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By Burl Barer
"The best True Crime radio program on the air." - Erin Moriarty CBS 48Hrs

"True Crime Uncensored is amazing, amusing and completely unexpected! This is the 'Car Talk' of True Crime podcasts, and the show all other true crime shows listen to!" -- Travis Webb.
Created by Burl Barer, produced by Magic Matt Alan, Archived by Douglas Shearer. Fact Checker: Mark Boyer
Hosted by Burl Barer and Frank C, Girardo, Jr..
Celebrating over 10 years live on the Internet every Saturday 2 pm PT on

(In memory of the great Don Woldman and Howard Lapides, Burl's first two co-hosts.)
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"The best True Crime radio program on the air." - Erin Moriarty CBS 48Hrs

"True Crime Uncensored is amazing, amusing and completely unexpected! This is the 'Car Talk' of True Crime podcasts, and the show all other true crime shows listen to!" -- Travis Webb.
Created by Burl Barer, produced by Magic Matt Alan, Archived by Douglas Shearer. Fact Checker: Mark Boyer
Hosted by Burl Barer and Frank C, Girardo, Jr..
Celebrating over 10 years live on the Internet every Saturday 2 pm PT on

(In memory of the great Don Woldman and Howard Lapides, Burl's first two co-hosts.)

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Thom Bierdz loved his schizophrenic brother. Despite Troy's erratically cruel behavior, his years of creative threats were not taken seriously. Then the unthinkable happened. Now Thom must delve into hospital records, police reports and his own painful memories in a search for understanding. In this honest, soul-searching account, nothing is omitted as one of TV's most beloved soap stars follows a path towards the ultimate act of forgiveness.
November 19, 2019
IT WAS MURDER, DAMMIT! Susan Murphy Milano exposes murders that were termed suicides.
Grab your curling iron and get ready to rumble! Susan Murphy Milano, the human action figure with more hair than Vixen and more balls than a billiard tournament returns to expose the shocking truth about murders in Oklahoma
November 19, 2019
A candid account documenting his fall from a well-known Hollywood fixer mixing with A list celebrities to serving 62 months in Federal prison, and ultimately making a determined comeback.
November 19, 2019
BLOODSTAINS -- The Family Secret: Grandpa was one of America's worst serial killers. Jeff Mudgett is our special guest
Jeff Mudgett was living a normal life as a practicing attorney when at age 40 he was thrust into the most harrowing chapter of his life. Learning the facts about his ancestry plunged Mudgett into a full investigation about the forefather from which he unexpectedly learned he was descended, the infamous serial killer, H. H. Holmes.J  eff Mudgett takes his readers to the bowels of the Murder Castle today, inside the prison where Holmes awaits his 1896 hanging, and through a mixed journey where one senses that pure evil has somehow survived and is able to manipulate the living.
November 14, 2019
What more can be said? Plenty as Burl Barer and Dennis Griffin talk escort agencies and the strange Las Vegas case where phone calls to a mob escort service were being illegally diverted to a competing agency -- well the Feds had to help the mob get their business back while a hitman with a power drill was getting too close to finding the hacker before the Feds.
November 6, 2019
Way back in 2009, we devoted a full hour to Kevin M. Sullivan and his debut book about Ted Bundy, THE BUNDY MURDERS.   Now, a decade later, Kevin has finished book number five, a Ted Bundy encyclopedia. Kevin returns for another amazing, amusing, shocking and sensational episode of True Crime Uncensored.
October 29, 2019
Brad Namdar  thinks big with a view of America that is  heartwarming. patriotic and hinges precariously  on wildly inaccurate nationalistic exceptionalism .  Hey, that's not uncommon. Americans are world famous for ignoring that there are other countries at least twenty years ahead of us in all manner of problem solving and social/ economic progress but Brad is such a nice guy and means so well that we can overlook that and focus instead on his positive encouraging attitude and significant personal accomplishments, plus he does one of my favorite things - he lavishes praise and appreciation on others.  That trait is so wonderful, and much missing from most American culture, that it earns Brad a pass for his inaccurate statements regarding American superiority about the internet and Wi-Fi when simple fact checking reveals that when it comes to Wi-Fi access and utilization, Estonia leaves the USA in the dust  Another great thing about Brad Namdar is that he appreciates being corrected, so he won't be mad at me for telling him about Estonia:-)  I'm sure Brad and I will have great fun together in Texas when I come to visit. 
October 28, 2019
UNCLE AL CAPONE - double feature!
Two interviews with Al Capone’s niece, Deirdre Capone. Originally aired a year apart, we’ve put them together for your listening pleasure
October 13, 2019
After 24 years with the LAPD, homicide detective Steve Hodel set out to prove that his father was not the Black Dahlia killer -- instead, Hodel proved that his father was the killer, and had killed many more.
October 13, 2019
The Ukrainian Gynecologist & The Stradivarius -- Craig McGuire WE LOVE HIS BOOK! PLUS Barry Katz, Showbiz legend
Published author (most recently, “Brooklyn’s Most Wanted – The Top 100 Criminals, Crooks & Creeps from the County of the Kings“), Craig has been a successful writer, editor, designer, photographer, community reporter, new media journalist and consultant for the last 25 years. Craig has overseen content development for all different types of media, from web portals to newsletters to social media programs. Partial list of titles include: Institutional Investor magazine,, Irish America, The Real Deal, Digital Media Buzz, Wall Street & Technology, PR Week, @Night Media, and more. Craig is a product of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and a lifelong resident of Brooklyn and New York City.
October 7, 2019
Mothers & Murderers w/ Katherine Ellison. Pulitzer Prize Winner PLUS the famous Private Eye Vito Colucci former undercover in the mob
Super-Duper Double Feature!! Pulitzer Prize winner Katherine Ellison in a vastly entertaining episode where Frank and Mark ask excellent questions and Burl fluctuates between being insightful and a social irritant. -- And then-- Vito Colucci, Jr., owner of Colucci Investigations LLC, is a former member of the Stamford, CT Police Department where he worked as a Narcotic’s Detective and Undercover Organized Crime Investigator. One of the main investigations Vito spearheaded during that time was uncovering the organized crime ties within his own police department. Vito has been a private investigator for the past 22 years, working many high profile cases; 
October 6, 2019
When Vanity Fair wanted a diamond heist expert they found our pal Punch, the world's second greatest diamond thief -- his dad is #1
September 23, 2019
September 15, 2019
Yes, it is official -- Frank is Burl's new co-host following the sudden death of Howard Lapides
September 15, 2019
TRUE CRIME TWIN SPIN! -- FELON O'REILLY (A man of Convictions) + The Franklin Sex Scandal
Two classic shows!  Felon O’Reilly, stand-up comic & public speaker, exposes the behavior and thinking that led up to his career in crime and his struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol.   "A prison counselor once told me if I stopped putting drugs and booze into my system, I would find out what it is I really love to do in life. And that is exactly what happened. The problem is, I found out what I really loved to do is steal shit.”  then we re-visit the Franklin Sex Scandal with reporter Nick Bryant and Frank J. Hagen (the gay guy in the Reagan White House). This Franklin scandal is the same plot as the recent Epstein sex scandal.
September 15, 2019
BURL AND STAN BARER AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME -- Stan explains China Tariff ands Burl at loon Lake double play
Burl and his famous brother Stan go on a road trip to Eastern Washington to the scene of many true crimes. In vantage, Stan explains trade with China, the in the second show, Burl sits outside PIZZA & ICE CREAM at Loon Lake, Washington and talks about the Spokane Srerial Killer and more. 
September 7, 2019
LAST MAN STANDING -- ok he was a real jerk, but he didn't do the crime. Great book by Alan R.Warren
t was a shattering death bed confession by a heartbroken mother. But would it solve the oldest cold case murder case in American jurisprudence? In January 1994, Eileen Tessier told Jack McCullough's half-sister Janet Tessier that he, her son, kidnapped 7-year-old Maria Ridulph from their neighborhood in Sycamore, Illinois and killed her in December 1957. It was a case that tore the child’s family apart, as well as dividing and terrifying the town as the days, then the months, and finally the years passed with no arrest. In 2008 the Illinois State police reopened the case against Jack after receiving an email from Janet Tessier about their mother's deathbed confession. After the Illinois State police interviewed Janet and learned that Jack had also been accused of raping their other sister, Jeanne Tessier, they reopened the case. But would reopening the case solve the question of who killed Maria Ridulph? And was McCullough the killer? In THE LAST MAN STANDING, true crime author Alan Warren writes in exacting detail about the kidnapping, murder and subsequent investigations—both in 1957 and 2008—that eventually led to the murder conviction of Jack McCullough. But the story doesn’t stop there as it delves into the years McCullough spent in prison and the efforts to have his conviction overturned. Was McCullough the brutal killer of a little girl? Or was he the last man standing when the justice system decided he needed to pay for the crime? You decide.
September 6, 2019
More brilliant insights from master criminal (retired) "Punch" -- we love this guy!!
It is always educational and entertaining when Punch joins us.  Howard Lapides was crazy about Punch and derived great joy from these entertaining true crime stories,
September 5, 2019
Travis Webb. famed Rave producer, comic book creator and journalist TOO MUCH TALENT
Burl Barer says: Most of my true crime books  contain insights and commentary by Travis Webb who gets full credit for bringing the murders covered in my book HEAD SHOT to my attention.  In a recent Q&A for Wild Blue Press's re-release of HEADLOCK, my private eye novel, I was asked: is Travis Webb the same Travis Webb who is a famous rave producer and pop culture icon in the Northwest? A: Yes, but the Travis Webb in HEADLOCK is the Travis I knew almost 20 years ago when he wasn’t famous, wasn’t really handsome (he is now), and was much heavier. Travis says he reads the novel to remind himself of what his life was like back then. He is very smart, and probably even smarter than he appears in the book. We had Travis on our show almost ten years ago, and it is the perfect time to have him back as he is featured in a new documentary on the rave culture in the Northwest -- a documentary made several years ago when Travis was ruling the Rave scene in Seattle
September 5, 2019
Kevin Sullivan -- he says this is the final Bundy book -- more exclusive info from the world's Bundy expert!
Howard Lapides begins the show by stating that I (Burl Barer) am wandering the streets of the San Fernando Valley.   No, I was in the hospital trying to stay alive.   I obviously made it. Kevin is the world's expert on Ted Bundy..and this is his latest research.  If you are into Ted Bundy, this one if for you
July 1, 2019
Cathy Scott is one of America's Masters of True Crime and a frequent guest on our show.  We welcome Cathy back for another fascinating hour of true crime uncensored!
July 1, 2019
Cyber Stalking just about drove Susan Fensten out of her mind!
  "Susan Fensten's new book, You Have a Very Soft Voice, Susan, is  a pulse-pounding work that proves once again that truth is stranger than fiction." --Kevin M. Sullivan, author of The Bundy Murders and Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders "You Have a Very Soft Voice, Susan is quite possibly the most twisted and surreal case of stalking I have ever encountered. Well written and gripping. Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre, it does." --Patrick Quinlan, Los Angeles Times bestselling author of All Those Moments "A harrowing and visceral read. Fensten takes you straight into the heart of darkness in her debut book. A must-have for true crime readers everywhere." --Jesse P. Pollack, author of The Acid King "Susan Fensten's autobiographical account of how her simple internet search for lost relatives on an ancestry website unleashed a horrifying armada of mad kinky ghouls to relentlessly stalk her, is a fright house of a tale; a Dantesque decent into a cyber inferno that any one of us could easily find themselves drawn into." --Peter Vronsky, author of Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers From the Stone Age to the Present
June 20, 2019
 Denis Kelly's life is part Hunter S. Thompson, part Timothy Leary, and part Eckhart Tolle. From his beginnings in an abusive and alcoholic home in Wisconsin to becoming a major force in the counterculture movement, and then from a life on the run and in prison to a life in a monastery and in service, it is as entertaining as it is inspirational. A Heart Blown Open chronicles the life and teachings of Zen master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi as he worked to integrate hard-won wisdom into his dynamic life. Experience the successes and failures that brought him to found an entirely new form of Zen called Mondo Zen. Extraordinary for their playfulness, depravity, and liberating insight, Jun Po’s life events swirl together to underscore and illuminate the environment from which one of the most controversial masters of the American Zen scene has emerged 
April 22, 2019
Murder on 9/11 -- the killing of Robert Henry . Burl Barer also shares original short stories for Easter and Passover.
 For the young widow of Tacoma, Washington businessman Robert Henry, September 11th is both the date of his cold-blooded murder, and the date that his murderer went to prison. This is the story of the five year investigation that solved the homicide,  Read the minibook by Burl Barer 
April 21, 2019
The Art of Crime/ The Crime of Art: Sean Sullivan aka Layercakeny
"If it weren't for having a double life, I would have no life at all" -- Burl Barer. Sean Sullivan, known on Instagram and Pinterest as Layercakeny, had a double life or perhaps triple -- an outlaw weed dealer and outlaw grafitti artist equally comfortable in the Hamptons or the Bronx, dining with the mayor or breaking bread and sharing paint cans in the famed Freedom Tunnel.   His father was a cop and security expert;his uncle was a pioneer grafitti artist.  Hear this amazing story for yourself.
April 14, 2019
A "Family" Business == Award winning author Dennis Griffin, famous for his "mob books" is back with a new book and great stories
 Joe Silvestri was a tough kid from the mean streets of New York. He went from street brawler to wearing a tux at the glamorous Copacabana. He eventually provided “muscle” for the Mob, a highly respected and feared fixer—the guy you went to if you had a problem that needed to be resolved. He followed Mob protocol when having a sit down with an adversary: You never break bread with the enemy. Award-winning Mob author Dennis Griffin joins forces with Joey “the Fixer” Silvestri to tell a tale of a bygone era when organized crime dominated New York City. It was a time when neighborhood bosses controlled their turf and some cops would look the other way for the right price. Your best friend one day might want you dead the next. It was a violent life in which only the strong survived. Dennis was one of our first guests ten years ago when we started this show, and it is always a delight to have him back. Posted at 09:55 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)
March 31, 2019
Yes, he's back with more great heist stories....."Punch" Stanimirovic
March 28, 2019
Richard Godwin -- Brilliant and Enjoyably Twisted UK Sensation
Richard Godwin is sharp, savvy clever and controversial.  I love his style and his creative perceptions and portrayals.
March 13, 2019
  THE TRUTH ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING -- ANTHONY M. DESTEFANO RETURNS Anthony M DeStefano is not only a famed journalist/author, he is also an expert on human trafficking.  Mark Boyer offers the first ever expose of exploitation and alleged trafficking in the IT industry.  shocking!
March 10, 2019
FAKE NEWS with famed journalist Joe Bruno.
Joe Bruno returns and not only do we get examples of fake news, we also hear about Rev. Moon and the best chinese food in New York and other cool stuff.
March 6, 2019
Leonard Buschel, reformed drug smuggler, returns to promote the star-studded Experience Strength and Hope Awards  Feb 28th in Los Angeles,  Short pithy episode! 
February 24, 2019
Women in Prison/Outlaw Rockies - DOUBLE FEATURE
Vikki Law takes us in the world of women's prisons -- and it is worse than you think, then Ron Francell takes us on a tour of the Outlaw Rockies!
February 23, 2019
UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT -- This one will leave you speechless!
 Until Someone Gets Hurt , Tyson Wrensch,   victim of scum bag theives (this guy got more than even, he got 'em put away!) gives us the shocking story of an innocent man in prison with the men who framed him so they could steal his fortune. They didn't get away with it, but their victim is still behind bars!! That's only part of the story. Meanwhile, a convicted killer is furious that a true crime book about him calls him a killer!  
February 23, 2019
Okay, we are on a Doc Bonn kick to celebrate the release of his new bookj THE GUARDIAN ,,,these back to back episodes cover Manipulating the Media and Suicide.
February 21, 2019
Doc Bonn -- Moral Panic and Serial Killers DOUBLE FEATURE
Here are TWO episodes with Dr. Scott Bonn,   First is his famous MORAL PANIC - Mass Deception and the Iraq War Then he returns to talk Seria Killers and more.
February 21, 2019
 What do you do when the law wants you behind bars and the New York crime families want you buried? That was the life-and-death dilemma confronting Andrew DiDonato, who began his criminal career at age 14 under the watchful eyes of the local Mob. 
February 14, 2019
Cocaine Cowboys in Miami -- Owen Band lived it and knows how to tell it!
Why was a nice Jewish boy with great grades and a bright future not in college,  but tending bar in Miami? Why was his brother, a prosecutor, irked at him? Well..well educated and intelligent Owen Band found himself semi-attached to some of the most important coke dealers and distributers in Miami...he wasn't a big wheel or even a cog -- but he lived most of it before it all went South -- further South than Miami itself. Find out where the money went and how Owen went from moving coke to representing authors as a literary agent. This is a fascinating show-- you will love it! 
February 10, 2019
My husband was one of the most corrupt cops in the NYPD
Dori Eurell knew her husand, Ken,  an NYPD cop, was up to no good, but she didn't know how bad the no-good really was.  Sooner or later, Dori believed that she would find out. She was right.  Ken is now infamous as the 2nd most corrupt cop in the contemporary history of the NYPD.  Dori could have ditched him when he got busted with his buddy and partner in crime Michael Dowd, but she didn't and she made the right decision.. 36 years  together, through sickness and health, scandal shame arrest and conviction..their marriage surived and thrived --proof that it is not time alone that heals all wounds, but time and true love.  Dori and Ken Eurell join Burl, Howard and Marc on True Crime Uncensored.
January 27, 2019
In 1972-1973, Herbert Mullin killed 13 people in California because he thought it could stop an earthquake. This is his chilling story. 
January 21, 2019
THE DARKEST NIGHT: Ron Franscell . Classic episode!
 This was Ron's first visit to the show, and he is so compelling in his storytelling, you will understand why we always love having him on the program. Casper, Wyoming:1973. Eleven-year-old Amy Burridge rides with her eighteen-year-old sister, Becky, to the grocery store. When they finish their shopping, Becky’s car gets a flat tire. Two men politely offer them a ride home. But they were anything but Good Samaritans. The girls would suffer unspeakable crimes at the hands of these men before being thrown from a bridge into the North Platte River. One miraculously survived. The other did not. Years later, author and journalist Ron Franscell—who lived in Casper at the time of the crime, and was a friend to Amy and Becky—can’t forget Wyoming’s most shocking story of abduction, rape, and murder. Neither could Becky, the surviving sister. The two men who violated her and Amy were sentenced to life in prison, but the demons of her past kept haunting Becky…until she met her fate years later at the same bridge where she’d lost her sister.
January 18, 2019
Joel Blazer and the Dead -- the Greatful Dead & LSD
Let's do the time warp again!  Joel Blazer was a good source of really good acid *LSD* when he was traveling with the Dead -- then the bad trip happeed -- he got busted.  
January 17, 2019
The Crime of Heidi vs NFL, Frank Girardot 's Brilliant Career
Okay we start off talking about the infamous Heidi crime against the NFL, and then shift gears and before you know it, we are hearing about one of the most horrific multiple murders in California history, thanks to Frank C. Girardot Jr. A strange but remarkably fascinating hour with Frank, Howard, Burl and Mark.
January 13, 2019
The Mob Isn't What it Used to Be. -- Anthony M. DeStefano
  Anthony M. DeStefano Anthony M. DeStefano is a New York City journalist who specializes in legal affairs, criminal justice and organized crime. He is the author of "The Big Heist", published in June 2017;"Gangland New York: The Places And Faces of Mob History, published in July 2015; "Vinny Gorgeous: The Ugly Rise and Fall Of A New York Mobster," published in July 2013; "The Last Godfather" "King of the Godfathers" and "Mob Killer," the latter of which was released in June 2011. He also authored "The War On Human Trafficking," published by Rutgers University Press. As a member of the staff of Newsday, Mr. DeStefano was on a team of reporters who won the Pulitizer Prize for spot news in 1992 for the newspapers coverage of the Union Square subway crash (1991). In connection with his work, he has traveled to Europe and South America. He also speaks at academic conferences about crime and human trafficking. As part of promotional work for "Gangland New York", Mr. DeStefano has appeared on WPIX-TV in New York City, NY1 in New York City, as well as WVOX radio in New Rochelle and The Frank Morano Show on 970AM. Recently, he has appeared on the Biography Channel and Sundance Channel and is scheduled to appear in an upcoming cable series as an expert commentator about organized crime in New York City. The highlight of his career ? Being a frequent guest on True Crime Uncensored. 
January 7, 2019
Janet McClellan identifies and analyzes a significantly neglected population of serial murderers, African-American serial murderers in the United States, and examines current profiling practices and the procedures for the satisfactory and practical application of direction in investigations, and identifies unique profiling questions that might help in the investigative processes. Case examples are provided to underscore the problems of current profiling methods and to illustrate the extent of African American serial homicide offending. 
December 30, 2018
It was the night before Christmas (almost) when, in the middle of a diamond hiest, there was a Christmas miracle. No kiddingl 
December 27, 2018
LUST MURDERS -- All Murders are bad. Some motives are worse.
 The lust murderers examined by Janet McClellan include Theodore Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Dennis Rader. The book proposes the need for a composite typology technique in order to have a more promising approach in identifying a suspect pool from a broader range of psychosocial, offense activities, and particular offender characteristics to aid in investigations. The study advocates that a primary function of the development of typologies is to provide aid and assistance in the investigation of violent crime, specifically violent sexualized homicides. As such, this book presents a comprehensive series of issue discussions linking specific issues, activities, processes, and operational contexts in general homicide investigation and specifically for lust murder investigation. 
December 22, 2018
IMPOSSIBLE ODDS -- Anthony Flacco
 The harrowing and heart-wrenching memoir of humanitarian aid worker Jessica Buchanan's kidnapping by Somali land pirates, her three months in captivity, her rescue by the Navy SEALs, and her husband's extraordinary efforts to help bring her home. In 2006, 27-year-old Jessica Buchanan arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, with a teaching degree and long-held dreams of helping to educate African children. By 2009, she had met and married the man of her dreams, a native Swede named Erik Landemalm, who worked to coordinate humanitarian aid with local authorities in Africa. With dreams of starting a family, they moved from Nairobi to Somalia, and their future couldn't have seemed brighter.... But on October 25, 2011, Jessica and a male colleague were kidnapped at gunpoint and held for ransom by an organized band of Somali land pirates. For the next three months, Jessica was terrorized by more than two dozen gangsters. She was held outdoors in filthy conditions and kept on a starvation diet while her health steadily deteriorated. Negotiations for ransom dragged on, and as the ordeal stretched into its third month, the captors grew increasingly impatient. Every terrifying moment Jessica spent suffering in captivity was matched by that of her adoring husband working behind the scenes to deal with her captors. Finally, on January 25, 2012, President Barack Obama ordered a rescue operation by a team of 24 Navy SEALs. The team killed all nine kidnappers, with no harm to the hostages, who were quickly airlifted out on a military rescue helicopter. In riveting detail, Impossible Odds details Jessica and Erik's mutual journey during those torturous months. Together they relate the events prior to the kidnapping, the drama of Jessica's fight to stay alive, and Erik's efforts to bolster and support the hunt for her while he acted as liaison between their two families, the FBI, professional hostage negotiators, and the United States government.
December 22, 2018
Mike Morford and his partner Mike Ferguson have their own very popular true crime podcast and two great books from Wild Blue Press — The Case of the Zodiac Killer, and The Case of the Golden State Killer. Mike Morford joins Burl, Howard and Mark for an entertaining hour where we let Mark actually ask questions! In Northern California, he was known as the East Area Rapist. In Southern California, he was called the Original Night Stalker. When his crimes all over California were finally connected, he would become known as the Golden State Killer, and by 1986, he had racked up a staggering tally of over 100 home break-ins or burglaries, 50 or more rapes, and at least 12 murders. Don’t invite him over.
December 16, 2018
Ethics, the Lone Ranger and the Writers' Strike of 2008
A classic episode from 2008 -- Jim Lichtman, author of The Lone Ranger's Code of the West joins famed character actor Marvin Kaplan (and then President of AFTRA) to talk ethics and morality at the time of the writers' strike. Also featured is the great Don Woldman and actress/singer Judy Faye.
December 9, 2018
FATAL BEAUTY - Writing True Crime -- Burl Barer explains
Burl Barer explains how to write true crime and not make his mistakes.
December 9, 2018
He didn't do it. He's not the guy, but the victim identified him.
Willis Wilson was minding his own business when he was arrested and charged with a horrible crime. Everyone was sure that he was guilty. He knew he was innocent. As seen on Oprah, but our show is more fun. This clasic episode features my original co-host, the great Don Woldman.
December 2, 2018
ERIN MORIARTY == CBS stands for Crime Babe Supreme
ERIN MORIARTY of CBS returns to True Crime Uncensored because we offered her a free toaster.
November 26, 2018
25 years with CNN -- John DeDakis Double Play!
John DeDakis required two episodes to give him the time he deserved -- so here are part one and part two (two weeks apart back in 2016) of our conversations with the brilliant journalist John DeDakis Since 1969, I've been a just-the-facts-ma'am journalist working in radio and television newsrooms in Wisconsin, Germany, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. Highlights of my career include getting tear gassed while covering the anti-Vietnam War riots in 1970 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; doing a 40-minute, one-on-one radio interview with Alfred Hitchcock in 1973 during my stint in the Army at the American Forces Network (AFN)-Europe; and covering the White House for CBN News during the last three years of Ronald Reagan's presidency. In 1988, I joined CNN as a writer. From 2001 to 2005, I supervised the writing on "Daybreak" anchored by Carol Costello. From 2005 to 2013, I was a Senior Copy Editor on "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer." In March of 2013 I retired from CNN after 25 years with the network. I now write full time. I grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin and earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1977). The name DeDakis first appeared in the Chicago phone book about 1915 as a typographical error. My grandfather, who had just immigrated from Greece, felt the accidental capitalization of the second D made the name look more "dignified" so, Dedakis became DeDakis. It's pronounced dih-DAY-kiss, by the way. Mr. DeDakis, being shy, didn't mention the highlight of his media life is appearing on True Crime Uncensored on Outlaw Radio with fellow old school journalists Burl Barer and Howard Lapides
November 18, 2018
A.E. Sawan Presents A Story of Obsession and Revenge In THE GHOST THE GHOST: An Assassin’s Story, is based on the true story of the author’s experiences growing up in Lebanon during that country’s bloody civil war, as well as his time as a counter-terrorist operative. The story follows “Paul” from his childhood in the Bekaa Valley to adulthood when he is recruited and trained as a killer by both Israel’s Mossad and the CIA. A tale of obsession and revenge, in this first book of the Al Shabah Assassin Series, Paul ultimately finds himself on the trail of a childhood nemesis who had become the feared charismatic leader of a violent jihadist group. This fast-paced thriller takes Paul around the world in his personal search for truth and justice, and a final showdown with a yellow-eyed terrorist who one violent day ended Paul’s childhood and set him on the road to becoming an assassin.
November 18, 2018
Serial killers in Australia are just as bad as serial killers everywhere, you just haven't heard of them. Your ignorance will evaporate in the heat of shocking information n Alan Warren returns with yet ANOTHER new book in the Serial Killers around the World series..a series of serial killers!
November 11, 2018
When your family is rich respected and criminal
Young Paul told his classmates that his father was a successful jeweler when he was actually a successful jewel thief. Paul pulled his first multi-million dollar heist at age 16 -- he is indeed his father's son.
November 4, 2018
What happens when one of the most evil men in the history of America meets a man he trusts to share his darkest secrets with? How does it affect someone already on the edge of society when he is taken under the wing of a serial killer? Partly told through the letters of Arthur Shawcross, THE SHAWCROSS LETTERS is the tale of one of America’s most notorious serial killers and his relationship with his would-be biographer, John Paul Fay. John Paul Fay was a murderabilia dealer with a troubled past. Arthur Shawcross, also known as the Genesee River Killer, was in prison after being convicted of murdering numerous women, he officially has killed 14 people in all. The two created a business relationship, with Fay shopping the drawings of Shawcross and working with him on a book of his life. They also created a bizarre friendship in which Shawcross would let out his darkest secrets and Fay would finally meet someone that he himself felt oddly at home with. But as we all know, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. THE SHAWCROSS LETTERS is a unique book, it is not only literary, but it lets the reader into the mind of a serial killer in a way that few books have ever done before. The reader will be drawn into the mind of Shawcross through his letters, and will find themselves wondering, what actually separates a serial killer from someone that walks among us every day?
October 28, 2018
October 28, 2018
20 Years in prison for selling pot and acid when he just turned 20 years old.
Over the last 21 years, 43-year-old Seth Ferranti earned a master’s degree, got married, launched a writing career and founded a publishing house. And he did it all from behind bars. His crime and punishment are so out of line, it is difficult to believe that the USA would treat a college kid selling pot and LSD as if he were Pablo Escobar, but that's what they did. He got the highest possible sentence. Even Adam Diaz, head of the Dominican drug cartel featured in the book Betrayal in Blue, served far far less time in an American prison.
October 21, 2018
1991,in Anchorage, Alaska, a very pregnant Peggy Barnett along with her 9-year old daughter drove to the post office to deliver a package to an associate, George Kerr in Chugiak, fifteen miles outside of Anchorage. George's father David Kerr picked up the package three days later and brought it home. He and his wife Michelle were in the kitchen when David opened the package. The explosion was so intense, neighbours feared there had been an earthquake. David died instantly but Michelle survived. Michelle told U.S postal inspectors that Doug Gustafson was involved. It was no secret that Douglas Gustafson and his cohort, Raymond Cheely, despised George Kerr, had knowledge of explosives, and liked to blow things up. However they had perfect alibis. They were already in prison for murder.
October 21, 2018
64 awards so far for Lillian Glass' brilliant documentary,Reinventing Rosalee, about her 101 year old mother surviving the Gulag and reinventing herself as a media star in her 90's. We talk to Dr. Glass, then Daniel gives us insights into the horrors of the Gulag.
October 19, 2018
Katherine Ramsland -- Vampires, BTK, S&M, ETC.
Dr. Ramsland is brilliant, accomplished and blessed with an adorable laugh, Burl gets her to laugh several times, and vice-versa. We cover everything from Ann Rice to serial killers and the tragedy of death by sexual misadventure, Howard was out of town, so there is no one to dominate the show other than the host with sidebar comments by Mark Boyer and a choir of crickets.
October 8, 2018
Groundbreaking history and exciting investigative journalism combine in a work jam-packed with newly unearthed finds and fresh insights that pull us deeper into the world of Jack the Ripper and closer to the man himself. Wescott does not promote a suspect but instead comprehensively investigates the murders of Polly Nichols and Elizabeth Stride, bringing to light new medical evidence, crucial new material on important witnesses, and – revealed for the first time – the name of a woman who may have met Jack the Ripper and survived to tell the tale. Also discussed in this book: Charles Lechmere, recently named as a suspect in the Jack the Ripper documentary, Conspiracy: The Missing Evidence, is restored to his proper place in history as an innocent witness.
October 5, 2018
BRIGHT LIGHTS-DARK PLACES. Inside Las Vegas PD Deborah Gauthier
Deborah Gauthier took her pledge of police ethics seriously, but the Las Vegas Police Department had different standards -- she was lucky to survive.
October 3, 2018
Drug Dealer/ Drug Smuggler (Retired) Leonard Buschel returns
At least once a year we coax Leonard Buschel away from his pressing duties as producer of the REEL RECOVERY FILM FESTIVALS to tell us stories of his life or crime, how drug dealers define success, and why he walked away from the high pressure, high stakes world of international drug importing/exporting
September 30, 2018
From R. Barri Flowers, award-winning criminologist and the bestselling author of Murder at the Pencil Factory, Murder Chronicles, Murder During the Chicago World’s Fair, Serial Killer Couples, and The Sex Slave Murders, comes the gripping historical true crime anthology, Jealous Rage: Stunning True Tales of Intimates, Passion, and Murder (Volume 1).
September 24, 2018
The Texas Baby Murders & the nurse who killed them! Interview with author Peter Elkind.
September 17, 2018
Mob Rats and Gun Molls -- Joe Bruno
Joe Bruno has cranked out 32 true crime books -- all of them have captured a JOE BRUNOsignificant and devoted readership obsessed with "the Mob" -- from killers to gun molls, stand up guys and rats who squeal....Joe Bruno documents them all in his amazing ongoing series of fascinating true crime books!
September 17, 2018
From award-winning author Anthony Flacco comes a powerful tale of a picture-perfect betrayal that plunged his family into a fatal nightmare -- and those are the WORST KIND! Robert Peernock appeared to have the ideal life; working as a pyrotechnics engineer and computer expert and coming home to his wife and daughter, he projected the American dream. Even when he and his wife separated, it seemed amicable, just a small bump for the well-to-do family. But there was madness in his house: in private, Peernock was violent, subtly manipulative, and bordering on psychotic. But the horrifying details of his home life would only come to light after Peernock finally lost all control.
September 17, 2018
Why the hell would someone confess to a crime or multiple crimes, they didn't commit? Prof. Alan Hirsch is the leading expert on false confessions, and we will find out why you can't believe a confession, even one that has accurate details.
September 17, 2018
She called him her "Trophy Wife", but he was no prize.
Camille Kimball, Official True Crime Hottie and Emmy Award winner and brilliant broadcaster tolerates another hour with Burl, Howard, Mark and Magic Matt Alan discussing primaerily MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME, and Burl explains his diagnosis of "Charming."
September 16, 2018
GARY GROSSMAN -- The EXECUTIVE thriller series!
Famed television writer/producer Gary Grossman has a hit thriller series. #4 is out now, and it is incredibly timely. Gary joins us for an hour of fun conversation. "As local and national political figures are systematically assassinated, President Morgan Taylor assigns Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke to work with America’s intelligence services to unravel the plot. At the same time, a growing secessionist movement is stirring up anti-government fervor across the nation."
September 9, 2018
We Always Stole Millions on Labor Day Weekend
Yes, the famed diamond thief (retired), Pavle/Paul Punch Stanimirovic explains why and how you steal millions on a 3-day weekend
September 2, 2018
Regency Hotel Heist/ Armored Car Warehouse Robbery
Two famous unsolved crimes get solved in this episode because one of the participants in both crimes is our guest -- yes, Punch is back telling how and who and all that jazz. As usual, he is semi-out of control and vastly amusing
August 26, 2018
TOP HOODLUM -- Frank Costello by Anthony M. Destefano
Never before revealed insights from the FBI file on Frank Costello, Top Hoodlum by brilliant journalist Anthony M Destefano
August 19, 2018
Rock Monster - my life with Joe Walsh Kristin Casey
Far from bitter or self-pitying, Rock Monster is an honest account of one woman’s life-changing experience in a relationship with rock legend Joe Walsh. At once envious, glamorous, debauched and disturbing, it’s her long and winding journey from life in the fast lane to sobriety and redemption. Set in the late-eighties and nineties, these are some of Walsh’s darkest years, from spiraling addiction to a stunning comeback with the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over tour. Loaded with true stories never before heard, Rock Monster is essential reading for classic rock fans and anyone touched by addiction. Kristin Casey pulls no punches, sharing gritty details with self-awareness, humor, and affection. Sharply written, bold and incisive, it’s the worldly-wise tome only an ex-addict, ex-stripper, and ex-rock-chick could give us. In the tradition of women-in-rock survivor tales—by Marianne Faithful, Crystal Zevon, or Mackenzie Phillips—Kristin Casey pulls a veil on the enduring myth of the lifestyle’
August 13, 2018
Doggie Style Justice-- A best selling canine quickie by Patrick Bowman
When the killers murdered a frail old farmer, they left behind one living witness: the farmer's devoted dog. This true story will have you throwing Timmy down the well justo see Lassie go running to Gramps.
August 13, 2018
McCain, a writer who grew up on army bases, takes aim at the military and the ways soldiers bring the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq home with them. Her best-seller, MURDER IN BAKER COMPANY, recounts the murder of 25-year-old Army Specialist Richard T. Davis by four fellow members of the army's Third Infantry. This is the same case that inspired the movie, "In the Valley of Elah."
July 31, 2018
THE CRATE -- Deborah Vadas-Levison -- fascinating!
A story of war, a murder, and justice. After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust – in ghettos, on death marches, and in concentration camps – a young couple seeks refuge in Canada. They settle into a new life, certain that the terrors of their past are behind them. They build themselves a cozy little cottage on a lake in Muskoka, a cottage that becomes emblematic of their victory over the Nazis. The charming retreat is a safe haven, a refuge from haunted memories. Then, one day, while exploring the crawl space beneath their cottage, they discover a wooden crate, nailed tightly shut and almost hidden from view. Nothing could have prepared them for the horror of the crate’s contents – or how the peace and tranquility of their lives would be shattered. Now, their daughter, Deborah Vadas Levison, an award-winning journalist, tells the extraordinary account of her parents' ordeals, both in one of the darkest times in world history and their present-day lives.
July 29, 2018
Russian Gangsters sent by Russia as a gift to USA. Gee, thanks!
Reformed diamond heist mastermind and bank robber and credit card fraudster and commercial burglar and son of the world's greatest gentleman thief explains how the Russian gangsters were sent to America as an act of kindness by the Soviets who agreed to allow Jews to leave Russia -- some of these people wouldn't know Torah if the head Rabbi of Jerusalem whacked them over the head with it -- they were hitmen and mobsters thrilled to come to the land of the (formerly) free., now land of the fact free poodle puppets of Putin and homegrown over-reaching oligarchs. Paul Stanimirovic aka Pavle, aka Paul Montana, aka Reginald Mathews aka a bunch of other names -- our resident real-life reformed criminal mastermind gives us another fascinating hour.
July 22, 2018
Anne K. Howard "His Garden: Confessions of a Serial Killer"
A monster was on a killing spree. In just nine months, seven people went missing; all of their bodies eventually discovered in a wooded lot behind a suburban strip mall. But the investigation that led law enforcement to their suspect, William Devin Howell, is only part of the story behind HIS GARDEN: Conversations With A Serial Killer. A practicing attorney, author Anne K. Howard first contacted Howell while he was serving a fifteen-year sentence for the murder of one of his seven victims. He was about to be charged for the remaining six murders. A unique and disturbing friendship between the two began, comprised of written correspondence, face-to-face prison visits and recorded phone calls.
July 22, 2018
Not until Dirty Trickster, Corporate Spy does a memoir exist by one of the principal Watergate saboteurs-provocateurs that exposes the full extent of the insalubrious side of politics and negative campaigning. And that is not all: After Watergate, Kelly became a corporate security consultant that provided undercover agents for client companies to spy on their employees. Kelly also specialized in eavesdropping detection, which took him around the world searching for clandestine listening devices for clients such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Ferdinand Marcos, the Miami Dolphins, Eastern Airlines and even suspected drug dealers. He secretly provided debugging training for entities such as IBM, Revlon, the U.S. Navy and dozens of others.
July 8, 2018
Famed Diamond Thief Hits Hard Rock Jackpot for Millions.
Paul Stanimirovic, alias Paul Montana, alias Paulie Zaza aka "Punch" returns with another astonishing hour including how he won over $1.8 million a year three years in a row at the Hard Rock Casino in Florida playing the slot machines.
July 2, 2018
Crooked Cop Reunion from The Seven-Five: Ken Eurell and "Chickie" plus Frank Girardot Jr.
Two formerr corrupt NYPD cops from Betrayal in Blue and The Seven Five discuss temptation, greed and what they are like today. Burl Barer and Frank Girardot co-wrote Betrayal in Blue with Ken Eurell
June 25, 2018
Pat Craig was Burl's co-host on the Walla Walla High School Radio Program on 250 Watt KTEL when they were teenagers. That was long ago -- both Burl and Pat have become best selling authors and Pat was also a SF rock star for a while.
June 25, 2018
THE AVERY CASE -- Before Netflix did Making of a Murderer, we brought this case to America's attention.
Steven Avery was railroaded to prison for a crime he didn't commit. It took years to set him free...and once he was free....well, that's when things went deadly wrong. From the brutal assault of a woman jogging along a remote stretch of beach on the Lake Michigan shoreline, through a history-making verdict twenty years later, it's a fast-paced story full of suspense.
June 25, 2018
Jack Van Der Slik, recognized expert on the socio-political history of Korea, explains the whole situation so even we can understand it -- and dispels all sorts of myths and misinformation.
June 25, 2018
Recovery from crime & addiction - Doug Bopst is special guest
In this two part episode, Doug Bopst tells his story of transformation from crime and addiction, and how he pays it forward. In part two, investigative journalist Burl Barer exposes "patient brokering" in the rehab business.
June 24, 2018
HUNTING CHARLES MANSON -- Lis Wiehl and Caitlin Rother
In the late summer of 1969, the nation was transfixed by a series of gruesome murders in the hills of Los Angeles. Newspapers and television programs detailed the brutal slayings of a beautiful actress--twenty six years old and eight months pregnant with her first child--as well as a hair stylist, an heiress, a businessman, and other victims. The City of Angels was plunged into a nightmare of fear and dread. In the weeks and months that followed, law enforcement faced intense pressure to solve crimes that seemed to have no connection. Drawing upon deep archival research and exclusive personal interviews--including unique access to Manson Family parole hearings--former federal prosecutor and Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl has written a propulsive, page-turning historical thriller of the crimes and manhunt that mesmerized the nation.
June 17, 2018
A fascinating career biography of one of our brilliant US Marshalls. Pizzi reminds us that in the 1970's places in the USA were being bombed almost everyweek
June 7, 2018
One of the most daring dangerous and decidedly brave books in our contemporary sexually repressive climate, Suzy Spencer tries to remain an aloof journalist but she can only fool herself so long -- she's not investigating the sexual fringe, she's seeking a safe way to penetrate her own sexuality which had been in the frozen food section for over a decade. The final chapter is brilliant as Suzy's complete terrified vulnerability battles with her fears of pissing off Jesus, Mary and Suzy's own mother, Suzy is always an excellent guest especially on this very personal show.
June 7, 2018
General Custer, Ted Bundy and how we research True Crime-
Kevin M. Suilivan joins host Burl Barer for a fascinating discussion of the Indian wars, Ted Bundy and what it is like to research and write true crime
June 3, 2018
Murder in my Hometown-- Rebecca Morris
Bestselling True Crime author Rebecca Morris returns to Oregon to investigate the 1968 murder of a classmate. Burl and Rebecca share professional history, Howard asks great questions as do Frank Hagen and Marc Boyer. Good show!
May 27, 2018
Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of Frank Matthews, Kingpin
This is the remarkable story of Frank Matthews, a charismatic drug kingpin from the late 1960s and 1980s who organized a huge criminal enterprise before jumping bail and 1973 with $15 million and a beautiful woman. Nicknamed Black Caesar, Matthews has never been seen again in what has become one of organized crimes most intriguing mysteries. Black Caesar is a 2013 USA Best Book Award Winner in the True Crime: Non-Fiction category.
May 20, 2018
Tempest -Tost......Welcome to America!
"Dodge takes us behind the headlines and introduces real people and their very real struggles yearning to breathe free. Page-turning, proactive and highly recommended"--Craig McGuire, author of Brooklyn's Most Wanted Kahassai fled the Ethiopian Red Terror that killed his father and hundreds of thousands of others, trekking through a snake-infested jungle while hyenas followed him at night to find safety. Georgette crossed the Congo while the Hutus and Tutsis struggled for control as millions of defenseless people were murdered and displaced. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Asmi and Leela were children in Bhutan when soldiers burned their villages and drove out the Nepalese-speaking Hindus. Roy narrowly escaped Afghanistan after the Americans began bombing Kabul to drive our the Taliban.
May 20, 2018
BURNED --she believed her dad was a firefighting hero. He was an arsonist and murderer!
For years Lori Orr believed her Los Angeles firefighter dad was a selfless hero. When Lori’s dad was arrested and charged with four murders and countless arson fires, it was her testimony that helped keep him from being sent to Death Row. Eventually, Lori’s search for the truth lead her to the dark secrets lurking in her family’s past and to an inescapable conclusion about the remorseless killer and arsonist known as the "Pillowcase Pyro" and his reign of terror in sunny Southern California.
May 20, 2018
Inside the Columbian drug cartels
Ron Chepsiuke knows more about the cartels than anyone --= well, close A fascinating look inside the cocaine trade. J Ron Chepesiuk Author A native of Thunder Bay, Canada, and based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Ron Chepesiuk is an optioned screenwriter, award-winning author, documentary producer and director, publisher, and radio host. He's published thirty-five books and more than 4,000 articles that have appeared in 350 plus magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and USA Today
May 15, 2018
$28 million in jewels stolen from the Pierre Hotel - Daniel Simone
The startling and sensational true story of the most famous unsolved heist in American history: the theft of $28 million in jewels from the Pierre Hotel.
May 15, 2018
An Inside Look Into O.J. Simpson’s Armed Robbery Conviction
In 1995, NFL great and movie star, O.J. Simpson beat a murder rap for the death of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. But in 2007 his luck with avoiding Lady Justice ran out in Las Vegas. ROOM 1203 is the true story of the convoluted and bizarre events surrounding a violent armed robbery of a sports memorabilia collector in a Vegas hotel. On that night, Simpson put an exclamation mark on his spectacular fall from the height of Hollywood’s glamour and glitz to a shadowy world of scams and schemers in Sin City. Written by the lead detective assigned to the case, the book provides details, insights and facts not previously reported, as well as the investigation that pieced the crime together and landed an arrogant man who believed he was above the law in a Nevada prison.
May 15, 2018
"The Weird Show"
This is indeed a weird show -- no special guest. Burl, Howard and the true crime crew swap weird but true stories.
May 15, 2018
INSIDE THE RUSSIAN MOB- Stanley Nechayev in a world exclusive
Who is going to know more about the Russian Mob than someone who was raised on Russian, and born into the world of international crime? Stanley Nechayev meets that criteria, he even lives in South Florida, and has enough symbolic body art to validate his career. Stan wo n’t talk to just anybody. I’m not just anybody. I’m the legendary Burl Barer, and he talks to me. He would also talk to Howard Lapides because Howard survived 89 days with Paula Abdul, and that earns the respect of anyone who has lived life on the edge,
May 7, 2018
DANIEL GENIS -- Our favorite ex-junkie and author reports from New Jersey
The brilliant and talented Daniel Genis calls in from New Jersey to report the truth about Fentanyl and then we get off into life in prison, Daniel's forthcoming new book, and we even talk about the infamous Red Rubber Dress!
May 7, 2018
Failure of Justice -- John Ferak
Six Times More Explosive Than 'Making A Murderer'! "John Ferak has carved his necessary true-crime niche with another fascinating exploration of unalloyed evil in overlooked places, and a dysfunctional judicial system. A chilling piece of journalism."
April 25, 2018
DEFENDING A MONSTER -- Judge Sam Amirante & Danny Broderick
a fascinating interview with the man to whom John Wayne Gacy confessed his crimes -- his lawyer who defended this monster in an attempt to keep him from getting the death penalty.
April 25, 2018
STEVEN SINGULAR -- Nazis in America.. I hate those guys!
The Great Steven Singular is one of our best true crime writers with a mind for detail and a reputation for reliability.
April 17, 2018
How Rock n Roll Changed Las Vegas-- Gary Naseef
Gary Naseef tried to put on a rock festival in Vegas in 1970 -- they didn't let him do it...but he went on to become one of the most famous concert promoters in America.
April 17, 2018
Steve Jackson "Smooth Talker" - TRAIL OF DEATH
One morning in July 1974, Anita Andrews, the owner and bartender at Fagiani's Cocktail Lounge in Napa, California was found dead in her bar-raped, beaten, and stabbed to death in a bloody frenzy. ... Author Steve Jackson shares the entire sordid story with fellow true crime author Burl Barer and co-host Howard Lapides.
April 8, 2018
Retired Criminal Mastermind "Punch" explains financial frauds!!
Our beloved reformed criminal mastermind "Punch" primarily did diamond heists, but he did spend one year exploring the world of financial fraud, bank fraud, and all manner of financial deception. He mastered it but stopped because it hurt people..and his father insisted that no innocent person should ever be hurt by his crimes.
April 8, 2018
BRENT TURVEY He's a combination criminal profiler, sociologist, criminologist, rape investigation expert, and can tell how a crime scene has been manipulated
He's a combination criminal profiler, sociologist, criminologist, rape investigation expert, and can tell how a crime scene has been manipulated to fool the cops...he's honest and accurate, and that makes him dangerous.. be careful what you ask him because he'll give you an answer -- and it may not be what you want to hear Brent is a champion of justice...although justice doesn't always appreciate champions.....He's taught crime investigation in China, just got back from South America, and unwinds in the wilds of Sitka, Alaska. Text books -- yes, he writes plenty of them, and tons of scholarly articles, too. He has a new one about Steroid crimes that should get you pumped. Miscarrtiage Miscarriages of justice are a regular occurrence in the criminal justice system, which is characterized by government agencies that are understaffed, underfunded, and undertrained across the board.
April 4, 2018
SCAPEGOAT -- The framing of Kevin Cooper.
Kevin Cooper was convicted of the brutal murders of a Chino Hills, California family and a young houseguest in 1985 and has been on death row at San Quentin ever since. In his new explosive expose, "Scapegoat," investigative journalist J. Patrick O'Connor reveals how the sheriff's office and the district attorney's office of San Bernardino County framed Cooper for these horrific murders. "Scapegoat" provided a rare direct examination of the broken justice system in the United States, where homicide detectives and district attorneys all too often become blinded by their goal of winning convictions rather than searching for justice for both the victims and the accused.
April 4, 2018
Burl Barer -living legend and brilliant author
Burl Barer was unceremoniously inducted into the "Rock n Roll Radio Hall of Fame" - i t was a package deal "Okay, you can have Larry Lujack, Pat O'Day, Tom Murphy, Dick Curtis and these other great talents, but only if you put Burl Barer in there somewhere." He won numerous advertising writing and production awards for both radio and television,,,,,then he decided to write books. His first book won the EDGAR AWARD from the Mystery Writers of America. He is also two time Anthony Award Nominee and the apex, Zenith, and Motoroll of his career is being host of True Crime Uncensored on
April 1, 2018
From “Birthers” who claim that Barack Obama was not born in the United States to counter-jihadists who believe that the Constitution is in imminent danger of being replaced with Sharia law, conspiratorial beliefs have become an increasingly common feature of our public discourse. In this deeply researched, fascinating exploration of the ideas and rhetoric that have animated extreme, mostly right-wing movements throughout American history, Arthur Goldwag reveals the disturbing pattern of fear-mongering and demagoguery that runs through the American grain.
March 25, 2018
MARGO NASH The politics of murder
On a hot night in July 1995, Janet Downing, a 42-year-old mother of four, was brutally stabbed 98 times in her home in Somerville, a city two miles northwest of Boston. Within hours, a suspect was identified: 15-year-old Eddie O’Brien, the best friend of one of Janet’s sons. But why Eddie? He had no prior history of criminal behavior. He was not mentally ill. He had neither motive nor opportunity to commit the crime. Others had both. Yet none of that mattered because powers far beyond his Somerville neighborhood decided that Eddie needed to be guilty.
March 25, 2018
On September 5, 2015, in a public park in LaVergne, Tennessee, fourteen-year-old Sherokee Harriman drove a kitchen knife into her stomach as other teens watched in horror. Despite attempts to save her, the girl died, and the coroner ruled it a “suicide.” But was it? Or was it a crime perpetrated by other teens who had bullied her?
March 25, 2018
March 20, 2018
NYPD officers Mike Dowd and Kenny Eurell knew there were two ways to get rich quick in Brooklyn's Lower East Side. You either became drug dealers, or you robbed drug dealers. They decided to do both. “I promised my wife that we would make a lot of money, and that she had nothing to worry about. I LIED!” Dowd and Eurell ran the most powerful gang in New York’s dangerous 75th Precinct, the crack cocaine capitol of 1980s America. These “ Cocaine Cops” formed a lucrative alliance with Adam Diaz, the kingpin of an ever-expanding Dominican drug cartel. Soon Mike and Ken were buying fancy cars no cop could afford, and treating their wives to levels of luxury not associated with a patrol officer's salary. They Were Daring, Dangerous and Untouchable Until ...Then “ the biggest police scandal in New York history” exploded into the headlines with the arrest of Mike, Ken, and their fellow crooked cops. Released on bail, Mike offered Ken a long shot at escape to Central America...
March 20, 2018
Crime Author Frank C. Girardot Jr.
Burl Barer's writing partner takes us into the world of true crime collaboration
March 20, 2018
SHE IS EVIL -- Judith Yates is NOT evil, she is the author!
“That woman is evil. She is evil!” Ejaz Ahmad was handsome, charismatic, and a self-made businessman. He arrived in the United States from Pakistan determined to fulfill his mother’s dying wish: to come to America, complete his education, and make his mark in the world. Settling in Memphis, Tennessee, Ejaz became owner of several businesses, father to a handsome boy, and a devout Muslim. The only thing missing in his life was a wife, someone special to protect, honor, and love. Leah Ward was a pretty girl, but a prison parolee with a history of drug charges, petty crime, and a questionable past. She led a flotsam life, drifting from town to city to state. When she was introduced to Ejaz Ahmad, she believed she had found the ultimate answer: a place to live, someone to take care of her, and money to spend. But what began idyllic soon became abusive and then dangerous for Ejaz. His friends and family warned him. And in May of 2003 Ejaz paid the ultimate price,,,
March 20, 2018
Lee Goldberg NYT best selling author
Lee Goldberg's new book, TRUE FICTION debuted at #1 on Amazon -- Naturally, he couldn't wait to come on our show to celebrate!  #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg hits the ground running in a breakneck thriller where truth and fiction collide for the unluckiest writer alive. When a passenger jet crashes onto the beaches of Waikiki, bestselling thriller writer Ian Ludlow knows the horrific tragedy wasn’t an accident. Years before, the CIA enlisted Ian to dream up terrorism scenarios to prepare the government for nightmares they couldn’t imagine. Now one of those schemes has come true, and Ian is the only person alive who knows how it was done…and who is behind the plot. That makes him too dangerous to live. Ian goes on the run, sweeping up an innocent bystander in his plight—Margo French, a dog walker and aspiring singer. They are pursued by assassins and an all-seeing global-intelligence network that won’t stop until Ian and Margo are dead.
March 20, 2018
Famed actor Ian Ogilvy shares great show-biz stories. He replaced Roger Moore as Simon Templar, alias The Saint.
According to the Daily Mail Ian Ogilvy was 'the undisputed star of 1970s TV as the dashing Simon Templar in Return Of The Saint'. The show turned him into a household name, causing him to be touted as the next James Bond. From a liberal upbringing in post-war Britain, boarding school escapades and life at RADA, Ogilvy enjoyed an acting career spanning more than fifty years, including TV show Upstairs, Downstairs and films Witchfinder General, No Sex Please: We're British and Death Becomes Her. His story plays host to a spectacular all-star cast including Boris Karloff, Hayley Mills, Penelope Keith, Derek Nimmo, Timothy Dalton, Derek Jacobi and Meryl Streep, and Ogilvy gives a vivid account from behind the scenes of the Golden Age of television and film.
March 20, 2018
Before abuse hot lines and safe houses were widespread, June Briand shot four bullets into her husband’s head and was sentenced to fifteen years to life. This is the shocking true story of survival—and the intense bond June shared with her pathologically violent husband, a monster who physically and sexually tortured, degraded and dominated her so relentlessly that she refused to believe he was dead even after she killed him.
March 20, 2018
Mrs Machine Gun Kelly
The brains behind Machine Gun Kelly (who didn't know anything about machine guns and wasn't a good shot) was a brand created by his wife. She thought it up, promoted him, and managed his criminal career.
January 14, 2018
Drug Smuggler retired Leonard
International drug smuggler (retired) followed his passion and now produces the Reel Recovery Film Festival
October 17, 2017
Three authors talk shop
True Crime Uncensored Kevin Sullivan &
October 11, 2017
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