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One Happy Business

One Happy Business

By LaFaye Pye
Struggling to build a profitable online business? Why not be a fly on the wall... Listen into these deep, sometimes even downright personal life experiences of failures, chaos &the struggles of real business owners. Learn how these savvy entrepreneurs have turned those personal challenges into triumph. Not only for themselves but created epic transformations in the lives of their families, friends, clients & even listeners like you. If you want to learn how to plan, build, launch & prosper in Business, while living a life you love, then tune in. That is, if you have the courage to change!?
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Branding & Colour Psychology with Jenny

One Happy Business

5X5 Health Coaching with Melesha
"The struggle is real" - In a world over run with fast food, fast cars and fast internet. We are speeding though our lives on unconsciously.    And unwillingly sacrificing our health and well being to this new age, where everything is suppose to be at our fingertips. Yet, we are more unsatisfied and undernourished then ever before. Take a quick journey with us today. To learn how our certified health coach Melesha Bailey is helping woman just like you, to change their life long struggles with food. It's going to surprise you, how she talks about the main ingredient being what's around your plate, rather then what's on it! Link: Melesha's Facebook Page Gift: Get your gift here
November 27, 2019
Business and Soul Strategies with Azmina
Why do some business flourish while others stagnate? Could it be that some entrepreneurs unconsciously tap into their own hidden powers of energy and perception? Well today we are talking with soul and business strategy coach Azmina Ahamed. Who is going to share with us her ground breaking new formula to  figuring this all out. She going to let you in on her little secret...  how to align your chakra's with your business. So that you can stop spinning your wheels, break free from old habits, boundaries and limiting beliefs. That is, if you want to step into your power,  own your life and prosper in business.  Link to the Website: Azmina's Site Gift: Opt-in to get the free gift
November 26, 2019
Branding & Colour Psychology with Jenny
Today you're in for a real treat! Jenny Collinson is a true specialist in her area of expertise. She been studying and using colour psychology for years. Bonus.. she's a marketing expert too!! In this podcast we're going to set you up for success, when it comes to building a "pretty and powerful" brand. Your going to discover what the majority of people are missing out on.. what the biggest mistakes are that keep new and established business owners hidden. And how to transform them into something so powerful that it gives you the confidence to get out there and be more appealing to your customers. Remember... Branding isn't just about colours and a logo... as you will learn in this episode. - It's about choosing the right shades to attract rather then repel your ideal clients. - It's also the difference between making and losing money. This is why big corporations spend millions of dollars on finding just the right "cap" colour to place on there products. - It's about having harmony in all your brand elements (shapes, patters, tone of voice, copy, fonts and more as you will discover from Jenny) Make a impact in your business today by learning what the 4 personality types are how they effect yours and your customers mood and buying power. PLUS Jenny's reveal, as she talks about my brand (The Business Builders Lab), shares with you her free quiz and best tips to get you started on the correct season for your business. Jenny's website:  Jenny Collinson's Facebook Page Jenny's Gift >>> Click me
November 25, 2019
Devlin's Podcast
Welcome to podcast #4. Today we have the lovely Devlin Blake. Devlin is a book coach from the US, who has written and published more then 25 books and help to get another 200 books out there. If you are a coach or a want to be author and you are looking for proper guidance and proven methods. Then Devlin is your gal, she has templates and the experience to help you develop that book from conception all the way to fruition.
October 22, 2019
Missy Part 2 Episode
Facebook Group: Check out the Website:
October 21, 2019
Business Bestie's "Take one" with Missy Martin
Ever wondered why entrepreneurs have a business partner or business bestie? It's not just for socialization or out of the habit of staying in touch with old friends. Most of us actually have to seek out someone... whether that be a coach, mentor or business bestie. This person will help to lift you up, keep you on track, hold you accountable to your goals and help plan your business strategy. They are someone to bounce ideas off of as well as help you to pivot when your life gets in the way of business and success.   Today you are going to meet my business bestie, Missy Martin.
September 25, 2019
Trauma to Triumph a Spiritual Awakening with Tammy Hatherill
Tammy Hatherill is the author of 4 books including "Trauma to Triumph a Spiritual Awakening". Also, the director of "Tammy's Tarot and Healing" as well as "Holistic Health Services NT". Tammy is a well known Clinical and Neuro Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Tarot and Reiki Master Teacher. In this episode we are discussing Tammy's latest book and how one person can cope with mental, emotional and psychological wounds. Yet, come out on the other side.  Tammy freely opens up and expresses how she was able to work in a male dominated prison. Yet worked her way up to an intelligence officer position. Where she had to deal with explicit situations, violent and horrific events that left there scares. All before the tender age of 25. If you are looking for meaning or a purpose on your life events and how they can help you to heal the not just the mind and body, but also the soul. And then this podcast may just be for you! After all that is what Tammy did... she turned her "Trauma into Triumph" and awakened her spirit to help others. - Blessings Check out Tammy's Book on Amazon below: >> Here is the link  
July 10, 2019
The Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur.
Welcome to the Business Builders Lab Podcast. I'm both thrilled and scared to present this very first episode to you. As, It's a deep dive into who I am and how I got to this point. No one starts their life off as an entrepreneur. It's a journey to get here and it's filled with road bumps, pot holes and even natural disasters at times. This journey can leave us with bumps, bruises, scares and even worse... missing pieces or holes in our energy. Which can fill up our soul with shame, dread and fear, which is the worst of them all.  Fear of moving forward, fear of trying, fear of being heard or seen for who we truly are. Today I'm going to give you an overview about what you can expect to hear on these podcasts.  I will also share my story with you not to brag (as you will see it's nothing to brag about)! But rather in hope that you will see within yourself, that you to can over come any obstacle and move forward, down that path (or road) to your dreams. No matter what your circumstances may be. - Blessings LaFaye Want to learn more? Check out
July 06, 2019