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arts x business

By Business / Arts
arts x business is a podcast from Business / Arts where arts leaders from organizations of all levels in Canada share how they adapt their programming and funding models to the ever-changing creative landscape.
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Jenn Shah (Hot Docs) - How are you Adapting?
This week we end the series with Jenn Shah from Hot Docs. If you wanted advice and examples on how to emerge from this crisis in plain language, this is the episode for you. Jenn talks about everything from pivoting the Hot Docs festival to a digital offering. She chats about how they dealt with the vendors, the copyrights, the funders, and the measure Hot Docs took from SARS to prepare themselves for COVID-19 and whatever the future holds.
December 16, 2020
Philippe U del Drago (Le Festival International du Film sur l’Art) - Comment vous adaptez-vous?
Lors de cette entrevue, Philippe Ulysse del Drago nous raconte comment le FIFA s’est adapté aux mesures de confinement en quelques jours à peine et mais aussi, comment il perçoit la période actuelle, qui implique nécessairement l’expérimentation. Nous discutons aussi de la diffusion numérique et des partenariats qui ont surgi durant cette période En plus de la direction du Festival du film sur l’art, Philippe Ulysse del Drago a eu une pratique indépendante de photographe et concepteur vidéo, il a dirigé le marketing et les communications pour le Centre du Théâtre d’aujourd’hui, a été directeur créatif chez Normal Studio et il a assumé des charges de cours au HEC et à l’UQAM. La série «Comment vous adaptez-vous» ou «How are you adapting» met en lumière la manière dont s’adapte des organisations en ce moment à travers le Canada. Si ce contenu s’avère intéressant pour vous, vous êtes bienvenu d’aller regarder d’autres entrevues en anglais avec des créateurs et gestionnaires, mais surtout, à partager l’information autour de vous.
December 16, 2020
Eric Rose (Ghost River Theatre) - How are you Adapting?
Do you have zoom fatigue? Well so does Eric Rose and Ghost River Theatre. In this episode, we will chat about the theatre’s latest production which takes away the visual and engages the other senses. We will talk about the technology being used, why theatres and performance-based art should be evolving, and the importance of charging for your productions.
December 16, 2020
Kelly Straughan (Workman Arts) - How are you Adapting?
What happens when a pandemic removes the community experience? Kelly Straughan, the Executive Artistic Director at Workman Arts is our guest this week and we talk about the importance of mental health and what gets lost when a community built on being together is forced to physically distance. We also chat about the steps Workman Arts is taking to create spaces where organic moments, the ones that only come from being together, can happen in a digital space
December 16, 2020
Nina Lee Aquino (Factory Theatre) - How are you Adapting?
These next 20 minutes will fly by! Nina Lee Aquino is the Artistic Director at Factory Theatre in Toronto and she has some pointers on how to exist as an artist during this time. Nina discusses people’s appetite for the arts right now, the sustainability of performances on the digital platforms, and how success is measured during this time. Nina has such an optimistic outlook on the theatre’s ability to survive this threat just like they did before with the onset of radio, then television, then streaming and so on. According to Nina, theatre is going nowhere because it creates those ephemeral moments, the fleeting ones, the live experience…. If you miss it, you missed out.
December 16, 2020
Barry Hughson (National Ballet of Canada) - How are you Adapting?
In this extended episode of How are you Adapting, we chat with Barry Hughson, the executive director of The National Ballet of Canada about what it takes for a larger organization to pivot… from experimentation with new content to the hurdles of rebroadcasting legacy ones.
December 16, 2020
Catie Primeau (Unity Charity) - How are you Adapting?
In this episode of How are you adapting? We discuss approaching accessibility and anxieties when pivoting programming. We speak with Catie Primeau from Unity Charity in Toronto to find out what goes into adapting high energy live performances to a digital platform.
December 16, 2020
Jackie Latendresse (Free Flow Dance Theatre Company) - How are you Adapting?
In this episode of How are you Adapting? I will speak to Jackie Latendresse from Free Flow Dance Theatre Company in Saskatoon about their plans to combine live and recorded content to showcase their talent during international dance week. We also chat about her commitment to the community and the importance of paying artists despite some hiccups in funding.
December 16, 2020
Jefferson Wourms (Cathedral Village Arts Festival) - How are you Adapting?
In this episode, we speak to Jefferson Wourms, the chair of the Cathedral Village Art Festival in Regina to learn how he is getting the festival ready for its digital presence. We also chat about his commitment to the community, and how his plan to use a lottery system to fund it.
December 16, 2020
Gilad Cohen (JAYU) - How are you Adapting?
As part of our commitment to offering educational resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are developing a web series titled How are you Adapting? where we speak to arts organizations who are adapting their programming and offerings due to physical distancing. The hope for this series is to share approaches, best practices and hopefully to inspire others who may be struggling with adapting during these uncertain times. In the first of this miniseries, Gilad Cohen, the founder and executive director of JAYU, talks about how his team is adapting their programming, what hiccups they are facing and how they are keeping their priorities during COVID-19. To learn more about JAYU and to lend support, visit and
December 16, 2020