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The Business of Wound Care

The Business of Wound Care

By Wound Care Education Partners
Welcome to The Business of Wound Care Podcast! This is where clinic administrators and program directors learn how to run profitable wound care clinics by increasing patient load, revenue, and reimbursements.

Find all of the resources you need to increase revenues, patient load, and reimbursements for your wound care clinic at //
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The 3 Critical Components to Improve Documentation on Patient's History
Documentation on patient's history is usually an area of weakness for many wound care clinics. And it could be a negative finding on an external audit by the OIG.  Today's episode we have a masterclass taught by Gretchen Dixon, MBA, RN, CCS. Gretchen has vast experience working with clients during OIG audits. In this episode Gretchen teaches the 3 components that are critical to get right when documenting patient's history. Must establish medical necessity for services in the patient’s History component of the Evaluation/ Management documentation. Chief Compliant or reason for the visit must be documented in the patient’s own words. Chief Compliant is Stage 1 of 2 for meeting the requirement of medical necessity for services. Get all of the resources you need to grow your wound clinic business, visit 
February 16, 2021
How To Make It Easy To Refer Patients To Your Clinic
Are you making it extremely easy for potential referral partners to send you patients? Are your potential referral partners crystal clear when, why, and how to send you patients?  If there's any doubt in the mind of the potential referral partner - your chances of earning that patient referral are lowered.  This episode will give you actionable strategies that you can start implementing today to earn patient referrals.  Melissa Barker, MBA, and CEO of Strategy Now, LLC breaks it down into three actionable strategies. 1. Identify these key points: What is is that differentiates your clinic from your competitor?  How you care for patients. Background of the clinic. 2. Then, write a one-paragraph summary on what makes your services unique, your “differentiator”, and send that to potential referral partners. It doesn't have to be a fancy brochure, keep it super simple. Remember to include your contact details.  Doing this will help clarify when and why potential referral partners should refer patients to you. When we make it easy for someone to refer patients to us, they’re more likely to. Find all of the resources you need increase revenues, patient load, and reimbursements for your wound care clinic at
January 28, 2021
How to Increase Referrals and Patient Load For Your Wound Care Clinic
In this episode Melissa Barker of Strategy Now, LLC defines: What marketing means for wound care clinics How to create a simple "referral-based" marketing strategy All with the goal of increasing patient load and revenues for your wound care clinic. Find all of the resources you need increase revenues, patient load, and reimbursements for your wound care clinic at
December 09, 2020