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Business of Biodiversity

Business of Biodiversity

By Grow Love Media
What are the opportunities for business to support threatened species?

We explore how landholders, tech companies and innovators are making a difference for threatened species and bringing them back from the brink.

Produced by the Grow Love Project for NSW Saving Our Species Program. To find out more visit Saving Our Species
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Taxonomy – the benefits of naming nature
How many species of flora and fauna do you think exist in Australia? Well there’s about a few hundred thousand that we’ve identified. But did you know there’s a bunch more out there that haven’t got a name yet? What’s amazing is that, when we get around to classifying them, that information could be worth billions of dollars to Australia’s economy. So in this episode we’re talking to a scientist who’s had a spider named after him and an economist who’s worked out what all that is worth. Because sometimes, if we can put a dollar figure on nature – people value it more Thank you to our guests: Emeritus Professor Andy Austin, Taxonomy Australia and Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity Claire Ibrahim, Deloitte Access Economics  Thank you to NSW Saving Our Species Podcast produced by Grow Love Project It’s estimated that 70 per cent of Australian and New Zealand species remain undiscovered, unnamed and undocumented. The Taxonomy Australia decadal plan seeks to use new and emerging technologies, develop key infrastructure, and create a unified and dynamic science that will serve the needs of society, government, industry and our unique biodiversity. Please listen, rate and share the podcast. Thank you!
June 03, 2022
Twitcher Tales - The beautiful benefits of birds
Birds are an iconic species of our Australian environment. And whether you’re in the bush or the backyard, they play an important role with things like keeping pesky insects at bay, pollinating plants and they can even increase your property values. But sadly loss of habitat across both urban and agricultural landscapes has impacted many species of birds with some becoming endangered or threatened. So in this episode we’re talking to a bunch of passionate twitchers who are creating habitat for some threatened species to help nurture the birds and ensure they have a future. We would like to thank all the guests featured in this episode: Lea-Ann Ledden - urban bird lover To see her backyard bird oasis visit - Dr. Holly Parsons, Birdlife Australia, Urban Bird Program Manager Jan and Neville Lubke, farmers and birdlife habitat creators Ben Humphries, Birdlife Australia, Southern NSW Woodland Bird Project Officer Birds on Farms project - Saving our Species Program Produced by Grow Love Project
February 10, 2022
How can we care for our coastal creatures
The beaches and our river systems are a popular place for recreation. But they're also home to some of our threatened and endangered native wildlife. So as we head into summer with people gathering along the NSW coastline, we’re taking a look at our native marine wildlife, the people who care for them when they get sick or injured and how we can do our bit. Guests featured in this episode Olly Pitt - General Manager of Australian Seabird Rescue Holly West - Turtle Watch Stephen Van Mil - Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Saving our Species Program
February 09, 2022
Taking to the sky with conservation drone technology
In this episode we take to the skies to see how drone technology is saving time and money for threatened species. We talk to 3 conservationists turned tech heads about a range of projects from monitoring remote threatened species and bird migration to rapid fire reforestation. We’ll hear about their challenges, solutions and vision for the future and its a bright one. With thanks to those featured: Blaise Porter, Fujitsu Aymeric Maudous, Lord of the Trees Dr. Debbie Saunders, Wildlife Drones
July 07, 2021
Frogs, bees and wallabies, beating the drum for threatened species
Only one quarter of known Australian threatened species are protected in conservation reserves. Some threatened species are confined to small areas in cities, on farms and along roadsides. Engaging the broader community in conservation efforts is essential to their survival. In this episode we speak to 3 people who are beating the drum for threatened species and bringing the public along for the ride. Jodi Rowley really loves frogs. Working for the Australian Museum and the University of NSW she is the lead scientist behind the Frog ID APP. Australia has over 240 species of frog which are found nowhere else in the world, some species are flourishing but four have already become extinct.  The FrogID APP is a national citizen science project, helping scientists learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs. People are recording frog calls on their smartphone in their backyards, schools and farms.  Download it and you can't help but start noticing frogs all around. Matt Blomfield of Gather By provides an opportunity for Growers and farmers to diversify into the honey business without having to know anything about bees. Gather by looks for farmers with 5ha to grow Australian native Leptospermum plants plus bee- fodder plants, for the purpose of generating chemical free, raw bioactive, Manuka- type honeys for local and export markets, while prioritising bee and ecosystem health. Gather By advises the farmers on what to grow and how and then brings along the bees and collects the honey. Darren Grover is the Head of Healthy Land and Seascapes Leading the Species, Oceans, Science and Impact teams at WWF-Australia. He has been working hard to improve the conservation status of species like the black-flanked rock-wallaby and Carnaby’s black cockatoo in southwest Australia, the Bilby and Gouldian Finch in the Kimberley, southern right whales in the Great Australian Bight, and marine turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. His biggest challenge is inspiring other to care as much about wildlife. His greatest joy is all the volunteers who make a difference.
May 07, 2021
Bringing back the birds with Landcare
Standing around the kitchen table in rural communities, talking about Land management can be just as divisive as politics and religion. But biodiversity loss and threatened species is a problem for us all. So how do people work together towards restoration? In this episode we’re looking at the Australian made Landcare movement. We’ll talk to passionate people working at all levels of the organisation and we’ll hear the secret to their success towards biodiversity and threatened species People we hear from in this episode: Adrian Zammit - CEO, Landcare NSW ( Kylie Durant - Project Manager, Holbrook Landcare ( Cindy and Steven Scott - Farmers, Scotts Angus ( To see a list of NSW Landcare threatened species programs visit To download the full report on the business case for biodiversity mentioned in this episode visit
February 15, 2021
Biodiversity Entrepreneurs
There are so many great ideas out there with the environment at their heart. But how do you take that idea for good and turn it into a business? Many conservationists struggle to put a dollar figure on their environmental values. So in this episode we’re talking to environmental entrepreneurs about the journey of turning their passion into a viable business. In this episode we hear from: Sam Marwood, Wild Idea Incubator - Jessie Panazollo - Lonely Conservationist - Find her book she mentions in the episode at David Brook - Wild BnB - See the gliders using David's nesting boxes - Kate Torgersen and David Flood, EnviroGolf - Hollie Newman and Aimee Bowman, Planet Warrior -
November 09, 2020
Innovative ways to promote the importance of biodiversity
Sharing your passion is infectious. The people in this episode all have a love of Australian plants and animals and they are not shy to share their passion in order to encourage others to get involved. Guests featured in this episode: Justin and Pip Jarret - Seesaw Wines Sam Renzaglia - RenZaglia Wines Lou Chalmers - Yume Wine Luke Tilse - Happy Wombat Check out Luke's wombat onesie - Jo Slupik - Pokolbin and Hunter Distilleries To see the threatened species mural visit - Mick Roderick - Birdlife Australia Andi Mether - Zest International
October 02, 2020
Investing in Biodiversity
In this episode we’ll hear from scientists, conservationists and farmers sharing their experiences and knowledge around threatened species conservation. We’ll explore how plants and animals deliver significant ecosystem services on farm and why biodiversity is simply good for business. In this episode we hear from Nigel Sharp - Founder and Chairman, Odonata Matt Hayward, Associate Professor of Conservation biology, University of Newcastle Rich Gilmore - Country Director, The Nature Conservancy Annette Rypalski - Director of Biodiversity, Odonata Rob Fenton - Farmer and educator, Green Gate Organic Farm
June 12, 2020