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Business Is Zooming!

Business Is Zooming!

By Ray Harwood

Your host, Ray Harwood, is a solo Zoom event producer primarily for nonprofit and small businesses with limited budgets. He spends some time each week on the Zoom Community answering questions, and is a Zoom Community Champion.

News, tips, and updates -- all about Zoom! NOT an official Zoom podcast... I'm a Zoom customer, maybe just like you.

Info you need to know, including coverage of important Release Notes items, occasional answers to common or unusual questions from the Zoom Community online, and answers to YOUR questions posted on
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The Answer to "In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid?"
The Answer to "In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid?"
Enough about the pandemic and wondering what the "new normal" will be like.  We're now in the "new normal": things will continue to change, but at an even faster pace. One big question I keep hearing over and over is: "Which should we have, in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings?"  In this episode, I discuss some of the pros and cons of each, and give you my advice for you organization -- especially if you're on a tight budget. LINKS Arizona Native Plant Society AZNPS YouTube Channel Zoomtopia 2022 OfficeHours.Global
September 13, 2022
Sharing Zoom Accounts: "Everybody does it!"
Sharing Zoom Accounts: "Everybody does it!"
Sharing Zoom accounts is against the Zoom Terms of Service.  But there are a few real reasons why sharing a paid account is a bad idea. But maybe you're not aware that there are ways to let other people host your meetings.  In this episode, I cover the 3 workaround scenarios: The "Host Key" approach, where you give your Host Key (but NOT your login username and password) to a substitute host The "Scheduling Privilege" approach, where two paid logins on the same organizational account can schedule and start each other's meetings The "Alternate Host" approach, where you designate another user (paid login on your organizational account) to be a potential host on one of your meetings.
September 03, 2022
Get Help From the Zoom Community
Get Help From the Zoom Community
Have you been to the Zoom Community at Tens of thousands of Zoom users have made the virtual trip there in the one-year history of the "get an answer to your Zoom question" forum.  While not a replacement for Zoom's Support Ticket, it's a great resource for a lot of things. In this episode I'll tell you how to get started in the Zoom Community, and more importantly, how to provide enough information when you post your question so that we have enough information to give you an answer, without too much "back and forth" questions. I'm a Zoom Community Champion Customer, and I spend many hours each week just answering questions and helping people get the most out of Zoom. Extended Episode: I try to keep most episodes to 5-10 minutes, but because of the in-depth one-topic coverage, this one's a little longer.  Hang in there, it's worth listening to!
September 02, 2022
I upgraded to Pro, but I'm still getting cut off at 40 minutes!
I upgraded to Pro, but I'm still getting cut off at 40 minutes!
Did you just upgrade from a Zoom Basic account to Zoom Pro, and still getting cut off at 40 minutes? Here's the inaugural episode of Business Is Zooming!  After a brief introduction as to what this is all about and why I'm doing this, I launch straight in to the most frequent question I get on the Zoom Community: "I upgraded to Pro, but I'm still getting cut off at 40 minutes!"  Okay, not really a question, but a complaint.  The fix is easy!  You bought a Pro License, you now need to assign that license to your User Account. Here's links mentioned in the podcast: The Zoom Support article on assigning the license to your Zoom user account: A Zoom Community post example of how I handle this: The Zoom Rewards Program: Zoom Release Notes top-level page: Lastly, here's a link to various posts on the Zoom Community that I've tagged "New license not assigned", where I or another Zoom Community Champion has helped a new Zoom user through this issue.
September 01, 2022