, and a man with massive balls. Plus, we give a flat-Earther a wake-up call...literally. --- Presented by MacroSound
February 19, 2020
A Night with Anthony Bowens - Interviews from the Bunker
Pro wrestler and YouTube personality Anthony Bowens joins Nick on a couch in his basement for an interview of the "spicy" variety. 
February 12, 2020
She's Got Unbelievable Ink - #35
Coronavirus, proctologists, and the Super Bowl halftime show. Plus, Nick feels shame for the first time in years, and we retaliate against The Deplorable Choir. --- Presented by MacroSound
February 05, 2020
"Stephen Dorff Auditions for Batman" - Sketchy by Bunker Fly - Free Patreon Preview
In this nod to episode 32, "I'm Stephen Dorff", we find America's favorite vaping vampire, Stephen Dorff, auditioning for the role of Batman.  ***If you enjoyed this preview, be sure to join Sketchy by Bunker Fly on Patreon. There you'll find six more hilarious Stephen Dorff vignettes, as well as monthly original comedy sketches, making-of's, song parodies, merch discounts, video extras, and more! Plans start at just $1/month - Support your favorite creeps and help keep the show going! Visit to join!***
February 03, 2020
Real People Vote Bernie - The Snowflake Choir
Nick and Dave parody "Real Women Vote Trump" by The Deplorable Choir. 
February 02, 2020
We Don't Need No Liberal Chump - #34
We help shut down a pick-up artist's YouTube channel, take a dump on the scumbag known as "JayStation",  and try to connect through music with a rare and endangered species.....the female Trump voter. --- Presented by MacroSound
January 29, 2020
I Have a Lawyer, a Knife, and a 9mm Gun - #33
A deranged musician threatened to kill Dave this week. You know we had to do a show about it. --- Presented by MacroSound
January 22, 2020
I’m Stephen Dorff - #32
Dave makes progress with hot massage girl, a 17-year-old goes to great lengths to get his iPod Touch back, and we meet a couple of horny vampires. --- Presented by MacroSound
January 15, 2020
Cutting Cords - #31
Nick reluctantly visits a Shaman healer, Dave has strings-attached sex in the studio, and a ratchet bitch gets impatient at the drive-thru. We're bringing in the new decade the only way we know. --- Presented by MacroSound
January 08, 2020
The Bunker Fly Christmas Spectacular Extravaganza - #30
On this extra-special holiday episode, the guys enjoy a feast of medical-grade cannabis edibles, attempt to improvise classic Christmas poems, and sit down to interview Kyle Brannigan, esteemed journalist and subject of The Hallmark Channel's latest film "The Christmas Scoop". --- Presented by MacroSound
December 24, 2019
Fast, Furious, and Creepy - #29
Vin Diesel finds love in Brazil, two junkies attempt a fan Q&A, and a new "pick-up artist" by the name of Todd V. gets the Bunker Fly treatment. --- Presented by MacroSound
December 18, 2019
A Very Brady Bunker Fly - #28
Dave seduces Verizon tech support, Meatloaf gets Holy Ghosted, and the guys discover they can impersonate the entire Brady Bunch cast. --- Presented by MacroSound
December 11, 2019
"A Date with Tripp" - Sketchy by Bunker Fly - Free Patreon Preview
A nod to episode #16, Nick and Dave recreate what going on a first date would be like with "dating expert" Tripp Kramer.  Part of a free preview of Sketchy, our upcoming Patreon exclusive series. ***You knew this day would come. We want your money, and we want it bad. To help feel as though we earned it, we've started a spin-off called Sketchy where we'll be releasing comedy sketches based on characters from the show, in addition to full-length making-of-the-sketches recordings, and bonus storytime with your favorite creeps. Patreon starts at $1/month and will be available at starting Friday the 13th......of December. Show some love and support the show.*** --- Presented by MacroSound
December 06, 2019
Happy Endings - #27
Nick and Dave debate just how sexual a massage really is, and to no one’s surprise, make fun of a bunch of people. --- Presented by MacroSound
December 04, 2019
8-Track Players - #26
The guys discover 8-track erotica from 1969, Dave is asked out on a most unusual date, and Art Garfunkel has an existential crisis. --- Presented by MacroSound
November 27, 2019
Q&A-holes - #25
The boys celebrate 25 episodes by answering listener questions. Spoiler alert: Shit gets weird. Featuring special guest Nick "The Prez" Preziosi (@prezvisuals) --- Presented by MacroSound
November 20, 2019
F*ck, Marry, Kill - #24
We riff on the garbage fire that is TLC's "90 Day Fiance" and Dave messages Nick's matches on Hinge to ask one unusually straightforward question.  --- Presented by MacroSound
November 13, 2019
Grapefruit Burns So Good - #23
Finding humor in road rage, unloading on families who vlog, and loyal listener D'Money calls in to teach Nick and Dave about the grapefruit technique. --- Presented by MacroSound 
November 06, 2019
Wishy-Washy - #22
Dave gets ghosted by a 23-year-old, Nick kisses a 75-year-old, and we jam up YouTube advice vlogger Darius M. --- Presented by MacroSound
October 30, 2019
Crispy Khakis: The Skippy Interview - #21
Nick and Dave interview 40-year-old-virgin Scott "Skippy" Jessop of TLC's The Virgin Diaries, and jam up a meatsack "lifestyle coach" who goes by the name Alpha M. --- Presented by MacroSound
October 23, 2019
Catching Creeps - #20
Exposing pedophiles on YouTube, Tito Ortiz struggles with talking, and the angriest man in Long Island gets jammed up at the bagel shop. --- Presented by MacroSound
October 16, 2019
420 Friendly - #19
Nick and Dave use ad revenue to buy and consume an entire eighth of weed over the span of the show. Plus, That Kid Creed resurfaces, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets off everywhere, and an ad is recorded live on-air. --- Presented by MacroSound
October 09, 2019
A Night with Julie in the Friend Zone - Interviews from the Bunker
After 15 years with no communication, Nick finally spends a romantic, candle-lit evening with his biggest high school crush, Julie – where he proceeds to interview her for hours about why she rejected and “friend-zoned” him for years.
October 02, 2019
Not Now, Ma, I'm in the Friend Zone - #18
Incels, circumcision, and getting jammed up in the "friend zone". --- Presented by MacroSound
October 02, 2019
Damn Skippy - #17
We dissect some of YouTube's most cringe-worthy videos ever: Skippy, the 34yr old virgin, and Dominick "I love you, baby girl" Romano. Nick finds inner peace on the trashyboner subreddit. --- Presented by MacroSound
September 25, 2019
All Tripped Up - #16
Going in on "pick-up artist" Tripp Kramer, giving someone the old tease and spank, and Nick jams up a patronizing dog trainer. --- Presented by MacroSound
September 18, 2019
That Kid Creed - #15
Nick & Dave discuss small penises, berate ignorant YouTuber "ThatKidCreed", and interview a real-live Furry! Featuring special guest, Michelle the Furry (@ShellSews) --- Presented by MacroSound
September 04, 2019
Rock n' Role Play - #14
Role playing, Chik-Fil-A Sauce ASMR, and getting jammed up by the homeless. --- Presented by MacroSound
August 28, 2019
I'm the Scatman - #13
Long-distance relationships, eating a biker gang's tacos, and the greatest porn film ever produced. --- Presented by MacroSound
August 21, 2019
The Whiteboard Special - #12
Nick is tipsy for BUNKER FLY's first-ever whiteboard show, covering nonsensical topics at random, including rock n' roll shoes, working in a kitchen, cheating on The Price is Right, vegan pets, smelly funeral homes, loud chewers, and getting jammed up at the sushi bar.  --- Presented by MacroSound
August 14, 2019
Jesse's Girl - #11
Saying I love you for the first time, being responsible for almost getting your grandparents shot, and jamming up Jesse Ventura. --- Presented by MacroSound
August 07, 2019
Close Encounters of the Cuddle Kind - #10
Getting jammed up at Area 51, professional cuddle therapy, and Nick is one step closer to that threesome. [Solo show w/Nick] --- Presented by MacroSound
July 31, 2019
One Man's Trash is Another Man's Fetish - #09
This just in: Famous rock-stars can be creepy af, there are more kinks and fetishes than people on Earth, and Lee Harvey Oswald's been jammed up in the book depository with 64 gallons of potable water. --- Presented by MacroSound
July 24, 2019
Swiped - #08
Findoms, 19th century thigh sex, and a real live sorority girl, Michelle (@mad.madam.mich), joins Nick and Dave to discuss getting jammed up on dating apps. --- Presented by MacroSound
July 17, 2019
Potty Mouth - #07
Public restrooms, getting jammed up at the casino, and why Nick demands showers before sex. --- Presented by MacroSound
July 10, 2019
Ménage à Troll - #06
Nick and Dave talk failed threesomes, internet trolls, and the mo’fkn po-lice. — Presented by MacroSound
July 03, 2019
Technically Episode One - #05
The unofficial “first” episode of Bunker Fly, with Dave Gregory joining the show as co-host. The boys discuss why bucketlists can suck it, pranks can suck it harder, and bro-dudes can suck it all night long. — Presented by MacroSound
June 26, 2019