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Business Owner Growth

Business Owner Growth

By Wally Carmichael
When you grow, your business grows.
Too many business owners suffer from business related stress. Resulting in divorce or suicide. It is my mission to facilitate the prevention of business related stress.

This podcast will introduce you to Business, Marketing and Life Strategies that you can implement in your business and life that will free up your time, greatly increase revenue and profits so you can actually start having fun in life and business again.

Remember those times?

Let's bring that back.

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Are You Even In the Right Industry? with John Voris
When you  know and understand your Authentic Identity, you will finally start winning even bigger at business, career, relationships and every other aspect of your life. John Voris is going to share a few great stories of how others have transformed their life though a simple assessment and conversation with him or one of his team.  John Voris is a philosopher, writer and a human motivation researcher. He graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a degree in philosophy and has never stopped his quest for answers to the deep questions. For several decades through rich life experiences and continued research John invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that reveals a person’s underlying motivation and what they were truly designed to do. He discovered a huge difference between how American psychology views human motivation based on behaviorism and what can be measured versus what European psychology views human motivation which is based more on Existentialism and man’s search for meaning which is not measurable. By recognizing the symbolic clusters in the form of objects that surrounds his clients, including the words they use, he was able to discover their inner life-long motivation or as he calls it, a Life Theme. John’s method accesses the four major Virtues of Humanity or Life Themes and how they are designed to bring us fulfillment in life. He discovered that happiness, motivation and purpose represent a triad of power intertwined beneath our personality and that for decades American psychology has been incorrect with their cult of personality as it applies to human motivation and authentic life purpose. Get your assessment done then get a chance to connect with John directly. ======================== Profit Acceleration - Foundational Strategies Group Coaching  This 14 week Group Coaching program may be what's been missing in your business. Did you realize growing a business is more about keeping the clients you have more so than gaining new client? Seems simple, right? Well, this is just one of many strategies you will learn and implement over the next 14 weeks.  See if you qualify. ========================= Facebook Page:
September 09, 2021
Raise Your Prices and get your clients to thank you, Wally Carmichael
let's talk about how do you raise your price? Have you ever considered raising your prices? I have conversations this conversation with many business owners and they're like, Oh my goodness. If I raise my prices, well, then you're probably going to lose clients. And my answer is, yes, you probably will lose some clients. And the reason why is because quite frankly, there are clients out there, there are people out there you might even be one of them. And it depends on the product and the service. Some products and services. We, we are, you know, penny pinchers on we're more price checkers. We're looking just for the cheapest price of that product or service, but in many other things that we do throughout the day or throughout the year or throughout our life, we are not price shoppers. We are value shoppers and most people by and large. Our value shoppers. Most people shop on value rather than price. For instance, I recently took possession and purchased a new RV travel trailer, 2021 travel trailer, 30 foot travel trailer. We didn't go for the very, very best, but I'll tell you one, it's pretty close. It's very, very nice. And we definitely went bigger than what we should have. And since we want bigger, we're supposed to stick with a 26 foot. But we ended up doing a 30 foot since we did that. We had to upgrade my Toyota Tacoma that was paid off. And I went for a much bigger truck and then did a lot of shopping around. I did not shop on price. I shopped on features and value, and I got exactly what I wanted and I, and I was 2,500 now I see that because many people, most people, quite frankly, and even you. Probably shop on value on most things, not on price, on everything, but here's the thing. When you consider those clients and customers that may leave you and stop purchasing from you, most of them are price shoppers and they're not loyal. Anyway. If they were to go see something that was cheaper down the road or cheaper from other, some other vendor, then they would jump ship anyway, without you even having to raise your prices. Right. The other thing is, is those people, most of the time, the people that are price shoppers, most of the time of the ones that take up most of your time, they're the ones that are taking up the time of your call center or your front desk, or calling you and taking up all of your time. And they're the complainer's and they want everything for less and they want a discount. And look, I'm not really speaking ill about anybody in particular, but I'm just stating it as effect. Now the people that  there's some good beer that people that  are basically make up 80% of your revenue or just 20% of your clients. 20% of your clients make up 80% of your revenue. That's the 80 20 role. It's true in everything. It's always going to be that way. So figure out who the 20% is, you contact them and you let them know, and you can send this out to everybody. They'll filter out, send out your blast, email, send out your blast, text message, send out your blast.  Voice jobs. And if you don't know how to do any of that, let me know. ======================== Everything you know about your business and marketing is WRONG!  ========================= Facebook Page:
May 01, 2021
Desperately in Need of Business Coaching Clients in the next 72 hours?   Are you in Desperate Need of Paying Coaching Clients within the next 72 hours or your spouse is going to have your ass for spending all that money on coaching programs, courses, tools and books?   This one strategy will get you all the high paying clients you need faster than any other.   See the visuals: Facebook Page: YouTube:    #BusinessCoach #LeadershipCoach #MarketingCoach #MarketingConsultant Get more free business Growth training at
August 09, 2020
Do you know, The Ultimate Competitive Advantage for Your Business?
Do you know what your Ultimate Competitive Advantage is for you and your business? Consider this, You're not just competing with your local competition. You're also competing with your suppliers, marketing technology, the economic environment, your physical environment, mother nature and more recently a pandemic like COVID 19. When soldiers are at War the exact same competitive advantage is at play. Most have no idea they benefit from this advantage. When playing any sport. When discussing politics. When debating. When selling. When doing high-level business. When asked to Take a guess what the ‘Ultimate Competitive Advantage’ is: Most would say…. Communication Work Ethics Character Connections Values The list goes on and on. While they are important… It’s CRITICAL for you, as a business owner to have real and lasting success. The answer? Listen to find out.  =============== Ready to see the what your playing field looks like?  Register for your Business Assessment today. =============== Download your digital copy of No BS Business Owner Growth from And check out the Everything is WRONG video. To see why everything you've ever learned about marketing and running your business is wrong. Wally
May 26, 2020
If Your Business is better than your competition, it does not matter unless you...
You know your'e business is amazing. Your service, the value you offer and the quality of your products and services are far superior to everyone in your industry. But none of that matters unless your inside reality is clearly articulated in your marketing and advertising, The outside perception of your business, to your ideal customers, is you're no different than your competition. And when that's the case, you force customers to shop on price.  Here are a few examples of businesses we helped lock in their marketing dominating position, clearly articulate that in their marketing and advertising and dominate their market.  Download your digital copy of No BS Business Owner Growth from And check out the Everything is WRONG video. To see why everything you've ever learned about marketing and running your business is wrong.  Wally 
May 16, 2020
Do you want a Million Dollar Business?... Or do you actually want to make money with your business?
Do you want a Million Dollar Business... Or do you actually want to make money with your business?   "Revenue feeds your Ego. Profits feed your family. "  Most business owners are completely unaware that there are simple, easy-to-implement cost-free strategies they can use right now to not only stabilize their revenue but to see HUGE increases in their leads, sales and income.   Join us online for a NO BS, NO Upsell Business Breakthrough Focus Group - During this eye-opening meeting, we’re going to show you how to accomplish the following:   * Double your current lead flow month over month  * Double your current sales volume  * Simple easy-to-implement, no-cost strategies that instantly add cash flow  * How to effectively market on the internet  * How to get your website 10X more traffic  * How to harness your database to maximize repeat business  * How to set up joint venture partners that promote your business for you
May 06, 2020
America without Professional Sports - Why Should You Care?
Have you considered what America would be like without Professional Sports? Why should you even care? If you're a sports fan, this is a crazy question no doubt. Rather you're a sports fan or not, you should care greatly about professional sports. The economic impact is so much bigger than just the superstar players and the clubs losing money. There is so much more at stake.  This conversation is based on a conversation I had this last weekend, a conversations with Karl Bryan and what I've heard Jon Taffer mention in recent interviews.  =============================== Get in on the conversation Request access to our Private Business Owner Growth Facebook Group ============================== Business Breakthrough Virtual Focus Group I’m hosting a NO BS, NO Cost, NO Upsell - Business Breakthrough - Live Zoom Webinar for Business Owners who want to use this “downtime” wisely. Most business owners are completely unaware that there are simple, easy-to-implement cost-free strategies they can use right now to not only stabilize their revenue but to see HUGE increases in their leads, sales and income. So, join me ONLINE from the safety and comfort of your home or office and let me teach you the EXACT strategies you can implement RIGHT AWAY that will take your business to an entirely new level financially… while your competition remains gridlocked in fear and worry. All attendees will receive: 12 month Full Access to my eLearning Marketing System -  Value to you is priceless Downloadable action guide. Strong Connections with other business owners Agenda Double your current lead flow, month after month Double your current sales volume Simple easy-to-implement, no-cost strategies that instantly add cash flow How to effectively market online and off How to get your website 10X more traffic, and convert that traffic to paying customers How to harness your database to maximize repeat business How to set up joint venture partners that promote your business for you, while increasing your profits See you there. Register here:
April 07, 2020
$2k a month for SEO, 1400+ website visits, ZERO Paying Clients - Why?
$2k a month for SEO, 1400+ website visits, ZERO Paying Clients - Why?   Are you frustrated with SEO companies promising traffic to your website, but getting no calls or clients?  There's a simple reason your lead generation efforts are not working like you thought it would. Why you have high revenue and low to no profits is a bit more complex.   You can Dominate your Market, without spending any more on marketing & advertising. You have to innovate your business and your marketing with a Market Domination position and the Conversion Equation.   Start generating, and converting, more leads than you can handle. We will prove to you how, and why, our low to no cost strategies work, before we decide to work together. Let's continue the conversation on Facebook at Give me 45 minutes and I will show you how to uncover at least $100k in your business - Guaranteed.  Book a Business Breakthrough Call with me (No charge to you as a loyal listener)  ============================ Business Coach Needed Now! I need a few more Business Coaches on my team to help me handle the exploding demand for business coaching services. I’m willing to train [at my expense] the right individual with a passion for wanting to help small business owners become successful. NO travel required. You stand to earn a mid six figure income the first year. If you, or someone you know, is interested, click here and a 4 minute video will explain it all.
March 25, 2020
Is this Business Something You Created?
Some business owners, coaches and speakers struggle with doing business using ideas they did not create themselves. Some are outright against it. What's right for you? Before you answer that, consider this... Let's continue the conversation on Facebook at Business Coach Needed Now! I need a few more Business Coaches on my team to help me handle the exploding demand for business coaching services. I’m willing to train [at my expense] the right individual with a passion for wanting to help small business owners become successful. NO travel required. You stand to earn a mid six figure income the first year. If you, or someone you know, is interested, click here and a 4 minute video will explain it all.
January 31, 2020
Why you keep firing your Podcast Booker, Lead Generation and Facebook Ads Teams...
Are you getting the Return On Investment you expected from you lead source and distribution channel? If you're paying for marketing and advertising of any kind, Facebook ads, Podcast Booker, Speaking agency, Google ads etc and not getting the ROI to justify the source, this episode will tell you why. My research tells me you could be doing so much better. I'm going to tell you exactly how. 
November 01, 2019
Why your online marketing is not working, And what to do about it.  If you're trying to sell your product and services strictly online, you can sell $1 - $97 products and services for a while.    But when you want to sell $1000 - $25,000 products and services, you have to get your ideal prospects offline.    Here's how I do it.
October 11, 2019
Dominate Your Market - Then 16X Your Monthly Revenue  This presentation will help you learn how to establish a market dominating position for your business. The majority of small businesses are established in response to market demand for a product or service.    Many build their businesses by serving that demand and enjoy growing profits without putting much effort into long-term planning or marketing.  However, what happens when that demand slows or stops? What happens when the competition sets up shop with a “new and improved” version of your product down the road?    How do you keep your offering fresh while growing and maintaining your client base?    The answer, Innovate your business and offer extraordinary value by creating a “market dominating position.” Consider this.  Every choice you make when buying a product or a service represents a point of differentiation between one company and their competitors. These differences, whether subtle or distinct, determine which customers will buy what they sell.
October 11, 2019
You're just reaching 1% Why and what to do about it?
I know you don't realize it yet, but you've been marketing to less than 1% of all prospects you could be adding value to over the course of the next 12 months and beyond.    First I want to say, none of this is your fault. It's just what you've been taught. The good news is, together we can change that.    I may be able to evaluate your marketing and provide some valuable feedback that will allow you to triple your marketing efforts.    Are you ready?  Book a 15-30 minute call with me:  Let's do this.
October 11, 2019
Niche your marketing, not your business. Why and How
You've heard it before, I'm sure. "Niche your business until it hurts."    I completely disagree with that statement as it stands.    You can, and should continue serving all the people who need and want your services.   Rather you're a Chiropractor, Contractor, Psychologist, App Developer or Family Practice Clinic owner. You have various services to offer.    To niche down means to not offer all of your skills to those who need and want them.    Now, I will say, to focus on 1-3 disciplines is a smart thing to do as you're ramping up your business. Many businesses do very well with 1-3 options.    None the less. Rather you have 1-3 options or 5-9 options. Where niching is vital, is in your marketing.    Your marketing must talk to just one of your options at a time.   If you try to be all things to all people, in your marketing, you will be nothing to anyone.    Get more:
October 11, 2019
Niche your Marketing, Not Your Business with Supna Shah
You've heard the saying "Niche until it hurts." Well if you haven't, you have now. And while finding your niche and being fully dialed into who you serve is good advice, that applies times 100 when it comes to your marketing.  If your marketing is talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. And you're wasting valuable time and money.  It does not matter if your spending time on social media marketing and looking for organic reach, or if you're paying for Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads or google ads. You absolutely must niche down your marketing. Learn more about about Supna and WeGoKids at: ============================================== Request access to our Business Owner Growth Facebook Group -
October 02, 2019
Why is Business Owner Growth Important to Your Business and Your Life?
When you Grow, your business Grows. As a Business Owner, you are amazing at your craft. You have passion and purpose for all that you do. It’s important that you focus on what you do best while others do the rest. Wouldn’t you like to add massive value to your clients, give huge bonuses to your employees, spend much more time with family and greatly increase your profits? I would hope so. Let’s get to work. Here's Me... I not only want you to grow as a business owner, I want you to grow as a man, husband, father and community leader. After starting my own businesses over the years, and talking with 250+ other business owners, it became abundantly obvious that most businesses get stuck because they lack a few simple strategies, and most seldom consider the power of a mindset of Abundance and Prosperity for themselves and their employees. I started Business Owner Growth to share with you the skills, strategies and mindset required to be massively profitable, so you can finally start living your Life of Abundance and Prosperity. Request access to our Business Owner Growth Facebook Group -
September 27, 2019
One Huge Social Media and Paid Marketing Mistake You Are Making and What to Do About it - Wally Carmichael
For you Business Owners who are Marketing, paid and organic...   Why do you insist on not connecting with 99% of your prospects?   Of the 1% you are marketing to, they are also looking at your competition. So, you may end up doing business with just 20% of that 1%, - at best.   Let me explain...   Conversions are Leads turned into paying customers. That sounds obvious. But too many business owners are just looking for clicks, likes, follows, hearts and other vanity metrics. Get a Guided Tour or the Abundance and Prosperity eLearning System
September 24, 2019
This One Misused Strategy Will Increase Revenue and Give You Back Much Needed Time
Do you currently have any established Joint Venture partnerships?  JV’s involve two or more businesses that decide to form a partnership to share markets or endorse a specific product or service to their customer base… usually under a revenue share arrangement. The key to creating successful joint ventures is to find partners who service the exact same type of clients that need or want what you sell. Let me give you an example and I’ll use one we are both familiar with… a florist. One of the most financially lucrative product lines for a florist is providing flowers for weddings. The average floral bill for a wedding often exceeds $3,000. But what we discovered about florists is they fall into what we refer to as an “event chain.” An event chain simply refers to a series of businesses that customers purchase from in a specific sequence. ========= Book your 15 minute Discovery Call with me:  ========= Request access to our Closed FB group 
September 06, 2019
What does Mindset have to do with the Success of my Business?
I need strategies to increase leads, convert those leads and earn more revenue and profits. What does my mindset have to do with business?   In short...   EVERYTHING!   Get visual content: Request access to our Abundance and Prosperity Business Mastery Facebook Group -  Like our fan page:
August 30, 2019
Dad, Why Don't You Start Your Own Business?
My middle son, D2 of 3, has great entrepreneur intentions and ideas. He's always coming up with great ideas for a business, product or service.  Last week, after sharing another great idea with me, I asked him if he had thought about marketing, legal issues, capital, supply and demand, production costs, raw material, income statements, and multiple other aspects of this great business idea.  I considered it for a few minutes and then said... "Dad, you have all of this information about business, life and marketing strategies. You're always helping other businesses in various ways. Why don't you start your own business?" After reminding him of the businesses I have started in the past. I also shared with D2, my passion is in the strategy.  I truly enjoy studying and coaching business, marketing and life strategies. It makes me very good at what I do.  Electricians, Plumbers, Chiropractors, Closet Organizers and Contractors such as HVAC and Remodelers are great at what they do. Those who started their own business in these fields, need someone like me to constantly innovate their business and crush their competition.  This episode of Abundance and Prosperity Business Mastery dives deeper into our conversation.  ============== Resources mentioned in this episode.  - The Best Social Media Marketing course ever created - - Like the Abundance and Prosperity Mastery Facebook fan page -
August 16, 2019
Everything You Know about Business and Marketing is Wrong and What to do about it
Everything you've ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong. Everything you've ever heard, everything you've ever tried, and everything you've ever done -- it's all wrong. What I will do in this short presentation (video series) is teach you a system for marketing your business... to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you... at anytime, anywhere or at any price.  For example, let's say you're a chiropractor and you've just spent  more than $10,000 on radio advertising. You spent an entire weekend with an audio crew in your office interviewing your staff, explaining your facility... and getting the entire production just right for prime time over the airwaves. And after all that work, effort and expense...  you ran the ads for several weeks...  your phone only rang 15 times... and those ads  resulted in producing just one single patient at $1,900.  How would you feel after investing $10,000 and winding up with a net loss of $8,100 you will never get back... not to mention all the time, effort and energy you wasted? But let me ask you this. What if you could take just $1300 of that marketing budget and --  just by changing what your radio ad says...  instead of getting just 15 calls resulting in only one sale...  you could generate 137 calls...  close 37 of those calls into brand new paying patients...  each worth an average of $2500...  and you pocket a cool $92,500 for your trouble?  That's what's called getting more results... making more money... for the same time, the same money... and the same effort spent. What if we could systematically do this for you? Let me show you how to leverage what you're already doing... and how you too can get those exact same results for your business... just by changing the way you do all of your marketing and advertising. And I'm not talking about radical changes.  Just simple, common sense changes that enable you to exponentially leverage your marketing's results. That $10,000 marketing budget the chiropractor was spending remained the same whether they were getting 15 calls or 137 calls.  And I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how you can accomplish these same results with your marketing... and in the process, dominate your entire industry. In this short presentation, I'm going to teach you how to achieve massive leverage with your marketing, meaning simply that  you'll make more money for the same time, the same money, and the same effort you're expending right now.  Why will this enable you to dominate your local market?  Simple... most businesses simply don't know how to do this.  They don't understand the tremendous untapped potential that lies within their marketing.  Most businesses today spend some money on marketing and advertising...  and then decide that whatever results they get from that marketing is probably about as good as it's going to get. They realize that their results can fluctuate up and down, but they never imagine that results like the chiropractor... where they got 137 calls instead of 15... is even remotely possible. Join our Facebook Group: YouTube Presentation: ============ Download your copy of my book: No BS Business Breakthrough
August 09, 2019
Making Your Business Unique and Superior
Most companies view marketing as a competitive sport, and gear their ads, brochures, and websites to convince prospects that they're the best choice in a sea of competitors. Differentiation, innovation, and uniqueness are viewed as the key to marketing and advertising success. And rightfully so. Yet in many cases, your true competitors are actually NOT other companies at all. Instead, the real marketing challenge is to convince prospects that they need what you're selling in the first place… or in the case of window washing, to overcome their pre-conceived objections that are keeping them from buying your product or service from anyone. Look at the window washing flyers below. The first flyer extols all the wonderful advantages of doing business with this particular company instead of their competitors will likely fall on deaf ears. That's because very few people who are looking at a window washing ad (hanging on their front door, in a magazine ad, a letter or postcard in their mailbox, etc.) are even considering hiring a window washer right now. Advantages relative to other competitors are irrelevant. The fact is, very few people have ever said to themselves, "man, we sure got taken advantage of by that last window washing company we used. If only we knew how to choose the right company." Now that might be true for auto repair, remodeling or moving companies… but not for window washing. Ask the owner of a window washing company what percentage of people actually hire window washing companies versus just letting them stay dirty or doing it themselves, and they will tell you it's around 2% to 3%. The more important question then is: why would people NOT hire a window washing company? The main reason (as you might expect), is they think it simply costs a lot of money to have the service performed. So what do you think might happen if these window washing owners actually innovated their business in the area of pricing? How about putting customers on an easy payment plan where the window washer comes out and washes the customer's windows 4 times per year but breaks the payments into 12 easy equal monthly payments? The resulting headline (see second ad below) hits this objection on the head. See how this works so much better? I know it might not sound like a big deal to you, but if you're trying to convince people that you're better than your competitors when they've already decided they don't want to buy from any of you, then you're going to lose. If you want to cut the line of success, I invite you to take a Test Drive to our eLearning System.  Go to  During the test drive, you will get access to the strategy that will set you apart from your competition.  So go to right now. I will see you there.  ============ Download your copy of my book: No BS Business Breakthrough
August 02, 2019
Why Prospects Don't Care that You're Veteran Owned or Family Owned and Operated
While I was traveling from Florida to Arizona, I drove through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona I got the chance to listen to and see all the ads and marketing for all the various businesses along the way.  Just about every industry was represented. Lawyers, Pool companies, Landscapers, Realtors, various retailers, Restaurants, Chiropractors and many others.  I know for a fact, I could greatly improve 100% of their marketing with just a few tweaks. In fact, I already have templates for many of them. Because myself and other business strategists in my my network have already done so.  In this episode, I'm going to share with you a common theme I saw and heard over and over.  I will tell why it's not effective.  And I will share with you what to do about it.  ============ Get access to my eLearning System and get access to the videos and workbook I mentioned on the show.  Set yourself apart from your competition and relieve Business related Stress. ============ Download your copy of my book: No BS Business Breakthrough
July 31, 2019
Three Questions Any Business Owner Can Ask to Triple Your Leads and Double Your Conversions
Why do five out of six new businesses fail within the first few years? After working with business owners for the past two years, and on my own businesses over the past 10 years, I can unequivocally say that I know. Nearly every business owner I work with shares three common challenges that limit their growth; ineffective marketing, no sales process, and inadequately trained employees. Small improvements in each of these areas will create exponential growth. You might be thinking….no way, too simple. You would be wrong.     I’ll keep this short and start with marketing. Do you ever receive Valpac adds in the mail? How often do you rush in to rip the envelop open and begin calling every single advertiser? Well, I do, because they are all potential clients. But I’ll bet you don’t. I have NEVER seen a Valpac add that truly distinguishes a business from its competitors. Pretty pictures, free estimates, jargon, platitudes, and all the other drearily common tools. Here’s how I evaluate such marketing and how you can evaluate your marketing right now. I use a three-question test to assess a business’s marketing messages. My examples are actual marketing messages from real businesses. The first is what I call The Well I Hope So Test. “We fix it right, the first time!”  If I were looking for a plumber and I saw that message I would say, “well I hope so!” I call the second the Who Else Can Say That Test. “We provide a professional paint job that is guaranteed for 10 years.” Any other painter can and does say that. Read, watch, or listen to any advertisement. I seriously doubt that you will find a single ad that another competitor can’t replicate. Finally, there is the Scratch Out Write In Test. Take a piece of ad copy, scratch out the business name, and put another business’s name in its place. I can promise you that nine times out of ten it will work just as poorly for the second business. There is no originality in most of business marketing. The first step in fixing this challenge is to speak to those who need your product or service. I mean clearly, loudly, and frequently speak to their heart’s desire. Would you like a simple example? OK. Here is one. Say, you’re a day care provider and the parents are either single parents or dual working couples. Throughout the day they either miss their child or are concerned about how they are doing. One of our clients added a video camera system throughout their Center. Every parent could open their app and quickly find their child! What would their mailer say? “Hey mom’s and dad’s. Do you wonder how your child is doing in Day Care? At Kids PhD University you can open our app and see them all day, every day. Come take a look and see why our parents never worry about their kids.” Do you think their business grew? The only problem they now have is that there is a growing waiting list. It's time for you to go grab your marketing and use these three questions to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing. And by effective I mean actually make you money.  Create your Market Dominating Position (MDP) and Message. Watch the video below or visit to get access to the 2 part video series and downloadable workbooks.  Be Abundant in your Actions today - Pay it Forward.  Request access to our closed Facebook Group ============ Download your copy of No BS Business Breakthrough
July 11, 2019
Abundance & Prosperity Business Mastery - Intro episode
I know you're amazing at what you do in your business as a chiropractor, dog walker, closet organizer, contractor etc. The problem I see much too often is few business owners have equally mastered business, marketing and life strategies.  Today's episode is simply a quick introduction about what's to come.  Following episodes will include strategies and thought processes you will be able to implement in your life and business to realize the results you feel you've been missing.  I'm Wally Carmichael and I'm excited you're here.  Take a test drive of my eLearning System ============================ Download my latest eBook  "Risk Reversal - Eliminate the reason your customers have not done business with you, yet."  ============================= 
July 11, 2019