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Your Business Acceleration Gym

Your Business Acceleration Gym

By Edgars Kalans
Podcast FOR and BY small business owners.

Place where business owners share top tips of success in:
1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Operations
4. Finance
5. HR
6. and Leadership

Edgars Kalans - Business Advisor and founder of Your Business Acceleration Gym

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Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making // YBAG 006
Host: Edgars Kalans Co-Host: Tomasz Tchorzewski Subject: Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Aim: To talk about online marketing and things that are not always obvious, as well as to provide top suggestions and next steps. Questions: What are the most common mistakes you can see small business owners do when dealing with online marketing? What are the main reasons why small business owners do not spend enough time and effort in online marketing? How to assess/evaluate your current online marketing level? What is the cost of not using online marketing to its full potential? What are the most commonly used KPI’s in online marketing? When online marketing is done right, how long does it take to start seeing results? If you don’t see results, how can you know that you do it right and it is only a matter of time before you start seeing results? Host: Edgars Kalans - Business Advisor ( Co-Host: Tomasz Tchorzewski Menacing Media Phone: 07807496591 email: Linkedin: Facebook:
January 05, 2021
Power of Creativity //YBAG 005
Podcast Title: “Can & How” Creativity can Save Your Business? Aim: To inspire business owners to be more creative as well as to show how creativity can be used and how creativity can change the business. Host: Edgars Kalans - Business Coach ( Guest: Ade Fleet - Creativity Expert and Founder of SalesAde ( Podcast questions: Creativity, well-known subject but not so common topic to be discussed especially in combination with business why is that? How creativity can be used in business? Creativity is this something that is given or this is something that can be learned? What is the most common misconception around creativity? Do you believe that there are absolutely not creative people? How can we practice creativity? Tricky question: Where do we need creativity more, in Marketing or in Sales?
December 28, 2020
Marketing and Advertising for Beginners //YBAG 004
In this episode: Difference between Marketing and Advertising, and why business owners are getting it wrong? Guest: Ben Timberley, founder of BlackBook Consulting Aim: To explain to SBO’s the difference between Marketing and Advertising as well as to suggest the next steps. XXXXXXXX Guest and Co-Host: Ben Timberley founder of BlackBook Consulting +44 (0)748 287 8578, the new Content Hothouse launched in December 2020 and is taking subscriptions NOW! XXXXXXXX Host: Edgars Kalans Business Coach and Founder of Your Business Acceleration Gym To book your Free Coaching Session - please email:
December 21, 2020
Online Networking for Beginners //YBAG 003
In this episode of Top Tips 4&By Small Business Owners we are talking about: Top Tips of Successful Online Networking ▬ Contents  ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬   0:00:00 - Intro  0:02:10 - How many networking events do you attend weekly?  0:02:55 - What was the top record for the number of Networking events that you attended within one week?  0:04:10 - What is the maximum number of event that beginner can attend without compromising the quality?  0:06:45 - How long have you been networking (online)?  0:07:10 - Do you prefer online Networking or Face-to-Face?  0:10:30 - Have you networked abroad?  0:12:25 - Does online networking work?  0:13:15 - Who does networking works best for? And who networking does not work at all?  0:15:40 - How long does it take to start seeing the results? And what kind of results could you expect?  0:22:40 - How to do introductions professionally?  0:24:00 - What benefits you are getting from referrals?  0:30:10 - What about digital backgrounds?  0:32:40 - Do you need to prepare for Networking events? And How to prepare for networking?  0:35:15 - 45 and 60 seconds pitch (Elevator Pitch). Do you need to have one?  0:37:27 - Preparation for the pitch. And the importance to be within 60 seconds.  0:40:10 - Any reasons to talk longer than 60 seconds?   0:41:35 - Your 60 seconds mainly not about selling but all about you and how you helped others.   0:44:50 - Best example of the elevator pitch. Why it is important to talk about only one aspect of what you do (for multi-service businesses).  0:48:35 - Should you be "laser-focused" in your pitch? And what is your "sweet" spot?  0:51:00 - How to choose 1st Networking group?  0:52:55 - Should you choose free or paid networking events?  0:57:35 - What should you do during the networking event? And What should you do after the event?  1:01:25 - Can you give examples of how NOT to do networking?  1:04:35 - Can you give an example of a successful networking connection and long-lasting relations?  1:06:10 - TOP TIPS on what to DO. 1:07:35 - TOP TIPS on what to NOT to do.  1:11:00 - Next steps and Immediate Actions.  1:12:00 - Outro Guest: Elizabeth Mee Sales Consultant and Professional Networker Host: Edgars Kalans Founder of Your Business Acceleration Gym and Business Development Advisor for Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Stat-Ups  #networking #onlinenetworking #onlinenetworkingtips #tips #businessdevelopment #business #motivation #toptips #sucess 
November 21, 2020
Mel Robbins and 5 Second Rule //YBAG 002
New Episode by Darci and Edgars.  Today we are talking about The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  Top Tips on how to use and how to benefit from it.
October 23, 2020
Arnold Schwarzenegger and 7 Tips for Success //YBAG 001
Arnold Schwarzenegger Top Tips for Success Dárcio Miguel Pereira Graca and Edgars Kalans talking about Top Tips of Sucess for Entrepreneurs (October 2020) Full Video Version is available on YouTube Channel: Blog Post with more detailed action plan available: More about Darcio: More about Edgars: TO find out more about Your Business Acceleration Gym visit:
October 14, 2020